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Don’t Get Caught Watching The Jangling Keys

All politics is fake and gay, that is well established among political dissidents. Everything about it is manipulated and massaged to give normies the illusion of control and choice when they really have neither. That doesn’t mean that it has no importance, but people need to understand how to observe and interpret politics without being caught up in the “My team vs their team” bullshit.

The upcoming 2024 “election” is going to be interesting in the sense of seeing what They are going to do. I am honestly pretty surprised They left Pedo Joe Biden in the White House this long, I really expected They would either JFK him or force him to step down. Of course that does not mean his will be the name on the ballot come November. Rumors are still swirling that Gavin “Gruesome” Newsome or even Michelle “Big Mike” Obama will replace him (see John Wilder’s post this morning: Friday’s Musings, Including LEGO, Seinfeld, And A Ted Talk). For that matter there is still plenty of time for The Mother Of All False Flags that pins a JFKing on some convenient, autistic MAGA weirdo who will of course “be known to law enforcement”.

That assumes that the plan is for Trump to lose, and it certainly seems that would be the plan. Orange Man Bad drives the lefties almost as crazy as Trump drives proper genteel “conservatives” crazy. Not everyone is convinced, like Black Pigeon Speaks in this recent video.

BPS seems to be suggesting Trump will be permitted to “win” as a sort of pressure valve. That has some merit. The anger among the population, especially on the “right” is palpable, and the Noticing is intensifying. In his first term Trump was led around by the nose for four years, hurfing and blurfing in front of the cameras while making one bad personnel decision after another and getting hoodwinked by the very Swamp he had pledged to drain. So maybe They are thinking “Put Trump in office, let him founder around again and keep the White folk placated for four more years while they are replaced.”. They never forget that Whites in America have around half a billion firearms and a trillion rounds of ammo.

Also keep in mind that having Trump in office energizes the Left. Over three years since he left office, and all anyone talks about is Cheeto Don. No matter the topic, people on social media will try to shoehorn Orange Man Bad into the conversation and you can’t talk about anything Biden is doing without the inevitable “Yeah but Trump” retort. If They are planning something major, it will perhaps be easier to do so if Trump is in office, as backwards as that might sound. Notice that since Biden assumed the Oval Office, antifa and black Lives Matter has all but disappeared. A gang of White cops could set a kindergarten classroom full of black kids on fire, live on Facebook, arrange their charred bones into a swastika and you still wouldn’t get riots.

I argued for a different rationale last October, Setting Up A Scapegoat?, my idea being that They let Trump get back into office, turn loose the rabid dogs on the Left, blame the Orange Man and run him out of office.

Imagine Trump taking office in January of 2025 and almost immediately civil unrest breaks out again, but far worse than in 2020. At the same time, more major calamities take place: a financial system collapse, some new “pandemic”, a war against one or more near-peer adversaries. All of it orchestrated of course, just like 2020.

If things get bad enough, the Uniparty would happily “impeach” Trump again and this time maybe throw him out, or even better yet let things burn for four years. He could be scapegoated for the chaos and the electoral bloodbath in 2028 would be a thing of terrible beauty. Remember, these people have a long time horizon and They are usually thinking strategically while “conservatives” were thinking tactically. The march through the institutions started in earnest back in the 1960s and started bearing real fruit in the 90s or so. They have a long memory and a lot of patience.

Four years of chaos that they could then blame on Orange Man Bad and all Whites by association would lay the groundwork for Them to do whatever They want. One of my unshakable rules of life is that when faced with the unacceptable, people will happily embrace an alternative no matter how distasteful.

Is that what is happening? I don’t know but I don’t put anything past Them. So what if the nation burns to the ground and thousands or millions die? As long as They end up on top of the burning rubble, They will be happy.

Don’t get caught watching the shiny objects and flashing lights. Look at what is happening apart from the manufactured “election”. The wheels are turning and we are coming to a culmination of what They have been working on for a long time. Enjoy the absurdity of the spectacle but FFS don’t get caught up in it.


  1. Greg

    Thanks Arthur. I’ve always liked a contrarian take counter to the mainstream narratives. I’ve also been saying for quite a while now that the bread and circuses of politics should have a disclaimer like lotteries do: “For entertainment purposes only, not to be taken seriously.”
    Are you not entertained?

  2. Berglander

    Aw c’mon Patriot! When TRUMP Is Re-Elected (By All REAL Americans!) He’ll Be Throwing The Final Brick In The Wall And Locking Her Up In No Time! My Wife’s Black Son (A REAL Conservative Patriot!) Agrees!1!!1!1!1!1!1!

