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DEI Works To Our Advantage

This is a very long post, you have been warned. If you want to share this post, you can use this Substack link as Faceberg blocks my website.

It is very difficult to get out of the Boomer/Gen X 80s/Muh Patriotism mindset. I see it all the time and even fall back into it myself at times. It is driven by a desperate nostalgia. If only we could get back to where we used to be, things would be OK. We could recover and go back to the way things were when the music was better, the girls were prettier and the streets were safer. It is easier on the soul than admitting that things will never go back the way they were, not in the near term and not without the almost certain necessity of rivers of blood.

Over the last year, at an accelerating pace, the normiecon “news” has been becoming more open in pointing out the virulent anti-White racial animus of America’s elite institutions. People like Charlie Kirk are Johnny-come-latelys to the party, apparently finally realizing at this late hour that White people have been targeted for elimination in the nation we founded and built. Kirk doesn’t seem to have an ounce of actual conviction on this or any other topic but his sudden conversion on the issue of the ongoing race war does give some cover to more cowardly Whites to also start to Notice.

Typically their Noticing is equal parts outrage and appeals to “Our Shared Values” that assumes that we can fix this if we just get more outraged and vote harder. It won’t as it is already far too late.

Even the amusing kabuki theater in Texas over the last week is not all that relevant. Lots of people were talking about it….

…but you know nothing was ever going to happen mostly because 25 other cowardly Republican governors were signaling support, something they wouldn’t have done if there was the slightest chance of any actual conflict. Keep in mind this was all over some razor wire at a single crossing at Eagle Pass, Texas of around 2.5 miles. The U.S.-Mexico border is over 1,900 miles long. It is a classic case of political theater along with trying to close the barn door after the horses are already out. The city of Eagle Pass, Texas is technically an American city but according to Wikipedia….

….Eagle Pass is demographically almost indistinguishable from her mirror city across the Rio Grande in Mexico, Piedras Negras. All the razor wire is doing is keeping new Mexicans from entering a city already full of Mexicans.

By any reasonable measure, America is not just being invaded but has already been invaded and is in fact currently being occupied. Let’s imagine the best case normiecon scenario. Trump wins in November by a large margin and claims a mandate. The GOP holds the House and increases their margin and also wins the Senate. Miracle of miracles, the Republicans in Congress agree to a massive border security package that all but seals the border. Trump gets his way and begins to deport large numbers of illegals, maybe as many as 100,000 in the first year of his second term, that is over 250 per day. Ok, let’s be extra generous and say that we deport double or triple that number and that won’t happen because a whole slew of leftist outfits will be suing the government over each and every deportation order, dragging these out a decade.

In most large cities, the entire judicial and law enforcement apparatus is run by Soros-selected puppets, from corpulent black women police chiefs to sleezy far-left Jewish prosecutors. We are at a place where a Haitian illegal alien can rape a developmentally disabled woman, then be released back on the streets while a request from ICE to remand him to their custody is ignored: Haitian Illegal Immigrant Charged with Rape Released Back onto Streets in Boston Despite ICE Appeals. Remember, Texas is hardly the first state or local jurisdiction to simply ignore Federal officials, leftist government officials don’t give a crap about Federal laws that they find inconvenient. The number one way to identify illegals is when they are detained by local authorities for something else but when the locals are releasing them back onto the streets and ignoring ICE requests, even in the case of rape? That really makes it more difficult for the Feds to deport people unless they are going to drive around, looking for illegals and rounding them up. That will set off an antifa and legal backlash like nothing we have ever seen.

At best significant deportations would simply slow down the pace of the Great Replacement marginally. The largest public school district in America is the New York City public schools with around one million students….

In October 2018, the student population was 42% Hispanic and Latino, 26% African American, 15% Non-Hispanic White, and 16% Asian American. Another 3% were of multiple race categories. Of the students, 20% were disabled, 13% were English language learners, and 73% met the department’s definition of poverty.

Only 15% of public school students in New York City are White. The next largest is of course Los Angeles (a little under half a million) where only 10% of students are White and a whopping 72% were mestizo as of the most recent data I found. Chicago with around 340,000 students? 46% mestizo, 36% black and only 10% White. Miami-Dade is about the size of Chicago and is 62% mestizo, 25% black and 10% White. I trust that makes my point clear. Not only have we been invaded, and this is a critical point most normiecons steadfastly refuse to recognize, not just by illegal but also by millions of “legal” non-Whites, but they have been filling our cities with the next generation of resentful diversity who will blame Whites for their living conditions.

