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Wiggers, Mudsharks And Paying The Toll

For reasons unfathomable to most, lots of young Whites experience intense Negrophilia, a “love of the Negro” expressed by a fetishization of blacks and black “culture”. It is perhaps most pronounced in the embrace of black “music”, specifically rap and hip-hop (and no I neither know the difference nor do I care. Grunting is grunting.). The sight of a child of Europe cavorting about in a clumsy unintentional mockery of black “dancing”, throwing their arms around in movements akin to a grand mal seizure, was amusing at first but now is simply revolting. Not just revolting but shameful in the sense of a rejection of their heritage and the embrace of the “culture” of the race far behind the rest of humanity in human evolution.

This Negrophilia takes two primary forms, the Wigger and the Mudshark.

The Wigger (a mash-up of “White nigger”) has been around for a long time, dating back to Robert Matthew Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice who hit the scene in 1990 with his (in)famous song: Ice Ice Baby from the album To the Extreme that sold over 15 million copies. He was roundly mocked, like this skit from In Living Color that I remember watching back in the day….

….but he also made a ton of money. More about him in a moment. Prior to Vanilla Ice, White kids were buying rap music from NWA and Ice Cube, never pondering that they would crap their pants if someone had dropped them into Compton wearing khakis and polo shirts. Vanilla Ice mainstreamed rap for White kids with a handsome White guy that a White girl in the early 90s could bring home to mama, unlike the dangerous and violent black thugs that made up the rap scene in L.A.

The Wigger went to another level with “Eminem”, less known by his very White real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Eminem, unlike Vanilla Ice, seems to be a more serious rapper (an oxymoron, I know) but his appeal is still mostly as a novelty White rapper. I have never asked any black rap aficionados their opinion of Eminem but I suspect they mostly see him as a joke. I certainly do, the guy is a cringey clown trying to appeal to the lowest forms of human expression, a loser who managed to latch onto the rising popularity of a genre to become famous and wealthy.

Wiggers are notable for their tendency to exaggerate what they perceive as black “culture”, adopting cartoonish clothing styles that no black would be caught dead wearing and ridiculous attempts to speak in a way they think sounds “black” and “ghetto” but usually sounds like what it actually is: a White guy trying to sound like an extreme stereotype of a black guy.

The Mudshark is the female version of the Wigger. Instead of just dressing up like a black, they instead prefer to date black men. You can usually tell a Mudshark by the mixed race kids she is raising alone, the bruises and the endless bitching about the “racism” their mixed race child allegedly faces.

With a few exceptions, the Mudshark seems driven by some combination of an extreme self-loathing, daddy issues or a desperate need for male attention (many Mudsharks are obese or homely but find the attention they seek from black men who prefer ugly, fat White chicks to their own women and who can really blame them?). Despite what you see on TV commercials, stable interracial families of a black husband and White wife are very rare although unmarried single White women with a gaggle of mulatto children are becoming more common.

What both Wiggers and Mudsharks fail to realize is that they will never be accepted as part of authentic black “culture”. Vanilla Ice is a great example of this. No one has ever taken him seriously as a rapper, and he alleges that he was threatened by Suge Knight into signing over the publishing rights to Ice Ice Baby, Suge Knight rightly assuming Vanilla Ice was a poser and a bitch. Sure he made lots of money selling rap to suburban White kids but black rappers can’t possibly take him seriously.

A less amusing recent example occurred last week when a White kid was badly beaten because he was trying to get a photo with a rapper.

The father of a young man who was brutally beaten by members of Nardo Wick’s entourage earlier this week slammed the Florida rapper for refusing to cooperate and provide authorities with the names of the assailants.

George Obregon Jr., 20, was left in critical but stable condition after members of Wick’s posse attacked him when he approached the group following a concert in Tampa Monday in hopes of snapping a photo with his “favorite artist.”

After Obregon approached Wick, whose real name is Horace Walls III, he was knocked unconscious by a member of the rapper’s entourage before a second member of the group pummeled him into the ground, disturbing social media footage showed.

I have no idea who Nardo Wick is but this 20 year old White kid named George Obregon apparently idolized him and now is in critical condition thanks to being assaulted and nearly killed for getting too close to his idol.

