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Not Letting black Bodies Steal From Drug Stores Is LITERAL MURDER

When will wypipo stop finding new ways to slaughter black bodies?

Members of Boston’s congressional delegation called on Walgreens on Friday to keep its drugstore on Warren Street open indefinitely, citing the “insurmountable, even deadly” impacts the planned closure of the store could have on its Roxbury customers.

Senators Edward J. Markey and Elizabeth Warren and Representative Ayanna Pressley made their demands in a letter to the drugstore giant’s CEO, Tim Wentworth.

“Walgreens claims that it is seeking to expand its efforts to provide health care,” the letter said. “The choice to close several Walgreens locations in neighborhoods that serve Black, brown, and low-income communities in Massachusetts, and across the United States … belies that goal and its stated commitment to serve the health of people across America.”

Holeee sheeeit! Walgreens is a White supremacist organization plotting to murder black and brown bodies! I am so thankful that Senators Markey and Warren and bald twit Rep. Ayanna Pressley are standing strong for Breadcrumb-Americans and their God-given right to loot Walgreens stores.

Roxbury, Massachusetts is indeed very “diverse”, 57% black, 27% mestizo and only 8% White. That may have shifted a bit recently as the mestizo share increased but the White percentage is still very low compared to the national average and Massachusetts as a whole.

According to the first article,

Residents say they depend on their neighborhood pharmacies for their medical needs, household items, and even last-minute groceries. They also see the closures as part of a series of changes and developments that have altered the fabric of their neighborhood, with new businesses replacing old, trusted ones. And what’s worse for residents — many feel there’s not much they can do about it.

Last-minute groceries? Huh, looking at Google maps there is a place called Warren Food Mart that is on the same block as the Walgreens. They are open 7 AM – 11 PM. I guess that should take care of the last-minute grocery issue. As for Walgreens, they replied to the demands to stay open with this:

Initially, Walgreens said in a statement in response to Globe inquiries about the closures that “it weighs a variety of factors when deciding to close a location, including “our existing footprint of stores, dynamics of the local market, and changes in the buying habits of our patients and customers.”

On Friday, the company said in a new statement that it appreciates the concerns raised by elected officials and community members, and is “committed to our patients in Roxbury and across Boston.” The pharmacy said it has waived one-to-two day home delivery fees and is working with customers to help them download the Walgreens app, “which includes many other convenient shopping and prescription filling options.”

The primary change in “the buying habits of our patients and customers” is that they have stopped buying and changed to stealing. The widescale, organized retail theft in urban areas is well documented not just in word but on video and the people doing the looting? Well they look a lot like the racial make-up of neighborhoods like Roxbury. Perhaps if black and brown folk weren’t robbing stores blind, you wouldn’t see store closures and “food deserts” in these neighborhoods. Walgreens has around 9,000 stores nationwide with over $2 billion in income. You don’t get that large by leaving open stores in shitty neighborhoods that lose money. Believe me, if Walgreens was making a nice profit from their Roxbury store, they would leave it open but it is pretty tough for a store to make money when merchandise is being stolen in bulk. No mention of that is found in the story but it isn’t a stretch to make the connection with the national trends and this particular store.

The bigger question I have. A White guy Charles Rudolph Walgreen started Walgreens more than 100 years ago. Since this store will soon be empty, why don’t some black people buy it and open their own pharmacy? It must be easy to make money with a pharmacy, right? If this is such a prime retail spot, a black owner with black employees should make money hand over fist. Hells bells, there are lots of small business loans only available to minorities and Liz Warren is worth at least $12 million and likely much more than that. Why doesn’t she use some of her ill-gotten wampum to help blacks buy the building and open their own pharmacy? I am sure that under black leadership it will be profitable as hell and she will get her investment back in no time.

Of course she won’t and everyone knows why. That location is a loser because of neighborhood demographics and the refusal of the legal system to prosecute shoplifters. What Warren and Markey are demanding is that Walgreens leave the store open so blacks can loot it at will. I suspect that what will happen is Walgreens will quietly make some cash contributions to local “community activists” as hush money and the issue will go away.

Ultimately if black and brown bodies would stop stealing everything not nailed down, they would have more and better shopping choices in their own neighborhoods.


  1. Squib

    Why is this activity-carried out from coast to coast- not considered racketeering? Subject to prosecution under the Rico Act? These people use phones to assist themselves in their coordinated attacks-FCC. A plan to commit a crime, even a misdemeanor, between people is a conspiracy. Interstate. FBI. Conspiracies are felonies. The proceeds of these crimes are taxable income. IRS.

    Seems like the FBI and the IRS could do something about this.

  2. mike

    “Markey and Elizabeth Warren and Representative Ayanna Pressley made their demands in a letter to the drugstore giant’s CEO, Tim Wentworth…..”

    “Demands”!!!!! They really are just that full of themselves. I don’t think there will be a compromise to keep the place open. Street thieves are never a party to the deals of politicians, and the pace of looting is only bound to increase as social conditions continue to deteriorate. If they elect to stay open, it will be looted again and again and it will eventually be abandoned after not being restocked. The negros can also take the T subway system over to other neighborhoods where there is still likely to be a drugstore open. They are masters at hopping over the turnstyles and not paying the modest subway fare, so it really is no inconvenience at all.

