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Then One Foggy Christmas Eve….

It has been really foggy the last 24 hours and this morning isn’t much better. With rain on top of unseasonably warm temps (55 today and 55 tomorrow), you can’t see very far. Even Rudolph is going to have a rough time tonight.


    • Jackson Jefferson

      I was working at St. Charles hospital night shift then. Started with pouring rain that night. I left the hospital four days later. Cars in the parking lot were covered to their roofs. No water and all but some emergency power within a few hours of storm starting. In a hospital full of patients, no toilets to flush, no linens to change patients arriving by ski and snow machines. A great real world primer on what grid down really is. You can’t really understand the magnitude of the impact without seeing it. The lesson? Whatever your preparations are, it’s not enough.

        • Jackson Jefferson

          Yes Arthur that’s the place. That event highlighted the true fragility of a high tech complex supply chain dependent society. Scale up a grid down event to a regional or larger geography and the outcome is horrific. The book “One Second After” is also an excellent primer on what follows an extended outage. Again, horrific. Now factor in the impact of millions of low IQ illegals totally dependent on fiat handouts from our overlords. It helps to focus the mind.

  1. MN Steel

    49° and raining in south-central-northeastern Somalisota, and not foggy anymore because all the frost has come out of the ground.

    There’s a $750K John Deere processor parked in the back yard and who knows when it’ll freeze enough to go back out on the county land and continue cutting.

    Feel like every joint has been hot by a guy with a baseball bat, this humidity sucks.

    Happy brown Christmas everyone!

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