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I Also Have A Dream

Today is the High Holy Day of White Guilt, the day Americans are required to genuflect before the idol of Martin Luther King Jr, a man who styled himself “Dr. King” despite having plagiarized his work. No figure in American history is more revered while at the same time being so little known and so above reproach. Nor is any other historical figure imbued with such reverence for his alleged intellect as the result of giving speeches written for him by others.

His famous “I Have A Dream Speech” is one of the most recognizable speeches in American lore. I assume every school child is required to have at least read it one time although few remember much about it or have taken the time to really ponder what he said. It is an absolute Good Thing™, nay it is The Best Thing Ever Spoken™ and must never, ever be analyzed too deeply. It says you White people have not made blacks your equal and that must be the result of racism and hatred and above all not enough money.

It is an interesting juxtaposition to see pictures of Martin Luther King standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a magnificent architectural and artistic that was designed by and created by White men and beyond the skill of the people championed by King, not least because Abraham Lincoln is shown seated….

….with his hands resting on two fasces, the bundle of sticks symbolizing the strength in unity that would be the root for the term fascist. I doubt King was aware of the symbolism or that whether intentionally or not, King would be the symbol for the misnamed “Civil Rights” movement that would be one of the leading causes of disunity in America.

That King was a terrible person, one who stole ideas from others via plagiarism and who regularly cheated on his wife without the slightest regard, is without credible doubt. It is critical to note that there is a huge difference between someone not being a piece of shit and not being allowed to talk about someone being a piece of shit. The reverence for King is entirely manufactured, and you won’t be surprised to learn that The Usual Suspects were behind the creation of the MLK cult, from Rabbi Jacob (not making this up) Rothschild….


…to outright communists like Harry H. Wachtel, instrumental in funding the “Civil Rights” movement, and Stanley Levison. Levison is rumored to have written all of King’s speeches and his Wikipedia page doesn’t shy away from saying so:

He is best known as an advisor to and close friend of Martin Luther King Jr., for whom he helped write speeches, raise funds, and organize events.

In other words, Jewish interests financed the Civil Rights movement for their own purposes and created Martin Luther King as a charismatic figurehead that they fed rhetoric for his speeches. I wonder how many blacks that revere the heroic “Dr. King” know his speeches were written by a Jewish Marxist rumored to have been associated with the Frankfurt School? I also wonder what Their motivation was, it certainly wasn’t about “justice” or “equality” as They insist on doing more of the same things that have not moved the needle at all in those respects despite half a century and trillions of dollars. Hmmm, curious indeed.

“Celebrating” Martin Luther King Jr at this time is especially amusing to me, coming as it does on the heels of the firing of Claudine Day from Harvard, allegedly for plagiarizing but mostly for failing to bend the knee adequately for Our Greatest Ally™. Claudine Gay, the best known of the endless crop of phony black “intellectuals”, was the inevitable result of the cult of MLK worship. Like MLK she is also a far left pseudo-intellectual black who freely plagiarized her work assuming no one would dare question her. She is nothing less than a female MLK with ugly glasses.

Martin Luther King Jr, or at least those that wrote his speeches, claimed that America was a failure, that it had defaulted on her obligations to the descendants of freed African slaves who lived in the nation built by Whites. He claimed that America owed blacks something and that something was of course money. King was speaking 98 years after the surrender at Appomattox Court House in 1865 at a time when some of his claims had merit. 60 years after his most famous speech? The lives of blacks are little better than they were and in some ways are much worse. While blacks can vote and drink at the same drinking fountains as Whites, the black family has been destroyed by policies pushed by the very same people that bankrolled King and wrote his speeches. Poverty is endemic to and generational in the black community. Violence by blacks against other blacks, as well as against non-blacks, is raging out of control.

The United States government delivered to King and his puppet-masters all that They had demanded, from voting rights to welfare, forced integration of schools and an endless racial guilt-industrial complex that dominates our popular culture and government policies. None of it has made black men the equal of White men, it has merely dragged all Americans closer to the level of blacks.

Many questions still remain. Who was the real Martin Luther King Jr.? Who was pulling his strings and why? Why did the man convicted for his killing, James Earl Ray, recant his confession and maintain that he was not the shooter, a claim the King family believed? Had King outlived his usefulness and was killed before the sordid details of his personal life could be made public, details that would have painted King as a degenerate? Was King killed off to make room for a new crop “Civil Rights” leaders, men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, in the same way that Malcolm X was killed when he became inconvenient? We will likely never know as those questions are forbidden and no one with the means to research them would risk losing their career to overturn those stones.

