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The Most Kentucky Story Ever

Oh my. (I think it actually happened in Indiana but that part is basically Kentucky). They look like normal, stable people.

HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — Two people are in custody following an alleged fight between them and officers that caused severe injuries to one.

Officers were dispatched to a domestic call in the early morning hours of December 17 and were able to stop two people, later identified as Destinee Littlepage, 18, and Malachi Littlepage, 18, that matched the description given by the caller.

Pretty standard domestic violence call so far.

An affidavit states Malachi was placed into custody, and Destinee was asked to step away so each person could be spoken to separately. Officials state she refused to let go of Malachi, and while being guided away, both became irate about being separated.

Officials say Malachi kicked one officer in the knee then kicked another in the face, causing temporary blindness when Destinee allegedly got herself into the fight. Officers were able to get control of both and take both into custody.

Officials say the officer that was kicked in the face lost vision in his eye, suffered swelling behind the eye socket and a broken orbital bone. He is scheduled for surgery, but according to the affidavit, may lose permanent vision in that eye.

Police say Destinee became irate again and kicked another officer in the leg several times before transport.

A lovely couple. Every cop I know has said that domestic violence calls are the absolute worst.

Police also say Destinee and Malachi were happy they sent officers to the hospital with Destinee allegedly expressing excitement about going to jail. Destinee and Malachi also allegedly laughed and were amused at the incident with the officers with Destinee allegedly stating she didn’t care about the police and only cared about Malachi. EPD states they yelled and continued to profess their love for each other.

Their love really gets you right in the feels but then the story goes sideways.

Police say Malachi had an active felony warrant for his arrest stemming from bring [sic] AWOL from drug court. Police state the two are half-siblings, and are engaged in a relationship. Police also say there was an active protective order protecting Destinee from Malachi when Destinee was first a juvenile. Destinee allegedly stated she meant to get it dropped to continue the relationship.

They have the same last name and both are 18 so I am guessing that Papa Littlepage done knocked up two broads at about the same time and now these half-siblings are humping each other when they aren’t beating each other up. The odds are pretty decent that at some point “Destinee” will get knocked up with a little monster (or maybe a dozen) that is the result of incest and the cycle will start all over.

Of course remember that according to our system, Malachi Littlepage and Destinee Littlepage are both adults and get the same vote that you and I get and are considered our peers for purposes of the legal system even though they are half-siblings humping/assaulting each other in a trailer.

Ponder that and what it says about our system of government.


  1. saoirse

    Need to put Malachi in the (butt) slammer with the most vicious cholos they can find. Put Destinee darling in with the dykes. Sterilize both upon release. Shoot their daddy and both baby mamas. Problem solved.

  2. Filthie

    People are what they are, Arthur. This behaviour is everywhere too, not just Kentucky. The sexual degeneracy of California makes these two look like prudes.

    I believe we are in a temporary bubble of artificial affluence that allows us to ignore human trash and tolerate their behaviour patterns. When the financial crisis comes and dire times return, clowns like these and their enablers will go away and disappear. Those that don’t will be dealt with. Desperate, serious people cannot tolerate antisocial and harmful members.

    This will pass.


    ‘Twas the night before Christmas,
    In Barry’s bathhouse,
    Not a flunkie was stirring,
    No gerbil, nor mouse.

    The J6 martyrs were hung with no care,
    No due process, lawyers, or rights to declare.

    Wray and his stasi had just gone to bed,
    While Kamel-Toe farted and gave some more head.

    I sat on the shitter, to take a good crap,
    With iPhone to read the alternate rap.

    When on the internet rose such a clatter,
    Dissident Thoughts, such elegant chatter!

    And Big Country Expat, with ‘Krainian cache,
    Identity Dixie, with sweet Southern dash.

    The drugs in the West Wing and new-fallen snow,
    Hunter and hookers, and lotsa good blow.

    When, what do my cynical eyes do appear,
    “Adopted” babies, and DOT queer.

    It posed with its “husband” and children in pic,
    Disgusting, disturbing, Satanic and sick.

    More rapid than vultures his coursers they came,
    He mumbled, and stumbled and called them by name.

    McCarthy, now Johnson, now Boehner, now Ryan!
    You RINO dirtbags, keep up yer lyin’!

    You glorious traitors will all take the fall,
    With cucks and normies enthralled with sportsball.

    As dry leaves that before fake elections fly,
    And mail-in ballots stacked up to the sky.

    So up to the housetops the pedo feds flew,
    Kicking in doors, and killing pets, too!