In general and as a group, “legal” non-White immigrants are nearly as harmful as the illegals, a fact that very few “conservatives” will mention. Instead many “conservatives” are on-board with importing hordes of non-White immigrants as cheap labor. The need for “labor” to meet the need for workers is the standard excuse for bringing in useless and often dangerous third world people to pack insufficiently diverse states with black and brown faces.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills and a state lawmaker who immigrated from Somalia unveiled a proposal Friday to try to resolve the state’s serious worker shortage by tapping swiftly growing immigrant communities.

Maine traditionally has had among the smallest immigrant populations in the country. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, only about 4% of the state’s residents were born outside the U.S.

That has been gradually changing as tens of thousands of residents descended from Somalia and other African countries have made homes in Portland and Lewiston, two of the state’s biggest cities. Those arrivals helped push up the percentage of foreign-born residents by about a percentage point between 2000 to 2022, according to census figures.

The Office of New Americans is proposed in a bill by state Rep. Deqa Dhalac, the first Somali immigrant to become mayor of a U.S. city in 2021, when she took office in South Portland. She was elected to the Maine Legislature last year. Dhalac and Mills say the bill would address shortages in critical industries including health care, education and construction.

“New Americans” is a clever term for people being shipped here in order to replace “Old Americans”, aks White people.

This story is from “conservative” Newsmax and it is presented without a shred of pushback on the impact on Maine of tens of thousands of people from a war torn nation with one of the lowest average IQs in the world, nor of the already documented issue with violent crime that has accompanied the Somali invasion of Maine and elsewhere, notably Minnesota. Last year more people illegally entered the U.S. and disappeared into the interior of the country than live in most of the states in the Union and it won’t take long for these “New Americans”, legal or illegal, to replace the native White populations of states like Maine and the Western U.S.

There is not much we can do about that. Meanwhile the same people responsible for open the gates for the invasion of America by non-White aliens, legal and illegal alike, have also seized control of every significant institution in America and turned them against us. The stories are numerous but what isn’t mentioned very often is that some of these changes, under the umbrella of “Woke” and “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” or “DEI” are not only backfiring (Bud Light) but are in significant ways actually to our benefit in the current age.

Think about it this way. If you have an opponent and nothing you can do will turn that opponent into a friend, do you want him weak or strong? Would you rather fight a man who just got out of prison, is angry and has spent the last 3 years lifting weights and fighting for survival or would you rather fight a man who is weak, sick with the flu and has never fought anything worse than boredom?

I am not worried about an invasion from Russia or China. Nor am I too concerned about terrorism in the states. What I am concerned about is the enemy that is already here and occupying what was once the U.S. government for a very long time.

White people need to get out of the mindset of Us vs Them with a Them that is overseas and into a mindset of Us vs Them with a Them that is in Washington, D.C., New York City and many large cities across the nation. There are plenty of foreign affairs that should concern heritage Americans from a failed narco-state on our southern border to China where most of our manufacturing has gone but those are issues that cannot be addressed until the big issue is addressed, and that issue is that Americans are living in under an occupation. Until that changes, all of the other crap we argue about is meaningless.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a prime example. Lots of us were excited when she was confirmed to the SCOTUS because we thought, rightly so, that she would be a deciding vote to overturn Roe v Wade. She was and it was. Now that Roe is defeated? She is turning out to be at best unreliable, as shown by her vote with the SCOTUS leftists taking the side of the Biden administration against Texas. Let me be blunt, compared to the Great Replacement, as heinous as Whites aborting their children certainly is, it pales in comparison. Abortion is one tool, along with the push for easy divorce, inflation and feminism forcing women into the workforce and the LGBTQ degeneracy to drive down White birthrates but the Great Replacement is what is turning Whites into a minority in our own country.

How much money and effort did Whites spend over the last 50 years trying to overturn Roe v Wade while the southern border was being overrun and our nation was being filled with brown and black invaders?

With that overly long run-up to my main point, I am encouraged to see a general weakening of the anti-White institutional structures in America, especially those with guns that will be sent after us one day. For example, the FBI is considered to be the elite branch of the Federal law enforcement enforcement apparatus. In the hierarchy of cops in America, local small town cops and sheriffs are at the bottom, big city cops are next, then Feds like the Marshall service and ATF but above them all sits the Federal Bureau of Investigations with some 35,000 employees, of which around 13,000 are “special agents” that are out in the field. At one time being accepted into the FBI Academy at Quantico was one of the most difficult jobs to land in law enforcement. It still is, at least if you are a White guy..