Martin Luther King Jr claimed that he had a dream, albeit one written for him by others. As for me, I also have a dream.

I have a dream that one day White boys and girls in America will no longer be told that it is their fault that some people are less successful, more violent and worse off, that their teachers will cease blaming them for biological reality and instead teach them to be proud of who they are. I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day White men and White women will cease to treat degenerates like Martin Luther King and George Floyd as heroes and instead will recognize the countless heroic Whites throughout history. I have a dream today.

I have a dream that Whites will embrace one another as kindred souls joined together by our proud history and unite as one race to defend what our forefathers shed so much blood and sweat to achieve. I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day my White brothers and sisters will cast off the shackles of White guilt that unjustifiably haunt our collective conscience and will instead celebrate our heritage. I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day White men and women, boys and girls, will be able to safely visit and live in the once magnificent cities that our forefathers built from nothing, cities that today are cesspools of degeneracy and violence. I have a dream today.

That is my hope and it is the faith and trust in that hope that drives me to speak out as I do despite knowing that it closes doors of employment and friendship to do so. It is not just a struggle worth fighting, it is the only struggle that matters today.


  1. realwesterner

    I believe that MLK was mentored to create an outspoken-but quasi marketable-leader of the “dis-civil” rights movement/communist coup in America SO that they could murder him SO that he could be lifted up as a martyr for the black community SO that blacks could be further and forever enslaved by leftist/communist doctrine. Lincoln and Marx were pen pals. WWII was perpetrated to make superpowers of communist Russia and China. “Racism” is a communist contrivance and invention. And while my generation was fixating on Bart Starr and Len Dawson and Johnny Unitas and Ford vs Chevy, they were busy destroying our churches, our colleges, our schools, our courts and our history.

  2. Bobsuruncle

    Its such a shame his dream was never realized and we arent judging them on the content of their character. His work goes on.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    MLK Day-like Kwanzaa, and Wakanda, is all pure BS. Most businesses do not recognize this “the holiday” nor should they. I can think of untold American and European cities that I would have loved to have experienced-in 1953. Now? It is multiculturalism all day all night all the time; and it is killing any sense of culture or elevation of soul. We are NOT the same, and we do NOT have similar interests, goals, or abilities. Period. Full Stop. If we did, Africa would not have benefited from white folks starting farms and cities. And Africa proves that Blacks can’t have nice things.

  4. SirLawrence

    A LOT of white fat will need to be rendered off before the rest of us can live without the yoke of toxic white guilt and self-loathing dragging us toward extinction.

    I used to think there was some parallel way. For the goodwhites to suicide themselves while us badwhites carved out our own futures. The last several years have convinced me otherwise.

    No, these kinds of spiritual conflicts demand a reckoning. I do not see that happening without a series of culminating troubles and unpleasantness.

    Which shouldn’t be confused for doing nothing or avoiding our own reckoning with the sacrifices required today in order to build a future for our people, but rather that the cancer is not external, but internal to our own kind. There will be no avoiding the enemy within.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Amen, and well said. The genesis of most of our current intractable political problems lies in “whites” of the self loathing variety, who value the well being and advancement of the other over their their own. Everything from allowing women the vote, to creation of the central bank, to the destruction of immigration standards was enabled by these “whites”. Yes, these things were all accomplished under the undue influence of the class we can euphemistically call “fellow whites” (to be differentiated from mere “whites” of the typical leftist variety) but ultimately the responsibility for bowing to (((their))) influence falls on powerful White men of the previous century who were either unwilling or incapable of resisting implementation of the ideas put forth by the parenthetical tribe. It is those sorts who will have to be dispensed with to prevent such ruinous stupidity from running roughshod over society in the future. Failing that, their destructiveness will go on unchecked.

    • Anon

      I’m looking forward to such times and we might be in them very soon.
      Trump has taken Iowa and it’s a good sign he’ll claim a lot more. That means they will end up having to cheat yet again, maybe even try imprisoning him which will make him a suitable martyr for normal folk to gravitate towards. As well, there is the major invasion from the south for decades that is stretching some cities thin finally. And among those who are crossing the border aren’t just the usual criminals, rapists and murderers but potential fifth columns for multiple forces while things heat up in the ME and maybe Taiwan and of course whatever happens in Ukraine.
      There are a few ways we could see the US govt in a crisis situation that opens up a lot of opportunities for someone who has been preparing these last few years.

      • saoirse

        You’re part of the fat that needs to be culled from our herd. Fuck Trump and everybody that votes for that jew- loving crank!

