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Matt Gaetz: NormieCon Moron

On Faceberg I follow a few normiecon news outlets like Breitbart and Newsmax. I used to follow One America News Network but following the Hamas attacks in Israel it became 24-7 Isreali propaganda so I stopped. Newsmax is just about as bad, earning it my nickname of Jewsmax. Sometimes they have interesting stories of interest to me and I will copy the link and run it through an archive site before reading it.

Anyway the other day I saw something while scrolling through my feed from goofball Matt Gaetz on Newsmax. Some other news outlets also picked it up and American Renaissance pointed it out…

From the Mediaite article:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Newsmax host Carl Higbie on Wednesday that “for every Karen we lose, there’s a Julio and a Jamal ready to sign up for the MAGA movement” in 2024.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s Carl Higbie Frontline, Gaetz said:

There is a relentlessness and a persistence in the Trump campaign that I think really emerges out of the candidate himself. In Iowa, this victory was so huge, and really it was a testament to the resiliency of the Trump voter because you had the worst conditions possible, historically challenging weather and ice, and these folks came out and voted overwhelmingly for the president. I met with a lot of those folks.

He continued, “This is the blue collar realignment of the Republican Party and what I can tell you is for every Karen we lose, there’s a Julio and a Jamal ready to sign up for the MAGA movement, and that bodes well for our ability to be more diverse and to be more durable as we head into not only the rest of the primary contest, but also the general election.”

Higbie responded, “Well also, you know, when Trump was president, it was better for all people, not just people of certain races.”

“Yeah,” replied Gaetz.

“Karen” is a controversial slur used to describe suburban White women who are perceived to be entitled and rude, while “Julio” and “Jamal” are stereotypical names for Hispanic and African-American men respectively.

The plan is to “make America great again” by tossing Whites aside and pretending they can replace them with black and mestizo voters. That is just fucking genius. It is also what we have been hearing from Republicans for decades, lots of chatter about how blacks and mestizos are “natural conservatives” despite the absolute lack of any evidence that is true.

It is absolutely true that Trump didn’t do as well with White women (“Karens”) as he did with White men in 2020….

Source: NY TImes exit polls

There is a 6% gap between White men and White women, with that 6% voting for Biden over Trump. Still, a majority of White women voted for Trump (55%) while only 19% of black men (“Jamals”) and 36% of mestizo men (“Julios”) for him. It sure looks like there is a lot of room to increase those percentages, which I assume is what Gaetz is talking about but look at something else. White women are 32% of the voting population, just shy on 1/3 of those polled while “Jamals” were only 4% and “Julios” were just 5%.

I am not a political strategist or a mathematician but it seems to me that moving the needle 1% in the group that makes up 32% of voters makes more sense than moving it 1% for the two groups that combined only total 9%. Maybe that is just my racism showing or something.

Not to mention that it would be far easier to appeal to the White female vote. What does Trump offer black and mestizo men? Not much but if there is anything that drives female voters it is security. The Trump campaign should hammer ads in suburban areas with images of children being trafficked at the southern border, statistics about fentanyl overdoses thanks to drugs flowing over the border and of course the rampant violent crime in our cities. It should be an easy sell, do White women want crime and drug overdoses or law and order?

Republicans have been terrified of running on violent crime since the Willie Horton ads but here is the thing: the Willie Horton ads worked because they were true. Horton was a black criminal furloughed under Massachusetts governor Mike Dukakis despite being a violent animal who was serving life without parole for stabbing a 17 year old gas station clerk to death and therefore had nothing to lose while on his little vacation. While Horton was out he raped a woman in Maryland twice, while “pistol-whipping, stabbing, binding, and gagging her fiancé”. A judge in Maryland refused to send him back to Mass., instead having him serve his term in Maryland as he was concerned that Massachusetts would let him out to play again. The rest is history. The ads worked and helped to paint Dukakis (along with that stunt in the tank) as weak, leading to a crushing defeat at the hands of George H.W. Bush, with Bush winning 426 votes in the electoral college to 111 for Dukakis, including Bush winning California, the last time a Republican would win that state.

Willie Horton is still relevant today as a 72 year old inmate. The furlough program that Dukakis oversaw that gave Horton ten chances, as a man convicted of a brutal murder and given life without parole, to wander around before he eventually raped a woman and mutilated a man, is the prototype for the “justice” movement today that sees black men imprisoned for violent crimes as a greater problem than those black men committing violent crimes. You see, the problem is not that black men commit too many violent crimes but rather that we lock up too many black men.

I know that this is mostly a theoretical exercise as the “election” outcome is largely outside of the will of the voters but it does expose the thread of suicidal stupidity that dominates Republican politics. Alienating the 1/3 of the voting population that would be far more likely to vote your way in favor of chasing after the elusive black and mestizo vote is asinine. More broadly, even “conservatives” like Matt Gaetz seem to prefer pining for non-White voters to acknowledging that the White voters that actually show up to vote for them have our own racial self-interests, just like every other racial group.

