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Speaking Of Pavement Apes

Oh, so some 8 year old kid was out looking at Christmas lights with his grandma? Not so fast!

An 8-year-old boy in Oklahoma was critically injured after a gunman opened fire on his family’s vehicle Sunday. The victim has been identified as Zach Bannister. According to reports, Zach Bannister aka “Zachariah Bannister, and Zack Bannister” sustained serious gunshot injuries while looking at Christmas lights in Lawton.

“I need to ask prayers for my great nephew Zachariah Bannister he is 8 and was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting. He is in Children’s Hospital in OKC the bullet is lodged in his brain.”

While traveling with his family in Lawton, Oklahoma, Zach sustained a gunshot to the head. According to Zack’s grandmother, the incident occurred as the boy’s mother was reversing the car to allow him and his brother to enjoy Christmas lights, and gunfire ensued when a green laser was noticed.

Jullian Phillips has been arrested in relation to the shooting and faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, according to a Lawton Police Department spokesperson. It remains uncertain whether he has entered a plea or secured legal representation. The spokesperson for the police mentioned that as of Wednesday, Zack’s condition had become stable.

Here is the brave pavement ape that stepped in….

I didn’t even see this story from a week ago. Do you suppose if a little niglet had been shot in the head by a random White guy while said niglet was casing a house looking at Christmas lights, that the national media might have run a few stories about it?



  1. TakeAHardLook

    I see this constantly but it never fails to infuriate. A human being is destroyed or nearly so, yet the perpetrating ginger is alive, left to stare at the police camera with its Dead Eyes, virtually smirking into the lens as it awaits its fate: a short time in the slammer (to gain additional life skills as a career criminal/piece of shyt), then, someday (way before a full sentence) quietly let out to resume its worthless, not-human existence as an American ginger. To continue its predation upon the decent people of this once great Nation.

    This will end badly.

      • Bear Claw

        Military town, Ft Sill. Used to be really bad but has improved but still lots of low paid apes in the dotmil stationed there. Beautiful part of the state except for this

  2. Harbinger

    If I read correctly, the mother of the 8 year old victim was working a seasonal gig delivering packages when the chimp shot her boy. And she had grandma and another child in the car at the same time. A White or White-adjacent woman venturing unarmed into an area carrying valuables where there is any more than a token few dindus is just begging for trouble.

    The time is fast approaching when NO ONE, be it Amazon, UPS, Fed Ex or doughty USPS will be able to find employees willing to risk life and limb to enter the war zone that is any ‘Murican town or city with a significant black population. Imagine how much your Amazon Prime membership is going to soar when they have to start sending Brink’s trucks with armed escorts into cities to drop off those smiley boxes containing coffee filters and hair clips.

      • Anon

        I remember that from 2020.
        Don’t forget all the train lootings in (I think it was) LA with endless discarded garbage from them.
        It’s sickening how bad things have gotten. Don’t forget the kid shot in another state by a nig neighbor right in the head a couple of years ago. It’s been happening but it’s never amplified by news for obvious reasons.
        The nigs are just one of the weapons of choice for the real perps.

        • Arthur Sido

          My wife and I were talking about that, there are train tracks not too far from us and trains park there overnight all the time. We would never even consider looting those trains.

  3. Filthie

    All it takes is one shot, too. One shot – and feral niggers will take to their heels like scalded cats. Our ancestors were not heartless. They lynched blacks because they HAD too. Niggers minded their P’s and Q’s because they knew what would happen if they didn’t. Pressure came from their own families to straighten up and fly right.

    America had a nigger problem, driven by an even bigger jew problem.

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