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The Most Negroist Story Of 2023

Late in the game but this one is a winner.

Just read that again, it brings tears to my eyes….

Florida woman killed by brother, who was then shot by sibling, during fight over Christmas gifts, sheriff says
Abrielle Baldwin, 23, was shot and killed by her teenage brother while she had her 10-month-old son in a carrier, Pinellas County authorities said

Here are the teens in question, 14 year old Damarcus Coley and 15 year old Darcus Coley. Yes, dey mama was so lazy she named one kid Darcus and the next one Damarcus. Perhaps Darcus was born in the evening and Damarcus in the morning, hence the added “AM”

Here is that famous impulse control on display, I have to copy and paste most of the story just to get that flava flava.

Detectives explained they discovered that Coley, Baldwin, and their 15-year-old brother — Darcus Coley — went shopping for Christmas that evening with their mother and Baldwin’s two sons, a 6-year-old and an 11-month-old.

Afterward, they went to their grandmother’s home, which is where Damarcus Coley, Darcus Coley and Baldwin got into an argument over Christmas gifts, the release shows.

“Darcus was jealous that their mother Joyce was getting 14-year-old Damarcus more gifts than he was receiving,” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said. “So they had this family spat about who was getting what, and what money was being spent on who, and having this big thing going on.”

Damarcus reportedly threatened to shoot Darcus Coley, but their uncle managed to remove him from the home, Gualtieri explained.

Baldwin reportedly told Damarcus Coley to stop arguing because it was Christmas time, though he responded by threatening to shoot her and her 11-month-old son, whom she was carrying, detectives said.

“Damarcus then began arguing with Abrielle and used some very derogatory language — I won’t repeat it all — and all kinds of profanity,” Gualtieri said. “He was calling her a whore and all kinds of other stuff, and stated that he was going to shoot her and that he was ‘going to shoot the baby, too.’”

According to the sheriff’s office, Damarcus shot Baldwin while she was holding her son in a baby carrier, and Darcus Coley then came out and shot Damarcus in return.

Damarcus used him a .40 and Darcus, being older, retaliated with his .45. Gun control laws apparently don’t stop minors from obtaining firearms…

“Both Damarcus and Darcus carried guns all the time. They routinely carried firearms on them,” he said. “People knew it. That’s what they did.”

To shoot your own sister and threaten to shoot a baby because your younger brother is getting more stuff for Christmas. That epitomizes the black experience, doesn’t it?

Hold on to your hats my frens, this is a solid contender and will be hard to beat but there are still 5 days left in 2023!

Why he gettin’ mo’ den me and sheeeiiiittt!?!?!


  1. Moe Gibbs

    If the simians are willing to throw down and shoot their own siblings over one receiving more stolen Christmas gifts than another, just imagine how all those proposed reparations payouts are going to fly.

    Fer instance, does a 19 year old single mama wif’ 3 keeds from 3 different bucks collect 4 times the reparations that each long-gone baby daddy pockets? If so, expect dem absent fathers to make sudden reappearances in their abandoned sprogs’ lives.

    And if you subscribe to the proposition that brood sows already deliberately breed more whelps for the extra monthly welfare stipends, imagine what will happen should they find out that each additional pickaninny they shit out will be eligible for its own $5 million from gov. Craven Nuisance in Cali, the state that pays despite never supporting legalized slavery.

    • Trumpeter

      40 acres and a mule, plus clothes, food and tools for seven years. I already paid.

      From a opposite perspective: find one black majority, black run country where black people live longer and are better educated and have higher standards of living. Can’t find one? I want reparations for elevating blacks from whatever living conditions black rum countries find themselves in.

  2. Xzebek

    I just read this story in the NY Post and was coming over here to let you know about it.
    And it’s already here.
    Darcus and Damarcus. You knew they woukd end up in jail or dying by some type of violence. (Chimpocide).

  3. Tired Citizen

    It really is amazing. They never cease to top their own idiocy. Imagine what the earth would be like without them – one can dream.


    The executive production in the chimp illustration is spot on. Love the blood red eyes. Envy, hate, resentment for no justifiable reason, a constant state of agitation; an invasive species that’s wrecked our nation’s social ecosystem. All while trying to emulate the White Christian institution of Christmas. Nigrus Americus.

  5. Ohio Copperhead

    I heard rumors Disney is already putting together a diversitied Christmas special, to be released next year, based on the story. From the leaks, seems it’s to be called The Year Santa Was Shot and feature two character based on the brothers: Bloods Miser and Crips Miser.

    The former’s (he’s modeled on Damarcus) theme song:
    Heeesss Mr. Red Christmas, he’s Mr. Death
    He’s Mr. Point 40, he
    Mr. Draw-your-last-breath

    Dey calls me Blood Miser, evry glock I got, drops you dead on the spot!
    I’m just dat hot!

    I have a sneaking suspicion that when Disney loses money on it they’re going to blame racism.

    • Gryphon

      “Israeli settlers” is jewspeak for Invader jews from any other Nation. They are given Stolen Palestinian Land, and are allowed to be Armed, and Kill any Palestinians they want to, with no ‘consequences’, because the babylonian talmud says that non-jews are Animals. This is the entire Basis of the ‘Nakba’, or ongoing (since 1948) Genocide of Palestinians.

  6. Pat H. Bowman

    As Bracken likes to point out, this is with water and electricity flowing freely, gas in the car, a full EBT card and bananas in the store. Imagine what happens when those things are shut off.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    On the normie internet this will play as a Florida Man story with no mention of race. Florida Man of course being a racist white redneck florida cracker

  8. TakeAHardLook

    Amazing, to observe these primitive famblys in dey native habitats doin’ what’s dey gwine be doin,’ yahearwhatI’msayin?

    This is how these species control their excess niglets–they cleverly arrange for the convenient death of several fambly members when the food runs low, the money gets scarce or the competition for females available to mate becomes too much.
    Of course, in the above case the IQ of some of the ‘glets, and their aim, was so abysmal that they managed to kill off one of the brood females. Not nice. Not smart. But, smart was never a part of the equation.

    It’s “Idiocracy, Part Deux.”

    • TakeAHardLook

      Well, this is a plus for society in general. The Rhodes scholar managed to take hisseff away from human beings for whatever time some Libtard judge will sentence him; then some Libtard white female parole committee do-gooder will betray her race by letting the sub-human out early.

      Hopefully, to visit that same female one night as she dreams of her Perfect Libtard Utopia.

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