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Pavement Apes On Patrol

All across the fruited plains, America’s highways crisscross the land speeding peaceful and law-abiding BIPOCs from BBQs and hookah bars. Alas, these highways are also the hunting ground of non-BIPOC predators, predators who are engaged in such nefarious behavior as driving to watch the sunset or changing a tire. Thankfully America has a dedicated cadre of pavement apes on patrol to deal with people that think that a road is some place where you can just drive around without a care in the world.

A commendation is in order for this dutiful pavement ape, Occifer Byron Burkhart for actions above and beyond the call of duty.

Lancaster road-rage killing suspect makes 1st court appearance as bail set at $5M

A man suspected of killing a 4-year-old boy in an apparent road-rage shooting in Lancaster made his first court appearance on Tuesday and was ordered held on more than $5 million bail.

Byron Burkhart appeared briefly in a Lancaster courtroom as a judge read the charges, which include one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder with use of a firearm.

Burkhart is accused of firing eight times into the car of a family driving on Sierra Highway on Friday, killing 4-year-old Gor Adamyan in the backseat.

Adamyan is an Armenian surname and here is the 4 year old in question….

The nerve of some people, driving to get groceries. Good thing Occifer Burkhart was on the job.

The incident began around 7:30 p.m. as Gor’s family was driving on Sierra Highway, the family’s father at the wheel, and encountered the suspects in traffic.

“During the incident, the suspect driver cut them off and then began following them through several surface streets,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. “While being pursued by the suspects, the victim driver slowed his vehicle, at which time the suspect driver pulled up along the passenger side of the victim’s car and began shooting.”

He fired eight shots, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. One bullet struck the boy, who died a short time later at the hospital. The victim’s vehicle camera captured the suspect’s license plate, according to the DA’s office.

Eight shots, missed the driver entirely it seems and hit a 4 year old. That sort of accuracy puts Occifer Burkhart in the elite ranks of pavement apes.

Wherever internal combustion engines are found, pavement apes will be on patrol to ensure that none of these uppity non-BIPOCs cause the slightest inconvenience to the peaceful BIPOC travelers, who after all were the ones that invented the automobile and built the interstate highway system in the first place.


At this point what can you do but make light of the cancer that is the black population in America? They have always been an anchor holding us back but since 2020? The cancer has metastasized and is spreading, wreaking havoc wherever they go and whatever they touch. They are getting worse by the day as they realize that there is very little interest in stopping the carnage.

Shooting a 4 year old kid in a fit of road rage is just another day in America’s jungles and a reminder to always have your head on a swivel, always be carrying and never relax around blacks.


  1. Max Wiley

    I by no means think I am invulnerable to the violence that is steadily increasing in our cities, but I think I am better prepared than most. My EDC now includes a backpack that contains a very small 300BLK carbine, eye and ear protection, and body armor, in addition to the concealed pistol that I no longer leave home without. I am not merely well equipped either, I spend substantial time in training, practice, and competition using my weapons.
    I have no intention of starting any trouble, but if there is any trouble I mean to finish it, and in a manner that loudly proclaims “You done f***** up.” I also live in a state where as long as I am not the aggressor and avoid obvious “insurance” shots, I am highly unlikely to face legal troubles.
    If this sounds excessive to anyone, perhaps they aren’t paying attention.

    • Arthur Sido

      People like you are unlikely to be victims because you are a) prepared and b)aware. I wonder what the family was thinking when this asshole was pulling up next to them. Far too many people just don’t think something like this could happen to them.

      • Gryphon

        You’re right about that, Arthur, the Situational Awareness of the average normie is about 0 on a scale of 10. Looking straight ahead while Driving (if not Texting), and when Walking, Face Down to the Cell Phone, to the point of walking into Lampposts, etc. Then you add in the (((programming))) since Childhood that ‘africans’ are just regular People with Brown Skin, and this is the result. Telling one of them “Around blacks, Never Relax” will be met with incredulity and a .Whine of “That’s Racist”

        • Max Wiley

          We are at the point where it is “never relax, period.” Hispanics don’t commit violent crimes at the rates blacks do but it is still several multiples of the white rate and there are FAR more of them, especially with the southern border wide open. Anywhere near a major population center it should be condition orange at all times out of the home and condition yellow even at home, which is why I left the city years ago and anyone who isn’t doing the same is rolling the dice on their future.

  2. Anonymous

    That Armenian kid was just oozing with White privilege, you must admit. He’d clearly been enjoying lording it over the oppressed black man for all of his four years. The brutha felt compelled to avenge his tribe for centuries of slavery, and lashed out like any one of us would over such an egregious slight as occupying the same spot on a highway that the brutha claimed as his righteous place.


    We only know of this particular story because a child tragically died. How many times a day do situations like this arise in which no one is killed or seriously injured and so it goes unreported in the greater media? I would wager that for every dead White there are 100 near misses with lesser injuries. This sort of thing involving black tantrums is likely far more common than any of us realize.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Is it bad that I laugh at those videos of people walking off of piers or falling down a manhole cover while drooling over the stupidphone?
    Wait until officer chongo mongo bongo joins the N’ with a badge brigades.
    Comrade commissar Turban Durbin of the glorious CPUSA republic of Illinois just can’t wait for fourth world turd mil and poleece Praetorian guards.

  4. Matt

    Some guy got killed outside out Akron Ohio in a road rage incident about 6 months ago. Homie shot the car up then fled to Columbus. The caught him about a week later. There are cameras all along that section of the highway. Tracked his cell phone after that.

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