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It’s Not Just Blaque Wahmen Dokters

We all had a chuckle at the expense of black chicks declaring that it wasn’t their fault dey is fat in Why We Make Them Fat? but they are not alone. Introducing Dr. Nicole J. Van Groningen, MD.

She probably was kinda hot when she was younger but now at 37 has a definite crazy look in her eyes, suggesting a potential ex-girlfriend stalker who would set your house on fire while you slept. Dr. Van Groningen practices in general internal medicine at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A., generally considered one of the finest hospitals in the world.

I am not sure how much actual medicine she practices as she appears to spend most of her time giving interviews and jabbering on social media. For example:

TikTok Doctor Says “It’s Okay to Be Fat” and Obesity Should be “Normalized”

A doctor at Cedars-Sinai posted a TikTok video saying “it is okay to be fat,” and that being fat “needs to be normalized,” despite obesity-related diseases being the biggest killer in America.

Yes, really.

“Here’s my hot take as a doctor, I totally agree, it is okay to be fat, we don’t say that enough, but it needs to be normalized,” remarked Dr. Nicole Vangroningen.

Vangroningen went on to claim that being fat is “typically not a problem that requires immediate solving.”

Presumably, it only needs “solving” once an obese person has developed numerous fat-related diseases that greatly increase their risk of dying.

Perhaps even more ludicrously, the doctor said “it is okay to not be healthy,” suggesting that people who suggest otherwise are engaging in “healthism,” adding “a good doctor will not judge you for being fat, they will not judge you for being unhealthy.”

There is a lot we still don’t know about the human body and medicine is a work in progress. Despite the enormous advances people still get sick and of course everyone dies. The Covid scamdemic proved that the medical community is quite fallible. One thing we can be reasonably sure about? Being fat and out of shape is terrible for your health, both in terms of your life expectancy as obesity related factors are the most common causes of death but also your quality of life. Being out of shape is unpleasant, far more so than the mild discomfort of getting in some regular exercise.

Despite this, here comes Dr. Nicole J. Van Groningen declaring that concern with being healthy is “healthism” and that a “good doctor” won’t point out that your lifestyle is literally killing you. I guess a “good doctor” won’t mention that smoking is bad for you or that drinking a gallon of vodka for dinner might not be a good idea.

We see a lot of this especially since Covid, not the fat stuff specifically, but the sudden rise of women in health care who feel the need to go on social media (especially TikTok) to offer moronic opinions or twerk in the hallway of a hospital in scrubs. For some it seemed that working in the medical field gave them an inflated sense of their qualifications to speak on unrelated topics and an inflated sense of self-importance. It kind of reminds me of actresses who are not content to be famous actors.

I am pretty old school about medicine. My father is in his late 80s so he hasn’t practiced medicine in a long time but certainly would never have been offering up his unsolicited opinions, especially to tell people that being fat was just fine. Of course he also went to medical school at Ohio State in a day when they had pigeon hunting on campus with students wandering around with shotguns shooting birds. I am not saying doctors shouldn’t have opinions or that they shouldn’t share them but how can someone who has been practicing medicine for any length of time say that being obese is fine when everyone knows that it is in fact not fine. You might notice that the lady doctor in question seems fairly trim, I wonder if she watches what she eats and hits the gym?

This isn’t her first public declaration of that sort. She was in a different video a few months ago where she declared some things she would never do like get up early to workout. She still works out, just later in the day. That is nice if you don’t have anything else to do. In the same video she declared she would never blame people for their health problems:

Van Groningen also shared that she’d “never blame people for their health status.”

“I think people who do are trying to cling to a sense of control and say ‘that person is sick because they did X, Y and Z things,'” she said.

The doctor explained in the clip: “The reality is s*** happens and even the healthiest people get sick, it is no fault of their own.”

With regards to those who do engage in activities that are considered risk factors for certain diseases, such as smoking, the doctor said: “No one deserves to get a horrible illness, no one deserves that.”

Even if you smoke or eat to excess, it isn’t your fault but at least she didn’t blame Trump. The good doctor comes from the “shit happens” school of medicine where preventive lifestyle choices just don’t matter.

While there are plenty of good lady doctors, there seem to be an increasing number that see medicine as just another way to get social media clout. Telling people to exercise, not smoke and watch what they eat is boring but telling fat women that it is just fine to be fat is a great way to get upvotes on social media. What she is telling people strays over the line into malpractice but of course no one will ever call her out on it.

It is true that shit happens. The healthiest eaters, most dedicated exercisers, still get sick and still die. Genetics play a huge role in your quality of life and your health outcomes. That doesn’t mean that people have no agency in their own health and it sure doesn’t mean ignoring the simple and basic steps people can take to improve their health and quality of life, like exercise and watching their weight. You can be obsessive about it and that isn’t good but look around at America. Do you think Americans are obsessing about being fit?

