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Why We Make Them Fat?

Something that gets very little coverage because it is inconvenient: while DEI, critical race theory and all of the other nonsense that dominates discussion of race in America are of course harmful to White people as they are overt discrimination against us, the people that are really harmed the most are blacks (and also mestizos to a lesser extent).

This manifests most strongly in blacks having been taught to take absolutely no responsibility for their own actions and especially not to accept that the consequences of their actions are their own fault. Who can forget monstrously fat “author” Brittney Cooper, PhD blaming Trump for making her a lardass?

She has “written” several books, likely using the same rigorous research standards employed by Claudine Gay, with titles such as: Beyond Respectability: The Intellectual Thought of Race Women, in itself a delightfully amusing title. She also co-authored The Crunk Feminist Collection and more recently “wrote” a new book titled Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower. She even has a TED Talk about “The racial politics of time” that claims that whypipo somehow “steal time” from people of color.

The message is clear and from the similarly obese black women nodding and clapping along like trained seals, you can see it is a potent message. Why does it resonate with black women so powerfully? Her message is precisely what black women have been conditioned to believe: it is not your fault. While blacks in general and black women especially are the group most likely to be morbidly obese (see: Pandemic Of The Fat Women Of Color), they are also the group that is least likely to accept that their own lifestyle choices play a part in their obesity. This is significant because a black woman born in 1970 has a life expectancy a full 7 years shorter than a White woman born the same year. Is it a coincidence or even a Cohencidence that the fattest group also has a much shorter life expectancy when being overweight is the number one mortality factor?

Nah, it must be the racism.

A recent article took this a step further and declared that only around 20% of your healthiness is the result of your own action or inaction. What makes up the other 80%? For blacks it turns out to be…racism! (HT: American Renaissance)

A person is only about 20% responsible for their own relative healthiness, MSNBC guest Dr. Uché Blackstock told host Charles Coleman Jr. on Saturday’s Velshi. The rest of what affects an individual’s health is decided by systemic factors such as the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow.

Dr. Blackstock joined Dr. L. Ebony Boulware on for a discussion Saturday on Boulware’s recently published study on the “strong link between racism and chronic poor health conditions for Black and Brown communities in America.”

Well of course. That is just science and stuff. Dok-tah L. Ebony Boulware received her M.D. from Duke after doing her undergraduate work at Vassar where she majored in…..English? From what I can see, she went right from medical school at Duke to working on her MPH (Master of Public Health) from Johns Hopkins and then went immediately into teaching at Hopkins before moving to Duke in an academic role and finally to Wake Forest where she became Dean of their school of medicine. What that suggests to me is that she has never actually practiced medicine in a clinical setting apart from her residency. Her published works include stuff like Race and trust in the health care system and Association of race and ethnicity with live donor kidney transplantation in the United States from 1995 to 2014.

Dok-tah Uché Blackstock has followed a similar path. Her Wikipedia page proudly declares:

She is the founder and CEO of Advancing Health Equity, which has a primary mission to engage with healthcare and related organizations around bias and racism in healthcare with the goal of mobilizing for health equity and eradicating racialized health inequities. 

Stunning. Brave. She is a Hah-vad grad, undergrad and med school, and did her residency in emergency medicine before moving immediately into a role as an assistant professor at the New York University School of Medicine. By 2019 she had quit at NYU:

Blackstock left NYU School of Medicine in 2019 due to the inhospitable environment for Black [sic] trainees and faculty. She wrote an op-ed to further detail in January 2020. Her main reasons included a toxic work environment, sexism, racism and denial of promotion. She has called for academic medical centers to better appreciate and rectify the impact of racism in healthcare.

That sounds like “You sucked at your job and constantly bitched about not getting promoted as fast as you wanted so you quit and probably got a quiet cash settlement to go away”. It is a pretty standard response when working in the real world ends up requiring you to do more than jabber about racism. Her “selected publications list” reinforces what I wrote in Claudine Gay And Black “Intellectuals”, namely that all they talk about is race: Why Black Doctors Like Me are Leaving Faculty Positions in Academic Medical Centers, What the COVID-19 Pandemic Means for Black Americans and Black Communities were Essentially Already Sick Before Coronavirus. JFC these people never stop bitching.

In short, two “doctors” who don’t really practice medicine and instead make bank by crying about racism. Let us continue….

“I think so often we think about health as individual choices that patients that patients make excuse me, that patients make. And instead, we really need to understand how practices and policies, you know, the legacy of slavery, the legacy of Jim Crow, current-day systemic racism impacts the health of our communities,” said Blackstock.

