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We Have Been Overrun

Despite what we saw in 80s movies like Invasion U.S.A. and Red Dawn, when the real invasion of America came the invaders won without firing a shot. There was no lone wolf hero or plucky band of teenagers to stop them and the people being paid to protect our borders stepped aside and welcomed the invaders in.

What we must understand is that we are not in the “fighting an invading force stage”. That is already over and we lost. Now we are in the “resistance to the occupier” stage.

It might seem like a black-pill to declare defeat but as I like to say, often a black-pill is healthy as a way to free your mind to concentrate on what actually is rather than on wishful thinking.

The message we have had pounded into our heads for decades is the myth of the noble (non-White) immigrant that comes to America seeking a better life that works hard and contributes more to America than they receive. In fact we are told that without these noble non-White immigrants, our nation will collapse….

…the truth of course is quite different.

From the video transcript at American Renaissance:

Not only are they already using more welfare than U.S. citizens, they are just going to get more expensive thanks, as is often the case with something fucking retarded, to California.

Cash-strapped California will ring in the new year by offering free health care to all undocumented immigrants who qualify for the state’s government-run health insurance program.

The state, which faces a $68 billion deficit in the next fiscal year, has been steadily expanding access to its Medi-Cal health insurance program for low-income residents, allowing undocumented children to qualify for the taxpayer-funded program in 2015, then expanding it under Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to cover undocumented adults between the ages of 19-25 and those over 50.

On Jan. 1, California will become the first state to offer free health care to all qualifying individuals — regardless of immigration status or age.

There are already over 14 million people in California on the Medi-Cal program. That is more people than live in any state except California, Texas, Florida and New York. There are at least 2 million illegal aliens living in California and the real number is certainly far greater. With a budget deficit approaching $70 billion dollars, adding millions of illegals to the “free” health care system is going to burden it even more. Guess who will then be expected to bail out California? Yep, the Feds by printing more make-believe “money”. You think inflation is bad now, just wait to see what happens to your buying power in the next few years.

On a brighter note, there is a growing set of rules for illegals that are quite different from what mere citizens have to follow…

Armed illegals, what could go wrong?

While blacks are an obvious anchor holding America back, at least their percentage of the population is relatively stable and they are mostly contained to the Deep South and northern urban areas. The population of mestizos on the other hand has been exploding over the last few decades. In 2000, mestizos surpassed blacks as a percentage of the population…


…and that percentage has continued to rapidly increase. The real percentage is almost certainly well over 20% and in some states it is much higher, like in California where mestizos have already passed Whites and are at least at 40% of the population. The same is true in Texas and in Florida the mestizo population is exploding and would likely be close to a plurality if it weren’t for all of the old White people moving there.

While mestizos do have a slightly higher birth rate than White, black or Asian women….


…their numbers are exploding by mass migration, much of it illegally via the southern border. A recent report reveals a startling milestone…

More people are being “encountered” at the southern border every month than are being born to women in the United States. While I don’t know the percentages, I am certain that the total number of people crossing is far higher than the percentage being reported as an “encounter”. Maybe not, as there are essentially no repercussions for being “caught”. Those who are caught automatically claim to be “refugees” and are given court dates like this…


That was in May so who knows what the docket looks like now. People are going to die of old age before they get to their court date but any little Pedros and Doras they give birth to on our soil magically become “Americans”.

How many people living here illegally are going to show up for a court date more than a decade from now? How do we even find them?


They are scattered throughout the country, aided by various non-profits working hand-in-glove with the Federal government, and no one can or wants to track them. The only way they might get into trouble is if they get caught doing some other crime and are flagged for not going to their court date, and that assumes that there is even a database of these people accessible by local law enforcement.

The role of these NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) cannot be overemphasized. If you haven’t you should read this story: “Mass Migration Blueprints” Reveal NGOs “Carefully Planned” US Migrant Invasion, Report Says but be warned that it will leave you pissed off. Groups like the UN, the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders are all complicit in expediting and aiding this illegal invasion of the United States.

What’s becoming increasingly evident is that a network of NGOs funded partly by the US taxpayer but by other countries and corporations are covertly facilitating the invasion of illegals at the US southern border, as well as distributing them across the US into progressive metro areas. 

