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Claudine Gay And Black “Intellectuals”

Hav-vahd President Claudine Gay has become a lighting rod for gleeful normiecon criticism. “Conservatives” took very little notice when she assumed the role in July of 2023, despite her being the quintessential diversity pick as a “strong black woman” leading Harvard, what was once considered to be the flagship university in the United States. It was only when she tried to be a bit too evasive in her answer to questions during a Congressional hearing about “rising antisemitism” on campuses that she came under serious scrutiny which quickly expanded past being insufficiently obsequious about “antisemitism” and into the clumsy plagiarisms she committed on multiple occasions.

To date Gay has managed to hold onto her seat for the same reason she was hired in the first place: she is black and female. A White guy or even a White woman would have been gone immediately. The “woke” types at Harvard are struggling with how to deal with someone that is black and female but also accused of “antisemitism”. She was just hit with more accusations on Monday:


That in itself is mildly amusing and exposes the hypocrisy of DEI academia. However that isn’t the real issue that has been exposed by the Claudine Gay fiasco. The real issue is that most black “academics” and “intellectuals” turn out to be neither and in general, black academics and intellectuals are one-trick ponies in that everything they write revolves around race, being black and blaming Whites for their woes. The are hired and celebrated just for being black, rather than for saying anything groundbreaking or even mildly interesting.

Let me start with Claudine Gay. Here are “Selected Publications” from her Wikipedia entry.

While she was plagiarizing her work, it is also worth noting that almost everything she wrote is about “the black experience”. Even the 2002 “Spirals of Trust?” that doesn’t mention race is about….race. From the abstract..

That is Gay but what about someone a little more serious? I looked up Cornell West who is considered a serious black academic and intellectual.

West is also a socialist who would be an outright Marxist except for his alleged Christian faith so some of his stuff is class related but I suspect that if I were to read the other works not highlighted, most of them would be at least partly focused on race. Or Ta-Nehsi Coates, the flavor du jour of black “intellectuals” for White liberals who buy his books and display them prominently in their home to signal how virtuous they are to other White liberals. His books are about being raised by a black Panther in Baltimore or about “black bodies” being enslaved and lynched and the 8 years of Obama when “We Wuz Eight Years In Powah”.

This is something that runs across professions. Sports journalists are a great example. People like Stephen A. Smith and Jamele Hill have made a nice living by scolding White people about how they mistreat black athletes by adoring them and paying them millions of dollars per year. That is not all they talk about but it is a constant theme in their comments.

Not to put too fine a point on it but black academics and intellectuals for the most part don’t contribute anything new to whatever field they are writing in, they simply repackage the same old complaints about White people and how awful “the black experience” has been. For Claudine Gay, it was almost inevitable that she would plagiarize extensive passages in her writings as she understandably assumed no one would actually read much less critically review her writings and also because black academics and intellectuals are saying the same thing over and over again. When you are retreading the same topic with the same conclusion, you might even appear to be plagiarizing even when you aren’t (and Gay was clearly plagiarizing). She would have gotten away with it if not for that Congressional hearing, before that no one was going to go on record criticizing a black academic leader unless they wanted to commit career suicide.

My point is this: if you are going to promote black academics and intellectuals, with some exceptions especially among conservative writers, you are going to have to ignore the fact that they are all saying the same thing in the same way with a slightly different packaging. This is inevitable when they have nothing to say and perceive no experiences to recount that are not framed in relation to White people and “racism”.


As soon as I posted this I saw that Claudine Gay was resigning from Harvard.


  1. Mike_C

    Racism done drove out this Proud Talented Woman of Color. ☹️

    Plagiarism is doubtless under reported. But you’re right that if you keep saying the same thing over and over eventually you end up self-plagiarizing. It’s certainly an issue I pay attention to when writing follow-on papers.

    Random story: Once I was asked to review an article submitted for publication by some journal. The manuscript had clearly been written in pieces by several authors and just mashed together. The Introduction was a mess of execrable dot-Indian English. Methods was terse but competent. So I slog through to the Discussion and one paragraph leapt out as curiously well-written compared to the rest of the dreck. It was oddly familiar. Then I realized that it was lifted verbatim from a paper that I had written and published about a decade earlier. Bwahahaha. (Not saying it was a brilliant paragraph on some absolute scale, just that I liked my own writing. 🤓) Anyway, I mentioned this to the editor. Editor said he was going to reject the paper on that basis, but unofficially (gave the authors another reason in the official rejection letter) since he didn’t want to be dragged into the whole plagiarism problem.

  2. Greg

    Well, it does make people like Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas all the more remarkable. They’re at least six, if not more, standard deviations toward the high end of their bell curves. As for the vast majority under that bell curve, yeah, every stereotype has a core of truth to it.

  3. Jim Wetzel

    This is just a matter of the intersectionality totem pole trying to sort itself out. Is it good news that (((the Tribe))) outranks ‘groid + female? I’m not especially overjoyed.

    The important thing was what you wrote about the instant fate of a hypothetical White male in that position. The rest? Meh …

  4. Don W Curton

    She strikes me as the type that would instantly correct you if you accidentally called her “Ms. Gay” instead of “Dr. Gay”. Maybe her and Jill Biden can sit around and discuss their doctorates since they both apparently have time to kill.

  5. Laughing Gator

    Thirty years ago, she would have been instantly fired and been stripped of her PHD if it had been proven that she plagiarized her thesis.
    But not today because she’s “muh diversity”, a woman and gay. So the DEI people at Harvard put someone not qualified who had a plagiarized phd in a pseudo BS discipline as President of Harvard !!

    The dumb racist bitch was TOO stupid and racist to say “YES” to the question “Is it wrong to call for the genocide of the tribe”. She is emblematic of how far our educational system has fallen.

