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Whatever Could Explain It?

With the end of the year fast approaching we are getting the usual leftist hand-wringing over stuff like climate chnage (“the warmest year on record!”) and of course we are getting stories about crime designed to provide emotional conditioning in the minds of retarded White suburban women to support gun control. The media loves to talk about “mass shootings” because it sounds scary and in the minds of most people mass shootings are stuff like Uvalde and Aurora and Las Vegas. Very few people actually take the time to actually look into the enormous number of mass shootings reported and They count on that. The media of course never actually digs into the statistics and we all know why they refuse to. Even the Gun Violence Archive, a leftist outfit that sets the standard for defining mass shootings, refuses to do any racial demographic tracking for mass shootings (see: Accessories To Lying, I have been blocked by the Gun Violence Archive on their Facebook page since that post) despite race being the single most reliable predictor of gun violence.

Anyhoo, Forbes ran a piece recently written by two bimbos named Molly Bohannon and Ana Faguy. The Bohannon chick is painfully homely:


That is tough to look at. Their collaboration is written at about a 3rd grade reading level so I am not sure why it took two of them but regardless….

U.S. Faces Second-Worst Year On Record For Mass Shootings—Nearly 650 Incidents

The worst year on record using the GVA criteria was 2021 when police backed off in the wake of the St George Floyd martyring and the blacks chimped out completely, pretty much exclusively shooting each other in the name of black Lives Mattering.

The entire article is juvenile and vapid, I would assume these two were handed a couple of statistics and fleshed them out for a week. I could have written a better piece with a laptop sitting on the toilet for 15 minutes but that is the state of “journalism” in America. The sooner homely twats like these two are replaced by AI, the better. What got a chortle out of me was this section:


Six states—Montana, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming—haven’t experienced a mass shooting, based on the Gun Violence Archive’s definition of the term, so far this year.

“Surprising Fact”! While these six states are low population states, they also have something else in common. None of them have a population that is more than 5% black.

Montana is the least black state in the union at less than one half of one percent. There are only around 5,000 blacks in the entire state that covers over 145,000 square miles of land, making Montana’s black population density one black every 29 square miles and I assume those blacks that live in Montana are heavily concentrated at Malmstrom Air Force Base and the handful of larger cities. There are probably entire counties in the eastern part of the state that have almost no blacks at all.

Rhode Island leads the pack at 5.05% black, just behind California’s percentage that is surprisingly low at 5.36%, but there are only a total of one million people in the entire state. South Dakota is under 2% black, again mostly at Ellsworth Air Force base as well as Rapid City. Vermont is the third Whitest state in the union with an only 1.84% black population while West Virginia is the 2nd Whitest state and around 3.61% black. Wyoming is the third least black state in the Union, under 1% at around .82% and F.E. Warren Air Force base in Cheyenne likely accounts for many of them.

Far from surprising, it is completely predictable that those states would not have experienced a mass shooting, not just because of their overall small population but mostly because their population has very few blacks. With 650 mass shootings on the books in 2023, the one factor that groups like the Gun Violence Archive and the media refuse to address is that the staggering number of mass shootings in America are almost entirely a black thang, with mestizos also contributing their share. Outside of a few highly publicized mass shootings committed by Whites and Asians (the two mass shootings with the highest casualty count were a White guy in Lewiston, Maine and an Asian guy in Monterey Park, California), blacks were the culprit in most mass shootings including the shootings with the largest number of wounded like Dadeville, Alabama (4 killed, 32 injured), the Baltimore, Maryland block party (2 killed, 27 injured) and the Juneteenth celebration in Willowbrook, Illinois (1 killed, 22 injured).

The stubborn refusal to look at race means that mass shootings and gun violence as a whole will be unaddressed in a meaningful sense and it becomes ever more clear that the media is covering this up intentionally.