According to an August report by progressive left-leaning media watchdog organization Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security allocated $363 million to NGOs to assist illegal aliens once in the US.  

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a press release one year ago detailing how “NGOs may be engaged in unlawfully orchestrating other border crossings through activities on both sides of the border, including in sectors other than El Paso.” 

Once across the border, NGOs are also helping migrants with transportation across the US, such as providing seats on commercial airlines. 

There is an enormous organization spread like a web across the nation that are all working as hard as can be to expedite getting illegals to the border, over the border and then scattered into the interior of the country in the largest numbers possible and what is worse, the very people being replaced are also helping to fund these organizations. One of the largest is the The United Nations “International Organization of Migration“. Originally formed in the wake of World War II to aid with people displaced by that war, it now has become one of the largest operations to aid people from the third world with relocating to the welfare rich states of North America and Western Europe. The IOM has over 17,000 employees and a budget in excess of $2.5 billion and guess where a lot of those funds come from.

The numbers being reported on illegals entering the country are hard to comprehend. We just saw the highest number of encounters in a single month during December 2023, over 276,000 “migrant encounters” and that was with three days left in the month but this has been going on all year and for all of the Biden administration. Look at the enormous jump in numbers starting with 2021 when Biden took office versus the prior year.


276,000 people in a single month is a huge number. This is Michigan Stadium, aka “The Big House”, in Ann Arbor…

During a home game, the Wolverine faithful pack the stadium to the tune of 110,000 people. The largest stadium I have been in was Paul Brown stadium, now known as “Paycor Stadium”, where the Cincinnati Bengals play and it only holds 65,000 people but even that is a staggering number of people crammed into a venue. More than double the capacity of The Big House in Ann Arbor were encountered crossing the southern border in just one month! When you look at this over the entire year, with over 2.5 million “encounters” at the border and then you realize that is more people than live in any city in the U.S. other than New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago. It is more people than live in the 4th largest city in the U.S., Houston, and again those are just the ones we know about and all in just a single year, and the numbers are increasing.

From the chart above, there have been 22 years since 1984 where more than one million illegals were “encountered” at the border, several of those under the watch of uber-conservative Ronald Reagan and at the risk of being a broken record, that is just the “encounters” so the actual number is much higher. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that the real number of illegals already in America, counting people that overstayed their visa and other illegals in addition to those swimming across the Rio Grande, number closer to 30 million or more rather than the bullshit number of 7-10 million we are typically told.

In short, we are occupied by a foreign force that numbers in the tens of millions on one end of the economic scale and by a much smaller but far more powerful foreign force on the opposite end of the economic scale. Squeezed in the middle are regular White Americans who are being replaced, demonized and attacked at every turn.

The most necessary mindset for the dissident in 2024 is understanding this: we have been conquered and occupied by several different foreign factions. We are not citizens with a say in our governance, we are dissidents not far from a choice between fighting and the cattle car to the gulag. It is said a lot but needs to be said more: no one is coming to save us and there isn’t a political solution.

Even if Trump somehow wins and for a change does what he bragged he would do, deporting large numbers of illegals, it would be like trying to damn the Mississippi by throwing handfuls of pebbles into the river. How many could we reasonably round up and deport a month? 50,000 people? That would be a huge undertaking, assuming you could get any cooperation from states like California, but deporting 50,000 while 250,000 new illegals cross the border isn’t going to make much of a dent. That doesn’t even begin to touch the millions of anchor babies in America. Our schools already resemble schools in Mexico and that is only going to get worse. In 39 of the 50 states, White children are under 50% of children aged 5 and under, including non-Whites making up over 70% of children under 5 in “reliably red” Texas and over 60% in Florida.


It is only slightly better for the 5-17 year olds and many of these will be eligible to vote each year while older Whites die off.

No one has a solution to that problem and no one, not even Orange Man Bad, is even talking about it.

Get your mind right and right now. Start to think like a guerrilla in an occupied nation instead of a citizen who is a stakeholder in your country. Stop trusting the institutions you grew up trusting, from government to law enforcement, schools to churches, the military to charities. With very few exceptions every major institution in America is more or less openly dedicated to seeing you at best silenced and marginalized and at worst imprisoned or dead.

Living like it is still the 1950s is a great way to get yourself dead in the 2020s.

