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Gibs Me My Stuff And Sheeit!

The little chick is an employee (now a former employee).

Her name is apparently “Shacoria Elly” and the fight initially was with a different employee, I assume the other black chick behind the counter, over….espresso shots.

A fight at an Atlanta airport coffee shop that went viral over the weekend started over espresso shots, according to an Atlanta Police Department report obtained by 11Alive.

The incident occurred at the Harvest & Grounds coffee shop in Concourse D at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Saturday.

The video shows a woman, identified in the police report as an employee at the coffee shop who was terminated, struggling with two men who appear to also be managers at the store.

According to the APD report, the employee’s dispute was not initially with either of those managers but with another employee. The report describes the two women getting into a “heated argument over espresso shots.”

Espresso shots is serious bidness yo. I wonder if the dude that tossed her will get in trouble, he probably got fired cuz equity or some sheeit like dat.

Another day in America!


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Jeez. What is with the flying monkeys lately? The way that pongid hopped the counter after its quarry was impressive, as was the instant escalation to murderous intent. Also impressive that, absent a ready supply of its own stool to fling at the manager, the chimp improvised by grabbing one of the coffee shop’s stools, instead.

    Seems to me that if you are forced to hire blacks, you are no longer ‘manager’ but ‘zookeeper’. And this is what passes now for an ‘exit interview’. Personally, I would demand hazardous duty pay.

  2. Mike_C

    What was that thing she used at 0:46? Some kind of giant spatula for taking stuff out of the oven? Whatever, it made a beautiful “spang!” noise, just like when someone gets hit by a frying pan in the cartoons.

    And yeah, that was pretty smooth how she got over the counter.

  3. La Sagna

    Oh this so reminds me of home. NYC is the “Big Apple”, Atlanta for some reason is called the “Big Watermelon” according to Jim Goad.

    The remarks of her throwing her stool is a stereotype, less than 50% of fights of niggeros involve throwing of one own’s feces, fact.

    Dr. LaSagna

  4. Filthie

    Welp… point of order: they shoulda given the boon her purse and jacket. 😂👍

    I’m curious, though. We make fun of the black intellect (and rightfully so)… but that girl was thinking as she moved. She bends to her adversary’s strengths. She uses their own momentum against them. She darts and feints. In spite of the best efforts of two grown men…she re-entered the store like a cat and retrieved her property. She used the rules of engagement to her complete advantage.

    Hey – I hate niggers as much as the next deplorable… but that chick was thinking during the entire engagement and she got inside their decision loops and owned them. Respect where it’s due, I suppose…😉

    • Steve S6

      While she was running circles around them I didn’t observe any real decision loops on the male managers parts. She should have just been cold cocked.

      • Tree Mike, ef bee eye code name, Foghorn Leghorn

        I’m with Filthie on this, they should have given her, her stuff. We didn’t see what happened before. She didn’t sound like a monkey to me, she sounded like she was distressed and did not speak Ebonics.


        Steve, that reminded me of a video some months ago of a store security dude punching a she-boon in the face when she got too aggressive with him.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Your observations are correct! Imagine, though, were she to use her intellect and physical gifts to do something worthwhile?

      Nah! She’d rather go out in flames, doing the SheBoon Meltdown, burning any accumulated work experience there for her resumé.

      What be a rezz who may?

    • Arthur Sido

      I am not sure it is thinking as much as instinct. We can probably safely assume that something happened before the filming started that led to the managers not letting her back behind the counter.

    • Arthur Sido

      Nah, they wear masks all the time, sick or not. It helps disguise dey identity when stealing but also they are very superstitious and think the demon bugs are going to get them.


    The flying sheboon Shacoria,
    It had bush boogie dysphoria,
    It had a good chimpout,
    At an Apelanta hangout,
    Hopped on espresso euphoria.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    Here’s the official news report:
    A young Black female airport store worker was fired after her violent outburst was caught on camera. The fight happened on Jan. 13 at Harvest & Grounds at Concourse D at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport—and has since gone viral.The employee, who was identified by authorities as Shacoria Elly, allegedly got into a fight with a co-worker over espresso shots as explained in a police report acquired by Fox 5 Atlanta.
    Seconds later, Elly seemingly walks away from the store, but then comes back only to jump over the counter, takes one of the store’s pans and swings it. She eventually receives her bag and coat before her final exit.
    Per the police report, she was ultimately “terminated from her position” and airport security took away her badge. Since Elly was already gone at the time, police have not charged her with any crimes.

    Yes, you read that correctly. She was already gone, so police charged her with NOTHING!! So, anyone can threaten, use a potentially deadly weapon (the store’s pan), abuse private property, and it’s all good in the hood as long as you are BLACK.
    No other explanation.

    • Arthur Sido

      To be fair, if they had arrested her she would have walked anyway. Why would cops bother getting into a potential fight with a crazed chimp when the prosecutors wouldn’t press charges anyway.

  7. Bean Dip Tray

    Just read about comrade commissar Jamaal Bowman (CPUSA/CCP) wanting $333,000 each for all 42 million black Americans in the New Civility collective hive.
    It works out to about 14 trillion and the esteemed party member said that we spent the money into existence during the COV-LARP so why not gibs me dat.
    Breaking-Muh slabery ended almost 160 years ago.

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