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Seriously, We Need To Ban Them From Fast Food Joints

Did I mention lack of impulse control and empathy? Another local yokel doing that black thang at a fast food restaurant.

Fort Wayne police arrested a 42-year-old man in connection with a man being struck by a car and pinned against the Popeyes on Illinois Road.

Marchello Middleton is charged with felony criminal recklessness and leaving the scene of an accident, as well as one count of misdemeanor domestic battery, Sgt. Jeremy Webb, public information officer for the Fort Wayne Police Department, said in a release Tuesday. Middleton allegedly fled the scene and was arrested about an hour after the 2 p.m. incident.

Police say they were dispatched because of a domestic dispute with two men and a woman at Popeyes. They say Marchello then got into a vehicle and struck the other man, pinning him between the car and the fast-food restaurant.

As soon as I saw the initial headline and where it took place, I knew it was a black guy. Someone ramming someone else with their after a fight, at a Popeyes chicken?! Come on man.

Even by their general racial low standards, our local Fort Wayne blacks seem especially prone to violent impulses.

Or these knuckleheads in Southern Indiana…

Two people are facing drug dealing charges after deputies say they received a package of pot in the mail.

Deputies say the carrier service discovered the package, which turned out to contain 6.6 pounds of marijuana.

They say it was addressed to Chris Pope on Jeanette Avenue.

As soon as a detective dropped the package off, they say Chevaughn Chavis came out of the house and picked it up.

About 15 minutes later, deputies say they served a search warrant at the home.

They say about a dozen guns, ammunition, pills, mushrooms, more marijuana, cocaine, and other drug paraphernalia were found in the home.

Geniuses, mailing 6 1/2 pounds of pot to themselves.


      • Jen

        Partner loves it, and I used to get it for him as a treat, but the sistahs won’t wait on me, pretend they don’t hear, and then give me the wrong food. And take an hour to replace it when I ask for the correct order. My guess is it gives them time to spit in it. One star, would not recommend.

        • TechieDude

          This is one of the reasons I’ll never darken the door of a Popeye’s ever again – “the sistahs won’t wait on me, pretend they don’t hear, and then give me the wrong food”

          There’s a newish one near me, and it’s more than shitty service. Although it’s only a few years old, it’s filthy. it’s trash overflows the dumpster. You can tell there’s a whole lot of “ain’t my job- itis” going on there.

          Last time I was went, I was muttering that they should get themselves some mexicans like everyone else. At least things would get done.

          So I don’t even bother now. If I wander in and I see a black run operation, I leave. No point in trying it out.

      • Jim Wetzel

        Went into a Popeyes (Popeye’s? Popeyes’? who cares) once in my life, way back in the Before Times, probably 25 years ago. Truly awful stuff. Not a mistake I’ll repeat, especially considering the diverse vibrancy. Arthur, You ain’t missin’ nothin.

          • Banikashay Torrence

            Every time I hear of some school, movie theater, church , grocery store or any public event getting shot up I instantly knows it’s some white guy has went on another mass shooting I guess he could have went in there and shot the place up like you and your lice infested family members do for a group of people who favorite sex partner is some animal or your family members you have made assumptions on a situation you struggle genes ass know nothing about worry about that negative birth rate y’all ass got going on stick to what you know like killing your whole family for insurance foh

      • MN Steel

        Tried it once near the Maplewood Hmong Mall.

        Dogs quite literally wouldn’t eat it, even the Labrabull we got from a coal-burner my wife used to work with when she and her niglets had to move to an apartment by themselves for some reason…

          • MN Steel

            Mostly hmongs in the mall just within the I-94 ring.

            Used to be a really nice and White place, before moving down here hit a Gander Mountain store clearance across the road from that mall, averaged 75% off a couple new Gander Guide extreme weather outfits, tent, double-rifle hard case, stuff like that.

            Gander knew what was up 14 years ago, even though they’d stock gator hunting-weight mesh clothes during autumn in the upper midwest.

          • Big Ruckus D

            Heh. Had a Husky many years ago with a cast iron stomach and a Teflon anus that was a walking garbage can. She’d eat damn near anything. Until one day, my dad brought home an order of sausage and gravy biscuits from McDonald’s. Put about a half a biscuit with plenty of gravy on it still on the floor for her, she sniffed it and then looked up and gave us a look as if to say, “screw you for presenting me with this slop”.

            I laughed for real at my dad, telling him “I don’t know what you just ate, but it didn’t pass her sniff test, so it must be total shit.” My old man wasn’t so amused.

            Oh, and she didn’t like melanin enhanced scholars, either. She was a smart dog. It was a real bummer when she died of a stroke.

            • Arthur Sido

              A lot of dogs instinctively hate blacks, my sister on the east coast near Coruscant-on-the-Potomac had a dog that went berserk whenever blacks walked by, she was mortified at her “racist” dog but I thought it was hilarious.