** UPDATE **

This came out from Fox News after I published the post, December saw over 300,000 “encounters”.


  1. Deplorablegranny

    We need to figure out a way for a group of Americans (non-diverse) to purchase large pieces of property to ban together in red states. Require a background check and credit check on every investor. I would highly recommend south west Montana.

      • Zorost

        This isn’t an unconscious program, as Arthur showed it is planned. They are coming for everyone eventually, laws and rights bedamned. Either we team up locally to do what is needed and STFU or we disappear.

      • DeplorableGranny

        Everyone would have a role to play, growers, prepping, training, building and fellowship.

        My area is solid blue! I am on my own. I will die fighting. I just want to die on a piece of land where people don’t hate me.

        Little more safety in numbers.

    • Yankee Terrier

      I grew up in Republican Southern California. And watched as it was captured, not by the Mexican Army, but by and army of Mexicans. I escaped in my mid twenties to a city in the Midwest via employment with a large corporation. When asked about Cali. I said I was a Calistinian. Which explained out meant that my homeland was occupied by a hostile invasion, and I could not return. For this foresight I was called the usual, racist, xenophobe, etc. Cassandra is more correct of course.Mestizo s do have a record of hyper fertility, but this is now overshadowed by the invasion influx. The article you just wrote is right on Arthur. This has been going on a long time and steamrollering the opposition, I know, I was the opposition. The forces arrayed against us have been omnidirectional and well funded. It is now end game. And tactics and role you mentioned are correct. Keep writing, it lifts my spirit, and we ain’t done yet, just changing.

      • AZFloyd

        Fucking stupid fucking white people. Whites will be virtue signaling about racism as they are being led to the gallows. Whites (and I know I am NOT speaking to this crowd) better get their fucking virtue signaling heads out of their asses and tribe up.

    • SirLawrence

      You mean $20k/acre Montana? The dark frozen windy Montana with the 80 day growing season? Or the second-home resort town Montana with all the lizard people and their trust fund spawn running bistros and faggot art galleries? Or the Yellowstone air bib Montana where every dirt farmer now has an ADU trailer on the market for $150/night?

      It’s the same everywhere. I used to be a dreamer too. But years of this being reshaped by reality has me accepting that there will not be a “red” dirt enclave. There will be no ethno redoubt, no community, until after the long festivities.

      The whites banding together thing took a knee for personal economic gain, stronk daughters off to state U, and hyper-individualism a long time ago.

      The bill was put on the table and everybody just got up to take a piss because racisms and sexisms and bootstraps.

      Some things can only be formed with the application of heat and friction.

      The system is individual-extractive, the moral code is enlightenment-progressive. Act accordingly or get your lunch eaten.

      Best to just get yours while you can, figure out how to make something useful – or middleman on your brothers who do, so you have a bit of fat on the bone when the winter settles in.

    • saoirse

      Concentrating groups of conscious White people into areas with identifiable borders a la the Butler/Covington plan would be suicidal right now. Doing such a thing would be equivalent to creating a gulag – complete with flag – and occupying it ourselves. Makes it way too easy for ZOG to destroy us (i.e. “like shooting fish in a barrel”).
      By all means get out of the cities but prep and network as ‘gray men/women’.
      Revolution – the shooting kind – will not start until the bread and circuses stop, permanently.
      The size of the fighting force we’ll actually have depends on how many surreptitiously prepared for the fall ahead of time.

    • Lineman

      Well good luck with that 10 to 15 years ago that might of been a viable option but everyone was still too comfortable to make that move… Believe me I tried to get people moving in the direction to Build Communities of our people and got told time and time again that they weren’t willing to do that…Sad That…

    • Original Grandpa

      my dear Deplorable Granny, you have the idea – that we have to tribe up or die. And your idea of property purchase is a good one. However, southwest Montana is full, but we do hear the Dakotas are nice.

  2. Debbie Johnson

    Deporting these cockroaches IMO would be fairly straightforward.

    I’d fly them out on a military hop to a central location, like Cuba for example or some large deserted island. Too expensive to fly them to various locales. They’d just swim back.

    You’d have no shortage of pilots and escorts. Retired or former military could do it, many would volunteer. Eisenhower did in 1959, with less technology than we have now. Any liberal women or their male cucks caught screeching would be told to STFU or sent there for good.

