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Why Dey No Stores In Da Ghetto?

Terms like “food deserts” have been cooked up by Them to explain things that really need no explanation. Companies like Walmart and Kroger exist to make a profit by selling merchandise and groceries for more than they paid for them. Other than the cost of the merchandise/food itself, there are all sorts of expenses that bite into profitability.

For example, if a box of Captain Crunch costs Publix $2.00 and they sell it for $4.00, you would think that would mean a profit of $2.00. Not so. Publix also needs to build and maintain a physical store full of shelves, one of those shelves holding Captain Crunch. That store requires an enormous amount of electricity to keep the lights and registers on, not to mention all of those freezers and coolers running. The store also needs a certain number of surly retail employees to stock the shelves, operate the registers and avoid making eye contact with customers. Back at Publix headquarters in Lakeland, Florida there are offices full of support people, from buyers to fat angry women in HR.

In a single box of Captain Crunch, those costs are very small as it is spread out over the whole facing of Captain Crunch as well as Cheerios and Rice Chex and all of the other groceries and merchandise in a store, and most of the non-food merchandise in stores that sell groceries are huge profit drivers with very large margins. The kitchen gadgets you see hanging on strips in the grocery aisle probably are marked up 100% or more.

That is how retail works and I am sure you all know this. But what happens when you pay $2.00 for an item in your store but you don’t end up selling it at all because someone steals it? You not only lose any profit and you lose the cost of the item but it also impacts the fixed costs that are now spread out over fewer boxes of Captain Crunch. In the retail business this is called “shrink” and it mostly comes from theft, both shoplifters and employee theft. If someone drops a jar of pickles and it breaks, an employee is supposed to mark that item as damaged and unsaleable so it is accounted for but when something is stolen it isn’t accounted for until you do your inventory.

You might be shocked to learn that retail theft is a major problem in America and it is getting worse, especially in places where our benevolent overlords have decided to stop arresting people for shoplifting. We have all seen the videos of rampaging hordes of youths and scholars stealing anything not nailed down, even stealing stuff like cosmetics and laundry detergent. Another stunning revelation is that this semi-organized retail looting tends to be concentrated in lower income urban areas that are mostly populated by blacks, although blacks have started to travel to locations where the entire store isn’t under lock-and-key to steal, like criminal mastermind Ta’Kiya Young who was stealing booze while pregnant before ramming a cop and getting shot.

That is not to suggest White people don’t shoplift, of course they do. My best friend as a young teen used to steal sunglasses all the time even though he was from a very wealthy family. The organized theft we have been seeing become endemic since the martyring of Saint George Floyd? Video evidence would indicate that it is overwhelmingly committed by blacks.

When a retailer is losing thousands of dollars in merchandise at a time, they are left with few options. Some stores have gone to the extreme of locking up all of their merchandise and requiring customers to get an employee to open the cases (although I saw some industrious scholars the other day robbing a place with one scholar using a small torch to force open the cases while an accomplice emptied them out). Other stores have increased their security although that brings a different set of problems and dangers. There are plenty of videos of Walmart greeters being assaulted when they tried to interfere with shoplifters and then this just happened in Philadelphia…

Two security guards at Macy’s in Center City were stabbed, one fatally, inside the iconic department store Monday morning, police said.

Shortly before 11 a.m., a 30-year-old man — identified by law enforcement sources as Tyrone Tunnell — attempted to steal some hats from the store at 13th and Market Streets. When security guards confronted Tunnell and retrieved the stolen items, he initially left without incident, said Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford.

But about 10 minutes later, Tunnell returned, then approached one of the guards and started stabbing him, Stanford said. When a second security guard attempted to intervene, Stanford said, Tunnell slashed and stabbed that guard as well. One of the men, a 30-year-old who had been stabbed in the neck, died from his injuries at Jefferson Hospital a short time later, Stanford said. The second guard, a 23-year-old who was stabbed in the face and forearm, was in stable condition.

Trying to steal hats? Then he was stopped and security let him go but he couldn’t just walk away, instead Tyrone came back and stabbed two security officers, killing one. No impulse control, uncontrolled violent rage at being interfered with while in the commission of a crime. That all sounds eerily familiar.