“Individuals are only responsible for about 20% of what makes them healthy,” she said. “The other 80% are these systemic factors that Dr. Boulware and her colleagues studied in this very, very important research.”

She added that such factors have the “highest and most significant impact” on health vs. individual choices or particular instances of medical prescription or care.

Blackstock said that for these reasons it’s the “obligation” of for policymakers, local and federal government, and the healthcare industry to work with “community organizations” to address community disparities and systemic racism that are the true cause of chronic bad health.

That begs the question. If 80% of the healthiness of blacks is the legacy of Jim Crow and systemic racism, what makes up the 80% for White people? Do we somehow feed off of the suffering of blacks or perhaps White people use our White supremacy to control our health by means of diet, exercise and regular medical care?

The last paragraph is of course the important one.

No matter the issue in the black community, the cause is racism, and no matter what the problem is, the cure is more money.

Articles like reinforce the general belief that blacks have no agency. Whether that is true or not is a different question but what is revolting about the entire racism-industrial complex is that it provides a way for some blacks with above average intelligence, like L. Ebony Boulware and Uché Blackstock, to exploit blacks making poor health choices in order to siphon money to line their own pockets. Giving money to black “community organizations” invariably does nothing to improve black lives, other than the fortunate few that happen to be in on the hustle.

Meanwhile blacks will continue to embrace unhealthy lifestyles and live shorter lives while assuming none of it is their responsibility but sure, I am the racist one that hates blacks.


  1. Scot Irish

    Ok, that cartoon is scary. I already read the Amren article. It’s not as good as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches being racist.

  2. Ohio Copperhead

    Of course they’ll never even try to explain why blacks were less obese and generally more healthy on average in the era shortly after (and as far as obesity goes, DURING) Jim Crow.

    They actully do have a slight point: as with the low average IQ, a lot of what makes black women gain and retain weight is genetic (geared to building up fat and fluid during times of famine/drought), which one can’t help, so given same cheap, crappy industrial calories environment we inhabit, they WOULD have put more effort into getting or staying thin than white women. But that is no excuse for not trying and blaming it on whites.

    In essence racism is just an ironic form of black magic that their sub-Saharan brethren blamed for everything bad that befell them, even when science had reached them. If an alchoholic died of liver disease they’d say black magic killed him. If you tried them that, no, actually liver disease killed him, they might concede that as the immediate cause but then add, “But what made him and not someone else get liver disease? Black magic!” If you pointed out dietary/sendentary lifestyle they just concede it and blame THAT on racism.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Claiming that Trump is a “stressor” and thus responsible for black women’s obesity is quite a reach.

      Whereas, it’s that “reach”–all the way across the dinner table to all that good food that is the actual issue.

      But, let’s not allow facts, logic, accountability and personal responsibility to get in the way of their emotions. ‘Cause, that be raycisssss.

  3. TakeAHardLook

    LOL! “The Intellectual Thought of Race Women.” Really? That sentence itself is a year’s collection of oxymorons, crashing and rebounding all over the place.

    Given an average IQ of 81, there are not a lot of intellectual thoughts being generated by race women. “Race women?” Is that a new thing?

  4. JerseyJeffersonian

    Booker T. Washington was swimming against the racial tide, and his counsels came to naught. Even the black power advocates who preached community self-development (at least those who were serious, and not just running a scam) butted up against a similar problem.

    Learned helplessness, coupled with a preference for an “easy” way, ably assisted by the welfare rules that helped justify breaking up families, and thereby letting horn dog men off the hook for responsibility toward their sons and daughters… well, they all add up, particularly against a background of lower group IQ, and the accompanying high time preference.

    Doesn’t help that recent cohorts of whites grew up in easier times, and had the pressure removed to strive – or even the inclination to do so discouraged – who were sedulously propagandized to Nanny State passivity, too. So they’re no fucking help, particularly the females.

  5. Anonymous

    Amen, sista. Wear dat shelf-butt as a symbol of black resistance. Twerk it proudly as you stand up to da White man by shoveling home Oreos and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Take it to da man by gobbling an entire Junior’s cheesecake. Sink yo’ nappy haid in dat bucket of KFC to show who’s boss-girl as the bathroom scale clicks over. Twice.

    It’s no wonder that black men would sooner rape old White women than deal with these water buffaloes.