An alarming deterioration in recruitment standards for the FBI has been exposed in a report delivered to the House Judiciary Committee by an alliance of retired and active-duty agents and analysts. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) requirements pushed by FBI Director Chris Wray have degraded recruitment standards in all areas including “physical fitness, illicit drug use, financial irregularities, mental health, full-time work experience and integrity,” and pose a threat to the FBI’s ability to protect America from harm, say the authors. 

The report cites cases of new agents who are so fat and unfit, they can’t even pass the new relaxed standards for fitness; who are illiterate and need remedial English lessons; who don’t want to work weekends or after hours; have serious disabilities or mental-health issues, and “create drama.” 

The FBI is no longer recruiting the “best and brightest” to be special agents, but selecting candidates based on “race, gender and/or sexual orientation.” …

….An increasing number of “lower-quality candidates — described by one source as ‘breadcrumbs’ because they were rejected by other federal law-enforcement agencies” — are applying to become FBI special agents; and are being recruited because they “satisfy the FBI’s priority to meet Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mandates.”

Applicants that “create drama”? That is clearly code for strong black wahmen that don’t need no man. The story goes on to say that recruitment of special-agents is down while overall recruitment is up:

An increasing number of “lower-quality candidates — described by one source as ‘breadcrumbs’ because they were rejected by other federal law-enforcement agencies” — are applying to become FBI special agents; and are being recruited because they “satisfy the FBI’s priority to meet Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mandates.” 

Flying in the face of Wray’s boast to Congress last year that recruitment numbers are soaring, especially in red states, the report finds that FBI’s special-agent hiring numbers are down, “likely due to the decline in the nation’s trust in the FBI and a corresponding decrease in the number of individuals interested in applying to the FBI for employment.” 

A former senior counterintelligence agent involved with writing the report said controversies engulfing the FBI in the Trump era have had the perverse effect of attracting recruits who want to be “agents of social change versus protecting the country.” 

“Breadcrumb-Americans” is a new slur you will be seeing again. I don’t like to copy and paste this much text but the story is just so delightfully absurd that I will make an exception, emphasis mine and note the report uses code names to protect the identities of whistle-blowers:

Veteran supervisor special agent SIERRA 72 disqualified a black female applicant because she was more than 50 pounds overweight using the FBI’s body-fat index and could not pass the physical fitness test.

But FBI HQ ordered SIERRA 72 to push the candidate through the recruitment process. 

Other supervisors say a high percentage of candidates fail the mandatory fitness test, despite the fact that standards have been relaxed.

They “simply quit in the middle of the 1.5-mile run.” 

One veteran agent who works as a recruitment coordinator, codenamed SIER­RA 87, said the drug policy for new agents has been “liberalized to include applicants who had a lifestyle of using drugs.” 

A candidate who “was arrested and fought with police officers” was not disqualified. Nor are candidates with driving-under-the-influence convictions, or people with “documented mental illness.”

Nor are candidates who lie during the recruitment process. 

SIERRA 72 disqualified a special-agent applicant because their only work experience was “working two years as a coffee-shop barista and having a bachelor’s degree in art history.” (my note: FBI recruitment standards used to require 3 years of work, now it is just 2)

But FBI HQ ordered SIERRA 72 to push the applicant through. 

SIERRA 23, a special agent for four years in counterterrorism, observed that most new agents “disappear during the day, go home early, or never want to work late for after-hours operations. SIERRA 23 does not trust most of the agents with his/her life since they have questionable competence, tactical abilities and work ethic.” (my note: the FBI job posting for special agents specifically states it is a *minimum* 50 hour per week job)

SIERRA 22 said one applicant recently rejected by a local police department and one who was a long-term unemployed “gamer” were pushed through by FBI HQ for non-special-agent positions despite objections from the field office. 

Other recruits have to be given remedial English classes because they are not capable of writing basic reports “in a coherent manner [and] often fail to utilize proper capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure.” (my note: punctuation and sentence structure is White supremacy as we all know)

In one case, training agent SIERRA 11 “advised a new agent that his/her writing skills needed improvement and that the new agent needed to pay attention to detail.”