    You’d have to have an all male staff. White men.

    • Arthur Sido

      Sure, you could do it but there isn’t the political will to do it. How many Republicans, much less Democrats, would sign on for that? The only hope would be a strongman who just did what needed to be done.


        Arthur… will be a matter of life or death if they don’t. It’s becoming heir apparent. Many of them are so entrenched in our society and hidden, it will be like pulling out a plantar wart. Once you start getting serious with these invaders, many will self deport.

        A famous man just got jumped by those rogue bicycle gangs in Los Angeles on NYE. I believe he gets the gist of what people like us have been saying for years. I lived in CA for 20 years. I left at the right time. All these home invasions never happened in my former AO. Now they’re almost a daily occurrence. For many it’s too late to leave.

        I’m relocating to a different locale this year. I’m not registering to vote and no mail to my current address. I suggest one reads the book how to disappear by JJ Luna. World’s foremost privacy expert.

    • Steve

      Be cheaper to just build a huge catapult wherever there are concentrations to be deported. If the range isn’t quite enough to get over the border, oh, well…

      But as our spoilsport host says, there isn’t even the political will to deport them even if we put them in first class seats. Sadly, there also isn’t the will to get rid of the worthless politicians and bureaucrats, though if it were up to me, they’d get first class seating in the catapults.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    There is no Magic Soil and an open gate provided by a bureaucrat quisling traitor is not a hard fought victory.
    One half of Cloward-Piven is around to see the yes we can Fundamental Transformation into Weimarbabwe, what a golden accomplishment for the Long March comrades.
    Creators create and destroyers can only destroy…twas ever thus.
    Delusions of streets paved with gold and endless EBT cards will go up in smoke and the only good democracy is an Irish Democracy.

  4. AL

    Start off by a 40 – 50% tax on remittances to foreign countries (a higher tax rate might result in lower revenues) to fund deportation programs. End citizenship by birth (14th Amendment: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” If their parents are illegals aliens, they are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US, so their babies are not citizens. ). Start enforcing employment laws where the employers must verify citizenship or green cards via eVerify or subject them fines of $10,000 per false instances. Same for rental agreements for housing. End welfare for illegal aliens. Make it hard for them to benefit from this country, make them want to leave.

  5. Calsdad

    You know – I keep seeing people say “run away to a red interior state!!”.

    Seriously – WTF do you think that is going to accomplish other than to push off the inevitable for a few more years? Ever study any world history? Which countries are the ones that are the most powerful? Hint: It’s most usually the ones with a coastline – or at the very least the ones that aren’t surrounded on all sides by their enemies. Go look at the population distribution CURRENTLY of the United States – the population is highly skewed towards the coasts and to states in the interior served by major rivers like the Mississippi.

    Look at Ukraine – once Russia finishes taking the country apart and all they’re left with is a rump state with no major water access – what sort of “power” do you think they’re going to have?

    The whole “run away to an interior red state!!” BS is just another form of wishful thinking being engaged in by Americans who don’t want to face the brutal truth of this problem head-on.

    If there is to be any victory here – that kind of crap has to be knocked the eff off.

    • Troy Messer

      “The whole “run away to an interior red state!!” BS is just another form of wishful thinking being engaged in by Americans who don’t want to face the brutal truth of this problem head-on.”

      True. Idaho is being invaded by somewhat red pilled normies that just want to by themselves some time and Californian pedophiles who seep into our schools and churches. How many Yankee faggots are moving to Florida for the sole purpose of subverting the State of Florida?

      What can we do? Here are some ideas off the top of my head. Incoming wall of text. My appologies.

      1. Identify and dox State and Federal District Court Judges and federal agents. For example, every black robed cocksucker over rules or abnegates laws meant to stop the mutilation of children should have their address, and family members, known to dissidents for future reference. The number of armed federal agents is small when compared to the number of dissidents and the geography of a nation that spans a continent.

      2. Take the word nigger, and every racial epithet, back. If you cant bring yourself to say nigger, how the hell are you gonna have the mindset and nerve to …ahem…deal with traitors? What kind of American are you? Well the kind that can say nigger 30 times in 30 seconds. A useful heuristic to identify fellow dissidents.

