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Hail To The Victors

While I don’t watch sports at all anymore I still have a great deal of nostalgia for the games and as a lifelong Michigan fan I was mildly pleased to wake this morning and see that the University of Michigan defeated Washington for the NCAA championship last night . This will be the last non-mocking sports post for the foreseeable future.


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    That’s ok, sometimes the old cynicism well runs dry–or just needs a break to avoid doing so.
    In other news: Arthur, did you see this one? Your hometown, that once produced Katie Holmes, has produced its answer to A Weekend at Bernie’s:

    We all knew that deep down cat ladies were desperate for a man, but I bet even the most cynical in our ranks are a little shocked when one of them takes it to the necrophile extreme. 😉

    ¡Esa chica está loca!

  2. Locust Post

    Graduated from there in 1978. Quit giving them money years ago when it became apparent that they were actively discriminating against white guys. Still, I’m happy they won (with a white guy QB and head coach).

  3. Levi Garrett

    My brother is a big Michigan fan, and I sometimes go over to watch games with him since I no longer have a TV in my home. It’s more about spending time with him than any love I have for UM myself. I grew up playing sports and used to spend a lot of time watching them. I’ve since lost my zeal for watching games for a myriad of reasons. I used to laugh at non-sports people who used the term “sportsball”. I thought of them as un-athletic nerds. Dang if I didn’t join their side in seeing the silliness in much of sports culture in America! Anyway, one thing that I noticed when watching last night’s game (and several others earlier in the season) was how insufferable commercial breaks have become. Most of the commercials I saw featured narrators and protagonists that were some flavor of non-traditional American (black, brown, yellow, or other flavor of weirdo). Many of the commercials glorified and normalized worldly, unwholesome, or unbecoming values, behaviors, and causes . Aside from the content, I found them to be loud, obnoxious, garish, and an overall assault on my senses. I’m certainly no Puritan, but I was genuinely repulsed by them. I was happy with the outcome of the game.

  4. G706

    I gave up watching sports a long time ago but my family has been watching live stream of the NECC Tournament Semi-finals because the school my wife graduated from is in it. They beat Lakewood in a close game in overtime but lost to big time rival Fairfield tonight. High School sports is about all I watch anymore

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