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Snowpocalypse Now

The forecast is for 3-6 inches of snow over the weekend which isn’t much but based on the hysteria from the meteorological community, it is quite likely I will die. It has been an honor serving you.


    • Filthie

      Jeebus, Exile! Where are you? Norman Wells?

      I thought I had it bad. We’re at -32C. I’m down with a cold… but my new niglet pup is right under the covers snoring and keeping me warm as toast! Not even the smell gets to her.👍 I don’t think I’m ever gonna get up again…☺️👍

  1. Bobsuruncle

    Florida will be Hitting the low 20’s originally, they guesstimated a low of18 degrees. Those temps for two to three days will cause problems. Water lines in many place sare buried fairly shallow.

    I would like to hear from electric car tards, let me know how your EV works out for ya.

  2. Pig Walrus

    I live 45 minutes east of you.
    Calling for an inch here.
    There will be much death and destruction.
    Seriously though, supposed to get damn windy.


      Oh man, I remember that well. Grew up in NW Ohio with Pig Walrus and it was epic. We lived in a rural area and were raised by hearty wye peepo. It was brutal, but we had a wood burning stove to keep us warm as the power was knocked out by the blizzard.

      Living in Texas for some time now, we have multiple deaths in a simple freeze because the tatted up, pierced up, purple haired savages are too fucking stupid and lazy to prepare for such.

      We’re expecting 18° weather here on the Gulf coast, which is extremely cold and will cause pipe burst and damage to lush vegetation. Rain expected Monday with the deep freeze, that means a road full of illegals with no insurance and other imbeciles who don’t have the good sense to slow down.

      I’ve got a huge stack of wood, food and plenty of spirts to stay home, sit back and enjoy.

    • Mike_C

      I remember that winter. I was at that awkward age where I was old enough to be expected to do all the shoveling, and too old to enjoy building snowforts.

      Winter of 2014-15 here in Boston we had 108” of cumulative snowfall. Compared to my mental baseline of 77-78 it wasn’t bad, but when my Finnish officemate (just moved to the US) asked, “What the hell is with all this snow here?” I realized that we were getting a LOT of snow. When a Finn complains….

    • pyrrhus

      I certainly do…Chicago was so bad that much of the public transit was shut down (but not the electric Illinois Central), and I walked many places in my handy ‘Nam boots..It was kinda fun, but I was in my 20’s….

  3. La Sagna

    white people problems. Whilst us colored folk suffer most due systemic racism and scholastic terrorism of white privilege.

    Dr LaSagna

    • G NOCCHI

      I’m not a “snow person”. It’s albinism, an unfortunate medical condition! I like me some phat asses, loose shoes, a good blunt and a pack of fawties as much as the next brotha. You H8TR.

      Doctor (PhD) His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor (MD) G Nocchi Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Asia in General and The Himalaya in Particular

  4. Arete

    It’s ridiculous. I’m in the Southeast, and we were part of this wind/rain/tornado scare of several days ago. We didn’t even end up with yard debris (and we have lots of trees) but businesses were shutting down early. Because of …. some rain. I had to bite my tongue when the cashier at the grocery store told me to “Be safe!”🤦‍♀️

  5. Harbinger

    We’ve got the wind now, down here in South Tejas. The forecast varies hour by hour as the weatherguessers hedge their bets. But they are predicting at least two sub-freezing overnights early next week. I’m a lifelong northeasterner, only recently relocated down here. Low of 18 overnight? We ate that shit for breakfast, all winter long where I came from. Down here they literally close the schools for a little black ice on the roads. My neighbors wear winter jackets and think I’m crazy for walking around in short sleeves when it’s in the low 50s.

    “Texas tough” (*chuckles in a Noo Yawk accent*)

  6. 3g4me

    Lots of gusty wind up on our Ozark “mountain.” Snow flurries now; 1-2 inches possible over the weekend and sub-zero temps for a few nights. Porch swing is secured with bungee cords and the wood stove keeps us plenty warm. Service guy changed the oil in the Generac yesterday. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of a deer today and they were out in force yesterday looking for handouts. Since we’re no longer dependent on Ercot and its green energy initiatives, we’re not concerned.

  7. Big Ruckus D

    Well, we are expecting a low 14°F here tonight, but with winds up to 50mph and brutal wind chill. Light snow falling (more like blowing), so it sucks to be outside right now, but clearly not as bad as some of you posting from points north of my locale.

    Wind has been bad since noon, and have seen some large branches down while out doing service calls. Also saw the plastic sign panels blown clean out of a backlit roadsign sign for a church earlier, and a couple of stop signs blown off poles. I’m bracing for emergency freeze up calls tomorrow, which are very likely to happen when it gets this cold AND windy.

    And yes, all the TV meteorologists are doing their typical chicken little bullshit, gotta dial up that fear porn.

  8. saoirse

    Spot on again Sido. The weather gurus are sensationalizing this front big time! I thought it was bad in Floriduh with the hurricane bullshit.
    We’re getting all that minus big time weather starting tomorrow – northern Wisconsin.
    Definitely not going to play “Help Me Make It Through the Night” for this one!
    Just a routine winter so far.

  9. Don't mind me.

    Wyoming here: woke to -9 this morning. I called the National Guard. There’s got to be something they can do. I think the weather is coming from Russia, or maybe China.

  10. Gryphon

    Eastern Edge of the Virginia Piedmont here, a couple of Days ago we had 3 inches of Rain in about 18 Hours, very much like a Hurricane, heavy Winds on the Coast (80 Miles East) and the Hysteria was Epic – like, in a semi-Rural area, Side Roads don’t Flood… Lots of places where Water is on the Low Places in the Roads, and Cars wind up in Ditches. Temperatures were in the high 40’s (F) all Day, and it wasn’t bad at all. Except all the Horses were in the Shed the whole Time, so there was a couple of Wheelbarrows of Turds to Shovel…

    If this had been Snow, it would have been between 3-4 Feet, or a “Snowmageddon” Event. This week, “Winter” is supposed to happen, with low 20’s at Night, and a “Chance” of Snow; this is more likely to be the Rain/Sleet/Ice thing we get around here (I’m not ‘uphill’ enough to get Snow unless it’s a pretty Big Storm. There’s just enough ‘suburban’ Swamp-Dwellers around here that the Fear Factor is intense…

    It isn’t “Cold” until I see my Horse sticking his Nose through the Dog-Door in the Kitchen…

  11. anonymous

    Yeah, the weather guy in Arkansas Faux News just said this will be “The Biggest Storm in a Year!!!”

    So, like…since last winter?

    They hype the cold, then wonder why people aren’t upset about globull warming.

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