      3. Identify pro white, pro 2nd amendment, pro nationalist County Sherriffs. These are ready made troops with communications and logistics that are helpful to our cause.

      4. Identify and dox all pro-pedophile school teachers.

      5. Whites are not fungible. Take the Swedes, Norwegians, and Fins who are openly commiting cultural genocide by handing their beautiful daughters over to sand-niggers. Compare them to the based Eastern Europeans like the Hungarians and Russian Slavs. Identify whites that are more amenable to self-genocide by virtue signaling than fighting for their posterity. Whites need to figure out who we are so we can self-identify to fellow dissidents.

      6. Try to get on juries. When a white does get the courage to flush some trash, the evil federal gov’t is going to try to make an example of him in the federal system. If you can get on his jury, you can ignore the lying judges jury instructions and find them not guilty and there isnt a fucking thing the federal prosecutor or judges can do about it because of the double jeopardy clause.

      7. Encourage succession of your state. The evil federal imperial government must be destroyed if there is any hope for peace loving people to survive. Not only for us, but the entire world. Because whites are not equal, this will allow a bifurcation, like oil and water separating, to encourage whites that just have a pathological need to suck zionist cock to move to their own states.

      8. Get a precise definition on what fed-posting is. I am sure there is a precise legal definition as to what constitutes a threat. If we are well below the threshhold, we can mock them with impunity. Faggots and federal authorities hate being mocked.

      9. Get used to being called a racist, mysogynist, terrorist, etc. You are going to be labled no matter how much you prostate yourself before the faggot ass Gay American Empire. Own it. To use a Game concept, agree and amply.

      10. Practice Irish Democracy. This is a vast nation and the eyes of Sauron are not as omnipotent as they would have you believe. There are places where you can place sand on the federal leviathan. For example, electric substations where there is a high density of niggers are very vulnerable to Irish Democracy.

      11. Practice living without a phone. The number one way they spy on us is through our phones. A squad of committed men not tethered to a phone is a formidable weapon. Figure out ways to communicate without phones. Leave your phone at home when you run errands. Leave the phones at home when you meet fellow dissident in meat space.

      12. Identify the limits of the security state. If you dont have a phone and are located outside an urban area, for example, in Oatman, Arizona or Elk City, Idaho, the feds will have to expend expesive resources to keep track of dissidents in a big continent. There are places where they cant see us. They cant keep.track of us all and they cant see everywhere. Sure they have satellites and drones. But they cant possibly keep track of dissidents.

      13. Buy ammo if you can and have all your weapons zeroed.

      14. Overwhelm digital channels with chaff. Assume every digital messge and voice conversation is scooped up at that data center in Utah. But I bet there too much data for mere humans and they have AI algorithyms that sift through it. So send emails to from disposable email accounts to other disposable email accounts with all the buzzwords they are looking for. Send DM with just the buzzwords. Bomb, bomb, gun, AR-15, jury nullification, MAGA, FJB, Hunter is a pedophile, etc.

      15. Stop playing by the rules. All is fair in love and war. If you insist on obeying their rules meant to subjugate you, that does not make you virtuous, it makes you a stupid chump.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    Nowadays I figure the reported per month numbers are pretty accurate, because, the illegals have every incentive to turn themselves into the Welcoming Committee (formerly known as CBP), and no incentive to try to evade them. It’s a lot easier, and a lot smarter, to turn yourself in and get the free stuff than it is to run. There is no longer any reason to run. Why run when you can get free hotels/phones/food/flights etc. etc. by turning yourself in? Maybe back in Reagan’s time the number of encounters was probably just a fraction, but now I figure it’s pretty close to everybody.

    It’s kind of like if your local police department, without any public discussion of the matter, turned itself into a taxi service for criminals, driving the getaway car for them. And everybody pretends that’s normal.

    • Daniel K Day

      You make sense, with one exception – the Chinese “unaccompanied military-age men”. If, a small “if”, they’re literally a Chinese expeditionary force, they already have financing available. Some of them could accept the charge cards, cell phones, etc. on offer to avoid standing out from the other nationalities, while others proceed unseen, with full wallets, past the welcoming border service to their rally points.