    And then in a twinkling I heard on the roof,
    Could it be Santa? But then, a big poof!

    Palestinians flying in gliders were found,
    They dropped in the rave and murdered abound.

    (((They))) bombed them and burned them and chased them afoot,
    And turned Gaza City to ashes and soot.

    (((They))) looked to the west for more sympathy,
    While begging and plotting to start World War III.

    While here in da hood, its eyes were so vacant,
    YT beware, don’t be complacent.

    Dindus and dealers, pimps and a hoe,
    Fentanyl, meth, and poisonous snow.

    The crack pipe it held in grillz and gold teeth,
    Its mudshark with black eyes, hanging the wreath.

    Tyrone said, “Shheeeeiiiit”, and muttered in scat,
    Pulled out his Glock and said, “Gibs me dat!”.

    While coked-up Zelensky, the Ukrainian elf,
    Murdered a million to enrich (((himself))).

    He went back to Xiden to ask for more bread,
    But most of his conscripts were already dead.

    DotMil started scrambling to get some recruits,
    But wanted real soldiers, not snowflakes and fruits.

    “Let bygones be bygones” “Let’s wave the flag!”.
    But YT said sternly, “Go away fag!”.

    GloboHomo, your wars you conduct,
    You murdering (((scums))), you can get fucked.

    And to all of us dissidents, the most of us white,
    Happy Christmas to us, for only we’ll fight!

  4. Moe Gibbs

    So, moral of the story is ‘love conquers all’? I’ve been saying for years that there are infinitely more examples of incest in the black community than anyone realizes, given that 20% of the bucks impregnate 80% of the brood sows and no one is really sure who their biological sire is. So there must be many half-siblings hooking up out there unknowingly. That these two miscreants willingly and knowingly hook up as half-sibs just adds the yuck element to the trashiness. I sure wish that what happens in the trailer park would just stay in the damned trailer park.

    • Ohio Copperhead

      We had to read The Color Purple in school many years ago: early plot has black father regularly raping black daughter. So, yeah, I can believe that about blacks and incest.

    • Arthur Sido

      The difference is that when Whites interbreed “All in the family”, it often results in birth defects and mental retardation. When blacks do? Well they are already there so it doesn’t really sour the genetic results.

      You are correct though, incestuous behavior gets reported more often among Whites, blacks just keep it on the down low…

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    The commonwealth is where CCP Turkey Neck McConnel keeps getting elected.
    Even if you don’t like cops it is best to be civil in all interactions as they can always shoot you.
    KY was a potential bolt out place until reading about some GAE principal getting a lap dance from a student in W Virginia counties country in front of everyone.

    • 3g4me

      This shite is everywhere. North Dakota is hunting down ‘White nationalists.’ The government schools into heavy narrative programming in Idaho. Lots of Samoans wedding and bedding White mormons in Utah.

      There is no one state that is ‘solid’ in any way. At best you will find a county or two that is not yet as pozzed as the rest. The benefit of a place like Kentucky is in its geography. Hills and hollers. Don’t decide anything at the state level; look at counties and school district demographics (will tell you who is having children and moving into the area). Check who is working at the local fast food place. Who’s the pharmacist at the closest Walmart.

      Obviously consider gun laws and tax laws, but ignore elected officials (they all suck, regardless of uniparty branch) and don’t register to vote. But the biggest factor is demographics. And that’s under targeted attack, everywhere.

      • Arthur Sido

        There is an Amish community in eastern KY sort of near the river and that place doesn’t even hardly show up on the GPS. If I was going to move anywhere south, it would be there.

        • 3g4me

          Arthur Sido: While our place shows up if just our address is entered on google maps, it does not when someone tries to look up directions from anywhere else ‘to’ our address. The software sends them off miles away on a road that peters out into little more than a trail. Even locals get lost trying to find our pace. We love it.

  6. Ohio Copperhead

    I think we just found the perfect pair to play that opening/ending scene couple in the new all-black/sexually deviant remake of Pulp Fiction!

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    I was at a funeral in that neighborhood a few months back and it did my heart good to see all the young White people in attendance with their White kids. There is hope.

  8. Hickocks Ghost

    Fled the liberal shithole known as Massholechussetts a few years ago for the Black Hills. As I was told years ago, no liberal would let their son marry a virgin. The reasoning was: She wasn’t good enough for her own kin, she wasn’t good enough for our boy!

    • Arthur Sido

      I worked in Taxachussetts for a couple of years while living in New Hampshire. Not enough money in the world to get me to go back, unfortunately enough Massholes have moved to NH to ruin that state

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