It isn’t news that the GOP is worse than useless, that most “conservatives” are more or less openly anti-White and that White people have almost no political representation in our own country. Nor is it news that most “conservatives” in Congress like Gaetz and Lauren “Hand-Job” Boebert are clowns and idiots. It is far too late for Whites to seek a political solution when we don’t have a single elected representative that will openly advocate for our interests and the only party that doesn’t openly hate us kicked out the one Congressman that was mildly pro-White (Steve King).

Matt Gaetz is a fool but he is far from alone in a party full of villains, fools and scoundrels.


  1. Don Curton

    1 – I know a few minorities (Jamals and Julios) that have told me Obama’s first term was the one and only time they ever voted. Minorities don’t vote, and the few that do are reliably blue. Chasing that vote is worthless.

    2 – Dukakis!!!! LOL I haven’t thought about that loser in forever. My first presidential election to vote was Reagan vs Mondale and at least Mondale had experience. When Dukakis ran I remember thinking that the dems couldn’t find a worse candidate if they tried. Obviously Biden proven me wrong, but damn was Dukakis a dud.

  2. Passin By

    Right now every damn one of them should be running with PoC on White Violent crime, cause it’s a free for all on Whitey.
    Especially Younger White girls. Some of the stories AND Arredts are just beyond disgusting.
    Had any of them been my daughter..I’d be dead or in prison.


    I do get a great deal of pleasure watching the Republicucks flail like a bunch of wounded ducks on a frozen pond.

    If they were beholden to the people who actually put them there we’d still be in relatively good shape. If nothing else, Orange Man proved and continues to prove what a bunch of sorry sacks of worthless shit they are.

    When people, even fambly tells me how we gotta vote harder and other such silly shit I laugh heartily. I wouldn’t expect them to understand even in the slightest how they are being played.

    Good luck in your elections, RINOs, me thinks you’re gonna get your asses handed to ya.

    • Besr in Indy

      Me thinks, you, sir are right. Republicucks definitely captures the spirit of your post.
      Speaker Johnson, who just caved to the Democommunist, is the poster child for the Repl-im-a-cuck party.
      Bear in Indy

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    Who? One of the Grand Old Politburo Washington General kabuki actors who go and hang with CPUSA (D) comrades and enjoy Kobe steaks and Dom Pérignon like they just completed a wildly entertaining kayfabe?
    There is no opposition party and did you hear about Turkey Neck McConnell onboard for an amnesty and citizenship for the replacements just to stop legendary and hated/loved carney barker Emmanuel Trumpstein?

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    Comrade Vladimir Lenin

  5. Harbinger

    I’ve said it a thousand times – whoever wins the “rape” issue wins all the marbles, when it comes to White women.

    Rape is the ultimate sin to White women, easily eclipsing murder, infanticide, non-sexual physical assault, fraud, theft, and all other criminal activities. They would rather be killed than raped, especially by a terrifying, coal-black devil. Show them the FACTS about rape, the actual statistics that show WHO is raping them, and they will fall into line like the clueless, petrified, herd-minded sheep that they are. Any GOP candidate willing to put it all out there, a la the Willie Horton campaign, will pull every White woman voter in their district into their camp without even trying.

    Tell it like it is, and they will beat a path to your door, if they believe that you offer them a safer alternative.

  6. saoirse

    As the electorate (including most Whites) continues to devolve into different textures of shit the politicos that helped enable that devolution must find more primitive and crass ways to court their votes. It’s all a race to the bottom. Stay away from that toilet bowl lest you be sucked in with the sewage and remember, all that shit is going to back-up first, big time, in the cities! Don’t be there.

  7. Bobsuruncle

    Gaetz is a clown. Im in his district, ive tried contacting his office about Veteran’s issues numerous times by phone and email even tried his chief of staff’s personnel phone number. Nothing! No replies, no offers to meet his military liaison. Hes in it for the power, he was handed that seat because of his family. Hes a complete ass-clown, joke down here. His predecessor was pretty decent.

    Day two of my trek through the Carolinas, 11.9% my ass. Didnt see one white person at the hotel, gas stations etc…

  8. Mike_C

    In cheerful, or at least amusing Republitard political news, Ron DeSantis has dropped out. Poor Ron. Apparently making obeisance* to The Best People wasn’t enough.

    *making obeisance is the polite way of saying “flying to Israel to suck Jewish cock in public.”

  9. realwesterner

    I too call newsmax “JewsMax”, which inspired the lyrics sung to the theme from Blues Clues:
    Turn on the news and there’s your first jew.
    Who’s news? Jews news.
    See the reporter in the field and there’s your second jew,
    Who’s news? Jews news…
    and so on from there. haven’t worked in underground tunnels below the sin-a-gog for the “thinking chair” part of the song…kinda lost interest.
    Rev 2:9.

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