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Under the category of “What the fuck?”….

Louisiana’s outgoing Democratic governor pardoned 40 convicted murderers since October including one of whom had been on death row and another who fatally stabbed a woman 39 times.

Gov. John Bel Edwards has been on a mission to help Louisiana lose the title of being the World’s Prison Capital and has signed the pardons to release 56 total convicts in five separate batches.

Edwards, whose term ends on Jan 8. 2024, campaigned to reduce the state’s prison population and is attempting to see some results in his final weeks in office.

The Pelican State governor began signing his pardons on Oct. 11 with his latest coming on Dec. 19, while future orders could be announced after the holidays, according to KTSB.

Eleven of the 40 jailed murderers were convicted in the first degree, or those who killed a human being with the specific intent to kill or inflict great bodily harm and engaged in the preparation of the crimes that led to the killing.

11 people who intentionally murdered and planned to murder someone are being sprung from jail. While Louisiana is around 32% black, as you would expect the prison population is significantly skewed toward Scholar-Americans at over 64%, more than double their percentage of the population of the state:

There are 4,657,757 people in Louisiana. 32% of those are black, or 1,490,482 blacks in the state. There are 28,307 people incarcerated in Louisiana prisons as of 10/31/2023 and 64.4% of those are black, or 18,229. If I am doing the math correctly, 1,490,482 divided by 18,229 is 81.76. One out of every 82 blacks in Louisiana is in prison. That is just currently incarcerated folks, the percentage of blacks in Louisiana who have spent time in jail or prison must be astronomical.

Clearly Jon Bel Edwards is aiming at another elected office in Louisiana now that he is term-limited out of the governorship and for a Democrat to win in Louisiana he needs the overwhelming backing of blacks. I guess the way to the heart of black voters is releasing violent black criminals back into black neighborhoods?

What could possibly go wrong?


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    Why the hell didn’t he just pardon some lesser scum such as theives so stupid that they got caught in the act the first time and never physically hurt anyone, e.g., (dis)organized retail theives? That way he could semi-believably lie that they’re “turning their lives around,” “not a danger to anyone,” etc?
    Are the Feds/Dems so desperate to up the mass-shooting stats that they can no longer wait for the general black population to do the job and are now even past stacking the deck in favor of mass shooting by defund the police, etc., and are actually dealing from the bottom of the deck to draw a (from their perspective) winning hand?!

  2. Harbinger

    How is this even legal? It took a prosecutor and judge and possibly a jury of peers to examine the facts of these violent crimes and come to the decision to incarcerate the guilty parties for the sake of society. How does one man, who had literally nothing to do with the investigations and case prosecutions have the right to overrule and flat-out deny the work of the police and the justice system?

    I never understood this whole “pardon” business, and it seems that mere politicians are the least qualified to be allowed to unleash convicted, violent criminals, who are statistically likely to re-offend, back into the general population. It makes a mockery of the whole judicial system when someone like this turd can simply negate the results of what must have been lengthy and expensive prosecutions with a wave of his hand for some selfish political reason. If you don’t like having so many blacks behind bars, convince them to stop committing criminal acts. Duh.

  3. Gryphon

    Always remember that (((leo frank))) was a Convicted Child Rapist/Murderer whose (((tribe))) appealed the Conviction all the way to the Supreme Court, and when the Appeal was Rejected, (((they))) Bought Off the Governor for a ‘Pardon’. That’s when the Good Citizens went and Hung the maggot themselves. To this Day, the (((adl))) claims that Frank was “Lynched”, but a Lynching is legally defined as “Execution without Trial”, something that did not happen.

    This appears like just another Example of Corrupt ‘government’ offal trying to Increase the Crime Rate in order to make more “Laws” to use against Whites.

  4. Scot Irish

    Maybe it’s about re-election. I believe they’re just rubbing it in our faces. Bidet just pardoned some drug dealers.
    They are tearing down a monument in Arlington. The reconciliation monument that really isn’t offensive in any way what so ever. It’s very strange.
    Maybe they’ll replace it with something more appropriate…say a statue of a dumpster fire.

  5. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    I’m sure that the convicted and “pardoned” criminals can be tracked, found, and………….”disappeared”.
    It IS Louisiana, with LOTS of swamp and bayou.
    Even ‘gators and snakes gotta eat, y’know.
    Just remember The Four Esses while making this happen.

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