Just for the sake of being thorough I found a picture of Tyrone Tunnell….

Photo Source:

Philadelphia is a craphole of a city, with a serious violent crime issue and retail theft booming. From the Inquirer article:

But the store, located on a stretch of East Market Street that often sees higher rates of homelessness and foot traffic, has recently faced what Stanford said was some of the highest rates of retail theft in the city. So far this year, he said, police have received 250 reports of retail theft at the location.

Retail theft has been a significant issue in Philadelphia and nationally.

Locally, reports of property crime have increased in recent years after dropping to historic lows before the pandemic. Philadelphia police are arresting only a fraction of the number of people accused of retail theft. So far this year, 409 people have been arrested for retail theft, compared to 1,724 people arrested in 2013, according to data from the District Attorney’s Office.

Of those whose cases were resolved this year, more than 60% have had their cases dismissed or withdrawn by prosecutors, data shows. About a third pleaded guilty to the crime, while 20 people entered diversion programs.

The District Attorney for Philadelphia is the notorious Larry Krasner, a Jewish attorney that spent most of his career defending criminals and criminal organizations like black Lives Matter and Occupy Philadelphia. He was propelled into office by a $1.45 million donation from George Soros, one of many DAs across the country bought and paid for by Soros for the express purposes of not prosecuting crime. That is like hiring someone as a cab driver but then telling them not to pick up any passengers. No surprise, Tyrone Tunnel was “known to law enforcement” on more than one occasion.

She said that the man in custody “has a history of arrests and prosecutions throughout the region.” This indicates, she said, “that his interactions with the criminal legal system failed to produce a result that improved public safety.”

His interactions with the criminal legal system failed to produce a result that improved public safety? That is an awfully fancy way to say that giving him a slap on the wrist over and over didn’t discourage Tyrone from being a criminal. As is usually the case, Tyrone Tunnel is apparently a career criminal that kept committing minor crimes until he finally ended up killing someone. At some point the “justice” system should have recognized that he was a dirtbag and locked him up for good but of course that never happened, leaving him free to commit crimes and eventually killing someone.

Gee Wally, why aren’t there stores in cities where blacks rob them like locust stripping a wheat field? Clearly retailers should open stores in terrible neighborhoods and keep them open even when they are not profitable due to theft as a form of reparations or something.

That brings me to a couple of classy local ladies

Duo accused of stealing $7K of OTC allergy medicine

Two women already serving suspended sentences for stealing more than $4,500 worth of allergy medicine at area stores might be headed to prison after detectives found they may have stolen thousands of dollars more in makeup and beauty products – as well as more allergy medicine.

Allen County prosecutors formally charged 36-year-old Arlicia E. Knuckles and 32-year-old Ashley Janae Pernell each with a felony count of corrupt business influence Wednesday.

Knuckles and Pernell were both given 2-year suspended prison sentences on theft charges earlier this year stemming from 118 packages of Allegra valued at $4,541 that went missing from the Fort Wayne Costco this past summer.FWPD: Homeless trio’s meat stealing scheme comes to an end

Court records in that case show that Knuckles and Pernell went into the Costco, grabbed a cart, a cooler and boxes of a popular brand of chips.

They emptied the boxes of the bags of chips in one aisle and then loaded up the cooler and the now empty chip boxes with the packages of Allegra, Allen Superior Court documents said. After that, the duo went to the self-scanning checkout aisle of the store and paid for only the chips and the cooler and then walked out.

After being arrested for that brilliant scheme, the delightfully named Arlicia E. Knuckles and her accomplice decided to do it again at a different warehouse store.

While that case wound its way through the court system, Fort Wayne police investigators identified Knuckles and Pernell as two women caught on surveillance camera stealing $2,575 of over-the-counter allergy medicine at the Fort Wayne Sam’s Club, according to court documents.

The duo is also accused of stealing more than $2,500 worth of merchandise at the Ulta on East Coliseum Boulevard this past October, another $350- to $750- worth of merchandise at a local Walgreen’s and then another $600 worth of razors, bodywash and Rogaine from the Kroger on East State Boulevard in early November, court records said.