There are no signs of this letting up in the near future and if anything it likely will get worse. In the unlikely event Trump wins next year or looks likely to win, those bLM and antifa rioters that have been on a tight leash will be released and when cities burn, blacks are the ones that die. Still, I suspect that if the Burn Loot Murder types are activated next year, they will be directed toward the suburbs this time. It is one thing to not go where the blacks are but if the blacks come where you are? Something to be thinking about if you live in the ‘burbs.


  1. Dr. Hollowpoint

    One interesting facet of spicy times is the political assassination. If the BLM types start heading for the suburbs, leftist District Attorneys might find themselves in peculiar situations. Not difficult to imagine how the father of a terrorized family might decide to spread the joy.

    • Arthur Sido

      Whites who defend their home and family with lethal force will be prosecuted by the full might of the legal system. A White man shooting an armed black raping his teenaged daughter will still be put on trial.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    race being the single most reliable predictor of gun violence

    Paradoxically, if the media ever did showcase the true color of crime, that is, splash the social media selfies of every violent criminal involved in every instance of violent crime, it would make the AWFLs screech even louder for gun eradication. All those scowling homeboys with their buckwheat braids flashing Glocks and gang signs would send them into paroxysms of hysterical panic, demanding that SOMEONE DO SOMETHING about ferals with firearms.

    I’ve said it numerous times before – ADT and every other alarm company would triple their business overnight if, instead of showing a single malevolent WHITE face at the window as the potential intruder in every TV ad, they depicted three feral thugs raping a screaming White woman on her foyer floor in front of her terrified children.

    Tell it like it is or don’t tell it at all. Whitewashing the color of crime does no one any good.

  3. Troy Messer

    Jesus Christ, that nose. You could shelter a family of 4 under that nose.

    “It is one thing to not go where the blacks are but if the blacks come where you are?”

    Target practice.

  4. Troy Messer

    “All those scowling homeboys with their buckwheat braids flashing Glocks and gang signs would send them into paroxysms of hysterical panic, demanding that SOMEONE DO SOMETHING about ferals with firearms.”

    Nah. Women are turned on by machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy. They would probably respond like the sheep/normies in the Oliver Stone movie Natural Born Killers…holding up signs, “Rape me.”. AWFL’s would get panty puddles.

    Because it can never be said enough…. the 19th Amendment was a mistake.

  5. Passin on by

    (A) cockroach, rat or Afreecant is easily dealt with. And if it doesn’t reproduce will die off.

    2 is the beginning of the end.
    They reproduce at a Exponential Rate.

    Add to that the naturally occuring low IQ and rejection of education, lack of self discipline and proclivity to violence (even upon there own) …

    And here we are in 21st Century America.

    Even Lincoln knew but sold his soul and the U.S.out for Political power.

    — September 18, 1858, Lincoln made his position clear. “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and Black races,” he began, going on to say that he opposed Black people having the right to vote, to serve on juries, to hold office and to intermarry with whites. —-

    Reject them till they cognitively Mature.

  6. Don W Curton

    ” In the unlikely event Trump wins next year or looks likely to win, those bLM and antifa rioters that have been on a tight leash will be released and when cities burn, blacks are the ones that die. ”

    I’m already going vote for him, you don’t have to sell me on it.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    Race realism is such an illuminating way to look at the world. It instantly clears up “mysteries” which continue to perplex normies. Whether it’s gun violence, academic achievement (or lack thereof), failing public works…. it’s hiding in plain sight all over the place.

  8. Gryphon

    Once the ‘definition’ of a ‘Mass Shooting’ was pushed downwards to below 10 Killed/Injured, the statistics naturally became skewed towards the large numbers of Hoodrats shooting randomly into Crowds. While this was better for the (((propagandists))), Arthur is spot-on pointing out that (((they))) now have to ‘Cover Up the Race’ just like all the rest of the Crime Stats.

    The best example of this is how during the first Hour or so of a Real (5+ Dead) ‘Mass Shooting’, the (((media))) acts as if it is always the “Ebil whyte soopremicyst with an Ebil black rifle”, until Pics come out that show a non-White perp…. then the whole thing Vanishes except for vague references to “Another Mass Shooting”.