The new agent complained to the supervisor that SIERRA 11 was “too difficult and expecting too much.” 

A female minority recruit “could not compose a simple FD-302,” the standard FBI interview report,” said SIERRA 79, a criminal investigator of four decades.

“The agent never made a case or wrote an affidavit and had to be pulled along to support investigations [and] could not be trusted in court.”

During the agent’s probationary period, her supervisor went up the chain of command to request that her employment be terminated but was told “we need minority female agents.

I wonder what demographic mix the trainees and special agents that quit in the middle of a very short run and can’t compose a basic sentence might fall into? Hell, I am tempted to apply for an non-special agent job just to see what happens. Regardless, read that and think about what it means. They can’t recruit in “red states” and are prioritizing illiterate, fat, drama queen black women over White men.

The future of the FBI looks a lot like this:

They are going to drive out White men in favor of black women, unemployed gamers, drug users, faggots, trannies, fatties and the mentally ill. That is good news for those the FBI might be sent to arrest for politically motivated charges. Hell, most black women can barely fit through a standard doorway as it is, load them up with tactical gear and they are likely to get wedged in the frame trying to barge in.

The above probably sounds familiar because it is also happening in the military. The military is pushing the same DEI anti-White bullshit and it is already leading to fat soldiers and girl boss ship commanders running Navy vessels into each other because the command crew chicks aren’t speaking to each other. I have written about the recruiting woes of the military in a nation where almost 80% of 17-24 year old Americans are unfit for service: Our Next War Is Going To Be Spectacular, even to the point of having an Army version of fat camp for obese recruits.

As I said in the post: “That fat fuck in the front looks like Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket“. Look at the fat black chick behind Private Pyle. They are going to give that imbecile a rifle and send her into combat against some wiry, crazy Russians? Recently the news was being leaked that not only is recruitment way down but it is way down in one specific area: young White men, the very people that are the combat backbone of the military. Gregory Hood writing for American Renaissance had a great post about this: No Military for White Men. A sample but RTWT.

The Army secretary told Congress that recruiters are being “strategically deployed to communities” based on “demographics, ethnicity, race, and gender.” She also warned against a “warrior caste” based on families who serve in the armed forces each generation and instead stressed “increasing diversity representation.”

In 2018, 56.4 percent of recruits were white. In 2023? Forty-four percent. The share of black and Hispanic recruits rose from 20 percent and 17 percent in 2018 to 24 percent for both in 2023. You can find many of them on TikTok mocking the military and complaining about the food and having to get up early. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports veterans are telling their children not to join.

The videos are very common and I don’t know why the active duty service members making TikTok videos mocking the military are not disciplined. Well scratch that, of course I know why and I also know that a White soldier that made a TikTok video mocking DEI recruiting would be drummed out of the military. This is one of my favorites, a black “soldier” who was busted for breaking back into the same basic training camp he attended so he could sell vapes, “cuz dats where da real money at”. He got caught for that and kicked out but he claims “I done so much fucked shit” and I can only imagine what that entails.

I don’t know any DIs personally but I expect that drill instructors are like anyone that deals with young people on a daily basis and can sniff out shenanigans and bullshit like a bloodhound. Looks at this dumbass and his grill….

How is that even allowed. Anyway, these are the sort of people you are getting in the armed forces. Fatties who can’t pass even the reduced PT requirements. Imbeciles. Various low IQ minorities. What you aren’t getting? White guys who can shoot and come from military families, where traditionally a lot of career military types came from. Hood linked to this story:

It is a really interesting read.

The children of military families make up the majority of new recruits in the U.S. military. That pipeline is now under threat, which is bad news for the Pentagon’s already acute recruitment problems, as well as America’s military readiness.  

“Influencers are not telling them to go into the military,” said Adm. Mike Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in an interview. “Moms and dads, uncles, coaches and pastors don’t see it as a good choice.”

After the patriotic boost to recruiting that followed 9/11, the U.S. military has endured 20 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan with no decisive victories, scandals over shoddy military housing and healthcare, poor pay for lower ranks that forces many military families to turn to food stamps, and rising rates of post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide.

That pipeline is certainly heavily White although the Wall Street Journal takes pains to not mention Whites and instead interview mostly non-Whites and females. Other things I found interesting in the article:

Maj. Gen. Deborah Kotulich, the director of the Army’s recruiting and retention task force, a unit convened to address recent shortfalls, said potential recruits should know the Army has more than 150 different job fields available.

