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How Could I Have Missed This One?

Sure it was in 2016 when I was still on the old, less spicy blog, but come on!

Wait for it….

A 16-year-old boy arrested nearly three years ago on charges that he shot at another boy and committed a robbery was sentenced Monday to eight years in prison.

Le’Genius Wisdom Williams of St. Petersburg, who was 13 then, pleaded guilty to shooting 15-year-old Dinarick Ford three times after the older teen reportedly taunted him. Ford survived.

The shooting happened Aug. 14, 2013. Police at the time said Williams and a small group of teens were on the sidewalk when Ford rode by on a bike. The teens began to argue.

Williams then pulled out a small-caliber gun and fired multiple times at Ford in the 1700 block of 26th Street S, police said.

La’Genius Wisdom. Now there is a mother that is full of optimism.

What a delightful name for a kid that at 13 was hanging around with buddies packing a “small-caliber gun” and then in response to an argument started blazing away at a different teen. Of course the other yoof, Dinarick Ford, survived the shooting. Good thing, as it appears that Dinarick turned his life around and has only been arrested three times since as an adult (2021, 2018 and 2017).

That name just made my day. We wuz geniuses and sheeeit!


  1. Bean Dip Tray

    That is up there with Shitavious from Cleveland for funny names.
    I like the mob style of naming where it is usually the opposite.

  2. Ohio Copperhead

    So would this be an example of verbal irony (based on the bike-riding antagonist’s taunts–I’m guessing he just did a deadpan recital of the shooter’s name) or dramatic irony based on the mother’s intentions in giving him that name?

    It sure as hell isn’t situational irony, except maybe to a brain-dead liberal or normiecon, given that every part of that story turned out exactly as a dissident would expect.

    I hereby coin a new term, Dissident Irony: where a situation or plan turnes out exactly as a DR-type (or anyone with functioning frontal lobes) would predict, but at the same time exactly unlike how liberals/normiecons would expect or (as with the MSM and politicians) pretend to expect, so that it stikes them as ironic or surprising rather than pathetically foreseeable.

  3. Harbinger

    Can you imagine being a newscaster on local TV trying to keep a straight face while reporting a story like this with that spectacularly dindutastic name?

    “And in other news, La’Genius Wisdom was arrested and charged with TNB for another display of low intelligence and lack of impulse control…”

  4. anon2

    Hi Arthur, I dug back into your Archives some months back to see if you’d had a story on McKenna Elizabeth Hilton’s strangulation murder by her hafrican half-brother Savon Schmus in August 2016. Was unaware of your earlier blog site.
    Those who wish to dig for background info won’t find much, needless to say, you’ll have to ponder and make assumptions and connect the dots as best you can.
    ‘No motive’ was given for the murder, but I have a theory: McKenna was leaving for college or training as a medical therapist & moving to New Orleans, far away from the crap she was living in in Michigan.
    Savon wanted some poon-tang from his non-blood related half sister (those who know TNB know that incest ain’t no big deal), he’d probably been pressuring her for some time. She would be leaving within days, and he became more insistent. She finally told him a flat “NO”, she dissed ‘muh dick’. He strangled her and left her body on a trail.
    She was planning to have a better life, but darkness had other ideas.

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