Mudsharks have a long history of being abandoned by their black baby daddies, if they are lucky, and hurt or even killed in fits of rage in they are unlucky. I have written any number of entries about this, like Weaponizing The 13% that shows the video of former NFL player Zac Stacy throwing his White former girlfriend and baby mama across the room and into a TV, right in front of their tiny mixed race baby, before giving her the aggressive posturing to show what a tough guy he is while she cowers on the floor. He employed the “bitch had it coming” defense and claimed that he was “set-up” into throwing her across the room.

I guess she is lucky she got off with only being tossed around rather than killed. You don’t have to look far or hard to find tons of examples of this sort of behavior. Mudsharks seem to think that the sweet talking black men use to get in their pants is reflective of their actual character when what you see above is a more accurate representation of what black men really think of White women. To be vulgar and blunt, black men like fucking White women, and again you can’t blame them when the other option are their own women, but they still see them as “White oppressors” and take a weird pleasure in treating them violently.

I would be remiss if I did not point out that there has been a concerted marketing effort for decades to portray White culture as lame and embarrassing while black “culture” is presented as hip and cool, something more exciting and “authentic” than White stuff. I didn’t know of more than a couple of White girls that dated blacks as a youth, and I didn’t know any personally. The one black guy at my high school, a pretty nice guy and great running back, never really dated as far as I know because we had a grand total of zero black girls in our school.

After many years of popular culture propaganda, many White girls are convinced that black men are incredibly appealing, masculine and suave, while White men are lame and soft. There is something to the latter as I have said repeatedly, a very significant percentage of young White men are in fact weak, passive, soft and incredibly unappealing. In turn, lots of young White men have embraced Wigger culture after being told their entire lives how lame and dorky White culture is.

Despite this propaganda, the truth is that both Wiggers and Mudsharks are never accepted, not by the blacks that they so desperately wish to emulate and be embraced by and not by Whites who find their actions disgusting and embarrassing. They spend their youth chasing after the approval of people that no one should be seeking the approval of and always in vain.

At least a Wigger can pull his pants up and wear his hat like a normal person when he grows out of that stage but a Mudshark? At best they carry the taint of their past race mixing relationships with them and in all too many cases they also have the baggage of mixed race children as a single mother, now looking for a serious man and unable to find one. I know of plenty of single White women with White kids where their prior relationship just didn’t work out but a single White woman with mulatto children? She has demonstrated that she has such poor judgment that she should be avoided at all costs.

At their most basic, Wiggerism and Mudsharkism, are based in self-loathing and a desire to emulate the polar opposite of who a person actually is by embracing a false image of black “culture” while rejecting an equally inaccurate vision of their own White heritage. When you see a Wigger or Mudshark, never forget that there are people who have encouraged this behavior and have done so with no less a goal than the total destruction of White culture, White history and White people themselves.


  1. Mike_C

    Indeed. Never forget that this did not happen spontaneously. There is an agenda, several actually, and decades of concerted effort behind all of this mess. Never Forget.

    “Wiggerism and Mudsharkism, are based in [LEARNED] self-loathing”

    That said, there’s hope. I was in Ontario recently for about four days. Chatted with a handful of basically random young white people (among others), mostly women, in their 20’s and 30’s. It goes like this: store (or diner) is not busy so they can chat if they so desire. I buy a doughnut, or lunch, whatever, and remark on the high price. Not in a bitchy, personal way, but “Wow! Last time I was here — I’m from the States — just a few years ago this was only $5.” (Current price $8 or $10.) About half responded with “You can thank Trudeau for that.” This opens the door to political talk. I mainly listen, but drop a few hints to steer the conversation. So three of 6 or 7 young women quickly went to “Yeah! I’m so SICK of being called racist, and everything being blamed on white people.” Or “how come everyone but us is encouraged to ‘take pride in your culture’ but I’m supposed to be ashamed of mine?”

    One of these was a Dutch/Swedish girl who said “the father of my baby is half-Thai [note she didn’t say HUSBAND], and both my brothers married black women, but they get to call ME racist? And I’m supposed to apologize all the time and just take it?” My point is that even someone like that is aware, and angry about, the shit.

    The best was a nurse who was probably the smartest of my little study cohort. We had been discussing the weaponization of Victimhood and she was constructing sua sponte a victimhood hierarchy. When she got done I said, “You left out the people at the top. The Boss Victims.” She looked at me l, puzzled. I looked around theatrically (we were in a public space) and said, “We’re not allowed to name them. Noticing is a hate crime.” She nodded. “I’m going to change the subject. Did I mention that I finally watched that Kanye West interview? Saw it last night after work. He’s not wrong, you know.” I nearly choked on my coffee from trying not to laugh.