  1. Mike_C

    One hospital where I worked, the majority of the servers (people who stood behind the counter and dished out your food, not waiters) were Caribbean blacks. I noticed early on they gave huge portions to other blacks (of all sorts), and big portions to fat white or Jewish women who sucked up to them. A friend (male, British, lean, dual doctorates, reserved and a bit stiff) once complained privately to me, “They are incredibly rude, even though I make an effort to be friendly.” This was three decades ago and I was much more blue-pilled than I am now, but even so my response was “There’s your problem. They see you being polite as weakness.” I was on to those … people and treated them they way they treated me: stone-faced, clipped words, bare minimum of courtesy necessary to avoid a fight. I still got small portions, but at least I could eat my shitty hospital food without an appetizer of boot-licking.

    Oh yeah. At night (after 10) they’d let other blacks behind the counter to serve themselves (how much food can you pile on a plate? Lots as it turns out) but whites were made to wait for their pittance of food. I started serving myself and I think they eventually gave up trying to police me. Because I had a bad attitude towards them, but knew where to draw the line.

    Finally, we had a med student, T (Polish ancestry) who was a nice guy. I rather liked him. Then one day he said, “I like [male negro server whose name I forget]. He always has a joke for you, and he sizes you up, decides how much food you need, and that’s what you get.” I was disgusted, and knew that we could never be friends. What a stupid thing to even think, much less say. These days I’d just walk away. Back then I still cared. “It’s not his job to decide ‘how much you need’. He’s supposed to give everyone the same amount of food.” T just stared at me. Fucking loser.

  2. D

    I have often wondered, if we had time machines, and could go back to slave owner times, and bring them to the future, and show them how fucked up things are now, would they have changed the error of their ways? But, I have little faith in humanity.

    • RegretLeft

      Both of the individuals shown above are the result of the mass rape of African slaves by owners in “slave owner times” … I don’t know what, if anything, that proves one way or another but I do think it was one the “error[s] of their ways” and I do know that James Madison, shortly before he died, in the early 1830s confessed to a British visitor that he considered that behavior to have been totally “fucked up”, i.e. hugely and dangerously threatening to southern culture.

      • Anonymous White Male

        Given social mores in antebellum times, I think the “mass rape of African slaves by owners” is a huge myth created by bagels to foster the “poor oppressed negroes” narrative. That, and the “Oh, slave owners impregnated their slaves to produce more valuable commodities”. Think about it. Isn’t it more likely that black women used their “equipment” to make their life easier? I mean, a White man that stuck their thing in a black woman would destroy their reputation. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but can you imagine Colonel Culpepper visiting Shasquitcha in her communal dorm and doing the horizontal mambo? If it happened, it was some young White trash draining his nuts. Plus, I think most miscegenation occurred after blacks were freed. Then, black women could sell themselves for whatever they could get. And, as negroes destroyed the functioning society, more blacks could rape White women, and more stupid White women could get “attention” from black males, since they weren’t desired by White men. Now you just have the exponential result of a handful of the original White/black mongrels. It’s like Europeans being outbred by Muslims.

        • Arthur Sido

          It certainly happened but nowhere near the levels you would think from the media. Using them as a cum dumpster probably had some appeal plus you get mixed race offspring that are smarter, but for me I would rather forego ever having sex again than sticking my dick in an African.

  3. Harbinger

    I make calculated decisions all the time when out in public. I will wait on a longer line in the supermarket to avoid being cashed out by the surly negress with the scowl and 3″ long fake nails. I won’t park anywhere near a non-White if I can avoid it. And I’ve walked out of eateries of all types when I see more than a token few non-Whites taking orders or serving meals.

    Where the shit really hits the fan is in circumstances where they can’t be avoided. Hospitals, nursing homes, any medical setting that employs low-paid, low-skill labor – you get who you get in a service role, and woe unto you if your nurse’s aide is black, especially haitian. Surly, unempathetic, gruff, deliberately careless. And watch those damned nails, for they are weapons. This is a demographic who won’t think twice about tossing each other under the bus, so just imagine what they will do to YOU.

    • RegretLeft

      Who could possibly disagree with you? – I might only suggest that there is some value in being alert for exceptions: in the last weeks of my mother’s life before she died at 91 she had a black woman from Ghana as an aide (merely luck of the draw). Smart, conscientious, caring, hard working, punctual – all of it – we embraced and sobbed immediately after we watched my mother die and she closed her eyelids.

      • Arete

        Thanks for mentioning an exception; I think it’s important to remember that they are truly there. I’ve met more than a few in the course of my life, and while they don’t negate the general truth about the majority, they do exist.

      • Anonymous White Male

        I think something else you have noticed is that “real” Africans are different from African Americans, in that they’ve seen black culture in person, and prefer the White thing. I’ve known a couple of Nigerians that are hard workers, even more than some White people they work with. And they don’t like American blacks. They think they are spoiled and ungrateful. Which they are. They never had to put up with jewish propaganda that they could have created Wakanda if Whitey hadn’t let them screw their daughters. Real Africans know there is no such thing as Wakanda, and it’s better to be a slave to Whites than to starve to death under black rule.

        • Arthur Sido

          I have heard that as well, I wonder how many generations it lasts before they adopt the perpetual victim mentality. I am sure it is similar with mestizos after a few generations, they forget where they came from and why they fled.