    • LGC

      and it’s not like they have a job, so they have plenty of time to get mail order drugs (oh, that pesky time preference) or go to another store and wait in line

  3. Xzebek

    The feral thieves like locusts, swarming crop fields, but they are doing it to retail establishments. They rampage and grab armloads of things in almost indiscriminate fashion. I don’t see too many of the vandals taking food staples or the medications that the politicians say they will die without. They are probably referring to type 2 diabetes medication.

  4. WDS

    As a former resident of Massholistan, I was wondering what “culturally enriched” area this would be.


    Oh, look at my (not) shocked face.

    • Hickocks Ghost

      Having also come from that corrupt festering pus hole, I will say the willfully ignorant, narcissistic white fuckwits that populate most of the state disgust me a lot more than the niggers. That’s not saying I have any less than total disgust with niggers, especially Pressley and Liawatha.

      • WDS

        I can’t stand Ayanna “Angry Egg” Pressley and I’ve often wondered why Fauxcahontas Warren never attempted to close down Plimoth plantation in Plymouth Ma. By 1990, I had had enough of Dukakis and noped outta there. I do miss going to Fenway in the summer for a night game.

  5. LGC

    You know, the concerned politicians should get together and get a state/city drug store going. I”m sure that will have excellent service and prices just like DMV. Should solve all the problems. And Keenesha can get a job.

    Of course the real white pills will be sold on the black market and it will be a vast sinkhole of money, but meh. Accelerate away

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    Gibsmedat is a human right comrade due to muh slabery. (/s)
    Locally a Communist Venereal Slime (CVS) had to close down after years of 24-7 operation across from the local Marxist CPUSA (D) EDU indoctrination center junior high and HS.
    There is another one a few miles to the west and it is good to go and laugh out loud at their higher than everyone else prices which I did with a gift card over the summer.
    Picked up some water and coffee and the clerk had to chip in 50 cents to cover it.
    Just back everyone by the imperial printing press and Mommygov and make everything a human right as we sing Imagine by John Lenin.
    Forward! Yes we can.

  7. SIze 23 Clown Shoes

    I agree Arthur, let a minority buyer or investors take over the store and give it a go. Or Massachusetts can just go full commie and have state-owned stores.

  8. Big Country Expat

    The People’s Socialist Republic of Taxachussetts! Ahhhh great memories of Roxbury and Murderpan (AKA Mattapan) and J.P…. Used to live on the edge of Jamaica Plain on Huntington when I was in College. Only reason I never got fucked with was because of my size… the Groids could sense that the Giant Wytteboi wasn’t worth fucking with…

    Of course it’s a absolute shithole. You got the current Gov and Future President (watch… I called it first) Lesbian Nonpareil Maura “Cunty-McCuntface” Healy who used to be the Attorney General of Massachusetts who set up all the freedumbs for the Gibs to run wild. I also graduated High School with that cunt, so the hatred is deeply personal to me (she was a soccer playing mean girl). Nothings changed, but watch… IF we survive 2024, she’ll be the next selected Prez after whatever happens this year…

    • Hickocks Ghost

      You forgot to mention the tyrannical gun laws she imposes by decree.You could not buy ammo by mail in Assholechussetts because she threatened to sue any ammo makers who did so. Only one that I know defied her.
      President my ass, if I can help it. Remember I said it here, she will implement a tax on people with spare rooms in their house, or waive it IF they take in a “poor migrant” family. In the mid 70’s we were driving through Roxbury on our way home from the airport. My buddy wanted to screw with me, so he screamed, NIGGER,NIGGER,NIGGER out the window as we cruised through. Good times.

      • Mike_C

        Hah! So my friend J told me about a guy she used to work with back in the 90’s. Scrawny little white dude with Tourette’s and a seizure disorder. He lived in Mattapan (just south of Roxbury, for you non-Massholes) and took the bus everywhere because he couldn’t drive. (The seizures thing.) The guy’s verbal tic was “nigger”. (This is not that weird, because Tourette’s sufferers sometimes have a tic saying something their brain considers bad, such as “fuck!” or “cunt!”. You get the idea.)

        So this poor little guy would ride the bus to and from work, through Roxbury, which was pretty damn black, muttering and occasionally barking “nigger!” He got beat up usually weekly. The irony was that he was a shitlib who claimed to love negroes. Anyway, he went to therapy. They couldn’t get rid of the Tourette’s (duh) but the therapist after about two years somehow converted his tic from “nigger!” to “nickel!”

        It’s such a stupid and improbable story that I believe it’s true.

    • mike

      McCuntface nearly had a breakdown on camera the other day whining about what to do about the invaders she claims to love and want more of. Seems they are all piled up on the floor at Logan Airport, and GirlGov has come up with the brilliant plan to move that batch to a sprawling state recreation facility off of MLK Boulevard in Roxbury. The homegrown savages are none too pleased. Judging by the local black resentment toward illegals in Chicongo and Nuevo Yorko, this is probably going to lead to some sportiness.

      • Mike_C

        “this is probably going to lead to some sportiness.”

        Is it cultural appropriation if I rub my hands in anticipation of the imminent Invaders vs Idiots festivities?

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