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The Simian Collection

Come with me once more to the swanky town of Troy, Michigan, a wealthy suburb of Detroit. Our journey takes us to exit 69 to Big Beaver Road (not kidding). We come to the Somerset Collection, a very high end mall filled with stores selling overpriced merchandise. As you may know, one of my first jobs as an adult was at the Somerset Collection and back then it was full of bored auto executive trophy wives and teenaged girls from expensive private schools shopping for North Face jackets and Victoria’s Secret undies.

When I worked there, shortly after the north side of the mall opened, the number of blacks in the Somerset Collection was near zero. If you want the sort of clientele that shops at Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and has lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, you can’t have ruffians (in other words blacks) running around. It was pretty common to see the rare group of blacks being obviously shadowed by mall security, in force. I remember one black that was bitching because the security at Saks literally walked right behind him from the moment they stepped into the store until they left. The mall was clean and fun to be at and that was largely due to the mall making a conscious effort to make blacks from Detroit and Pontiac painfully aware they were not welcome.

The times, they have been cha-cha-changin’.

A 10-year-old girl was randomly attacked by a woman as she waited at the Mrs. Fields cookie shop at Somerset Mall in Troy last week, according to police.

On Friday, the girl was with a group of friends and her guardian when all of a sudden she “got pushed face-first into the display (where) the food is,” said Troy Police Captain Josh Jones.

Police said the attack appeared to be “unprovoked and for no apparent reason.” The victim was startled but not severely injured.

The attacker is allegedly 25-year-old Reanna Valentine of Detroit.

Here be Reanna…

She was arrested after coming back the next day, probably to shoplift more stuff, but she was only charged with simple assault although she was put on an electric tether that hopefully will monitor her and keep her out of Somerset. No hate crime charges….

The little girl is named Sophia Simpson and of course is a White girl who doesn’t understand why this happened.

Hopefully this will be a red pill for little Sophia Simpson and when she hears for the next decade of schooling that blacks are noble victims and Whites are privileged oppressors, she will remember this Negress bitch that shoved her into a glass case for the sheer amusement and pleasure that being cruel brought her.

An employee at the mall had this to say:

“I’ve been here 27 years and we’ve never had incidents like that, that I know of or seen,” said John, a Somerset food court employee. “I thought since COVID people would change and things would be back to normal, but it seems that it has gotten worse.”

It isn’t Covid, it is the changing demographics of the mall and the post-George Floyd refusal to recognize which group is most likely to commit crimes.

It isn’t a shocking reveal that I don’t much care for blacks as a group. I would be readily identified as a virulent racist and White supremacist by most Proper Thinking People. However, despite my “racism”, it wouldn’t ever cross my mind in a million years to push a 10 year old black girl into a glass display and then laugh when she started crying. The reason I wouldn’t do that is not fear of punishment but because it is a trash, animalistic behavior that human beings wouldn’t engage in, not toward anyone.

It isn’t bad enough that “people” like Reanna Valentine are shoplifting from stores to the point that retailers are closing stores left and right or locking up basic household goods to keep them from being stolen. They also are violent, ugly, vicious people that take their highest pleasure in hurting smaller, weaker people. They go to places where people just want to have fun and shop, throwing children from balconies, getting into squabbles and blazing away at each other and making little girls cry, all because they lack the basic human impulse to not be a piece of shit in public.

I assume Reanna Valentine will be banned from Somerset for life but there are plenty of other black women just like her in Detroit who will drive up to places like the Somerset Collection for mayhem and cruelty as a way to distract them from their miserable existence. Everywhere they go they make life worse for decent people and ruin one pleasant experience after another.