  2. Hiding_Out

    Amen to all that. And don’t leave out the adoption of nigger-speak, which we have done for 60+ yrs or so. It started with cool, and hip, and now it’s dis, props, totes, etc. I’m sooo tired of hearing our people talk like ghetto blacks.

  3. Jon

    Walking in tourist resort a while back, ended up behind an older white couple with two mulatto kids in tow. My guess is they were daughter’s sprogs, said daughter not there, probably trying to hook up with another baby daddy.

    • Gryphon

      I’ve noticed that, too. A restaurant that I go to all the Time (I know the Family pretty well) often has the ‘grandparents’ with the mud baby(s) and no ‘mother’ with them. Also often see groups of two or three mudsharks with 5 or 6 nigglets, often “Acting Up” loud and rude. The ‘sharks are always ‘morbidly obese’, a.k.a. Land Whales. You NEVER see any of the ‘baby daddies’ with them.

      • Arthur Sido

        It is hard to imagine that a White girl that won’t take care of herself and will allow a black guy to impregnate her would not be responsible enough to care for children.

        • Don Curton

          But yet they’ll still claim “my children are my life” and also “any man that wants me better take care of my kids too”.

  4. Raymond

    I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer for. It sort of relates to the topic at hand because it’s about mixed race black-white children.

    For years, I’ve been told that most blacks in America carry some White genetics because the White slave owners were busy raping their black slave women. But when I look around and see that most White men do not find black women attractive in any way, and I look at black vs White rape statistics over the past few decades (around 20 to 30 thousand White women raped by black men every year), I wonder if that is truly what happened in the past. Not to say that the slave owners weren’t scoundrels and that it didn’t happen sometimes…

    Is it possible that _most_ of the genetic mixing was actually from black men raping White women, or from mudsharking?

    Apologies for potentially derailing the conversation here…

    • Arthur Sido

      I would suspect that slaves were bred for hard work and so the African traits that come through tend toward more masculine appearance, which is OK in a guy but horrifying in a woman. For example, a guy with broad shoulders seems attractive while a woman like that is not (like “Michelle” Obama)

    • Don Curton

      Bear in mind there are guys that’ll stick it in anything, attractive or not. I don’t think plantation owner rape was as prevalent as they make out. Instead, I think slavers impregnated the women with half-white babies to make them more valuable at auction. Similar to how my Dad would buy pregnant heifers at auction – as long as there was a certificate of pregnancy and info on the bull. Vets would palpate cows just prior to auction to verify. So anyway you’d buy the female slave, black as Africa and just as dumb, and ~9 months later you get a 1/2 black slave that’ll grow up to speak English, be more intelligent, more docile, and more valuable either to keep or sale. Sort of a long term investment.

      Anyway, I don’t have proof or source, just my opinion based on stuff I read.

      Also remember that blacks raping whites generally resulted in lynch mobs for most of our history, so I’m not see that as a large source of the genetic mixing until very recently. But even way back then you had very light skinned blacks so the genetic mixing pre-dates the Civil War. I seem to recall that one of the founders of the NAACP was so light skinned he could pass for white. So there’s that.

    • Berglander

      Well…when you learn how most of the slave traders, and a large portion of slave owners, were jewish…it makes more sense.
      I’d be willing to bet that the jewesses back then were taking their pick of the bucks.

      • Raymond

        Don Curton’s hypothesis that slavers were impregnating African women in order to produce livestock-offspring with a higher value is both fascinating and revolting. The heartless, cold bloodedness of it nauseates me. But it makes perfect sense. And we now know who most of the slave traders were, too.

        Hmmm… seems like it would be relatively simple these days to use a genetic testing company like 23andme to determine the White content of the average black person’s genetic makeup, and how much is actually ((( White )).

        Let’s see, ((( who ))) owns 23andme and would have a strong interest in controlling that information?

    • Laughing Gator

      Raymond, the answer is something that you will NEVER read in any history book but it is 100% true.

      In the 1600-1700s, Ireland was overpopulated and judges would forcibly send Irish men and women to the “new World” as “indentured servants”. Indentured servants was another name for slave. What early wealthy land owners in the New World would do was forcibly breed their Irish female (indentured servants) slaves with their African male slaves. Thus produced strong much more intelligent mulatto slaves.

      • Raymond

        That is perhaps the most stomach-churning thing I have read all year. Perhaps it does help to explain why so many mulattos had (have) red curly hair?

