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Like Brigham Young But A Better Dancer

Thanks to a reader for this delightful story….

NYC musician throws joint baby shower for all five women he got pregnant

New York City musician, Zeddy Will, 22, recently hosted a joint baby shower for his five pregnant baby mommas, one of his partners Lizzy Ashliegh claimed on TikTok.

Ashleigh, 29, revealed the startling achievement by showing off the party invitations, which showed the shower being hosted in Queens on Jan. 14.

The moms-to-be and Will posed for a joint photo on the invitation, which said: “Welcome little Zeddy Wills 1-5.”

“I guess we’re Sister Wives now,” Ashleigh captioned the video, referring to the popular TLC show that follows the lives of a polygamist family.

The obvious difference is that “Zeddy Will” isn’t married to any of them.

That is gross on all sorts of levels and it is a safe bet that all five of these women will a) be raising their little niglet alone and b) getting ample government assistance while their “musician” baby daddy moves on to other skanky whores that will also get knocked up with his low IQ genetic material.

Watch for all of these kids to be featured in a mugshot in the next 10-12 years.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    5 disgusting slags, and a walking, talking (well, kind of) piece of shit right there. Man, we really need a collapse and malthusian die off to clear out all the human garbage.

    • Tanfj

      Finally photographic evidence of the legendary Nigger With a Work Ethic…

      Given how hormonal the average pregnant woman is; how smooth a talker *IS* this shaved ape to get them all in a room without fighting?

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Muh genitals uber alles in the FUSA.
    Your genitals? Wow, what an accomplishment.
    Maybe Zeddy could be preezy of the steezy one day with Stacy Abrams.
    Stacy Adams Shoe Company could make a commemorative “historic” line.
    Look up Mountain Meadows Massacre where 120 pioneers were killed with some help from Indians.
    Who else would fall for carpetbagger Mittens.

    • Squib

      Since you brought up MMM! At the time, Utah Territory was pretty much run by the Church. They WERE the government. The Baker-Fancher Wagon Company had been attacked and suffered losses. The Church (government) told the wagon company if they surrendered their firearms, they would be allowed safe passage. The Wagon Company surrendered their guns, and the government massacred them. Never give up your guns. Never. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

  3. Exile1981

    Is it me or does all of the women look very masculine .. the one behind him looks simian, one on the far left looks like Dors the ugly step sister from shrek.

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