  6. Anonymous White Male

    “Black Intellectual”. One of the foremost oxymorons in history. There are very few that deserve the title. Not that “Intellectual” is anything to be proud of since it usually involves mental masturbation. But, in history, I can only think of Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Walter Williams, and Thomas Sowell off the top of my head. I know Douglas was mixed race, but I don’t know if the other 3 had any substantial percentage of White DNA. It’s like “Black Inventors”, another almost non-existent species. When you look at them, you see three things: Fraudulent claims of inventions, equating obtaining a patent as an “invention”, and, when you see a picture of these “great black inventors”, they are mulattoes, quadroons, or other mixed mongrels. The only invention I can think of that can be attributed to a modern black is the “Super Soaker”. And it’s not like water dispensing toys didn’t already exist. George Washington Carver is another fraud. Oh, he did list a number of things that can be done with peanuts, but he didn’t discover anything new. Like peanut butter. Blacks want to claim it as a black contribution but it was invented by the Incas and/or Aztecs. However, the truth has never been important to blacks or their apologists.

    • Anonymous White Male

      I meant to link Black Invention Myths. When I went to do a search on Black Invention Lies, you only get Black Inventions on Google. I mean the same lies that I wanted to point out are promoted as legitimate inventions by black people. This is what the jews and blacks do. You just keep lying even when the lies can easily be proven as lies. Here is the link. The only way I found it was when I finally used Myths about black inventions, mainly because there is a website named Black Invention Myths. Be sure and save this link before it disappears down the memory hole.

  7. JLang

    “…because black academics and intellectuals are saying the same thing over and over again”

    I started noticing that too a few years ago as I was being slowly but surely black-pilled out of my “California dreaming”. It got to be where I could quickly guess where the article was going before it even got there. They just started adding more and more buzzwords like “black bodies” and making up ridiculous word salads – utter nonsense – that were designed to make them sound smart, which in my case just made me think “this guy is full of shit”…

    Am I the only one that finds it ironic that the more “education” they get, the more asinine they sound? A whole generation of bullshit artists have been dropped upon us from academia and it’s doing nothing to make our situation better on any level.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything…

  8. Jeffrey Zoar

    Wait ’til you see who they replace her with. Now that the Harvard presidency has gone black, there ain’t no going back

  9. Hickocks Ghost

    what exactly qualifies a black as an intellectual? Is it having an IQ higher than his shoe size?
    The above examples excepted.

  10. Bean Dip Tray

    Saw a funny one of why not replace a black Marxist indoctrination center president with the Barackmessiah first gay preezy of the steezy complete with actual Newsweak cover of the immaculate bathhouse server.
    Umm…umm…umm…yes we can!
    The be all smart and stuff like edumacation czars at Harvard will have a Taylor Swift course for the like be like all smart and stuff like students like!
    1000 years of glorious victories await the FUSA like. (whoopi cushion)

  11. Harbinger

    What is academe’s version of a golden parachute? Be sure that the esteemed “Dr.” Gay is bailing out with one. And don’t think for a moment that you’ve heard the last of this disgraced fraud. She’ll appear on The View next week, and whoopi will anoint her with the Jill Biden “She’s a hell of a doctor” line before someone off-camera whispers that Gay is no more a medical doctor than Biden is.

  12. Stealth Spaniel

    It is typical of academia; self appointed and self praising yahoos who lie, cheat, and steal their way to be “above” us all. People in education are really uneducated; they can quote something, or nominate something and show how much brain power they use to define day to day life. It is all a vaudeville dance show. Hollywood writers excel at all of this-how many times have Sunset Boulevard, The Postman Always Rings Twice, etc. been repackaged as different shows with different names? Yet, the middle class goes into debt to send their children to fatuous fools and devious institutions run by these same “intellectuals”.

  13. MN Steel

    If their (((lawyers))) wanted these dumb bints to continue with their jobs, all they had to do is say “Our hands are tied by you and your fellow congressmen and -women and -people by Title IX. The answers we have to give you are necessarily vague or our schools can lose all federal funding by dicriminating for or against any group, except against White people and asians.”

    Or words to that effect.

    But black and proud and Ph.D and not taking the (((chosen position))) doomed them.

    I never knew Harvard had a forestry program until I took the GRE 25 years ago, and it never was more than a joke to think you could learn more about the woods there.

  14. Steve

    None of these people are intellectuals. People like Einstein, Tesla, Hawking, they are intellectuals. The object of this story? An academic. And as one of the commenters above stated, it’s mental masturbation. Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
    I would love to know what he meant by that. That statement alone would make anyone with a modicum of curiosity delve deep in an attempt to get their head around it. Compare that with any selection of crap offered by the subject of this story and there’s no comparisson.

    • anon2

      There’s a debate about Einstein plagiarizing ‘his’ ‘Theory of Relativity’ from other scientists.
      And while I’m here, remember that the Most Holy Dr Reverun Martin Luther King Jr
      (real name Michael King Jr) was a plagiarist, serial adulterer, & Marxist-Communist.

  15. Hiding_Out

    All the original source material for that black grievance drivel was probably written by some Jewish academics, and it’s been plagiarized ever since, as these Skolars use it to piece together their B.S. papers. It’s all so tiresome.

  16. WDS

    Well, it ooks like the graduating class of ’24 won’t get to hear her “I have a dream” speech during the commencement ceremony. Fear not readers, although Claudine resigned as prez, she’s staying on at Harvard and keeping that nice salary too. Leftists always protect their own.

  17. Steve

    The first sentence in the abstract: “Research on black representation in Congress emphasizes the meterial gains associated…” Meterial? Good Lord, who didn’t have spell check by 2002? What kind of rinky-dink operation is American Journal of Political Science that their editors or peer review didn’t catch it?

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