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A Deadly Combination: NBA All-Star Weekend And Waffle House

It was a big weekend in Indianapolis, our lovely capitol city here in the Hoosier state. Indy hosted the NBA All-Star weekend culminating in the All-Star game that was a defensive exhibition with a final score of 211-186, a combined total of 397 points. The teams combined for 168 3 point attempts, making 66 of them. Clearly it was a run-and-gun kind of night…in more ways than one.

Police say two groups of people got into an altercation inside and outside the restaurant before the shooting took place.

“What preliminary [information] we have is this was a disturbance which turned into a fight between two groups of people,” said Capt. Don Weilhammer with IMPD. “At least one handgun was recovered on the scene of the Waffle House. Another gun was recovered from the car at Methodist Hospital.”

Investigators noted there were a number of people in the area when the shooting occurred.

“We have had numerous people that stuck around and are acting as witnesses. But we also believe there were several that were either at the Speedway gas station behind us or at the Waffle House that left the scene prior to our arrival,” Weilhammer said. “We’re hoping they’ll be willing to come forward and give us information.”

Two groups got into an altercation at a Waffle House in a crappy part of town at around 12:30 AM and a woman ended up dead with five others wounded. No description of the shooter(s) but it is safe to say this has Basketball-Americans written all over it. They sure do get excited by all of that basketball action! Add in some high fructose corn syrup on dem waffles and they get all wound up. To quote Captain O’Hagan in Super Troopers….

These boys get that syrup in them, they get a little antsy in their pantsy. You just can’t keep them under control.

That was hardly the only post-NBA All-Star excitement in Indy, I think these are all separate incidents based on a quick perusal but some might be duplicates….

The really critical news story is that someone made a swastika in the snow of a Jewish family in Carmel. I am 100% certain it was not done by the family themselves, even thinking that would be antisemitic. Hate crimes like these never turn out to be hoaxes.

Another weekend of basketball and syrup fueled shenanigans in the Hoosier state.

It took several tries to get this just right, lots were pretty good but this one? With the gold teeth I didn’t even ask for? Perfection.


  1. oldcrankyguy

    “Police say two groups of people got into an altercation inside and outside the restaurant before the shooting took place.”

    No, “Police say two groups of niggers got into an altercation inside and outside the restaurant before the shooting took place.”

    There. FIFY.


  2. Moe Gibbs

    Well clearly this will result in demands for common sense waffle control. We can’t be letting feral yutes run willy-nilly through parking lots with sticky chins, high on processed carbs and HFCS. I hear that some of these sugar-crazed hooligans are so wired that they even forget to tip their waitresses.

    Expect the biden white house to get right on this.

  3. MN Steel

    Your niggers are falling behind on their marksmanship. You need to advocate for more skillz on dem Glocks like them stone-col’ killahs in the Land of Timber Niggers and Ice Fisherman like the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus partners of Niggers Shooting Better (AAHGC) and Tranny Windup Shooters (Pink Pistols) to disprove Sailer’s Law.

    Moral of the story is don’t be a “first responder” in areas of diversity, either, even if you’re a “SWAT Fire Paramedic” in current world.

  4. Squib

    MN STEEL. Visited that website. Looks like the president of the club is holding a select-fire M4 but I don’t understand the setup between the rear of the receiver and the buffer tube? I’m not a gun guy, but it looks weird?


    Reminds me of a rough night in Fort Wayne after blowing most of a paycheck at Gibson Girls and ending up in a stooper at Awful House in New Haven.

    🎶 Indiana wants me, but I can’t go back there”. 🎵

  6. Confused


    Since you are a word smith, maybe you will be able to help me understand why the US Justice Department has not chimmed in yet on the KC shooting. Now that two individuals (I won’t say people, we know they are not even close.) have been charged with murder. How come they or the White House press secretary have not been non-stop on the lame stream media saying that they will be charged with Terrorism (this or that) since there where close to a million people there.

    Man… What gives.

    I think this is where I add the /sarc comment. 🙂

  7. Steve S6

    I like Filthie’s idea of putting Waffle House inside of Home Depot (like Starbucks does with Target, or is that the other way? whatever). The dindus would never find the WH there and save lot’s of nuffin.

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