  3. Berglander

    Aw c’mon Patriot! When TRUMP Is Re-Elected (By All REAL Americans!) He’ll Be Throwing The Final Brick In The Wall And Locking Her Up In No Time! My Wife’s Black Son (A REAL Conservative Patriot!) Agrees!1!!1!1!1!1!1!

  4. Max Wiley

    The strategy of allowing Trump especially, or any Republican in general, to be in office in the period 2025-2029 has merit, in my opinion. There’s a strong possibility it’s all Kabuki Theater for the permanent globalist takeover, anyway.
    The next 5 years should see a further weakening of both the value of the dollar and the power of the GAE abroad, continuing and accelerating what we have seen become obvious recently. Total financial collapse is not out of the question, and I think the globalist elites have a plan to call in the debt of the United States by laying claim to ownership of the country itself. At the same time, Biden and Co. are trying to turn lands that belong to the country but are managed by the US Gov’t into a tokenized commodity in the Great Financial Casino.
    Read and understand “The Great Taking”

  5. saoirse

    With the massive amounts of backstabbing sellout scum in the Republicunt party, federal/state administrations and woke corporations; how could anyone (with a brain) think that Trumpenstein, even if he was totally sincere (he ain’t even partly sincere), could get anything done?
    It’s all a big scam. The guy was doing the backstroke in swamp water way before he was president.
    Anyone participating in this charade or even hanging around the perimeter deserves what they get, and I hope they get it hard!

  6. Bobsuruncle

    Zion Don is the snake in his story he often tells. Thanks for the new FBI bldg, that will now be built somewhere in Maryland most likely. Thanks for the gene therapy shot Zion Don thats killing and maiming hundreds of thousands if not millions. If he is a 33rd degree, 4 dimensional chess genius, why arent other known masons voting for him? I have a few in my family in fact, 32 degree types and they are voting Demonrat. Zion Don’s greatest achievement in his words is his Chabad Tree of Life award. He is a kabbalist he said it in one of his books. Hes the jews greatest ally. He is indebted to jew Wilbur Ross that bailed him out of bankruptcy, now hes their little monkey. Every president since Reagan has pledged loyalty to the Noahide laws. So much for sovereignty.

    Its just a question do you want it rammed in dry, or pushed in slow with lube. Thats our choices in 2024.

    Its all fake and gay.

    • Mike_C

      “do you want it rammed in dry, or pushed in slow with lube”

      So long as it’s circumcised it’s all good. As a bipedal animal that happens to have the power of speech, I’m just grateful to be able to serve actual human beings however they require.

      I empathize with Marilyn Monroe’s complaint that to the effect that the best thing about being famous (enough to be offered roles on her own) was that she wouldn’t have to suck any more Jewish cocks.

  7. Gryphon

    It no longer Matters who is ‘the Swamp’s (s)Election ‘winner’.

    I doubt that Anything the ‘Swamp’ can do now will change the Trajectory of “Collapse” (and it won’t be (((their))) ‘order out of chaos/great reset, either.) There are too many things going on in the rest of the World for much of anything happening in the FUSSA to matter, IMO, at this point. The entire zoinist/judeo-communist ‘new world order’ is Flailing, ineffectively, against Russia, China, and even Countries like Yemen, who have realized that “The Hegemon” is No Longer Able to Smash other Countries with Impunity.

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  9. Al Buckner

    Great article to think outside of the box. But the fact is the democrats know they have no one that can beat TRUMP.
    They won’t admit it openly, but as we say on the farm, “no need to close the barn door after the horse got out”. They created their own nightmare by going after TRUMP and driving up his polls numbers and making him even liked by once hated democrats.
    We have another saying on the farm, “mess with my family, money and you will sleep in the seaweed”.
    Basement-dweller-handlers of Creepy Joe over estimated how they could destroy most of the country and think the average working stiff was going to blame the Republicans and Orangeman. In fact TRUMP kept doing what he always done, except better….Rallys, stay on point, calm his rhetoric tone down and used every conviction to say, “they coming after you, not me”! His conviction is getting him more air-time from Fake Media at zero expenses.
    Teflon-Don Is The Man of The Year!
    TRUMP ROAR IN ’24…💯

  10. Steady Steve

    (((They))) can unleash all the BLM/Antifa violence they want. Who cares if the shithole Dem cities burn? In my “neck of the woods” we’ll just shoot those scumbags and any cops who are stupid enough to defend them. Perfectly legal to defend your home and families against rioters and corrupt .gov types as far as I’m concerned.

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