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Just For Laughs

In my post Embrace This I referred to a new Netflix film Leave The World Behind and one specific scene from the film….

The scene shows a black chick telling what I assume is her dad that in a disaster, black people ought to watch out for White folks. Have you ever met a young black woman that would say “If the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily to anyone, especially white people.”? Does that sound like a sentence any black person would form, especially in a casual conversation? Of course not.

The film is written and directed by Sam Esmail, the son of Egyptian immigrants, and while he is allegedly Muslim, Wikipedia notes that he married his wife Emmy Rossum “at a Reform synagogue in New York City.”. The other writer is Rumaan Alam, the author of the novel the film is based on and you will be shocked to discover that he is a faggot and of course: “He and his partner adopted two boys.”. Of course they did, and I am sure those two boys will grow up to be perfectly normal. Who knows more about how White people would respond in a disaster than an Egyptian guy married to a Jewish chick or an Indian faggot who is “married” to another dude? It isn’t like White people run off to help whenever a disaster strikes non-Whites and non-Whites never lend aid to Whites when the situation is reversed.

I decided to download the ebook version of Leave The World Behind and give it a read. How bad could it be?

Bad. Really bad. I am talking an awful book. The only redeeming quality is that it is written for juveniles so it only took two days of casual reading to finish it. It ends abruptly like the author didn’t know where he was going with the story but he had reached the minimum number of words he was required to submit so he just stopped.

Here is my Goodreads review:

Well that was just terrible. A meandering, pretentious, boring mess. I guess he was going for a slow, tense build-up but it mostly was a tedious slog to the end of a story about people that I utterly didn’t care about with an unexplained event that likewise I didn’t care about, interspersed with the occasional obligatory insertion of some woke bullet-point. Perhaps the worst was the grotesque and jarring depictions of creepy commentary about the sexuality of the young teens. Yikes, the author has some major issues that I wish he would have worked out with a therapist instead of in the pages of this novel. I can only assume the popularity of this book is based on the intersectional oppression points of the author rather than the book itself.

The author Rumaan Alam is a faggot and looks pretty obviously like a degenerate….

That is the kind of look that makes you assume he is fantasizing about prepubescent boys. He does that in the book, describing the teenaged boy character’s nipples and then a lengthy passage about the boy touching himself. Not to be left out, he also made sure to mention the noticeable pubic mound on the barely adolescent teenaged girl character and added in classy language like this:

His penis jerked itself toward the sun, a yoga salutation, bouncing, then stiff at the house’s allure. Marble countertops and a Miele washer and Clay had a full erection, his dick hovering over his belly like the searching needle in a compass.

Rumaan Alam. Leave the World Behind (Kindle Locations 227-229). Ecco. Kindle Edition.

There is more but I won’t inflict it on you. No wonder Barack Obama and his husband loved the book. Infantile, sexually degenerate writing at about a 5th grade reading level is right in Barry’s wheelhouse.

That is the thing about faggots. They can’t help themselves, they demand everyone share in their degeneracy. I am not a prude, although most sex scenes in novels come across like they were written by 13 year old boys. But the stuff in this book was grotesque, written not to add spice to the book but to shock and disturb.

Something else I found interesting. The book was released in October of 2020. By October of 2023 it was being screened at a film festival. The film adaptation features Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawk and Kevin Bacon plus some black guy named Mahershala Ali and a black chick that just goes by Myha’la. That is some significant star power. It takes years from the time that a project is greenlit until it is complete but this book? It was three years from the publication of the book to the release of the film featuring some A-list Hollywood actors. That is awfully quick and that makes me suspect that there were some big names pushing for the film as soon as the book was released, and I suspect that a film that portrays Whites in a bad light based on a book written by an Indian fag was something that was destined to be made into a film regardless of the quality of the book or the resulting movie.

This is why I urge people to simply refuse to pay into the coffers of Hollywood and the broader entertainment industry. Every superhero movie that makes hundreds of millions is subsidizing degenerate anti-White crap like this. The same with the publishing industry, sportsball and TV. Don’t pay people to crap on you, your family and your ancestors.


  1. foot in the forest

    From the short part alone, I feel sorry for you. It was self-inflicted. You are correct in your assessment that a lack of moral character shines brightly forth in this book.

  2. Mike_C

    “Turgid” prose!
    Did Clay have an erection BECAUSE of the Miele washer? I don’t have a Miele dishwasher so I don’t know if they’re sexy. (I have I think a GE that came with the house, but we never use it.) I DO possess a Miele vacuum and (waaaaait for it), it truly DOES suck rilly good, but I’m not aroused by it, nor by the Bosch laundry set.

    Do I suffer from subconscious anti-Germanism? Appliance-o-phobia? I denounce myself!

    • Big Ruckus D

      I’ll recommend Invasion USA. Which, incidentally, has the second best mall action scene in a movie after The Blues Brothers. Favorite Chuck Norris line in this one: “You come in here again, and I’ll hit you with so many rights, you’ll beg for a left”. There’s not a more perfect encapsulation of the 80’s action bolstered by wonton violence to be found in cinematic form.

  3. Reader

    Man. Thanks for diving on that grenade for us. Go read Kurt Schlichter’s “The Attack”. It’s not fun but does give you lots to think about regarding as many situations as chapters.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    It is predictive programming from Barry and Big Mike about how the 2024 (s)election will be suspended after EMP?
    I did like Kevin Bacon as preps man in sweat stained Dallas Cowboys hat.
    You could tell right away Julia Roberts is the racist, her hubby the suburban soy bugman who can’t live without muh cellphone.
    Even family who just love them some Buu-rack said it was boring and tuned out.
    The deer standing around everywhere was kind of cool and no way preps man Bacon would be living that close to the city.

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