  9. Xzebek

    I live in Northwestern Montana and if I see more than 2 blacks a month it is a lot. One works at an ag store so I see him frequently. If I go to Whitefish (tourist town) in the summer I will see some working at the resorts. It’s seems to be some kind of an exchange worker program. Besides Great Falls where Malmstrom is, there are also pockets in the 2 college towns, Missoula and Bozeman. (Football players). The very very few you see on the east side are old ranchers. Go figure.
    Anyway, crime rates are low and mass shootings non existent. Now, crime on the reservations is another story.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    Both of these women are “journalists”, Democrats, flogging their Linkedin profiles like nobody’s business. From Ana Faguy:
    “I’m a journalist, trained in print reporting, looking to tell compelling stories regardless of the medium. Whether I’m interviewing queer activists in Durban, South Africa for a video package, or following BLM organizers through the streets of suburban Baltimore for a 2,000-word feature, I’m taking what I see, feel, smell and hear back to share with my audience, bringing readers as close to the story as possible.”
    At least Molly BigNose had guts enough to post her picture-Ana Banana did not. Self centered, self important, and delusional about sums it up.

  11. Steve

    @TROY MESSER, “Because it can never be said enough…. the 19th Amendment was a mistake.”

    While I agree it was a mistake, how do you explain the 16th through the 18th? There were only a few states whose women were voting at that time, Wyoming, Utah, and I think New York. Maybe a couple more. We have the income tax almost completely because of white males.

      • Steve

        The United States was supposedly under 2% jewish in 1900*. A group that comprise less than Libertarians somehow managed this?

        Now, granted, if we were talking the Federal Reserve Act, yes, jews had an outsize influence there, where they only had to buy politicians in DC. But how could it be that they also owned a majority of legislators in 3/4 of the several States? I’m not saying it’s impossible. Just that I’d like to see some evidence of it.

        I see only 2 possibilities.

        1. You are not good at math.
        2. You are not good at math.

        Which is it, “JIM”?


        • Steve

          I get that, Troy. My point is things like Prohibition happened when only a small fraction of women had the vote. If we were already at the point of giving government that kind of power, with almost exclusively male voters, maybe the problem isn’t so much who is voting, but that everything is now assumed to be up to a vote. Who votes on taking away your rights is a big deal.

          If Congress were somehow limited to its Article I, Section 8 powers, it wouldn’t much matter what anyone voted because almost none of it, apart from arguably the general welfare mentioned in the first clause, would have any effect on you, unless you are a federal employee or office holder.

          And if I were to limit voting, based on what I see from polls, not only would the 19th go bye-bye (though I’d at least consider married women with birth kids and father in same household, subject to review), I’d go back to requiring property-holding, say, the top 75% of median net worth, counting only positive net worths, and maybe increase the age to 35. Maybe then we’d have a shot at retaining our rights. Lord knows expanding the vote hasn’t worked.

  12. realwesterner

    1. Repeal the 19th amendment. 2. Ship the subsaharans and the muslims back to their COO’s immediately. 99.99 percent of western civilization’s problems solved that quick and that easy.

    • Steve

      Crime, probably at least 90%. Everything else, those two measures probably solve no more than about half of the problem. The deal is that just like we don’t (or didn’t) let non-stockholders vote at the annual meeting because they have no skin in the game, we can’t let commies living in mommy’s basement have any vote, as they have the proven inability to make good decisions.

      I still contend that removing the property requirement (which was not only minimal, but pretty much the norm up until Jackson) was the death knell of the republic. Were it not for that, the tyrant Lincoln would likely have never amounted to anything more than a middling railroad lawyer.

  13. Hickocks Ghost

    No amount of scumbag f•cktards can vote away you’re rights unless you let them. The only way I will give up any of my rights is after they kill me. I can guarantee I won’t be going alone.
    I am too old to GAF.

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