Just for fun I looked up Debbie. According to Wikipedia, she was awarded the Bronze Star and she also served as Chief of Staff for “The Naming Commission”, longer name: The Commission on the Naming of Items of the Department of Defense that Commemorate the Confederate States of America or Any Person Who Served Voluntarily with the Confederate States of America. This is the commission that recommended changing all sorts of names on bases, ships, etc. including renaming the USS Antietam even though Antietam was technically a Union victory. Also, this chick as I mentioned has a Bronze Star which is granted: “to members of the United States Armed Forces for either heroic achievement, heroic service, meritorious achievement, or meritorious service in a combat zone.”. Deb has been in recruiting, supply, renaming bases memorializing valiant Confederate soldiers and of course “the Director for Supply, Production, and Distribution for COVID-19 Vaccine and Therapeutics for the Countermeasures Acceleration Group (CAG)”. Not to knock any of that but was her service really meritorious or heroic? Or was she just given a Bronze Star for being near a combat zone with a vagina? For that matter why is she a Major General and why are there so many generals that don’t seem to do anything useful at all? Of course this is an Army headed up by a chick who is the Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth, who never served in the Army or any branch of the Armed Forces (her husband is a part time Naval reservist though). One more quote:

Last year, the Army’s top officer, Gen. James McConville, told reporters the service was prepared to eliminate redundancies in the Army’s key fighting units, which are called brigade combat teams. The Army would maintain the number of the units by reducing the personnel in each of them, a restructuring that was prompted by the recruiting crunch, according to one defense official.

Mark Cancian, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a nonpartisan think tank, said the Army might end up making cuts that leave too few soldiers in platoons and other units. During peacetime and training this may go unnoticed, but if those units have to deploy, the Army would have to take troops from other units to fill in gaps.

Undermanned units aren’t ready to respond quickly, Cancian said, and units with fill-in soldiers don’t have the same effectiveness as a unit whose members trained together for months or years. “What you’re going to see in the Army are hollow units,” he said.

Interesting. The U.S. military is quickly becoming a paper tiger. Having the same number of combat units but reducing how many troops are in a brigade combat team. Being forced to retain the lowest performers because they can’t recruit replacements. Fat camps to get morbidly obese teenagers in shape enough to pass basic training. Dumber and darker new recruits who are walking into an armed forces that is more reliant than ever on whizbang gadgets. The people that do the actual fighting, especially in special forces which are overwhelmingly (80% or more) White and male, are being forced out of the military, making it far less lethal and much less of a deterrent.

In general, the new military and Federal “law enforcement” looks a lot more like mall cops and private security guards, or even clerks at the DMV. Entitled, stupid minority hires who can’t do anything relying on a shrinking pool of Whites to keep things running.

It isn’t just the gun toting parts that are driving out Whites with predictable results:

White Americans Are Quiet-Quitting Our Leading Institutions

….Discriminated against by race-based preferences in both academia and the workplace, young white men in particular are increasingly dropping out. There has been an almost a continuous drop in white male labor force participation over decades now, a drop sharper than seen in any other ethnic group.

In the mid-twentieth century, American employers began focusing more intensely on objective measures to assess human capital, as standardized tests for everything from college entrance to the military reigned supreme. This differentiation allowed talented people from modest social and financial backgrounds to ascend the professional ladder. But, however well intended, the Civil Rights Act and its later interpretations, particularly disparate impact and affirmative action, have ended that brief meritocratic moment. Desperate to balance leadership demographics for political reasons and increasingly unable to game any objective system to reduce white influence further, colleges and even law schools and medical schools are dispensing with standardized tests entirely in the name of “equity.”

For decades now, the government has dispensed valuable contracts to preferred constituencies on the basis of their not being white—at the federal level, such contracts for which whites are ineligible run to tens of billions of dollars annually. As Palladium notes, racial and other quotas have even come to the supposedly sacrosanct halls of corporate finance. As of 2021, Goldman Sachs, perhaps the world’s most prestigious investment bank, will not underwrite the initial public stock offerings of companies that do not have at least two non-straight white men on their board. Interestingly, their gender board diversity rules do not apply to their clients in Asia.

There were certainly many problems, discrimination among them, in the old white-dominant regime that ran America from its founding through the mid-to-late twentieth century, but whatever its flaws, this was the America that people from all over the world—from every different color and creed—have scrambled to join.

