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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Reposting a poetic comment from a frequent contributor who classes up this joint going by the pseudonym JENKEMVIEW CANCERS:

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
In Barry’s bathhouse,
Not a flunkie was stirring,
No gerbil, nor mouse.

The J6 martyrs were hung with no care,
No due process, lawyers, or rights to declare.

Wray and his stasi had just gone to bed,
While Kamel-Toe farted and gave some more head.

I sat on the shitter, to take a good crap,
With iPhone to read the alternate rap.

When on the internet rose such a clatter,
Dissident Thoughts, such elegant chatter!

And Big Country Expat, with ‘Krainian cache,
Identity Dixie, with sweet Southern dash.

The drugs in the West Wing and new-fallen snow,
Hunter and hookers, and lotsa good blow.

When, what do my cynical eyes do appear,
“Adopted” babies, and DOT queer.

It posed with its “husband” and children in pic,
Disgusting, disturbing, Satanic and sick.

More rapid than vultures his coursers they came,
He mumbled, and stumbled and called them by name.

McCarthy, now Johnson, now Boehner, now Ryan!
You RINO dirtbags, keep up yer lyin’!

You glorious traitors will all take the fall,
With cucks and normies enthralled with sportsball.

As dry leaves that before fake elections fly,
And mail-in ballots stacked up to the sky.

So up to the housetops the pedo feds flew,
Kicking in doors, and killing pets, too!

And then in a twinkling I heard on the roof,
Could it be Santa? But then, a big poof!

Palestinians flying in gliders were found,
They dropped in the rave and murdered abound.

(((They))) bombed them and burned them and chased them afoot,
And turned Gaza City to ashes and soot.

(((They))) looked to the west for more sympathy,
While begging and plotting to start World War III.

While here in da hood, its eyes were so vacant,
YT beware, don’t be complacent.

Dindus and dealers, pimps and a hoe,
Fentanyl, meth, and poisonous snow.

The crack pipe it held in grillz and gold teeth,
Its mudshark with black eyes, hanging the wreath.

Tyrone said, “Shheeeeiiiit”, and muttered in scat,
Pulled out his Glock and said, “Gibs me dat!”.

While coked-up Zelensky, the Ukrainian elf,
Murdered a million to enrich (((himself))).

He went back to Xiden to ask for more bread,
But most of his conscripts were already dead.

DotMil started scrambling to get some recruits,
But wanted real soldiers, not snowflakes and fruits.

“Let bygones be bygones” “Let’s wave the flag!”.
But YT said sternly, “Go away fag!”.

GloboHomo, your wars you conduct,
You murdering (((scums))), you can get fucked.

And to all of us dissidents, the most of us white,
Happy Christmas to us, for only we’ll fight!

What can you add to that? Simply delightful.


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