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One Last One Before The New Year

Three people have been arrested in connection with the death of an off-duty sergeant who approached suspects after allegedly witnessing them commit a crime, police say.

Around 4 p.m. Saturday, Greensboro Police Department Sgt. Phillip Dale Nix was shot at a Sheetz convenience store and gas station. Another off-duty police officer and a paramedic at the scene immediately rendered aid, but Nix was taken to a hospital where he died.

The suspects charged are Jamere Justice Foster, 18, Z’quriah Le’Pearce Blackwell, 18, and John Walter Morrison, 28.

Z’quriah Le’Pearce Blackwell?! I have no idea how to pronounce that first name, sounds like Wakandan royalty. Not so funny is that they killed a White guy nor that they will end up in the slammer for decades but still, that is a hilarious joggerlicious name.


  1. Harbinger

    Probably pronounced “Zechariah” is my guess. But who knows? Pity the poor nice White ladies teaching 2nd grade who have to not only try to teach the little savages how to scrawl their own names, but dare not ever mispronounce one, under pain of death (we know from recent history that the little pickaninnies are often packing).

  2. Jen

    I went out to the waiting room to call my patient, “Z’Q” to the back. “Zuh-Que?” I called, and promptly got lit into by mom. Apparently, the patient’s name wS pronounced “Zack.” 🙄

    • Grumpy51

      Lol – called a 2-year old with braids “she”, mom tried to light into me, I shut her down with “you dress them like a girl, they’ll be called a she”

  3. Don Rasmussen

    I can’t imagine anyone pronouncing that name twice in a row. never mind the simian owner thereof. You gotta laugh these days, so you don’t cry at the same time over the real picture. OOH AHH AHH!

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