Can America’s institutions run as well in the 21st century if white Americans are quiet quitting them in despair?

It looks like we’re about to find out.

Not only are Whites becoming an absolute minority in our own country, we are also starting to step back and live out the old saying “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”. You wanted a more “diverse”, in other words less White, nation? Here it comes and you are going to get what you asked for, good and hard.

The main point here is that this is good for us. Perhaps if the U.S. military was doing something other than conducting witch hunts for “White supremacists”, killing people for Israel and generally making a mess around the world, I would care more. Likewise, when was the last time the FBI solved or prevented a crime that they were not involved in planning in the first place? If the elite law enforcement outfit in America is mostly going to focus on law abiding White people like me for misgendering trannies, then I say fuck ’em. Hire all the 325 lb black chicks you can.

The weaker these institutions that have been weaponized against us become, the less they threaten us, and that is only good news for White political dissidents.


  1. 3g4me

    Excellent post, Arthur, and I genuinely appreciate you banging the drum on my signature issue, but I fear it will be in vain. Most people just cannot comprehend how truly massive and comprehensive the demographic changes across the US have been. Perhaps their own area is one of the few that is still majority White. Too many cannot tell the difference between majority and plurality. They think speaking unaccented English and wearing jeans equals full assimilation. They think genuine assimilation is possible within a single generation, and ignore tens of generations of alien genetics that lie, only temporarily quiescent at best, behind the “muriccan’ surface.

    Their hindu neighbors have a Christmas tree, and the love Indian food. And their half Mexican neighbor’s daughter dates a White kid, and man do they love Mexican food. Besides, family values don’t stop . . .

    I could go on, and on, and on. I will get the usual pushback. But people constantly minimize the issue. They really think the US is more than about 55% White right now, and have no idea how many of those Whites are over 40. They really think assimilation works almost instantaneously and is totally one-sided. They really think that if just ‘x’ number of “illegals” are removed, everything will be okay again.

    They have no idea just how deep the rot goes – in academia, in medicine, in law, in aviation, etc. Farmers and ranchers will defend hiring Hector because “he works hard” and “is a good kid.” They have no clue that – good or bad – people are either part of your people, your tribe – or they are not. And it doesn’t matter if they are “good people.” There are putatively “good people” of every race, religion, and tribe – as judged by their own values, if not Western ones. That does not make them one of you. It cannot make them one of you.

    And they will defend sending their daughters to become professionals because “she needs to be able to support herself.”

    “Anti-natalist cultural messaging in the United States is not programmatic, but it is powerful. American girls are taught to delay marriage and motherhood, not for the nation’s sake, but for the sake of their independence. They are encouraged to attend college and find gainful employment before they consider marrying and having children. They are discouraged from being dependent on any man. No one warns of the biological clock; every regime outlet peddles the half-truth that women can wait until their late thirties to have children. According to a Pew poll, 88 percent of parents want their children to be financially independent and to have rewarding jobs or careers; only 21 percent say that getting married is important. Marriage is regarded as a capstone to a career of striving, not the foundation of a life well lived.”

    I could go on and on and on. But is fruitless. People believe what they want to believe and see what they want to see. I could continue sounding the alarm, only to be told endless tales of IKAGOS and NAXALT. Everyone is special and everyone knows an exception. Besides aren’t we supposed to value people individually? What would Jesus do? Etc., Etc.

    What will be, will be. I am just going to keep out of the way as best I can, and watch what I already know is set in motion and demographically irrversible.

    • Arthur Sido

      No one seems to be able to figure out that the reason Central and South American nations are places you flee from is that they are filled with Central and South Americans.

    • Sumguy

      “They really think the US is more than about 55% White right now, and have no idea how many of those Whites are over 40.”


      I live in a major southern city that is about 50/50, (believe me, retirement can’t come fast enough). The suburban area I live in is about 75/20 (5% Latino or other) mostly white. It’s one of the only refuges where I can live and my kid can go to a decent school. For the most part the blacks at his high school are better than the ones in the ghetto, and he’s a good student so he has a little more insulation being in classes that aren’t all the dumb kids.

      I drive through the main roads in my town all the time and the creep is noticeable. A bunch of older white people driving their cars down the road with a peppering of young blacks and Mexicans.