    I read recently there have been something like several thousand reported rapes in Deutschland since they opened the floodgates to the mud people. I saw plenty of wetback theft, rapine, dope, and other crimes in SoCal when I started as a Peace Officer in 1972. It just got worse and worse. My wife and I left for her ancestral home in the Gem State before we had to shoot our way out of Riverside, CA. Give it a few more months to simmer. Oddly enough, the economic shoe is still not pinching enough in enough places for the sheeple, normies, and cucks to wake up. Patience, vigilance, prepping, and silence are still the order of the day. Bleib ubrig.

  8. TakeAHardLook

    America’s illegal alien invasion has been rolling up for decades, untouched by already extant laws that prohibit ANY unlawful crossing of the border. It has ramped up ten-fold since Jan. 20, 2020 due to the following:

    –the traitorous acts and omissions of the illegitimate Biden Administration
    –the traitorous acts and omissions of the (ironically-named) Department of Homeland Security
    –the build out of illegal alien procession centers and 24/7/365 busing of those illegals processed there, run and funded by the traitorous DHS/FedGov, Mayorkas first among these traitors
    –the utter capitulation of its sworn mission by the (ironically-named) U.S. Customs and Border Protection, who are now essentially clerical workers, water distributors, butt-wipers and bus ticket/free Visa card distributors. CBP has long ago lost OPSEC and protects NOTHING, therefore they come to work every day FOR THE PAY & BENEFITS. This is shameful and they know it, but knowing does not stop these shameful acts every day
    –the craven assistance/facilitation of the illegal alien invasion by Mexico–an Act of War in and of itself
    –the gross failure to act for the defense of the American People by the U.S. Senate & Congress, all 535 of whom are utterly WORTHLESS
    –the governors of the border states who are themselves traitors to their respective states and to the Republic at large; Gov. Abbott is, despite appearances, guilty too, as his busing of illegals to “Elsewhere, USA” does not solve the problem, but rather (like shyt hitting a fan) spreads the shyt far and wide, vastly compounding the contagion and making capture and removal more difficult.
    –the SES, the Deep State (the unelected, entrenched D.C. bureaucracy) all Fed agencies, and all of its employees, lickspittles and toadies who aid and abet their traitorous administrators
    –the Mainstream Media, who fail at every turn at exposing and holding to account the rampant illegality and death of the Rule of Law
    –The Left (aka “social progressives” aka “communists). RES IPSA LOQUITUR.

    Balkanization, of sorts, either State by State or county by county, might give White Americans (and those of any color who think similarly upon what we have lost) a chance to live out their lives.

    Though, when the sound of gunfire is heard in our inner city communities, we will finally realize the lateness of the hour.
    And that we have dallied too long.

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  10. Warren e shafer

    A Spanish Man once as long as he lived, there would be no Communism in Spain. The comment that we may need a strongman to strengthen out this mess. There is a call on line 1. Francisco Franco please pick up your phone.

  11. Zorost

    Back during the 2016 election even a Leftist journalist did the math and noted that immigration laws and enforcement were virtually irrelevant. 0 immigration + 100% deportation would only change the date Whites became a minority by a couple years, and he doubted Trump would quite get that.

    The only hope is entrench where we are at, tribe up, and do whatever it takes to get local and state power. The Whiskey Rebellion has a lot of great lessons. If you trust your neighbors enough to STFU when talking to feds, many options open up.

  12. surely we are all in a server(s)

    as a wiseman said and others have reminded us lately. thank you.

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

    quite a conundrum we find ourselves in, isn’t it?
    so many emotions, thoughts, suggestions, ideas, opinions.

    i won’t use insults. i have no answers.
    each man must find his own way.

    assuming your shop has tools.
    i would say, if you haven’t started The education, dropped emotion, begun reading and resesearch.

    you’ll most likely endup in a bad position.

    quite a conundrum indeed.

  13. Russell G.

    One issue almost nobody talks about is the fact that America is undergoing a significant decline in intelligence. I know, nobody wants to go to that bugga boo IQ thing. But, a large component of “intelligence” is creativity and innovation–That is going away. It has been going away for at least 2 generations now. The left dismantled the notion of innate (genetic component) intelligence from the very beginning. So much so that Louis Terman had to water down his extensive longitudinal “Genetic Studies of Genius” that were started in the 1920’s to conclude that both “nature” and “nurture” contributed to IQ. For instance, one example; he was essentially forced early on to state that “the size of the parent’s home libraries was a very important variable in IQ.” But, with additional generations, and the decline of personal libraries observed in homes, that variable soon vanished. And, while that happened the left fought harder to dismiss the innate/genetic basis of IQ. IQ has now become an extinct concept. But, it is real. Try problem solving tasks with some of these younger people and see what happens. You’ll need to take away their smartphones first.

