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We Wuz Scholarz And Sheeeit: Ivy League Edition

It is a matter of public record that America’s colleges and universities are, nearly without exception, a dumpster fire of anti-White, woke bullshit combined with such low academic standards that the difference between a college grad and a guy that went to trade school are negligible. Indeed I meet smarter, wiser and more successful people all the time who never set foot on a campus than the people I went to college with, and that was decades ago.

Nowhere is this more true than in the Ivy League. Once considered the most elite academic institutions in America, they are now a punchline to people with more than a cursory understanding of the educational landscape in America, although most Americans still think Ivy League schools like Yale and Harvard are full of the very smartest people in America.

The presidents of the Ivy League schools were likewise considered to be the pinnacle of the academic world. Looking at lists of the past presidents is a steady string of White and White-presenting scholars who rose to the presidency of these institutions, somber and serious looking White men for the most part. That started to change around 2000 as women began to take over the post at many of the Ivy League schools. In August of this year, Forbes and many other outlets were absolutely giddy that women held 6 of 8 presidential positions in the Ivy League…

You better wear shoes as there is glass everywhere. With the start of the 2023-2034 academic year, six of eight Ivy League University presidents are now women. This is significant as the Ivy Leagues often create a ripple effect within academia, opening the doors for more gender equity at the top post in higher education.

Drs. Claudine Gay (Harvard), Nemet “Minouche” Shafik (Columbia), Sian Leah Beilock (Dartmouth), Christina Paxson (Brown), Martha Pollack (Cornell), and M. Elizabeth Magill (University of Pennsylvania) will represent the majority at future Ivy League presidents round tables.

The two non-dames that run Ivy League schools are Peter Salovey at Yale and Christopher Eisgruber at Princeton. You will be shocked to discover that both of the non-chick Ivy presidents are Jews.

That didn’t last long as the president of Penn, Liz Magill, was forced out for “failing adequately to condemn Hamas and respond to antisemitism on campus” and has been replaced in the interim by a dude, Dr. J. Larry Jameson, the Dean of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Feminist academics quickly discovered that GURL POWAH doesn’t mean shit compared to JEW POWAH.

So far, the president of Harvard, one Claudine Gay, has survived the “antisemitism” purge as well as the damning evidence that she, like Martin Luther King Jr., plagiarized her PhD thesis (see: Did Harvard’s president plagiarize her Ph.D. thesis? Chris Rufo thinks he’s uncovered a smoking gun.). This is Claudine Gay:

That ridiculous person holds what is arguably the most prestigious academic job in America and was hired because she is a) black and b) a chick. She is the daughter of Haitian immigrants but somehow ended up at the elite Phillips Exeter Academy and then graduated from Stanford as an undergrad and Harvard with a PhD that is at best tainted by credible charges that she plagiarized from a different black chick.

Although American colleges and universities, led by the Ivy League, have been openly anti-White for decades, most notably in passing over more qualified White applicants in favor of lower quality black and mestizo applicants, it wasn’t really until some students began to protest the genocidal bombings of Gaza by Israel that “conservatives” started to pay attention and now there is a full fledged witch-hunt going on across the academic world. College and university presidents are being called on the carpet and forced to bend the knee to Jewish interests and woe to the president that fails to adequately grovel. Republican political figures that mostly ignored the anti-White animus in the Ivy League are suddenly full of righteous fury at their perceived failure to stamp out free expression that is deemed “antisemitic”.

Just recently in America’s Pravda, aka The Washington Post (Democracy Dies In Darkness!), behold this opinion piece by Claire Finkelstein…

The testimony of three university presidents before a House committee last week provoked outrage after they suggested that calls on their campuses for Jewish genocide might not have violated their schools’ free speech policies. One of them, Liz Magill, was forced to step down on Saturday as president of the University of Pennsylvania, where I am a faculty member.

But their statements shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Congress could have assembled two dozen university presidents and likely would have received the same answer from each of them.

This is because the value of free speech has been elevated to a near-sacred level on university campuses. As a result, universities have had to tolerate hate speech — even hate speech calling for violence against ethnic or religious minorities. With the dramatic rise in antisemitism, we are discovering that this is a mistake: Antisemitism — and other forms of hate — cannot be fought on university campuses without restricting poisonous speech that targets Jews and other minorities.