      • Mike_C

        If you Google the topic you get about fucking five million hits saying that the Irish woman x negro man thing is a G-d damned racist dogwhistle of a lie, and that no one (except for one group of course) has ever suffered so cruelly as the American negro. This alone tells me it must be true.

    • Bobsuruncle

      White men raping black women is statistically zero, its so low every year, its labeled “anomalous”. Black men raping white women, the stats are off the charts. But that be racist and shiite for a white women to cross the street when she see a black man. Funny thing is, a large percentage are mudsharking.

      • Arthur Sido

        Yet if you talk to most blacks they seem to think that Whites are raping dey womenz left and right, when every White guy I know would rather never have sex again than banging a black chick.

    • Marcus R.

      It’s more like this. There was a small “founder” population of negro slaves, they arrived around 1620 in Virginia. The White population was less than 10,000 at this time too in all of the US colonies and the negro population was about half that. So it didn’t take many mulattos to effect the negro population over all. The myth of White owners routinely doing this is not accurate at all though. The early colonial gender imbalance [WAY more men than women] corrected itself by time 1640 rolled around. After 1640, the White genetics going into the negro population came from mulattos themselves, which became further diluted over the generations. Most over seers were not White but were mulatto or similar “light skin” negro.

      White women were not mingling with negros at all. This is a recent phenomenon and is entirely rooted in (((media and entertainment control + “education” control))) which promotes this, while presenting White men as lame. This is intentional to mix Whites out by (((them))).

  5. 60yrs of Observation

    We are not the same.
    Diversity IS The problem.

    Tigers dont have sex with elephants, though both are Animals.
    Racoons dont mate with dogs. Both are animals.

    We Are Not the Same.

    Stay in your Damn Lane. Have some GD Self Respect.

    These mudshark women are worthless. Period.
    Shun them at every turn.

    • Arthur Sido

      We bred a litter of puppies once that were a cross between German Shepherd (a very smart dog) and Saint Bernard (a very dumb dog). What we ended up with were very large and pretty dumb German Shepherds. Just because you can cross breed doesn’t mean you should.

  6. saoirse

    Another Trojan horse from the sixties, the mighty jew wurlitzer transformed shiftless pavement apes into super desirable studs and rocket scientists via Hollywood and the electronic and print media – whilst tearing down White culture at the same time. That’s why the parents and grandparents of these suburban poseurs are just as lame.
    Jilted mudsharks whining about wanting someone ‘man enough’ to adopt her and her burr-headed pickaninnies get this reply from me:
    White men weren’t good enough for you then, they’re not going to be stupid enough to want you now! YOYO….bitch!!

    • Arthur Sido

      Most of them come across like they are just looking for financial support after a decade of being a cum dumpster for black guys, now they think a White guy should volunteer to provide for the kids that the black guys left behind.

      • TakeAHardLook

        Yes, it must be a special form of self-deception (insanity?) to believe that you, your body, the quality of your life and your sprogs are somehow more desirable to a White man than the life he could fashion with a pure-bred (not bred by a black) White woman.

  7. Anonymous White Male

    Commercials are a great way (((TPTB))) have snuck nigs into White society. I don’t watch commercial TV, but there are internet sites I visit that have side panels complete with contemporary ads. One I’ve been seeing (sound turned off, but who needs it. The message comes across just fine) is a pharmaceutical ad for a breast cancer product that features blacks….acting like Whites! Wearing White clothing and engaging in White behavior. Can you imagine a group of blacks standing around counting New Years down and then blowing those roll ups out, complete with New Years eve hats! Or two black women with fairy wings on their back providing Halloween candy for black trick or treaters. You know, celebrating Halloween like Whites, not shooting each other on All Hallows Eve. Especially since blacks only trick or treat in White neighborhoods. These mischaracterizations serve two functions. One, for the Whites, is, “See! They’re just like you! Have your children reproduce with these wonderful people that are the exact same thing as you are. Except the skin. And the hair. And the noses. And the eyes. And the skeletons. And the musculature. Well, you know what we mean.” Two, for the nigs, “You should aspire to be White!” And Christians can be the worst suck-ups imaginable. Even though the Bible specifically says God expects us to reproduce “Kind after kind”, and said, “Thou shalt not commit adultery (adulteration of genes created by God, adulteration of food, adulteration of coinage, among other things)”. It also said that, “A bastard (mixed race offspring) shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord even unto the 10th generation.” But, contemporary Christians no longer have common sense or even know what they believe and will say, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”, and, “Everyone is descended from Adam and Eve!”, having been so deceived they have no clue that there were already humans in the world when Adam and Eve were created. And since they also believe the fiction that the Flood was a world wide event, they believe that somehow Noah and his Sons and their wives someone populated the earth with blacks, Indians, Orientals, etc. They are so far from an intelligent understanding that they don’t know they are to be fruit inspectors, supposed to avoid blacks like the plague, and completely lacking in possessing a built-in bullshit detector.

