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That Was A Big Nothingburger

The promised snow didn’t show up, just an inch or two fell, but the cold?

Well, the cold did arrive. This is right now where I live.

I was in Ontario the last few days and when I left this morning it was 17 degrees and by the time I got home, five hours to the southwest, the temperature had dropped to zero. The wind was non-stop though, for three straight hours in Ontario and most of the drive through Michigan, Ohio and then home to Indiana. It wasn’t gusty, it was a steady, side to side, endless wind. Because they got more snow in Ontario, the wind plus fluffy snow made visibility shitty and occasionally the road would simply disappear into white for a second or two. That was fun plus the stress of fighting the wind in a large van that handles like crap in windy conditions.

Now that the sun is down it is getting colder yet but I am back, the house is toasty warm and I’ll be back to mediocre blogging and even worse AI art tomorrow.


  1. Bob Roy Larnigan

    Fun times… remember if it’s a whiteout blizzard, just put the left tires on the center line. If you can’t find the center line, follow the utility poles. If you can’t see those… well, it gets hard then.

    • Cederq

      Or like in South Dakota in whiteout conditions, pull sharp instruments out of your pockets, remove your eyeglasses, loosen the buttons on your trouser and bend over to kiss the backside bye… Cuz’ ya know some idiot is racing along at 70 mph and doesn’t see you.

  2. Pig Walrus

    I was in Fort Wayne today.
    Stopped in what I would call a pretty ritzy Kroger, got a bite to eat downtown. Didn’t cross paths with any scholars.
    Cold and windy (Neg 2) but not a bad day.

  3. 3g4me

    They said we’d get 1-3 inches but there’s probably 5-6 inches on the ground. Snowed all day yesterday and looked as though it had stopped when we went to bed, but got up at 8 and it was still coming down. It was down to 4 degrees this morning but I think it’s now up to about 12. Snow is pure powder, but minimal wind right now. I’m tempted to go out walking (already did to feed the deer) but the wood stove is awfully cozy. Definitely enjoying this lifestyle -nowhere we have to go and all we need (food, heat, hot showers, etc.) is here at home. Not to mention a ‘killer view’ (as those who manage to find their way to our place always mention).

  4. Big Ruckus D

    We too are in the deep freeze, rangebound from negative single digits up to 10° the last couple of days. Had another dusting of snow, didn’t amount to much.

    The real treachery now is ice on the roads. Most of this is from either natural springs that are bubbling up from under or along side a road, sump pump discharge from homes that run clear to the curb, or water main leaks (of which we have a fair number, owing to exceedingly old infrastructure and inadequately capitalized replacement of same). While out driving the last 3 or 4 days, I’ve run across some massive ice patches. Being out in this weather doesn’t appeal to me at all. And it looks to be locked in for several days yet before any possible respite. The only good thing I can say about the extended hard freeze is that it will have the effect of reducing the emergent insect population come spring.

  5. Miffed Max

    I am from overseas, and currently on a work assignment in Pennsylvania, then side trips incl. Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia – and I was going to be going to Kentucky but the “Extreme Weather Warning” persuaded the (much younger) bosses to redirect my flights.

    The reason I mention my itinerary is purely because yes, it was interesting driving from Morgantown to (South) Charleston and then to Pikeville before turning basically left to Lewisburg because HR were freaking out.

    I had a nice series of drives on secondary snow-covered roads from Pikeville to Lewisburg. Slow, but scenic.

    May I make a special mention to the lovely people at the gas station in Pineville who just wanted me to be safe = having spotted my New York rental plates. Can’t blame them for their assumption!!

    I’m not entirely stupid, some parts of me are still functional, so I had requested a four-wheel-drive vehicle before I left Newark airport.

    My point, and I do have a point that I’m finally getting to 🙂 is that in my seventh decade on the planet, I’m used to weather, tropical storms, snowstorms, and everything in between; I just slow it down, carry appropriate care, have a backup plan in mind, and above all – I have learned not to exceed the capabilities of myself or the machinery on driving.

    Learned that the hard way in my teens and 20s.

    It’s nice of younger people to want to ground me for my safety, but I do worry that they think that by being very careful we can all get out of here alive.

    Just, no.

    Every patient I have ever treated and every patient I will ever treat in my declining years of medical practice, will die. Hopefully I didn’t speed it up; optimistically, I got to slow it down.

    But; the current generation needs to read a lot more Kipling and Heinlein. In this grumpy old geezer’s opinion.

  6. Gryphon

    Had 5 inches of Snow here in Virginia, fine Powder that fell slowly with the Temp just below Freezing. This Morning, the Weather Recorder I have showed 5 F. at 0430. More Snow forecast by Friday. More like a Normal Winter here, but with no real Snow for the last 5 Years, the Whining and Complaining by the ‘urbanites’ is pathetic… people wearing Sneakers and a Hoodie, complaining about the Cold, while rushing from a Heated Car to a Heated Building.

    Still haven’t caught the Horse trying to stick his Head through the Dog-Door.

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