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Signs Of The Impending Times

Check this out from Metro Detroit, but happening across the country….

I have seen farm attackers in South Africa using “military grade” portable jammers but now it is being used here to circumvent security systems. I imagine there are similar jammers that are portable and can block cell signals, meaning you can’t call for “help”.

If you haven’t been to the Detroit area you might think the whole region is a shithole but there are some very high-end suburbs like Troy, Bloomfield Hills and Grosse Pointe that are full of tasty target for thieves.

Something that has been on my radar is the changing character of mestizo illegal aliens. The friendly gardener and the nice taco truck guy many of us are familiar with are slowly, or not so slowly, being replaced by hardened criminals. What is worse is that while they are as vicious as blacks, they are significantly smarter than black criminals, an admittedly low bar.

For now they seem content to rob homes while the family is gone but if three or four mestizos, probably armed and perfectly willing to use violence, show up while you are home with your wife and daughters and you can’t even call for “help”, that may or may not arrive anyway, what are you going to do?

The same people that have created the environment where sophisticated bands of mestizo robbers are breaking into homes in metro Detroit and around the country also tell potential victims that they shouldn’t be allowed to possess the means to protect their family and property. Unless you are cool as a cucumber and experienced in shooting people, facing 3 or more intruders in your home demands more than a revolver.

We have always had crime but what is different now is the sheer brazenness of the criminals, knowing as they do that it is very unlikely they will be caught and even if they are arrested the odds are good that they will get off with a slap on the wrist, especially in urban areas with Soros funded District Attorneys. Without the threat of imprisonment, the only real disincentive to committing crimes is that your intended victim might shoot you in the face.

The coming collapse is inevitable and intentional, your preparedness needs to stay several steps ahead of those who wish to harm you.


  1. saoirse

    One day soon, for every innocent White man, woman and child maimed, raped or murdered by muds, 10 of their enablers and defenders will be executed. Make it 100.
    I’ve lived around those animals and the only thing that deters their violence is a resolve to greater violence!

  2. 3g4me

    Pursuant to which, wish we had bought triple the ammo we did when you shared that last excellent deal (although I have yet to receive my rebate – need to call them) back in June (?). Just FYI, after Vista was bought by a Czech national, company now announces prices to increase ‘substantially.’,due%20to%20%22an%20anticipated%20global%20shortage%20of%20gunpowder.%22

    • Arthur Sido

      I saw that prices are going up, I haven’t gotten my rebate either but I heard they are super slow about sending them out. Hell, even without the rebate it was still a great deal compared to now.

  3. Xzebek

    I wonder how many military age invaders over our southern border have brought high tech gear with military or sabotage uses? I’m sure there is a significant number. Cell jammers aren’t even what I’d be most worried about.
    However, in that regard, if jammers keep me from calling for help, it also keeps them from calling for help. And in rural Montana that’s just going to make it easier to dispose of the bodies.

  4. Alex Lund

    May I ask what will happen if a victim fights back and the perpetrators cannot call the police to protect themselves / call some “friends” because of said jamming equipment?

    And what should a victim do, with the corpses?
    Wasnt there a book called “Be your own undertaker”?

    Just asking for a friend…

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