    • Arthur Sido

      Between (((entertainment))) and (((advertising))), plus the infiltration of Christian churches with clergy telling their flocks that everyone is equal and the same, it has gone a long way toward Whites adopting black behavior and White girls spreading their legs for blacks.

    • TaheAHardLook

      The massively disproportional representation of blacks in TV commercials is laughably repulsive; as if the average black in America lives in a $1M home, drives a BMW, is happily married (usually to a White) and productively employed in white collar work. Right.

      Unlike the reality of the feral monkeyshines that defines the average inner-city black; crime, jail, release, more crime, whining that “whitey is putting me down,” etc.

      And the shows/movies: blacks are cast as top-level admins, well-dressed, articulate, in charge of….everything.

      Who knew they were such a singularly superior race?

  8. Bean Dip Tray

    If saint Floyd of Fentanyl is the baby daddy of FUSA then it makes sense to beat up baby mamas of all rainbow colors and races.
    Dad and gramps used to flip out over the Cosby Show and all that Michael Jordan worship, they tried to warn us.
    A local huge Van Halen Motley Crue fan warned us to never buy rap albums because it was going to the gangs and the producers and record company owners are the Blue Octopus.
    Icy Vanillas 2005 Platinum Underground isn’t too bad with rock guitars and remixes with heavy bass, I wasn’t a fan back in 1990.
    Fun fact-in the grotto (ghetto) Chore Boy is under glass because it is used as a crack pipe screen.

  9. Ohio Copperhead

    Why do you keep misrepresenting mudsharks? There are a few skanks, wannabes, and (in the case of professional athletes) gold diggers but many if not most of them are drug addicts! Having lived in Toledo, like you used to, and in the North End, I can tell you with absolute certainty that a large percentage of mudsharks are drug addicts who are prostituting themselves (sometimes literally so) to pay for their addiction.

    Because blacks turn their neighborhoods into de facto no-go zones, they dominate the ranks of the street dealers (they’re too dumb to dominate higher up the supply chain) and so have the ability to directly supply those women. If police got brutal with those dark-skinned dealers, to where the trade would require more cunning dealers to keep going, those women would be whoring themselves to white criminals (not that that would be ideal). If you want to end the majority of mudsharking you need to end the drug trade or black privilage within it!

    • Arthur Sido

      Where I grew up we didn’t get much exposure to that and the few mudsharks I know of, one in my wife’s family, are just low quality, unattractive women that gravitated to black men. I have no doubt a lot of them are the result of drugs of course but I don’t know any in that situation personally.

      • Don Curton

        Fat ugly white women have a choice between a fat ugly white man or a decently attractive and fit black man. Since most women want to hypergamy their way up the beauty chart, they’ll choose the better looking black man regardless of baggage. All of the (admittedly few) mudsharks I know are fat and ugly. Also divorced and bruised. With a litter of niglets.

        Whenever you see a nice looking girl with a black man, there’s usually some level of celebrity involved – sports athlete, musician, etc. to elevate the social status. Think OJ and Nicole. Without the football career, OJ would have had to settle for large Marge in the trailer park. And still kill her.

  10. Zorost

    You are truly a scholar, and I don’t mean the euphemism for an urban yoot. In an attempt to add to the knowledge of this post:

    “You can usually tell a Mudshark by the mixed race kids she is raising alone, the bruises and the endless bitching about the “racism” their mixed race child allegedly faces.”

    You can often spot them on dating sites when they talk about how their kids are the most important thing to them, while not putting up any photos with her kids in it. A normal woman wouldn’t have to stress that her kids are #1, the only way a question would exist is if the kids were sub-humans.


