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Gadzooks! Look At Dat Snoot!

This is a fairly typical story.

Three Milwaukee teenagers are behind bars for allegedly shooting a Domino’s delivery driver to death. The incident may have happened while the suspects were trying to steal a pizza, according to a criminal complaint….

……(Antoine Gee Jr.) was at work as a Domino’s delivery driver on Jan. 10 in Milwaukee. That night, Armier McArthur, Keyshaun McNealy and Damain Patrick jumped him, according to a criminal complaint.

A witness told police the suspects, who are all 17, ordered a pizza from Domino’s and planned to “snatch it.”

“All they had to do was just ask. He probably would have given him the pizza and paid for it himself,” Toliver said.

So far, so what? Happens all the time although murdering a man over a crappy Domino’s pizza is pretty low. Then we get to the mugshots.

Great Caesar’s Ghost! That brotha has a face that is 70% schnozz. Ain’t no bloodhound in America that could compete with dat sniffer.

Once you get past that, look at the eyes of these three monkeys. I look at far too many mugshots of scholar-Americans but even I am startled by the lack of even a modicum of intelligence or human decency. If you gave these fucks a “D”, “O” and “G” Scrabble tiles they couldn’t arrange them to spell “DOG”. Someone should have smothered all three at birth as they clearly were only going to end up one way: facing a half century in prison for killing a dude over a pizza.

The story isn’t very funny at all. Antoine Gee Jr. seemed like he was an OK dude and at least he was working a job before these three cretins killed him over a damn pizza. When will the black community wake up and see that “racists” like me aren’t the problem? Never mind, we know the answer to that question: never.


  1. Harbinger

    Seriously, who is going to make deliveries to inner city shitholes? They scream bloody murder when bricks and mortar businesses shut down due to rampant shoplifting and smash-‘n-grabs, leaving no alternative but online ordering. Then they waylay and rob food deliverymen, Amazon and Fed Ex deliveries, and eventually USPS (a federal crime, but does a dindu know or care about that?)

    You are going to see the cost of delivering goods to all locations skyrocket, as “enhanced security measures” become imperative in majority non-White areas. A family member who works logistics for UPS tells me that in some designated zip codes, their trucks are now manned by two delivery personnel. One to bring the box to the door and the other to stand guard over the open truck. So far as I know, they aren’t armed yet. But that day is coming.

  2. Lord of the Fleas

    Deliveries require enhanced security. Check.
    BCE posts about home-made flammenwerferen. Check.
    Solution to problem? Quite possibly…

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    A sibling used to see scholars riding on the backs of trucks waiting to pounce on freight runs to Chimpcongo the mistake by Lake Michigan or CPUSA (D) central HQ.
    Everywhere you go in the FUSA there is a big horkin fiber chunks nose of some sort with delusions of Magic Soil and Wakanda or dreams of bringing back their messiah Satan if enough chaos and anarchy is created.

  4. Mike_C

    Don’ Bogart dat blow, brotha Damain!

    Owing to their 13-year generational cycles, evolution moves swiftly in Da Hood. The Brotha Damain phenotype evolved during a prolonged cocaine crisis wherein fierce Darwinian forces strongly favored a creature that could hoover ALL the lines in a single pass.


    And by the way, there’s a thing as too much nose talk, and a fella ought to be fucking aware of it. Are you anti-schnozzites or something?

  5. Don't mind me.

    “Delivery address not valid”
    30+ years ago I delivered Dominos in a good sized city in the Northeast and we had certain streets we wouldn’t deliver to. Just told them on the phone we wouldn’t deliver there.

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