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On A Lighter Note

This is an amusing video about Tiffany Henyard, the chosen-by-God, Mayor-for-Life, of Dolton, Illinois….

Dolton is a town of a little over 20,000 people and over 90% of them are black, so of course their strong black woman mayor who don’t need no man is a ridiculous caricature who is robbing the black folks of her little town blind. You see the same thing in places like Memphis, Chicago, St Louis and Jackson, MS where black “leaders” have run their cities into the ground and the people hurt the most are their fellow blacks.

What diffense do it make? What diffense indeed?

It turns out that we have been judging them by the content of the character all along.


  1. realwesterner

    Great big light on The Left’s decades old mantra that they’ll use the blacks to gain power and to destroy America because the blacks are so easy to fool.

  2. Max Wiley

    Perhaps the biggest stake in the heart to the magic dirt theory is seeing black politicians behave exactly the same in both the US and Africa.

  3. Dr. Hollowpoint

    Yeah, well, and monkeyshines in Africa is cuzza colonialism and oppression. If White people would just give them money and leave them alone they’d be all cibilized an’ shit.

  4. Harbinger

    Dat Tiffany Henyard of Dolton sho’ is stylin’ and profilin’ on her constituents’ dime.

    Everyone in the black world is ‘super’, it seems. Tiffany Henyard is a self-described ‘supermayor’. Any black working in a tech setting is a ‘superscientist’. A black with an IT position is a computer ‘superexpert’, even if all he does is string cable. Anyone darker than a paper bag with an IQ above room temperature in a corporate setting is a ‘supermanager’. Gotta admit, though, it’s a mighty low bar to be the best black in any field of endeavor other than bassetball.


    Our Monkey Looter Koon day was a bit more modest this year. We usually exchange gifts and have a big holiday meal followed by singing traditional spirituals.

    Money is tight so we had KFC

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