  6. Don't mind me.

    It’s also a cultural phenomena. Black men like fat asses, and you can see that cultural creep into white men’s preferences as well now. Young white males have been saturated with black cultural ideals for decades now. From rap to relationships.

  7. Squib

    Only a person grateful for the things they have can be happy. A person that is not grateful can never be happy. Certain groups of people have a culture that teaches them to never be grateful for anything they receive. It really is as simple as that. There is no appeasement good enough or large enough for them.

  8. Raymond

    Exactly! There are a whole lot of people, black and White and everything in between, who should show some damned gratitude for everything GIVEN to them by Northern Europeans and their descendants. We all live better today than pretty much everyone in all of human history because of White men. That’s the plain honest truth.

  9. Lineman

    JFC these people never stop bitching… No as long as we are forced to listen they will keep bitching…It’s really too bad we don’t have it in us to stop listening…

  10. Mike_C

    Yes yes, 81 IQ and all that. But keep in mind that the smartest (and most pure-hearted, ethical, generous, noble, kindly, etc etc etc) people in the whole world also think that everything bad that “happens” to them is purely because of senseless hatred and other extrinsic malignant forces. They of course have zero responsibility for anything bad that they experience.

    So of course anti-negrotism* is to blame.

    * don’t say “racist” or “homophobic” or “islamophobic” going forward. These are now anti-negrotism, anti-faggotism, and anti-islamotism. And of course any criticism (or saying the truth out loud, a greater sin) about anything Chinese is “anti-Sinotism”. Why? Because “anti-Semitism” is an offensively stupid term in and of itself, and worse, They wield it as a bludgeon. We’re not gonna be able to stop them using it, but the next best thing is mockery so bad They’ll be embarrassed to use it. (Who am I kidding? They HAVE no shame. But we can still have fun mocking their lugubrious self-pity and eternal inability to perform ANY introspection.)

  11. Anon

    “The people that are really harmed the most are blacks (and also mestizos to a lesser extent).”
    They outright stated they want to kill off Whites.
    And even if it does harm nonWhites, fuck them.

  12. realwesterner

    Right, ’cause Trump made her stuff her face with convenience store donuts and hotdogs and soda pop and then never lift a finger to exercise. Well, as long as no one ever takes responsibility for their own plight. That’s the main thing. I used to joke “the main priority is figuring out who to blame, then we will figure out what to do about it”. Now that’s the way the bulk of humankind seems to operate. “If I blame everyone else for my problems instead of accepting my responsibility, it is not my fault. Society made me that way.”

  13. Gryphon

    I think that there’s a significant Genetic Component, too. If you look at the variety of sub-racial groups among Africans (tribes, in essence) there are a certain percentage that are just ‘large’ and thus prone to getting “Fat” when on a poor, but unlimited Diet. Others (a distinct minority) are “Thin”, and while bad Dietary Habits may make them “Fat”, I don’t think all of them are going to turn into Land Whales…. (I wonder what a good term for that would be…)

    That said, ANYTIME I see a “morbidly obese” individual, the first thing I think is, it’s I.Q. is probably the Cube Root of it’s Weight.

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  15. Stealth Spaniel

    Oh-you have no idea the calories that I see go into every large cart at the BigBox. Women, but also some men, riding around on store owned handicapped scooters because they are so God Damned Fat that they can’t walk 30 paces. Those scooters have a maximum weight-adhered in a steel sign-of 450 pounds. I have seen these land-whales who are already 500+, sit down and then want to load those small baskets with an additional 400 pounds of “food”. The scooters break down constantly, it’s an $800 service call to fix them, and these same jackasses will ride them to their Caddy and leave them in the rain. Yesterday, I had a WHITE land-whale and her mamma at the cash register. She pulled one EBT that had $200 on it. I said okay, that leaves $297. She pulls out another EBT and it covers everything but $2.97. So I tell her the amount, she runs the 2nd card again and it comes back ‘food total is zero”. She was all a-twitter. She pulls out her $1200 smart phone and checks her balance. While she does this, I notice American Express, 2 Visas, a MasterCard, and Discover all sitting in their wallet slits. In the end, she had me take off the apples because she couldn’t afford them. Meanwhile, mamma is acting like I should throw the apples in as a freebie because they “spent so much”. The Blacks are worse!! It’s cookies, cakes, premade convenience foods (which always, always cost you double), “Keto Snacks”, etc. The entire food industry is bastardized. Stick to the basics, make food at home, and make sure that you are buying REAL FOOD!! When it goes, these people will be the first to die.

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