    Now, I challenge anyone to talk to a seasoned elementary school teacher about this. Every year they will literally say “This is the worst class I’ve ever had.” I happen to talk to one during most of the day. Also, talk to a teacher in a state like Florida, where 60-85% of the student’s school paperwork shows “Mexican National.” That’s the teacher I hear things from. Now, look at the ACT/SAT/GRE test scores for the past 20-30 years. That’s about all I need to bring up in terms of data. These children can sometimes learn, but it’s really an exception to the rule. They distill down to promotion to the next grade level without mastering any conceptual information.

    The leftist publishers, that essentially control school boards, always have an answer that revolves around new editions of failed textbooks. The revisions become so incomprehensible, conceptually, that most teachers don’t use them. And, of course, the authors of these textbooks are younger Madison Avenue failures themselves that have no understanding (or even educational “degrees”) of teaching. Throw in a good dose of DEI and racial hatred, and you have a continuous stream of fetid Marxist sociology mixed in with basic biology, chemistry, math, and language arts. And, lastly, the newer younger teachers that are hired are from the same “genetic stock” that I’m discussing above, mixed in with a healthy dose of university activism that have ruined their minds. They also have been “perpetually promoted.”

    The “genetic stock” that is invading the country and proliferating like weeds will essentially lower intelligence in this country below what it is. That will be the outcome that will further burden the welfare system. They just aren’t that good at anything, they were never creative enough to be good at something, and that’s why they are here. There’s no doubt in my mind. There’s a reason that “those people” have a genetic lineage that exists in the underclass of South America, Africa (yes, go to the lower IQ data), and Asia/India.

    And as it dumbs down further and further people are less able to look into the future (frontal lobe) and they get less emotional (frontal/limbic) about things being lost in this country or merely taken away from them.

    It’s planned. No doubt about it.

    • Troy Messer

      This is a good point. In addition to the reason explicated above, there are pejorative consequences of letting women fuck whoever they want. It is dyscivilizational. Because single mom’s unrestrained hypergamy leads her to fuck and procreate with low IQ Chad because he exhibits the dark triad traits (psychopathy, narcissism, and machiavelliansim) that arouse women (vs attraction. See i.e. the YouTube channel called hoe math that explicates the good guy vs bad boy matrix). One of the things civilization does is channel the chaos inducing hypergamy women exhibit.
      Take Islam. It might be deplorable, but it survives. Islam keeps a lid on its women. And survival for a people is still very much a thing.

      Because of the lack of environmental pressures, whites have lost (or had removed) any sense of self preservation either for themselves or their posterity.

      As painful as it is, I think whites deserve, or perhaps earned, being culled. They threw away God for the consumerism of Satan. Well whitey, what are you going to do when the Amazon trucks stop showing up with your shitty made Chinese gadgets and food stops magically appearing at grocery stores? The whites that survive will have a sense of idendity and purpose. So maybe liberal white women need to have tbeir eggs removed from the gene pool. Which they seems to be doing voluntarily.

      Racism is NOT a sin. Racism does not equal genocide….unless the niggers, spics, and kikes dont leave.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Spot on! Many excellent points. As a medical person I despair at the entire U.S. woke “Medical Education System.”

      Heather MacDonald wrote this in City Journal. The article is exasperating–and frightening. As I re-read it (and read your comments, above) I am aware that the IQ that both of you exhibit is becoming more rare by the second.

      We are living in “Idiocracy, the Sequel.”

    • pyrrhus

      Yep…In fact, the whole West is experiencing a rapid decline in intelligence due to the fact that smart people aren’t having many kids, but the IQ 80 types are having a lot…Also, the massive vaccine pushing and unhealthy food has damaged a lot of kids…..