As is the case in most of America, medical schools are churning out narcissistic women doctors who are obsessed with social media clout at the expense of adhering to the principle of “First, do no harm”.

Don’t let some bimbo on TikTok convince you that being fat doesn’t matter.


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    We live in an increasingly ideologically manichaein world in which all things are divided into absolute good or absolute evil “ism”s (e.g. feminism vs racism). We need a term for this process!

    Manichaeinization? Ismizing?

    Watch! When everything starts really falling apart and people get sick of slouching toward South Africa, we’ll start to hear that competencism is part of white supremecy.

    • old geezer

      it seems to me many peepul are being rewarded to lie

      the bigger lie the better

      the culture itself is going psychopathic and peepul like this md are obviously enjoying the ride

    • Anon

      A work ethic and timeliness is already White Privilege.
      Can’t post the image here but look up “Whiteness Smithsonian Poster” that was made a couple of years ago. “Planning for the Future” and “Delayed Gratification” is also White Privilege, among many other things.
      Hell, there has even been articles on Math being racist and I think Arthur had posted about them before. We are already so far down that road. There’s no “Kill De Boer” specifically but endless talk about hating, raping and killing Whites on nog parts of twitter (or at least were pre-Elon but I doubt there has been a major crackdown). Also, so many nonWhites including “Fellow Whites” in institutions talking about eliminating Whites/“Whiteness” aka Whites.

  2. Harbinger

    I can’t help but notice that the good Dr. Nicole J. Van Groningen is not, herself, obese. And as a newly-minted member of the Post-Wall Future Cat Ladies club of America, having aged out of the hot track at 37 and counting, you can bet that she has a personal agenda as well. The more women in her cohort that she encourages to pound Oreos and Godiva bars, the less competition she will have for the rapidly dwindling number of single males in the desperate game of mating musical chairs.

    I wouldn’t trust any doctor who didn’t warn me to watch my weight and go lightly on the bourbon and cigars.

  3. Greg

    It’s called MORBID obesity for a reason.
    As an aunt of mine (career surgical nurse) used to say: “It’s called the practice of the art of medicine. It’s an art, not a science, and they’re still practicing.” Another nurse I worked with always said “Stay away from doctors, they make you sick.” Not only was she a nurse; her father was a surgeon.
    In our grandparents day, the doctor’s word was the word of GOD. If he said you needed surgery, the only acceptable response was “When will be convenient for you?” That era ended long ago. If you don’t ask for second opinions now, you’re the idiot. Any doctor worth their credentials will welcome second opinions. If he’s correct, it will corroborate. If he’s wrong, it may save him an expensive lawsuit.

  4. Brother John

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the look they get after 20 years of chasing their careers finds them barren, bitter, and alone.

  5. TakeAHardLook

    The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) created a simple categorization of a patient’s physiological status that can help predict operative risk. Operative Risk. No small matter!

    Look at what conditions the ASA compares the obese with:

    ASA 3: A patient with a severe systemic disease that is not life-threatening. Example: Patient with some functional limitation due to disease (e.g., poorly treated hypertension or diabetes, morbid obesity, chronic renal failure, a bronchospastic disease with intermittent exacerbation, stable angina, implanted pacemaker).

    IMO (as an MD also), Dr. Van Groningen is a farce, a malpractitioner and has clearly left the Path of Wisdom (if she was ever on the Path to begin with).

    At best she should be mocked and shunned. Sadly, most people without medical education/common sense won’t be aware of her stupidity. But, (again, IMO) the obese are often looking for any justification of their obesity–no matter the source.

    • TakeAHardLook

      And, she’s got that “kray kray” crazy eyes look about her; quite disturbing/off-putting.

      Best to be avoided at all costs.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    Lots of info on the good “doctor”. I’m an LA girl, and I can tell you she needs to drop the beach-over-processed-bleach do and get herself to a hairdresser. The no make up, wild and willing blonde was your 20’s honey. Time to grow up and get some real style. And for God’s sake, see a dermatologist-you’ve got rosacea!
    Her LinkedIN profile:
    I’m an academic hospitalist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. I graduated with an MD from the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, completed my residency training in Internal Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center, and additionally completed an academic hospital medicine fellowship at UCSF.

    In my current role at Cedars-Sinai, I serve on both the inpatient service and in our resident-run primary care clinic. I also work on the physician informatics team, helping to improve the digital health tools that support clinical care across the medical center.

    Okay-the newest trend-not a REAL doctor. Couldn’t help a heart attack victim nor is she qualified to administer a flu shot. Here is the Cedars website for her “publications” and thoughts:

    My mother was a nurse at the old Cedars of Lebanon in downtown LA, and when Mt. Sinai hospital was closed, they became Cedars-Sinai. Everyone in LA was gobsmacked over the entire thing. Eventually, the Arabs tried bombing the front entrance and then was when the no parking signs went up along with the crash pillars-but that’s another story. I have volunteered at CS with my cocker spaniels as a visiting per therapist, perused their medical library during my mom’s many hospital stays, and feel qualified to say that CS is a super serious teaching hospital. 90% of the doctors there are superb in their knowledge. Yet again, the “WOKENESS” is creeping in and destroying what. was once a great hospital. Nurses are very much “No Bullshit”-or used to be. My mother would have enjoyed toying with this woman like a cat with a mouse.

