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We Wuz Weddin’ Plannerz And Sheeit!

More mockery-worthy monkeyshines from the local mulignan.

Our story begins in Indianapolis at a little coffee shop called Mansion Society. It is a very nice location, great for drinking coffee and it also serves as a venue for events like weddings. Seems weird to have a wedding in a coffee shop but whatever. The coffee is price and groovy, like their Carrot Cake Chai Latter with organic carrot for $6.50.

On New Year’s Eve, a wedding party wandered in. The owners of the shop weren’t expecting anyone but there are often weddings nearby so they thought maybe they were just there for some pre-wedding coffee. Next thing you know, people start humming “Here comes the bride” and a wedding starts. The owners were flabbergasted and this is what they posted on their instagram

You will be shocked to discover the wedding party (video screenshot from the coffee shop’s Instagram)…

Well that is shocking, who would have expected rude and entitled behavior from a black couple?

The bride, remaining anonymous, claims they spoke one time to the company that owns the building and leases the spaces, but no one ever talked to the coffee shop owners. They were having a wedding somewhere and didn’t even bother to talk to the owners to confirm their plans? Something about that failure to plan beyond the next five minutes seems familiar…

After the fact the wedding party offered $200 for the use of the facility, even though it rents for around $900 and the owner billed them a reduced charge of $500. They don’t expect to get anything as the coffee shop owner stated that the wedding party doesn’t think they did anything wrong. Of course they didn’t.

The obvious question was why didn’t anyone stop this? They came in and took over the place, blocked the building, moved furniture and generally shut down a business. The answer was partly that the staff was just too busy but the real reason came in a later post:

That is the real reason. In 2024 you are not allowed to interrupt a black person doing whatever the hell they want. The owners rightly understand that their business would be destroyed, perhaps literally, if they had interfered. So like most people they just gritted their teeth and went with it. They probably are happy no one was shot, no one engaged in public intercourse on a table and that no fires were started.

A GoFundMe has been set up so they recouped their losses and most of the comments on their posts are positive. I might grab a cup next time I am down there. In fact I am surprised they even went public at all, that is a risky business move but perhaps people are just sick of rude and entitled black behavior.

On the bright side, kudos to the newly weds for being the very rare black couple to actually bother getting married.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    The jews call it ‘chutzpah’, but the blaqqs think of it as reparations due them for terrible, awful things they were told happened to their ancient relatives, of whom they have no knowledge and to whom they have no connection. And really, a coffee shop? What, was Chuck E. Cheese already occupied, hosting a toddler’s birthday party/shoot-’em-up?

    The coffee shops around here are mostly tiny buildings with drive-thrus and no indoor service. Even the Starbucks I’ve seen could barely seat 20 people with just a single, small bathroom, as most clientele grab and go rather than stick around. I can only imagine the noise, the mess and the smell from such an impromptu gathering of hot, sweaty, twerking sheboons in what passes for wedding attire today.

    • Big Ruckus D

      I prefer to call it TNB, which (abbreviation of) the expression seems to have fallen somewhat out of common use, versus some years ago. Which is too bad, really.

      But yeah, count your blessings I guess. That there was no fun play, public lewdness or other normally expected TNB beyond the indignity of having ones venue commandeered with no prior arrangements or fees paid, is in itself pretty remarkable.

  2. Pig Walrus

    Gibbs. It’s known as the Gibbs.
    This particular episode is a rather sophisticated scheme.
    It normally is merely a smash and grab to aquire some shiny object.
    Kudos, Niggers.

  3. Ohio Copperhead

    Given the general level of forethought and propensity to take thing for less than their listed price demonstrated by the couple, the official presiding might want to change the vow to, “till arraignment do you part.”

  4. Don W Curton

    Just gibb them what they want and maybe they won’t hurt anyone. With the added bonus that maybe social media won’t curb stomp you afterwards. Wow. Things were a lot better when blacks had to use the back entrance.

  5. Squib

    Was in Miami a couple of years ago. Had lunch at a popular restaurant. Paid the tab, and left a 20% tip. Got the card receipt and it showed that I had paid an 18% gratuity and then tipped on that total! So, yah. 38% tip. I asked our server about it. She was black. I was told, by her, that their black patrons never tip, so the tip was boilerplated into the bill.

  6. Jen

    They also pulled their cars up in a train like limos at the academy awards, blocked the whole parking lot, and refused to move them.
    Too cheap to hire a venue, too narcissistic to care.

    • Squib

      Jen- took my wife to the airport shuttle last year. It was midnight. No one around. I pulled into the parking lot to find our local cab company’s only cab parked cross-wise taking up the only two handicapped spaces. Want to guess his race?

  7. Danny

    Imagine white guys and girls dropping in on a black-owned business and taking over the joint – decked out in their Dukes of Hazzard attire. Or a group of Koreans … yeah that’s the ticket!

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