  5. Moe Gibbs

    Following a visit to Africa, Muhammed Ali famously stated words to the effect, “Thank God my granddindu got on that boat!” I never thought of Ali as much of an intellectual. In fact, he was as dumb as a box of rocks. But he sure had the African’s number with that bold statement. One might even conclude that he was genuinely grateful to be a successful, beloved, multi-millionaire celebrity in racist America. Let’s see LeBron James pull off a class act like that.

    Despite his abysmally low IQ, Ali understood that had his ancestors remained in Africa, he would have looked forward to living to the ripe old age of 30 before being eaten by a rival tribe member. Sadly, gratitude is in very short supply today among those who are benefiting most from the industry and genius of our White forebears. Sending any of them “back home” is a fantasy and pipe dream, nothing more. But that is the dream that I have.

  6. Arete

    I taught high school, primarily U.S, History and Civics, from 1989 to 2005, when I quit. Not having acquired my degree in the Education department, where almost all teachers do, I didn’t realize that what we see now, in full flower, had already begun there. Gradually, though, I started to notice the evidence. One such moment was when a black student in my class asserted that we should not study George Washington, at all, because he was a slaveowner. I countered with what I thought was common knowledge: “Martin Luther King, Jr., was a plagiarist and a serial philanderer. (Had to define that, of course.) Do you think we should ignore everything he did, because of that?” The kid just grumbled and we moved on, but many years later, another black student in that class whom I came to know well as an adult, told me he had been completely outraged when I said that. He wanted, he said, to have the evidence before he confronted me, so he had gone home and scoured the Internet for the proof. Of course, he discovered that it was true, and he’d been devastated. Point being, that had been his instruction, from kindergarten on, about MLK, Jr.–that he was a saint, above reproach.

    • 3g4me

      Arete: Michael King being a plagiarist and serial philanderer does not negate what he did; his (debased) character infused all his actions. He was a front man for Jewish communists and filled with anti-White resentment and envy. He did not genuinely want any sort of ‘fair shake.’ He wanted endless guilt and financial reparations.

      Your black student not knowing King’s genuine character was not because he attended government school- his ignorance was the direct and desired result of those who monopolize all American media. And your response, comparing King’s character flaws with the supposed flaws of George Washington (who had flaws but being a slave owner was not one of them) was weak and submissive to the whole monopolitic framing of the “St. MLK” mythos.

      • Arete

        3G4ME: This was 20 years ago, so my own awareness of MLK’s motives/backers was imperfect, I’m sure.

        Nor did I compare King’s character with Washington’s (I’m quite sure the original student’s comment was motivated at least in part by my expression of admiration for the latter) but was a ‘logic’ challenge.

        Meaning that if cancellation (although not a term yet, that’s what he was proposing) was warranted for any moral failing, then it should apply to everyone, including people he admired.

        And I disagree that being a slaveowner was not a flaw. But it was a failing that came from being born into a society/time/class/place, and Washington and others of his contemporaries were very conscious of it.

        That is one of the things I tried to get across to students.

        • saoirse

          “And I disagree that being a slaveowner was not a flaw.”
          It was a flaw, but strictly in the sense that it flooded the nation with primitive untermenschen, brought over in part by jew merchants who were only too happy to make a buck while creating an unmanageable burden for the goyim at the same time! They then had the temerity to cultivate them into the radical mob we see today.

  7. Danny

    Recently watched an old episode of “Modern Marvels” about quarrying. If you get a chance to see it it’s a good one.

    The statue of Lincoln – made of stone, of course – was mentioned as both an artistic and an engineering marvel. The fact that he is seated makes the work very complex.

    BTW, you sir are a preacher – that was a mighty fine sermon today.

  8. 3g4me

    Nice post, Arthur. Many of us share your dream, and fear the nightmare AINO has become may mean the end of our progeny and our civilization.

    • Lineman

      When money and stuff stop being a God to our side then that dream may become a realization…I think a lot of pain has to happen though before that selfishness goes away…Tribe Up or Die…

  9. Bean Dip Tray

    I always love it when a Martin Luther wallpaper comes up along with Goethe and Vlad Tepes or Rommel and George S. Patton.
    When will Brandon make Wakanda the law?
    The replacements can always plant more Magic Soil.
    The recent Gay events at Harvard are nothing compared to the plagiarism of the original Black Jebus who trained at a CCCP commune in Tennessee under the watchful eye of a Heeby small hat controller.
    Will the FIB NKVD ever release the data on MLK?

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