  7. D

    Everyone lies now. The media lied about antifa, blm, J6rs, Trump losing…etc. medical experts have lied for awhile now too. Covid, men being women, men getting pregnant, fuck, even Google says men can get pregnant. This is why I and so many others trust this blog and others; we don’t get the truth anywhere else. If you say that majority of violence comes from blacks…that is the truth…it is not racist. I witnessed a nigger jump across a judges bench to beat her. That is not a racist comment. That is the truth. But you are not allowed to speak the truth now. Speaking truth is racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamaphobic, on an on an on. Fuck them. Truth isn’t judgemental. It is just the truth. So…we are in this by ourselves at this point. I remember when I was a kid, the media was so much more objective. But the fbi, cia and political operators have infiltrated it to the point it is just propaganda now. So you can’t believe a word out of it. But that’s ok. We are at 250yrs old as a country, and that appears to be the end of all empires due to corruption of government. I am sure the colonists and the soldiers of the Civil War all thought basically the same thing: “I can’t believe what I am seeing” and, “I can’t believe what I’m gonna have to do”. Yet, time marched onward. Well…here it appears to be yet again. What a sad thing it is to say, that I have much more faith in the words coming from Putin, than the fake fuck in the Whitehouse. But here we all are. Sorry to be so long winded. But I am tired of all this shit. And, Art, thank you for your blog, your sanity, and honesty. You, and the other Patriot bloggers remind me of the phrase, “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King”. And blind, this Country truly has become.

  8. Arete

    I have noticed for years that female employees in medical settings seem disproportionately overweight, although the ‘disproportion’ may be disappearing as the general population continues to fatten.

    • Anonymous

      We went shopping for scrubs for my wife, a nurse, early in the Covid era, as she was pulling lots of doubles and needed two changes per day. Plenty of pretty purple scrubs out to size 6XL (yikes!). None in her size (Medium).

  9. Ghettomedic

    Late to put this one out. Look up the EMT that was recently killed in Mobile, Alabama and the George County Sheriff’s deputy that was murdered the following week. Check WLOX-13 news for the articles. It’s horrible, both are. The EMT story will have you saying our system is broken.

  10. Passin on by

    2min search.

    Look at her “Education” hahaha.
    LEFfffff Tist! Card carrying.

    Assistant Professor of Medicine and Hospitalist at @CedarsSinai. Freelance writer. Tweets on health, wellness, advocacy, and inclusion.

    Note the above choice of words from her twat page.

    “The hesitancy on the part of parents is nothing new. Only 33% of children between age 5 and age 11 have gotten vaccinated, and they’ve been eligible since November.

    But health experts and doctors have been saying the vaccines for children will be safe for months.

    “I would put a lot of trust in the FDA’s seal of approval,” Dr. Nicole J. Van Groningen of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center told NBC4 at the end of May. “The FDA looks at trials in kids very rigorously.”

    If she had children that age, she said, she would have no issue getting them vaccinated.”

    And we got us a Jabster Cultist.

    More skilled keyboarders i bet can fimd better.

    My money says, Mudshark. She’s at least gone swimin. I could be wrong.
    But I’ll throw $10 to that gamble.

  11. Otis D.

    as a “hospitalist” not a real Dr, her job is to drum up more and repeat customers,not ‘heal’.

    just like politiks doesn’t solve problems, they create them in order to siphon more blood.

    until the parasite kills the host.

  12. Matt

    About 25 years ago I had this old Korean doc. Nice guy but old school. I went in for my annual physical and he says straight up “you fat. You need to lose weight”. I was fat about 50 lbs over weight, blood pressure high, smoked and I’m soft. All I did was work, eat, sleep. Quit my part time job, started going to the gym and changed my diet. Quit smoking after about a year. Guy saved my life probably. Took awhile to figure out how to lift weights properly. Took awhile to drop the weight and keep it off. Took awhile to figure out how to eat right. All of it was a learning curve but it was worth it.

  13. Pdx R13

    Fat, what happens when too many calories are ingested that cannot be burned by activity. Betcha there is some connection to storing toxicities and that industrial veg oils are toxic over long periods, when they make up more than a tiny percent of all calories (like 1% okay, 50% superbad). Betcha modern industrial chemicals and mining contamination of air and water are contributors. Pre-WWI era babies seemed to be very healthy and lived long hard working lives without medical intervention except breakage and end-of-life “care” (which may have caused life to end in an economically efficient way called a Natural Hospital or Care Facility Death, involving dehydration, non-nurishment, and terminal demoralization).

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