According to the story they took their stolen goods to a local home and from there the merchandise was apparently shipped somewhere else in boxes ‘addressed to “Chinese” names’. I assume they are paid pennies on the dollar and the merchandise ends up being sold in another state.

I am a frequent shopper at the Costco and Sam’s they were stealing from. Because of people like Ms. Knuckles, I get to pay higher prices to make up for the crap they steal but somehow I am the bad guy according to our overlords.

Retailers are in the business of making money so if they could make a decent profit by opening stores in “food deserts”, they certainly would. When you consider that poor families get a monthly allotment of food stamps and that in Indiana a single mom with four kids can get over a grand a month in SNAP benefits…

…it seems like poor neighborhoods should be a great place to sell groceries. They aren’t, not because Walmart is “racist” but because stores in poor neighborhoods get robbed blind. There is a reason the clerk at my local gas station isn’t behind bulletproof glass but inner city gas stations in Chicago and Philadelphia have armed guards.

Where “food deserts” exist, they exist for a reason and the reason is not “systemic racism” or “White supremacy” or any other nonsensical phrases designed to deflect blame. Food deserts only exist because the neighborhood customer base makes it impossible for retailers to make a profit.


  1. TakeAHardLook

    The security guard’s death is on “Tyrone” and on (((Krasner))) too. The first is a career criminal, the second is a sociopath (and also a career criminal–working ostensibly for “law & order” but actually for the country-ending Left
    (aka: communists).

    We do not have a race problem; we have a problem race and a hundred years/hundreds of billions of dollars for “day gibs” has not–an will not solve the problem.

    Diversity + Proximity = War.

    War is Coming.

  2. Don W Curton

    Most civilized people (and many animals, too) know that you shouldn’t “shit where you eat”. Yet here again one particular problem race has no problem destroying their own neighborhoods.

    Also, seems like if we actually had a law enforcement agency that cared about solving crime, the obvious case here is racketeering. Go after the fences – find the “Chinese names” that these low-level criminals are sending the goods to and arrest them. There has to be a very large criminal organization to handle that much retail crime and buy/resale those goods. Hell, the loss in tax money alone should at least spur the next Elliot Ness into action.

    • Arthur Sido

      They set the damn place on fire and then look around wondering why the buildings are all burned down. You have to have a room temp IQ to be incapable of drawing a line between their behavior and their surroundings, probably why moderately intelligent blacks either move away from the rest or find a way to exploit them for profit.

      • pyrrhus

        In the 1968 Chicago riots the diversity was going to burn down a black neighborhood on the south side…The P-Stone rangers confronted them in force, and the mob headed for safer territory…

  3. Anonymous White Male

    The problem with locking up Tyrone and other “scholars” is that the taxpayer foots the bill. That bill includes legal expenses while Tyrone appeals his sentence, educational expenses so Tyrone can have internet access to watch porn in the joint, and “networking” with other “scholars” in the zoo so when he gets out he can expand to new illegal avenues of revenue. The solution is obvious, but it would be considered “cruel and unusual punishment”. That begs the question: Cruel and unusual to whom? It’s like the weather. Everyone talks about but no one does anything about it. Negroes are a net negative in any society they exist in. The solution is to remove them. When war does come, they will be removed with extreme prejudice.

  4. Harbinger

    It is ridiculous to question what this Tunnell ape had on his tiny mind. But I just can’t fathom how even a typically retarded dindu concludes that it is worth the risk to go back to a store he unsuccessfully robbed and take a knife to the low-paid security guard who prevented his theft. Did he really think he could get away clean after that? Chances are, his thought process, such as it is, stopped at “revenge”, and anything beyond that point was not considered.

    This can’t be excused by ‘youth’ as the turd is 30 years old. Thirty. We are simply worlds apart from that demographic, and no money cannon aimed at that cohort will ever change anything in their base nature. I wish that TPTB would just stop trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The experiment has failed. Give it up, it’s hopeless.

