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Sheeeeiiitttt! Literally In This Case

Tennessee man fatally shoots neighbor in fight over dog poop: cops

A Tennessee man has been charged with murder for allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor — after he asked him to scoop up his dog’s poop in their shared yard.

Knoxville police responded about 6 p.m. Saturday to a report of a shooting at a house on East Oldham Avenue, where they discovered a wounded man who was pronounced dead at the scene, WATE reported.

Stefen White, 34, had gotten into an argument with the neighbor when the neighbor asked him to pick up his pooch’s poop from their shared area, according to the outlet.

The suspect pulled out a handgun and shot the man in the chest, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the news outlet.

I have nothing to add. Thanks for the reader submission!


  1. Big Ruckus D

    I believe this may be in the running for most negrotastic story of 2023, as an challenger to the one you posted the other day about the guud boi who dindunuffin murdering his sister over Christmas presents and sheeeit. And we still have ~30 hours to the deadline for more submissions.


      Sho’nuff Big Ruckus, A challenger has emerged as the clock runs out for 2023. Stefan (not so) White looks like an Old Brown Tucker speakeasy opening act for Mr. Bojangles at the Peppermint Lounge on MLK.

      And just sayin’, pitbull bombs in the nigborhood nasty.

      • Big Ruckus D

        I’m dying here. Not only are you the poet laureate of our time, but the way you can turn a descriptive phrase like that about Mr. Bojangles at the peppermint lounge on MLK has me busting a gut. And I needed a good laugh. Good show, man, good show.

  2. Anonymous

    The fact that this case did not assume national attention makes me believe that it is black-on-black, in which case, as da po-leece say, NHI (No Humans Involved).

    If the dead man is White, however, so much the better, as it deposits another body into the reparations till (named, appropriately, for Emmett Till, da mos’ righteous and troofdimonious brutha who ever raped a White woman represented for the race of kangz.

    Stay black, y’all.

  3. Mike_C

    A friend of mine lives in a town full of the high-IQ* demographic. Friend has an elderly Golden Retriever that is the typical goofy, laid back Golden. She also has a neighbor who lets HIS little yappy little mutt shit on her lawn, and he doesn’t clean it up despite her asking him to do so on many, many occasions. So the other day friend is out in her yard and the neighbor is standing on the sidewalk watching his yappy mutt shit on her lawn. Friend speaks sharply. Neighbor literally gets in her face as yappy mutt bites her pants leg. Her big old Golden (too fat and lazy to get off the porch) raises his head and barks at the little dog biting his owner’s leg. Yappy mutt retreats behind neighbor who himself retreats back to the sidewalk. Friend gathers up her Golden and goes inside. Twenty minutes later the cops show up at her door. They inform her that animal control is on the way to seize her “dangerous dog” that nearly killed her neighbor’s yappy mutt (say it with me) For No Reason At All. (Yeah, cops showed up for this — it’s a really rich town.)

    * I know you have doubts about the truth of the high(er) IQ part. Fair enough, I’m just using it as a mildly sarcastic kenning. (For those not up on Norse terminology — and if you ain’t, why TF not ? A kenning is a poetic turn of phrase substituted for a proper or thing-name. For example, “Laufey’s son” represents Loki. And “take the sea road” means “to go by ship”. You get the idea.)

    • Ohio Copperhead

      What actually ended up happening to her dog? Did she manage to convince the cops of the truth?

      They should really be made to live among the blacks they claim to love. That way, when they get attacked, robbed, etc., they might actually be telling the truth for once.

  4. Mike_C

    Oh, sorry. (I was being like those horrible YT clips where they cut off the end ☹️.) Friend invited the cops inside, introduced them to her Golden. After a few minutes the cops admitted that her neighbor was a known nutcase and pain in the ass. They called off animal control.

    Not sure that inviting the cops inside is a great tactic generally, but she has the personality that can make it work.

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