      My neighborhood of about 200 homes 15 years ago maybe had 4 or 5 black families. Now it’s at least a dozen or more and 3-4 Mexican families. In 10 more years it will be over 25% of my neighborhood as elderly neighbors die off and their houses become affordable rentals when their kids liquidate their dead parent’s assets and flip them.

      For every boomer who dies or sells and moves away for retirement, the demographic slide accelerates. Admittedly I will only become a part of that statistic when I sell and move in 8-10 years, if I can even hold out that long.

      Yes, the white population in America is heavily weighted by older people. In 20 years, there will be few places left to run, and government policy will be to brown those refuges up too.

      Just today I had an interesting thing happen. I noted that an Amazon delivery was being processed at a facility in my hometown (where I grew up, in another southern state that is much much whiter). It’s a smallish town, so it was a bit of a surprise to see an Amazon processing facility was operating there. I did a little research and discovered it is a new facility and the General Manager was someone who I am sure worships a Goddess with a bunch of arms and smells like curry.

      This is the next biggest vector in our displacement. INDIA has the world’s largest population, and the tech sector is chomping at the bit to flood us with them. I totally would not be shocked if by 2050, the Indian/Paki population of the US is 15% and passes up the black population.

      And all those ultra white, semi rural areas that white people currently are fleeing to will be just the perfect destination for all the new Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple hubs that will be popping up everywhere.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    101st Airborne Pappy told me not to join right after filling out selective service forms.
    It was over when Chicago jesus was immaculated and societies that are too stupid to exist won’t be around for the golden Benetton world shopping bazaar collective.
    Locally vibrant scholars were walking up and down streets saying we run this mofo now so STFU Whitey while trying to start fights and throwing plastic pop containers at cars for day one of Year Zero under the Kenyan Queen.
    Manboons is not a learning animal as we are still grappling with the obsolete stale stolen from Hobbes and the Jacobins burn down the world plan of a 19th century German bum.
    The Long March of the Frankfurt School was still going along back then it just wasn’t at the end of the line like it is now.
    The sailfawn, 24-7 buffet and entertainment uber alles stupidity of the average normie is why we can’t have nice things.
    Laugh as they circle the wagons around their delusions.

  3. MN Steel

    Every work email that mentions DEI or carbon/climate takes me a minimum of one hour to read.

    If there are links to anything on these emails I click through and read all of them. This can take a long time some days.

    I’m just complying with what is being demanded, and trying to get everyone else I can to do the same.

    • DeplorableGranny

      I just delete them. I don’t have the time or patience to read that crap.

      If forced to attend a EDI seminar I get so pissed at the inaccurate history being spewed I practically gag.

  4. LGC

    Man, Israel is screwed.

    Great post.

    BTW have you seen israeli lists of causalities? Major General (26 years old). General this, general that. Major this, Captain that. All in their 20’s


    Talk about grade inflation.


    A great and motivating reminder in your article. It validates everything I stand for and the comments reassures me there are enough of us to get by whatever comes our way.

    Use societal judo to let them carry their own momentum into their individual and collective disasters.

    I have no skin in their GloboHomo game and as a veteran (nothing high-speed), can easily recommend any YT Christian to just stay away from their degeneracy.

  6. Warren Shafer

    Another great article. They fall out halfway through a 1.5 mile run, just spare me. We ran 3 miles, and once in awhile in the Marine Corp. I had a black platoon Sgt I would have followed to Hell if necessary. In addition, in the headquarters, there was a black woman capt that commanded respect. They may have an exception though. I guess I better stockup on popcorn for the upcoming festivities. When all hell brakes loose, maybe we white men will pick up the pieces. It may be time to kick ass, and take names.

  7. Danny

    Are we at this point? Kind of like Red Dawn …

    We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

    Winston Churchill

    (Yeah I know Churchill is bashed constantly)

    • Scot Irish

      In the movie “Red Dawn” the US government did not invite the invasion.

      Churchill was instrumental in demolishing Western Civilization. Or enabling those that historically and consistently “hollow out” and destroy those countries of the West. BTW, they think they are doing us a favor.

      As for the kerfuffle in Texas, the lawsuits have been filed. Attorneys are on the scene.
      Nothing will ever really happen with the except of the attorney fees. Those must be paid post haste.