Only a person with a last name like Finkelstein could say with a straight face “the value of free speech has been elevated to a near-sacred level on university campuses”. Are you fucking kidding me? There hasn’t been free speech on campus for a long time. In 2017, mild mannered Charles Murray who is hated for his work on The Bell Curve tried to give a talk in 2017 at Middlebury College but was shouted down and attacked, a professor was injured and over 60 students were “disciplined”. Even the New York Times wrote:

More than five dozen Middlebury College students were disciplined for their roles in shutting down a speech by the author Charles Murray in March, the college announced this week. But the students were spared the most serious penalties in the episode, which left a faculty member injured and came to symbolize a lack of tolerance for conservative ideas on some campuses.

Free speech is near sacred, huh? The teacher that was injured, Allison Stanger, had her hair pulled, was shoved and had to wear a neck brace and ended up with a concussion and she still managed to place blame for her injuries on….Donald Trump in a New York Times op-ed. That was in 2017, can anyone argue that speech has grown freer on campuses? GTFOH.

While Their media constantly tells us about “rising antisemitism” and how oppressed Jews are in America, and how in “danger” They are on campus, the truth is that we are seeing Jewish supremacists flexing Their muscles to remind everyone that They are the most powerful interest group in America. I don’t really care for Nick Fuentes but this is a good clip from him….

25% of Ivy League schools already have Jewish presidents but I guess we need them all to have Jewish presidents so Jewish students “feel safe”.

The other issue is that whatever excellence Ivy League schools once had is long gone. Someone like Claudine Gay probably should have aspired to being a shift supervisor on the New Jersey Turnpike but instead managed to climb her way to the top of the academic food-chain by leveraging being black and a woman. I saw this shared by a friend on Facebook:

The first point is self-evident but the second is more important. If you are a black “academic” or “intellectual”, non-black actual intellectuals will never question or critique you. These dimwits stagger through the academic world, spouting plagiarized word salads of nonsense and rubbish that no sane person could explain and they keep doing it because no one will say the emperors has no clothes.

The top echelon of American universities are led by low IQ dipshits and kneelers at the altar of Our Greatest Ally, populated by wannabe secret police screeching about capitalism on their brand new smartphones made by child labor. If anyone expresses admiration for the Ivy League or anyone that attended an Ivy school, laugh in their damn face.


  1. TakeAHardLook

    Too many university-level professors are utter frauds, either by being directly placed into undeserved academic positions (Gay) or via a myriad of affirmative action acceptances/advancements/placements. (Ms. Gay is a prime example, checking the Black/Female boxes. Make it a Trifecta if she’s a lesbian).

    It’s not hard to fool new students with one’s prowess as (for example) a gender studies professor–the subject matter is not exactly calculus or organic chem, and these woke fools make it up as they go anyway.

    I will watch the Harvard fiasco for its handling of the purported plagiarism; the latter used to be the Unforgivable Mortal Sin of Academia.

    Let’s watch the Harvard Board torture itself into a pretzel to find reasons to keep its President in her so richly undeserved place. Doubtless, she supplanted an actual White Male Academic when she assumed the position.

  2. Greg

    As I continue to watch the crumbling ruins of our institutions, I will always be grateful to Victor Davis Hansen for a lesson from the ancient Greeks: Hubris invites Nemesis. Always.

  3. Big Country Expat

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnd THIS is why our “Esteemed Leadershit” is so completely and utterly fucked and compromised. Almost ALL of them have a degree or three from these overpriced fucking mills.
    Hence the massive incapability of having a coherent policy, never mind thought process…

  4. saoirse

    So they’ve gone from the wealthy white misanthropic eggheads that filled board rooms, courts, and government – and shit all over their fellow whites – to this cavalcade of DEI dogshit. I never had anything but contempt for those Ivy League asylums. Expand that contempt to all institutions of higher indoctrination now.
    Keep your kids and grandkids away from those gulags.

  5. kevinH

    “These dimwits stagger through the academic world, spouting plagiarized word salads of nonsense and rubbish that no sane person could explain and they keep doing it because no one will say the emperors has no clothes. ” Arthur Sido
    See Kamala Harris. ( Notice the proper use of quotation marks and attribution )


    As the sacred institution of military has turned into a worthless shitshow, the Ivy League skoos gon be a great pool of draftees to die in Ukraine for trannie rights. 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇸 ✡️ 💩

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