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Nice Shootin’ Tex

While there were at least 3 mass shootings to ring in the New Year on New Year’s Eve, one caught my eye. It took place in Charlotte, North Carolina and unlike many mass shootings a suspect was arrested right away.

A 19-year-old man was arrested and charged in connection with a mass shooting that injured five people at Romare Bearden Park on New Year’s Eve in Uptown Charlotte.

Multiple officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department responded to Romare Bearden Park in Uptown around 11:30 p.m. as thousands of families were packed into the area, CMPD said.

Daevion Crawford fired a gun into a crowd of people, striking five individuals, CMPD said. He was taken into custody at the scene.

Dis be Daevion….

So what? Just another punk ass scholarly yoof, five people injured, none fatally. I have read about hundreds of shootings just like that in the last year and they are so common as to not be noteworthy. Most include a mugshot like the one above of a young black man with a vacant expression and dead eyes.

So why bring up this one? Look at the additional details from the story, emphasis mine:

At least two of the victims were visiting from out of the country, sources told Channel 9. One was shot in the leg and was in surgery Monday. All five were shot below the knee.

The other victim was shot in the foot.

Five people shot below the knee.

When I laughed out loud and read that to my wife, her thought was that he was trying to avoid killing anyone but then I showed her what almost certainly happened. When you see blacks shooting, more often than not they are holding the pistol nearly above their head so they are shooting downward. Unlike pretty much anyone that has had any experience shooting a pistol, they typically have the gun at a goofy angle and almost never are in anything resembling a pistol shooting stance.

As further evidence, look at this graphic from Hey Jackass!

Of the over 3000 people shot in Chicago in 2023 (3000 or one every 2 hrs and 51 min!), around 1/3 of them were shot in the lower body. Not surprisingly very few of those were fatal but many were amusing, as Hey Jackass! also tracks with the Shot-in-the-Ass-O-Meter (126 ass shootings) and the Shot-in-the-Junk-O-Meter (49 shootings in the franks and beans).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, teaching urban yoofs how to shoot properly would cut way down on the wounded scholars clogging up Stroger and other Chicago area hospitals.

Congratulations to Daevion Crawford for being an exceptional example of black marksmanship.


  1. Greg

    It occurs to me that there is one good side to all the gunshot mayhem. It’s pretty good training for combat surgeons. Does the military send interns to Chicongo for their ER rotations?

  2. Mike_C

    What’s with Daevion’s nose? Looks like he has two noses, vertically stacked. Puts me in mind of some StarTrek alien.

    In Chicago a man is shot “every 2 hrs and 51 min.” And he’s getting pretty sick of being shot, damnit! (#tishboom))

    • TakeAHardLook

      That would be the extra gray matter herniating out of the frontal lobes, so blessed with intelligence is this ‘Glet.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Read about lifetime CPUSA (D) voters the replacements going door to door to solicit for food and money in the glorious CPUSA (D) utopia New York state.
    Comrade commissar Abbot (WEF) of Texas sent some more to busloads of Denverstan and a poor downtrodden councilwoman lamented the state of no winter gear.
    What if he is just spreading them around for the Klaus borg hive?
    Tyrone and Rastus Gibbs are not happy about the competition for the gibsmedat cracka coming from the replacements and I loves me some popcorn.

  4. Harbinger

    Limbs present nowhere near the total target area that center of mass does, and they tend to be set in motion rather quickly when bullets begin to fly. So it makes me wonder how many shots Dinduvion had to fire in order to hit 5 individuals, all below the knee. If he managed that with a single clip, my hat is off to the homeboy, for that is either improbably lucky or some truly fine shootin’.

    Presumably the donut boys are busy searching high and low for a motive among the spent casings, but my guess is that we’ll never know just what set off the trigga-nigga.

  5. Coelacanth

    Used to teach Temple Dental a very long time ago. Military surgeons and trauma docs would rotate through the hospital pretty regularly. The head of oral surgery was a personal friend. 4 services – ENT, Neuro, Plastics, and oral surgery were handling head and neck injuries. Oral surgery alone was dealing with 3-4 cases of baseball bat to the face a week. Locals had ditched tradition and switched to aluminum bats. If you hit someone hard enough with a wooden bat, the thing breaks and you have to buy a new one…

  6. MN Steel

    Below the knee is too low. One must drop to a knee with the sling tight around the left arm (don’t forget the outward twist so it lays flat across the back of your hand) and like in Rorke’s Drift lay waste to the charging Zulu at MuhDick level until it goes *ping* and then reload.

    Bonus points for tracers if past 60 yards, and black tops at any distance. Not an individual task, overwatch applies.

  7. SirLawrence

    I’m not going to even give credit for even poor aim. Id reckon most of the lower limb injuries are ricochets off the ground, cars, 40’s of steel magnum etc.

    Some injured may even share bullet fragments. A great many are “treated and released”.

    Pistol shooting at any kind of range is tough. Seems to me you are more likely to miss altogether than to miss low but manage to still hit a limb without a little help from the ground or other object.

    But then the laws of niggerballistics are subject to wakandian drift.

    Which is when the magic of one negro collides with another negro and the laws of white mans universe pull apart leaving all kinds of room for silliness.

    The crime lab guys call this the Sowell-Jackson paradox, after the scene in pulp fiction when Samuel L gets sprayed at close range but all miss, leaving a silhouette of holes in the wall behind.

    The instinct is to get all smart like Sowell, talking white mans trigenometry, when you should really just sit back and marvel at the power of the magic negroes to not just survive childhood but occasionally get rich and famous and even parrot white mans common sense that by nature of being said by a black become powerful internet memes.

  8. WDS

    I’ve been to many concerts and other events in Charlotte in past years and now avoid it as much as possible.
    At least NC offers reciprocity if I absolutely have to visit.

  9. Lineman

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, teaching urban yoofs how to shoot properly would cut way down on the wounded scholars clogging up Stroger and other Chicago area hospitals.

    Maybe we should start selling them flamethrowers that way the spray and pray method might net them a few more kills…

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