    • pyrrhus

      Churchill almost single handedly demolished Britain and its Empire by pushing it into WW1 for absolutely no reason, and then doing the same to start WW2…Of course, he owed the Rothschilds a lot of money…

  8. 4hawks

    This is a great write up, Arthur. If I was still doing homeschool it would an extra credit study for current events that matter.

  9. anonymous

    That dude who larps the DI is seriously annoying! Nobody wants to hear a DI yelling, let alone some fat wannabe.

    Having said that, what was that black dude thinking? I went through boot camp for the USCG, and yes, they took away our smokes and everything else. We went in with stuff, it was taken away and locked up, other stuff was issued, and we got our heads shaved. To stress the point; we had no access to anything that was not issued to us. So where does this idiot think these boot campers will get munee to pay him. I don’t doubt that vapes would be desired, but where exactly is the munee at?

    We got paid for boot camp…after we graduated. And there were thorough urinary screenings in the beginning and at the end. So much for vapes.

    Or maybe the boot camp I went to is unlike anything that the “tougher” services go through today. I can tell you one thing. There were no exercise bikes in my boot camp. There was no weight equipment in my boot camp. There was not even any tennis shoes in my boot camp. We had sweats, but we did all of our running in basic GI boots.

    I’m probably out of touch, of course. These days, they likely have Starbucks on the mess line.

    • Steve

      Same camp. Not only was everything taken away, there was no dessert at chow. Dessert was a piece of fruit. No soft drinks, no coffee or tea, no bacon, no sausage at breakfast.
      I did get a glimpse of the enlistees who had to undergo remedial training, whatever the hell that was and they were frightening to look at to say the least. I felt sorry for them and they shouldn’t have been there, more examples of used car salesmen (recruiters) having to fill a quota.

  10. Hiding_Out

    Not to defend that She-General, but there’s been medal inflation going on for decades. It was bad when I was in and I retired from the USAF in ’08. They’d give field grade officers bronze stars just for serving in a high enough position over in The Sandbox, etc.

    Every time you got a new base assignment and moved you’d get a medal if you had just done your job; Achievement medals for lower sergeants and lieutenants, Commendation medals for higher NCOs and capts, Meritorious Service medals for majors and LCs, and on higher for colonels and generals. We called them PCS medals (Permanent Change of Station). It was a joke; absurd.

    And I’m sure it’s several times worse by now. The Diversity is probably walking around with chests full of medals like Banana Republic generals.

  11. Sumguy

    In regards to the newly elected Somalian mayor of South Portland, Maine:

    Portland, Maine is the one city (along with Bangor) where you might expect a non-insignificant black population. Yet, here we have South Portland with only 7.2% black, and insignificant proportions of other races. Portland proper is only a percentage point higher. Bangor is actually almost entirely white, so it is clear that Maine is one of the lily whitest states in the country.

    Yet, this lily white town of South Portland, a town of over 20,000 residents mind you, so not a tiny population, elected a SOMALIAN WOMAN as mayor.

    1st, I’m so glad I’m a southerner. Yes we have a horrible black problem down here, but at least most of us recognize it and do what we feel we can do by voting in our own interests (most white southerners do this by and large).

    I could never live among white people who are so pathetic. I’m literally speechless.

    2nd, I realize that most rural people in Maine are not like this. I could probably live in Northern Maine. These two maps say it all:;0,0&resize=1200:*

    Most of Maine’s small population is concentrated in and around a couple dozen towns on the coast with populations in the 8,000-60,000 range. They all add up to probably 40% of the state’s total population, and of course birds of a feather flock together.

    Still, wtf? I understand liberals. I understand how liberals think for the most part. I can even understand white guilt on some level. I can understand voting for people who you believe are “good, kind, compassionate” etc. Therfore I can understand Maine liberals voting for a white person who soothes the white guilt by promising to do nice things for minorities.

    What I can’t comprehend is voting to have them run everything for you, make all the decisions…. decide how your money is spent. Hold the whip so to speak.

    I mean I’ll couch what I said here by saying I DON’T UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT from a purely practical perspective. I can’t understand white guilt. I think it is nonsense. I REALLY can’t understand collective white guilt that is so pervasive that an entire major US city would vote a Somalian woman to be mayor for Christ’s sake.

    I understand it intellectually, because I’m able to analyze what’s going on. But how it got this way is beyond comprehension.

    • Lineman

      Well they do a little cheating on local elections as well as the national ones so that might be part of your answer but Yea Whites have been brainwashed heavily into we are all one race so that is a major factor as well…

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