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Embrace This

It has been getting bad and it is going to get a lot worse. The media and entertainment industry, along with the government itself, have been pushing an anti-White agenda for decades. It was more subtle back in the 80s and 90s but recently it has turned overt and especially since 2016 with the rise of Trump before being supercharged by the 2020 Summer of Love.

For example, it is well known and beaten to death that White couples have disappeared from TV commercials. Even Pedo Joe mentioned this in 2021:

While Biden prefaced that his comment on diversity in advertising has “no scientific basis,” the president implored those over the age of 50 to think about “how often did you ever see advertisements on television with black and white couples?”

“I challenge you: Find today, when you turn on the stations, sit on one station for two hours. And I don’t know how many commercials you’ll see, eight to five, two to three out of five have mixed-race couples in them. That’s not by accident. They’re selling soap, man,” Biden said to a laughing crowd in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Not a joke,” he added.

What is even more amusing is how many White men with black wives you see, as that is an extremely rare coupling in the real world. More often you see in commercials a black man, usually well groomed and wearing respectable clothing, with an adoring White wife and a couple of mixed race kids that are likewise dressed like White kids from the 1950s. While interracial relationships are still very rare, and interracial married couples even more so, the popular culture demands you accept that this is normal, healthy and commonplace despite it being none of those things.

Then there are the ubiquitous White bad guys in every film and movie. The typical movie villain is an older White man who is often driven at least in part by “racism” before being overcome by the plucky non-White, preferably female, hero.

Lately things have shifted to take on a more overt, hostile tone.

A couple of examples

The film, “Leave The World Behind,” is an apocalyptic movie based on a book where an attack on America causes widespread blackouts. Barack Obama LOVED the book, so he decided to make a movie about it, and it’s at #1 on Netflix right now.

Check out this super-fun scene that Obama slipped in:

“If the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily to anyone, especially white people.”

The scene shows a black chick telling what I assume is her dad that in a disaster, black people ought to watch out for White folks. Have you ever met a young black woman that would say “If the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily to anyone, especially white people.”? Does that sound like a sentence any black person would form, especially in a casual conversation? Of course not.

The film is written and directed by Sam Esmail, the son of Egyptian immigrants, and while he is allegedly Muslim, Wikipedia notes that he married his wife Emmy Rossum “at a Reform synagogue in New York City.”. The other writer is Rumaan Alam, the author of the novel the film is based on and you will be shocked to discover that he is a faggot and of course: “He and his partner adopted two boys.”. Of course they did, and I am sure those two boys will grow up to be perfectly normal. Who knows more about how White people would respond in a disaster than an Egyptian guy married to a Jewish chick or an Indian faggot who is “married” to another dude? It isn’t like White people run off to help whenever a disaster strikes non-Whites and non-Whites never lend aid to Whites when the situation is reversed.

Or this delightfully titled movie

The film, “The American Society of Magical Negroes,” by Focus Features, is described on its website as a “fresh, satirical comedy about a young man, Aren, who is recruited into a secret society of magical Black [sic] people who dedicate their lives to a cause of utmost importance: making [W]hite people’s lives easier.” 

The film appears to satirize the film trope of a “magical negro” in which, as NPR summarized, “a [B]lack [sic] character appears in a plot solely to help a [W]hite character — and then vanishes.”

The trailer begins with the Black [sic] protagonist, Aren, who is described as uncomfortable as he walks through “a room full of White people” and is recruited to the secret society of African-American wizards. His tutor, Roger, explains that the premise of the society is to protect White people from discomfort in order to prevent them from doing harm to Black [sic] people.

That is some funny shit right there. It is supposed to satirize the “Magical Negro” trope but I suspect most blacks won’t get it and will instead think it is serious as they really believe blacks are magical superbeings who somehow managed to build America. It is common to hear blacks exhibiting the black messianic complex, a weird belief system wherein blacks think they are holding America together and always have been, rather than what is really happening. It is an offshoot of the belief that blacks taught White people how to be civilized, popular in black nationalist and Nation of Islam circles.

In the real world, which group has to walk on eggshells around the other? Is there a word that a black person could utter that would send a White man into an insane, homicidal rage? I can think of a word that would cause blacks to flip out.

Outside of the world of make-believe, you see more and more stuff like this:

Joy Reid is all sorts of upset that a state that has held a first in the nation caucus, the first chance for voters to select their nominee for President, since the 1970s is….too White. Apparently a state like Iowa that has too many White voters (Iowa is 82% White), should not be given a say in who the nominee is, even in a party that relies on White voters in the general election and gets a tiny fraction of the black vote. It is part of the move by the Left to eliminate the entire political process, like the decision by MSNBC to no longer carry speeches by Trump live: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Interrupts Coverage To Trash Trump — Refuses To Air ‘Lies’-Filled Victory Speech. Now if you are for some reason one of the dozen people watching MSNBC, you will only see clips of Trump that they have selected.

Impatient with the pace of the Great Replacement, They are pulling out all the stops: arresting and trying to imprison the opposition political leader, putting political dissidents into gulags, censoring political speech, interfering with the electoral process and of course outright cheating. The wholesale replacement of Whites is still proceeding but with some extra help.