    Many people think that blacks invented the elements of black culture. Of course this makes sense at first, until one looks at the roots of their cultural elements. Pretty much everything they have and do is stolen. Even twerking was not invented by blacks, but stolen from their closest relative:

    • Arthur Sido

      Of course their kids are #1 because the baby daddies are long gone leaving them with little mixed race kids to raise that also serve as a giant red flag for anyone looking for a serious relationship. I would guess a lot of these skanks find some White sap to provide for them while continuing to debase themselves by banging black guys on the side.

    • Arthur Sido

      You see that all the time, suddenly they are a born again Christian. I assume that is a ploy to get some lonely Christian White guy to have pity on them like their mixed race baby is a mission project or something.

    • Skeptic

      Notice that her profession is “dancer.” I.E. stripper. I.E. hooker, because most strippers are hookers. But yeah. She’s a born again Christian and wants a White man to take care of her little niglet.


      Hahahaha! Back when I was young and still interviewing young ladies for the Mrs. Cancers job, I was pretty much of mind that I not want to marry a woman who already had a child.

      The gal in the pic ain’t bad looking, and as a dumb youngster I’d a prolly tried to hit it after a belly full of liquor in the strip joint.

      Other than being widowed, a single mom has already displayed a bad track record of judgment. But talk about a deal breaker. You know the old saying, “once you go black, stay the fuck away”.

  11. AZFloyd

    “Try to get normies to notice that, they still flip out.”

    Normie whites are enemies of civilization every bit as much as niggers. I know longer have any sympathy for mudsharks who meet a violent death. When I broach the 13% statistic, normies will experience an amygdala hijack and nothing you say will help because their brain literally shuts down.

    A heuristic I use is to ask a white to say nigger. If they can’t bring themselves to simply enunciate a word, they are going to be useless in any physical confrontation to save their race.

    • Berglander

      We were all normies once. Shit back in high school, in the 90’s, there were kids talking about the niggers and the jews-only to be ridiculed by ‘normies.’
      Don’t give up. More and more notice every day. Often they only need to know that they aren’t alone when it comes to race realism.

  12. Danny

    Agree with the comment above: the people in ads on TV are practically all black … who act white. It’s beyond ridiculous – it’s annoying. Deliberate propaganda from the state courtesy of “entertainment” medium. We, the caucasian people, don’t really need blacks and that apparently infuriates the social engineers. The contributions of blacks is negligible – wailing or quick-tempo music, running, jumping, dancing … that’s about it since their labor is not to be valued.So the blacks-in-your-face around the clock is quite offensive. This sort of constant barrage is bound to foster indignation among all types of people – not just white people.

    • Arthur Sido

      Those ads are partly a way to signal to normie Whites that they can buy that product because it isn’t racist and normie Whites are dumb enough to see that as legitimate.

  13. Jeffrey Zoar

    There was definitely a big change around 1990. Prior to that wiggers didn’t exist at all and mudsharks were as rare as jewish quarterbacks. I noticed that change at the time. Among others. Somehow, in my mind, I associate the cultural change of that time with the advent of plastic playground equipment. I was consciously aware in the 90s that the country I lived in was taking a cultural turn for the worse. That was when Springer got popular on TV. I understood that didn’t portend anything good. Somehow I could just see and smell the poz everywhere I looked.

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Let me add this to the conversation: ever notice how many White Men are married to Filipinos, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc?? Almost all come from a military background, they treat the Oriental Wife as a gold commodity, and let her rule the roost.

    White Women cannot have relationships with men that aren’t there.

    So while the US Military was busy “saving the world for democracy”, they forgot to issue a wife for the military guy. It is another reason that the USA needs to stop sending our men overseas to save some God-forsaken spit of mud and get back to the business of saving our own country. The next time your son/grandson/nephew drags home a “fiancee”, black isn’t the color to avoid. I have seen men come into the BigBox with their “sons” who look like a straight from the Shanghai corridor character. White works both ways.

  15. oldcrankyguy

    And, worse than these two groups, are the majority in America that just have to insert black people into EVERYTHING. We just couldn’t POSSIBLY have done anything without black people. Exhibit A being the movie “Hidden Figures” that was made about the two blaque women that supposedly did all the math that made the Apollo moon shot possible. OH COME ON……… I am old enough to remember the first moon landing, and the shots of the control room where an army of my nerdy cohorts in string ties, pocket protectors, slide rules, white socks, and black shoes made that miracle happen. THERE WEREN’T NO BLACK FOLK THERE, and they certainly didn’t need any diversity hires getting in their way while they were dealing with unforeseen problem after unforeseen problem getting those three men to the moon and back safely.


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