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What A Waste

Some 30 years ago, a book was published that was immediately cast into outer darkness: The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray. It is a massive tome full of charts and statistics but the only thing anyone talks about is that the authors make the easily provable point that blacks, on average, have an IQ that is a full standard deviation below Whites.

Ever since the release of the book, all of the other work Murray has done (some quite good like his book Coming Apart) has been ignored because he has been branded a “WrongThinker” so mostly what he does is stuff like this:

He was even attacked in the aftermath of the protest shown in that video and a leftist female professor with him was somewhat seriously injured. Murray is hardly an extremist, in most respects he is just an egghead ivory tower libertarian who happened to be involved in one study that became controversial and ever since he has been desperately trying to convince lunatics that he is not “racist”.

In short, Charles Murray who is a brilliant researcher has spent 30 years defending himself in vain against charges of racism instead of talking about his research. If he lived another 30 years, he would still be trying to proclaim his innocence.

What a colossal waste and worse, it is precisely what They want you to do. Instead of talking about the critical implications of 13% of the population being on average significantly less intelligent than the majority of the population and how that impacts social policy, instead Murray has allowed himself to be backed into a corner where all he can talk about is allegations of racism.

I don’t need to tell most of you but for those new here: never, ever apologize. Never try to “defend” yourself. Respond to accusations of being “racist” with “thanks for noticing, now about my point…”. Anything else is playing the game by their rules.

Quit Chasing The Stick


  1. Troy Messer

    ” Respond to accusations of being “racist” with “thanks for noticing, now about my point…”. Anything else is playing the game by their rules”

    Agree and Amplify.


  2. Mike_C

    Exactly. Here’s a personal experience: a Selected Person decided to go around the office whispering to all the “brown people” (their terminology; mainly Indians and Pakistanis) “Watch out for Mike. He’s a terrible racist.”

    As it happens one of those she whispered to was MY person (an ethnic Pashtun) who rushed to my office to warn me. My person was very upset. “I haven’t been in this country long, but I already know that gets people fired. You have to let everyone know you’re not a racist!”

    “On a practical basis, going around telling people ‘It’s not true’ is pretty much confirming that it’s true. More importantly, by her bullshit definition I AM racist.” [as a matter of fact, I had had exactly The Bell Curve conversation with Selected Person who was trained as an anthropologist. Selected Person pretended to be friendly to me, but there was a cadre of young single White women who openly hated my guts and refused to speak to me.]

    “What are you going to do then?” asked my person.
    “Nothing,” I said. “If it comes up officially then my answer is “I’m sorry to hear that Selected Person feels that way. But I can’t control how she feels.” We then had a discussion about how that seemingly casual answer was in fact carefully crafted for psychological effect.

    It never came up officially, and in a month Selected Person’s multiple personality disorders resulted in the brown people distrusting and disliking her. A couple of years later I mentioned this to the person who had been my boss at the time. She asked why I didn’t bring it up to her. “Well,” I said, “Selected Person wasn’t exactly wrong. I AM kind of racist.” Boss, who is not white, looked at me and started laughing. “Yep, I guess you are.” We get along just fine.

  3. Squib

    It is interesting to note that many have the emotional stability of a 10 or 12 year old (even though they are grown men or women). Many of them think that telling someone “they won’t do it again” is enough. When the judge or cop tells them that this is the third or fourth time they have committed these types of crimes, and they will be punished this time, they lose their minds.

  4. Harbinger

    There are a few brave souls out there. Heather MacDonald springs to mind, as one tough cookie unwilling to back down. The left is so enamored of their trope about stupid, fat, knee-jerk racist rednecks who slobber all over themselves that it is quite refreshing to read and hear calm, measured reasoning from the likes of Ms. MacDonald. The fact that she could have taken the easy route and just fallen in with the eunuchs and AWFLs in academe makes her stand all the more admirable. Would that Charles Murray possessed as much spine.

  5. Troy Messer

    In pick up artistry, they call this frame. We are playing into their frame.