  1. saoirse

    I’d put that nigger on an electric tether alright – one that had 10,000 volts in it.
    I would wager that the girl’s parents are shitlibs/normies – par for the course with the entire community – which is why there’s no ardent push to have that ugly sheboon prosecuted under a hate crime law. Sad that the people with the money to pressure their gubment won’t do it. Forget any form of assertive action to prevent any further encroachments – legal or illegal – too. Poor kid will grow up indoctrinated and hating herself.
    Because of their abject cowardice, they’ll be culled from our ranks more and more aggressively as the months go on (muds can smell fear and inaction and gravitate towards it). I wouldn’t care if every one of them is slowly beaten to death, it’s their kids getting abused/killed I have a hard time with.

  2. Harbinger

    I would not count on that little girl becoming ‘red-pilled’ or reaching any sort of sane conclusion about who it was who attacked her and why. She has merely earned victim points, and without further reinforcement, won’t likely make the connection between the skin color of her attacker vice her own and the randomness of the attack. If her environment is completely pozzed, she may well come to the conclusion that she “deserved” the treatment to atone for her inherent White privilege. Teach ’em young, or you’ll never reach ’em at all.

  3. Vicious Sid

    Societies “tolerance” for antisocial behavior has led us to this point. Yes, that “tolerance” has been forced upon us by our government incrementally over many decades. There is absolutely no excuse for this type behavior from any human being. This will most likely result in “self-help” before it’s over with. Most people have a breaking point and we’ve just about reached it. I’m old and, in my youth, communities took care of troublemakers if the “authorities” wouldn’t.

  4. Lineman

    Whites will not survive without their own country…It’s as simple as that and yet too so many on our side it’s rocket science…

  5. Steve

    Hopefully the electronic tether is like the one in the Rutger Hauer flick from the early 90s. Deadlock or something.

    This is not going to stop until you start holding public executions administered by either cheese grater or belt sander.

  6. Squib

    Separate the reason for this attack from the cause of this attack. The reason is obvious. Reanna is ugly. Now, the word ugly would describe a lot of young men and women of all races. But our friend Reanna would have to sneak up on a glass of water to get a drink. Sophia, on the other hand is a Mark 1 Mod 1 cute little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl. Cue the jealousy on Reanna’s part with her lack of impulse control. Reanna gives Sophia a whack. Because.

    The CAUSE of this attack shows how the majority in America has changed since the 50’s. In the 50’s, Reanna simply would not have been allowed in the mall. The first change in our country was allowing everyone to go anywhere- desegregation- but bad behavior was dealt with in a severe fashion. A few more subtle changes over time, and this kind of behavior is now legally tolerated. This is where we are now. The courts do not punish this kind of behavior. The last step is for this behavior to be accepted socially. When behavior like this is socially acceptable- and it certainly is by the 13%, we have lost our society.

    • Squib

      I should have said “we have lost our culture” instead of saying lost our society. We will still have a society- just not one that is compatible with our culture. We will be on the outside, looking in. What a shame.

      • Gryphon

        Squib – That’s really a good Description – but desegregation, allowing everyone to go anywhere, wasn’t really the Problem. It was the Failure to Enforce any standards of Civilized Behavior that lead directly to where we Are. Should Emmet Till have been Lynched for making Insulting, Sexually-Suggestive noise at a White Woman? No, of course Not. Should he have had the Snot Beaten Out of him by every Civilized White and Black Folks right there? Of Course. Just like this Feral she-boon should have left the Mall in an Ambulance, with Permanent, Disfiguring Injuries.

        Believe it or Not, most ‘Blacks’ do not Want, or Respect, the kind of Behavior that “niggers” exhibit. And the Further to the Right of the Bell Curve, the more likely you will find Normal, Civilized Folks who can’t stand the typical Apefrican, Ghetto-Rat behavior…

  7. pyrrhus

    Every mall, regardless of original class, has a life span that depends on keeping black teenagers out…In the Chicago area, virtually every mall not in an upper class area has closed, starting with Dixie mall, Lincoln Mall, and Evergreen plaza…They steal cars out of the parking lot as well as everything in the mall, and then start assaulting people…

  8. ERJ

    I used to work three days-a-week at an office building at Big Beaver and Crooks.

    Did they name the roads after the inhabitants or did the feral-folk see then names and migrated there?

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