  5. Ohio Copperhead

    I was actually working out (as a hobby that could turn serious at some point) designs for a system of stores capable of making profits in the urban jungles. Care to hear about it– and let me test my Telegram account (just got one, at the reccomendation of “Kaisar” at HD) at the same time? Do you still have your account, Arthur?

    • Johnny Taopi

      This was accomplished twenty years ago by some c-stores in South Chicago. Everything is behind bulletproof glass. Pay in advance, no refunds or exchanges, get your goods through a turn-barrel. The locals had to accept it or go without their Mountain Dew and Doritos. They accepted it.

      • Lergnom

        I saw something like that, back in the ’70s. A fast food place(name escapes me) in West Philly was outside access only. Roll up, place an order and pay, then the food comes to you through a turn barrel. I was too young and clueless to realize that this was a harbinger of things to come. Sad, really.
        Stay safe

  6. A Reader

    Emotionally, Intellectually and Impulsively…waaaay too many are raised to be forever Children.

    Cause great great great great gran daddy was a slave or some victim ass BS.

    I can’t help but think…
    what israel is doing right now, perhaps we should be.

  7. Gibbs

    Federal grants are tied to crime reduction. Stop arresting and stop prosecuting people and “crime” drops. Statistically, anyway. So the federal funding for the cities continues. Which means good-paying jobs for all the relatives of elected officials.

    • Arete

      What you describe is exactly the dynamic in public schools. I quit teaching in 2005 after 16 years, and it was beginning then. I was an effective “classroom manager” and had to send very few students out, so I was never bothered by the administration, but the unassailable truth was and still is that black students are disciplined and suspended at rates higher than whites because they behave in ways that warrant it more often. (Related strongly to poor impulse control.)

      When the Obama adm weaponized the Justice Dept and sent them after schools with black disciplinary rates that were in excess of ‘proportional’ on the premise that the only explanation could be racism, schools simply stopped disciplining black kids except for the most egregious infractions.

      Presto! The numbers looked good, they didn’t have to defend themselves from prosecution and deal with ‘lawfare,’ and conditions inside classrooms and on school campuses deteriorated accordingly.

  8. Max Wiley

    The only positive glimmer out of all of this is the schadenfreude I get when I watch big retail chains suffer the consequences of their support of the progressive cause.
    We all know what the solution is: a winter hard enough to kill off all of the locusts.
    And that is what is coming, whether we want it or not.

  9. Bean Dip Tray

    Locally they installed some metal railing like an animal pen and actual poleeces are in there at night by the doors.
    Went out to Pineland Acres and the super hardware with gun shop at the front had one Glock and three Ruger rifles left.
    Plenty of aisles of good ammo, all under glass.
    It is lost on Comrade Lefty that stores are not too big to fail and have to turn a profit.
    In the ghetto only the sunscreen isn’t under glass.

  10. Zorost

    Rule of Thumb:
    If you have “Action News” on your local TV, you aren’t far enough away.


    A relative was a retail manager in a White-ish blue city, and it was fairly bad even there. She said every item stolen meant they had to sell 7 of that item to break even due to the thin profit margins.


    unrelated but timely:

    “Here’s why Manischewitz recalled chocolate coins less than a week before Hanukkah”

    After deep research including undercover work, I realized it’s because even if it’s fake gold and fake chocolate, jews just can’t stand to let gold coins out of their grasp.

  11. Xzebek

    The fastest way to stop this , and it would stop, would be the adoption of a law that stated that deadly force could be used in defense of property. The law would be applicable in one’s home, car and place of employment. Should deadly force be used in defense of property no arrest of the person employing it may be made unless an investigation establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that property was not being defended. (So no immediate retaliatory arrests)
    The bodies would stack up quickly at first but eventually even chimps would decide its not worth dying for sneakers and TVs.

  12. Gryphon

    The coming Danger of these “Food Deserts” is that the Hoodrats will start having to Travel to the ‘burbs to Shop(lift) their goods. I read somewhere that the shitty of chicongo is now considering City-Run Stores in the ‘hood, so the welfare class can Eat.
    Anywhere that has ‘Transit’ (Buses and/or Subways) that connect with the ‘burbs is going to become more Dangerous.

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