You get the point and you know all the examples.

Most normiecons get upset at stuff like that. They rant and rave about how racist it is. I used to be the same but now? I find it hilarious. What is more, I think we should embrace this. Just think about it:

Even after decades of systematically attempting to emasculate and neuter White men, other races are still utterly terrified of us.

As the kids today say, lean into this. Embrace it. Own it and take joy in it.

For most of the last two millennia, Whites took what we wanted, where we wanted and did what we wanted. No one could stand against us, not for long. Other races hate us for that and their hatred is primarily driven by jealousy because they wish they could have been the conquerors and colonists, instead of the conquered and colonized.

It is long past time we remind them of this. Africa is no longer a bunch of European colonies because Whites walked away. The descendants of African slaves in America are free to twerk and drive-by because White people freed them. If we hadn’t, they would still be picking cotton. Mestizos wander into our country by the millions because we choose to not machine-gun them en masse as they try to cross the border. American Indians? We could have just wiped them out completely, instead we gave them self-governing reservations, free money and casinos and look at what a bang-up job they are doing.

They have all mistaken our forbearance for weakness, not without some justification. Yet they remember, even if they don’t realize it. They remember we owned them, controlled them, crushed them and killed them.

Their hatred of us now doesn’t discourage or frighten me, it doesn’t upset me or make me sad. It invigorates me, energizes me, inspires me. Nothing you can do will make them not hate and envy you so stop trying. Instead let their hatred feed you and keep you warm. Embrace their hatred and return it in spades.


  1. Mike_C

    The Chinese (which means Han; non-Han holding PRC passports are still inferiors) are the second most racist people in the world. But unlike the most racist people in the world, they are not fucking hypocrites about their racism and their supremacist ambitions.

    God (or rather “G-d”) but I hate hypocrites. Anyway, while there are way too many self-loathing whites, it’s not organic. They were taught that by the most racist people in the world.

    Incidentally, much of the-most-racist-people culture is basically codified narcissism and paranoia. It’s proof that severe personality disorders and mental illness are a winning strategy.

  2. Cederq

    Damn right we whyte people can be trusted in an apackolips. We plan on ridden us of most melanin enhanced POCSs… Right along 99% of politicians and badge carrying thugs. What else ya got Barack the goat humper?

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Ever seen the viddy of Brandon and comrade commissar Mayorakas of Das Heimat Schutze at some shindig and Bite Me is prattling on about an endless stream of replacements and how the whites being a majority is a good thing?
    A talented video editor put the audio with night vision footage of the border invasion.
    Just read about confiscating all the wealth of the billionaires wouldn’t even cover the interest on the national debt especially after it went up 50% from 2022-2023.
    Stick around with some popcorn of your choice as the Wakanda Magic Soil perpetual printing press eternal warmaster delusions go up in smoke.
    Wasn’t there a quote about places that we really hate become hollowed out turd wold welfare colonies from the leader of an “indispensable” ally from the early 1990’s?

  4. saoirse

    In the scheme of things, there’s the jews, and then there’s the rest of those stinking turds – all a distant second.
    I don’t want their trust. I want all their heads on stakes! No quarter!!

  5. realwesterner

    RE: black men couple with white women…while rare, if one excludes blacks sponging off of strippers or other, similarly employed women the phenomenon becomes even more rare. Then subtract the black “chubby chasers” coupled with white wimminz, then the number becomes so insignificant as to be completely irrelevant, mudsharks notwithstanding.

  6. Anon

    We’re not as dangerous as we should be.
    We’ve been thoroughly weakened by parasites and betrayers.
    We will ascend to where we belong again.

  7. Gryphon

    Funny that a mulatto faggot like obama sez “Don’t trust dey whyte peepo.” The muds and the rest of (((them))) Do. Not. Understand. that in any true ‘Collapse’ of government, that Whites are not going to Waste Time ‘establishing Trust’ with them. The harder part is going to be Weeding Out the Race Traitors among us Whites…

  8. Jay L

    Considering it takes 1-3 years for a feature film to make it to the screen, I don’t think these two movies have anything to do with our most recently witnessed shenanigans. But I DO suspect (they) are noticing all the noticing going on right now AND (they) are seeing their denials falling flat amongst the un-chosen ones. That leads me to believe we’re going to see a 10-fold increase of this type of propaganda. Both to tear down Whitey and to whip their pack of dogs into a frenzy by convincing them they are somehow special. When you’ve had to “relocate” 109 times, you probably get a sense of when your time is short.
    We ain’t seen nothing yet!

    • Arthur Sido

      What is interesting to me is that the book was first published in October of 2020 and yet was turned into a feature film by 2023 with Julia Roberts as one of the stars. That suggests to me that it was always going to be made into a film, although based on the synopsis and the actors on IMDb, the movie isn’t much like the book.

  9. Gryphon

    “When you’ve had to “relocate” 109 times, you probably get a sense of when your time is short.”

    Hatespeech!!! If Noseferatu at the ADL doesn’t have that on his List of ‘anti-semetic’ Memes and Sayings, it should be….

    and, “110 and DONE”, too.

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