    The racism spell is literally a magical spell. You say the word and it causes real world externalities. You merely enunciate a word and it causes real world things to happen.
    But the secret is that the spell only works if us white people let it. If you, as a people, have been demoralises al la Yuri Bezminov, the spell will always work.
    This is why I am so adamant about using the word nigger. The point isn’t to have free will to use the word as an epithet. The purpose of using the word is to inoculate yourself from the efficacy of the racist spell. To inoculate yourself from being demoralised.
    Racism is nothing more than recognizing and acknowledging “the other” and putting your people first. Racism is not hanging niggers for no good reason. Hanging niggers for no good reason is called psychopathy. We have plenty of justifiable reasons to hang niggers. If for every Cannon Hinnant or Levi Cole Ellerbe we hung not only the nigger that committed the crime, but all their family too, you would see a change in attitude. You would see self policing. You would see niggers moving away because they would know that even if they wouldn’t kill a child, fucking Uncle Tyrone might so it is best to leave.
    If “the other”, whether they be niggers, spics, small hats, curry niggers, or sand niggers is going to kill your children, it is incumbent upon you, in order for you to protect your nation, to convince “the other” that there are terrible, immediate, consequences.
    At a minimum, the trial of the bitch that burned Levi Cole Ellerbe alive should have happened within a couple of weeks of his death. And after she was found guilty they should have hung her. That goes for the mom too even though she is white. Hung them together.
    But before we can get there, whites have to quit groveling, quit virtue signaling about being racist.

    • Troy Messer

      When and if this faggot assed army ever shows up the steppes of Ukraine, .it is going to get its ass smoked faster than a congressional staffer.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    If you are worried about your unpopular opinion then you don’t have one.
    Not following the drooling school of fish muh convenience and safety uber alles crowd is the way.
    Always unreasonable, always uncivil, never born with enough middle fingers.
    Play time I am Mr. Etiquette on the high road like some queefy limey poof is over.

  7. Filthie

    An apology will be seen as an admission of guilt, and justification for further abuse. (Or virtue signalling).

    As someone who has been cancelled by the Lavender Mob…the outer darkness ain’t so bad. It beats the hell out of life in the hive… or swarm. I remember to this day how good it felt to tell my progressive in laws where to go, how to get there, and what to do when they arrived.

    Being cancelled is a blessing.

  8. Chuck

    Everyone is racist. EVERYONE. Accept it and go on about your day.

    And to second Wilder – Never apologize. Double down if needed.

  9. TechieDude

    I’ve read a number of Charles Murray’s works. Most are excellent books.

    His MO is always the same – gather and analyze mega-gobs of data. Describe and summarize what he found. Then at the end, spitball some ideas on how to deal with what he found.

    For instance, the race part of the bell curve was one chapter. One. There was a lot more. It’s been a minute since I read the book, but as I recall, he had some ideas on how best to proceed knowing that there was a sizable number of mid and low wits in the country. More trade school and vocational ed as I recall.

    Instead, our education and career systems try to edumacate and indoctrinate Quintarius and Da’ isha so they can work in a cube farm.

  10. Squib

    Techiedude: “ he had some ideas on how best to proceed knowing that there was a sizable number of mid and low wits in the country. More trade school and vocational ed as I recall.”

    “Can you find me a midwit and 2 lowits to hire” said no employer ever.

    Now Marine Corps recruiters on the other hand…

    • anonymous

      Well, the folks that hire police are looking for exactly that. They select for people who are not of high intelligence because they are more willing to follow orders and less likely to think critically for themselves.

      This has been spelled out in court documents.

      And, of course, every time a person is refused a job for being “over-qualified,” it is because they have to high an education level, and perhaps, are perceived as too smart.

    • TechieDude

      My dearly departed brother in-law used to be a building engineer. He weeded out all the slappies (as he called them) and replaced them with down syndrome and high functioning retards.

      He said they were better employees.

      One of the grocery chains here hires them to bag groceries.

      The difference is they didn’t go to a school that inflated their egos, telling them there’s no reason other than racisms that they can’t be aeronautical engineers or president.

      Then again, they aren’t lazy either. That’s a whole other thing.

  11. Gryphon

    There’s a Meme out there where the Crying, SJW/NPC is asking, “Who made You such a Naziracistantisemite!!!

    The Blond, European Viking-Dressed Guy says, “You Did.”

    When faced with that accusation, particularly by one of (((them))), it is Incumbent upon us Whites to answer in the Affirmative, and ask, “And What, exactly, are you going to Do about it?”
    p.s. remind them that White Men put the Footprints on the Moon, and Created All of the Technology that allows the Mud People to not Starve, while Breeding like Flies..

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