      • Harbinger

        It is those uncommon exceptions that prove the rule. The last sort of person I would want to be is a decent, reasonably intelligent, empathetic black. They are justifiably distrusted by White race realists, and reviled by their fellow blacks for “acting White”.

        I live in South Texas, where there are infinitely many more mestizos than blacks. The blacks I have dealt with here tend to be very civilized, compared to those from blue hives making the news daily for their savagery. Some are genuinely friendly and kind, or at least seem so. But I trust none of them. Individuals may well be good, decent people. But in groups, they invariably regress to the mean. Blacks seem particularly susceptible to groupthink and mob mentality.

      • JerseyJeffersonian

        Yes, my wife and I had a similar experience with the black folks who cared for my dad in a well-run care facility. Despite his creeping dementia, they knew that he was a worthy man, and rendered him good care (and we were vigilant about these matters, albeit low keyed about it).

    • Arthur Sido

      Lots of childless White women are going to be in for a rude awakening when they are alone in a nursing home with no one to care about their treatment, being “cared for” by some angry, stupid Haitian chick that resents the people she is paid to care for.

  4. Bennythecoolcat

    Ban then from fast food joints? No, we need to ban them from the USA. And all white nations. Tell them they are getting a free trip back to Wakanda.


    I do love me some Popeye’s shicken and biscuits. I realize that it is poison, but damn, it’s good!

    Here in Tejas it’s fairly easy to find a Popeye’s that’s staffed wholly by high-spanics based on what neighborhood (or nigborhood) you are in. Since I am not going in for the customer service experience, they do fair enough job of serving me the delicious garbage that I treat myself too occasionally.

    Some of my favorite chimpouts have been at Chuck E Cheese’s. Check out the chimpout at the Cheese, Blackmont, Texas store. Added fun, listen to the scholar’s comment at 1:37.

    • Arthur Sido

      Chuck E Cheese is a magnet for chimp outs, they think it is the epitome of high class and cultured cuisine so dey baby better get whatever dey wants or mama is going to throw hands.

      • Nyah

        Let me tell you something bitch, don’t be making no motherfucking article about a situation you don’t know shit about. If you gone make an article about something, let it be about how you unseasoned mayonnaise ass white bitches be shooting up school and stores and fucking on y’all cousins. You motherfuckers do the most crime but somehow wanna pin it on us like we be doing all the illegal shit. Are you slow? Have you not seen the amount of headlines in the news that you bitches be involved in. And bitch please reply cause I got time to day to go back in forth. HAVE A NICE DAY hoe.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    They could have moved to Marion Co. home of Indianoplace and had it sent one ounce at a time.
    You are allowed that amount there.
    Maybe Brandon could enact an auto pen executive order to home deliver the Frankenfood to loyal CPUSA (D) voters as a human right.
    Sadly EBT is not accepted at slop food outlets. (sad trombone)
    I’m all for people eating synthetic slop that destroys health. (wink)
    Don’t forget the fast food package litter that is everywhere around Blue Hives AKA cities.

  7. Backwoods Okie

    Got a Popeye’s here in town and it’s run by the tribe. Service is kinda okay but the food is good. The chicken sandwich is the shit.

  8. Anon

    All these boomers.
    “I’m not racist I knew a GOOD black!”
    “A-a-at least the goyslop I eat is served by spics instead of nogs!”


      Hey Anon,

      Being a boomer has been great, albeit on the tail end of Boomerdom.

      Sometimes it’s the simple things like a shitty fast food entree, or watching another chimpout or reading Art’s eloquence that brings a smile.

      Being a boomer meant learning a lot of things, and being a dissident boomer meant un-learning some things.

      Seems like you got it all figured out. Good luck.

      • Anon

        Nah, I know my own generation is fucked to hell, much less the zoomers and younger.
        They sicken me too, the ones that betray their kind for nonwhites. I’ve already had plenty of experience with plenty of nonwhites including those “good nigerians” and others who are still stupid and impulsive like the rest of their kind. Even without being raping murderers they are tool to attack Whites economically and socially.
        My hope is for things to break down so badly that people are forced to work for their own interests or are eaten alive by the diversity, and balkanization so we can chop off the rotting limbs and have some time to restructure, with a chance to retake those later as they weaken with the collapse and swarms of nonwhites.
        Hoping to see things go down before I’m too old.
        Stay frosty; you and yours might still be around as well for the collapse and the opportunities that come with it.


          Well played. We are in the minority regardless of what generation we landed in.

          Stock up, stack up, and let the games begin.

    • Arthur Sido

      I heard that on the radio this morning, that must be a defense designed by their public defender (who probably wears a small hat), because I can’t imagine them figuring that out on their own.

      • Squb

        Why are not all of these gangs pursued by the fbi under the RICO Act? Surely this is a conspiracy, use of the USPS to further their criminal enterprise? Crossing state lines?

        Or is the fbi too busy rounding up aged hippie boomers that bought something with a credit card inside the beltway on Jan. 6?

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