  14. Lineman

    I would wish you a Happy New Year if I thought it was possible Brother but after reading this and then seeing the comments I don’t think that is a possibility… I will continue to say Tribe Up or Die because that’s the only choice we have at this point in time…

  15. Paul Bonneau

    Welfare has to end. That won’t happen as a result of action in Congress of course, but because of an economic crash. The usual trick, bleeding the middle class, won’t work for the rulers because there will be no middle class. Only the organized and armed will eat. Cops and other enforcers will be swept away, except for those guarding the ruling class residences.

    With welfare gone, gangs (that is, armies) of immigrants will appear, to ravage the countryside and any other place food is created or stored. Our primary fight will be against them.

        • Troy Messer

          I dont want my posterity to cease to exist. But I readily admit that when it comes to what entails “tribing up,” I am literally retarded. IMHO, the biggest achilles heel.for us dissidents is the ability to organize. Us right leaning people(s) leave each other the fuck alone because we want to be left alone. We practice live and let live. But that mind set atrophies the ability to meet and organize like minded dissidents. Yuri Bezminovian subversion accelerates and amplifies the atomization our side suffers. I have a hypothesis that our side is populated largely by introverts and , therefore, organizing is a foreign concept.
          So,to the 6 or 7 extroverted dissidents out there, what the hell do we do?
          I dont think we should use the excuse of “well, if we meet up, we will just be infiltrated.” That is some cowardly shit. Because sure, there will be infiltrators. But the feds cant infiltrate all small groups because there are only so many feds. That leaves the cocksuckers that spy on behalf of feds.
          This can be mitigated. Assume there are thousands of small groups of dissidents that assemble. Further, assume a.good portion of them have a traitor. The feds will still have to go through all those groups to try to determine which ones to spend their limited resources on.
          We can create groups that dont do anything except that they exist soley as a way to acquire or be infected by spies that waste federal resources. Large groups can be formed whose sole purpose is to send feds on wild goose chases.

          I’d also be willing to bet there are some common factors among spies. Like that Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk is transported to an “evil” universe. He was able to function in the “evil” universe but the evil Kirk could not function in “good” universe. IMHO, that is what things like “say nigger 30 times in 30 seconds” accomplishes. There are whites who are simply unable to over ride their self loathing conditioning and that can be recognized easily.
          Id be willing to bet that the majority spies are well off. For example, they own 2 or more houses from which they gather passive income. People that have a lot to lose or cushy make work jobs should be given extra scrutiny (being fully aware that having means does NOT automatically make you a.spy). Because I am guessing these traitors dont want to lose their position at the abundant trough.
          Ive watched enough cold war spy movies to know there are methodologies, like cells amd subcells, double agents, that can mitigate and/or identify traitors.
          The more we congeal into nations, the easier it will be to identify outsiders.

          Tribe Up or Die.

          • Lineman

            So,to the 6 or 7 extroverted dissidents out there, what the hell do we do?

            Well Brother I would say make sure you are in an area that’s conducive to Building Tribe and then start meeting people through activities that you put on or others do that would promote Building Tribe…That’s what has worked for me…

  16. Joe Blow

    I have to admit, I take umbrage with your comment about the melanated residents of our country….

    “at least their percentage of the population is relatively stable and they are mostly contained to the Deep South and northern urban areas.”

    I lived in WNY for the first 40 years of my life, and moved to ETN for the last 10.
    As student of Darwin, I assure you, the evolutionary pressures in NE urban environs produce drastically different species than the rural and semi-urban environment here in East TN. I don’t know quite how to express if to you if you haven’t experienced it. I fled Rochester to get away from the uppity niggers (among other reasons), I have no issues whatsoever with the black people I’ve met down here. Sure, we get some transplanted uppity trouble-makers from up north, but the locals? Nope, just good people. With a tan.
    I know you hear that living up north from your friends and relatives that moved South… I used to, too, when I lived there. Didn’t get it, couldn’t grok. Now I do. It’s geography, not melanin. Easiest way I can explain it. Frankly I think it’s a result of the church influence (bible belt is heavy here), and how it has suppressed feminism to a degree, but I digress! It’s your blog, not mine.

    • Sven

      Untrue. False. You won’t survive with your virtue signaling, utopian worldview.

      Niggers are skirt on humanity wherever they are we at Africa or any other country or continent. They’ve contributed nothing to the world no technology no beautiful lasting art no contribution whatsoever to the further development of humanity. They bring only death, despair and chaos.

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