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On A Lighter Note

I feel like some good old fashioned Scholar-American mockery…

Our first stop is Florida because of course it is.

Florida woman who lied to law enforcement that her children’s Christmas presents were stolen was arrested after her “Grinch-like plot” fell apart, according to deputies.

Shana Hudson, 39, called deputies on Nov. 19 and reported a residential burglary in Lehigh Acres, Florida, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Hudson claimed someone stole several items from her home, including Christmas presents for her children, leaving them without presents for the holidays.

Detectives investigating the case took it upon themselves to coordinate a donation from the Lehigh Acres American Legion, as well as funds from the sheriff’s office’s Shop With a Cop, to surprise the family with new presents.

But as detectives continued to investigate, a tip to Crime Stoppers revealed information leading them to evidence showing that Hudson lied about the burglary. Detectives found the reported stolen items hidden at a family member’s home.

The racist po-leece were going to help replace the stolen toys? That just proves being altruistic to blacks is simply wasting money and often is dangerous. Oh, here is Shana Hudson…

Then to Johannesburg-on-the-Pearl, better known as Jackson, Mississippi.

Mississippi corrections officer Latasha Crump Coleman has been missing for months, and some of her relatives think that her estranged and allegedly abusive husband may know why. 

Tensions over the issue exploded in a Jackson courthouse this week, in a brawl involving her family as well as that of her husband, Derrick Coleman.

Local news cameras preparing to shoot a news briefing swung around and picked up the melee, which included kicks, slaps and body slams. Video shows a woman jumping over a railing to strike a man – and him smacking her in the face before police dive in and break up the mayhem.

Coleman’s family allegedly instigated the attack from behind, according to the missing officer’s brother, Cedric Crump.

Due to “obvious turmoil” between the sides, bailiffs at prior hearings escorted them out separate doors, he said. For some reason Thursday, however, they let the Colemans out right behind the Crumps.

“They began to say things towards us and attempted to hit – they hit – one of my family members,” Crump told Fox News Digital.

The two sides exchanged heated words in the courthouse lobby. Shouting soon escalated to shoving – then an all-out brawl, video from the Jackson-based FOX 40 shows. The melee left a juvenile with a bloody nose, according to the station.

Here be the delightfully named and almost certainly dearly departed Latasha Crump Coleman…

Fortunately there is plenty of video of the brawl but the best part of the video is the vacant eyed, slack jawed news reporter, WJTV 12 TV’s Jaylon Anderson, struggling to read the teleprompter

That is a snazzy suit Jaylon is wearing….

I wonder if he got it from his attorney to wear for a court hearing and just kept it? Apparently in Jackson, Mississippi barely qualifying as semi-literate is good enough to read the local news.

The good folks at The Root, a publication that sets the standard for race-baiting, blaming everyone else for the problems of blacks and refusing to ever take responsibility, ran an article about a dating app for blacks. Now I am sure that a dating app for Whites would be racist but “BLK” is empowering or something. What really killed me was the sub-heading…

Outside of people who read The Root, does the word “brilliance” come to mind for anyone when they are thinking about black men? The article is the gayest sounding thing I have read in a long time…

For those of you in the market for your happily ever after, it’s safe to assume you’re probably familiar with BLK—the popular dating app that prides itself on fostering “a warm, inviting, and supportive space where Black [sic] love is celebrated in all its forms.” But true love starts within ourselves, and in order to aid Black [sic] men in that quest, BLK has made it their mission to dispel the cacophony of negative myths associated with our very existence by reimagining the tribulations and triumphs of brotherhood.

Recently, the premier dating and lifestyle app hosted an a wellness retreat in Joshua Tree, Calif. exclusively for Black [sic] men, that featured explorations of identity and vulnerability, restorative sound baths and breathwork exercises, impactful workshops, and gratuitous amounts of solidarity and laughter—and I was somehow lucky enough to be extended an invitation. This multi-faceted journey of self-discovery was the brainchild of Jonathan Kirkland—BLK’s Head of Brand and Marketing—and PR extraordinaire DJ Hardy of Arxna, who manifested this lofty dream into reality.

Pardon my French but what the fuck is a “restorative sound bath”?

Finally we go back to James Bellamy, teacher and elbow thrower extraordinaire in Palatka, Florida. We last heard about Coach Bellamy in That’ll Learn ‘Em! when he was arrested for knocking out a student’s tooth and now we have pictures of the 12 year old student and a video of the event. Here is the 12 year old, sans tooth.

You can watch the video here: Video shows Palatka teacher knock out student’s front tooth, police say

Bottom line, the elbow was not accidental, he launched it at the kid. On the other hand, and not to defend the teacher, but I suspect the 12 year old was being a little shithead and asking for an ass-kicking. Still you don’t elbow a 12 year old in the face because nothing good is going to come of it.

As we approach the end of another year, I want to express my sincerest thanks to the black community in America and around the world for making it so easy to write this blog.


  1. Danny

    Soundbath would be where you sit in a small room full of public address speakers with Ice Cube rapping at high volume. (They could have called it “ice bath” but that’s for football players.)

    I think the breathwork is where you learn to regain your breathing after running a half-mile down back alleys while being chased by some physically fit cops.

  2. Hiding_Out

    Wow, that news reader guy is the epitome of affirmative action hiring. There’s a serious case of The Emperor’s New Clothes going on there, as everyone sits around thinking about how bad he is, and being more than a bit embarrassed, I’m sure, but nobody can say a thing.

    I’m a bit amazed, though I shouldn’t be; it being clown world and all.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Good thing we got the Magic Soil.
    1000 years of glorious victories await.
    Scholars will beat Elon to Mars!
    O/T-Elon is reporting American you tube user locked up in the 51st Uniparty state the Kraine for five years and tortured, looking into it.
    How could our beloved Uke warmaster comrades do us this way?
    Hopefully they will invite us to the Moscow Green Zone this coming spring.
    I love sarcasm.

  4. Greg

    Well, I thank you for continuing to document this particular side of our degenerate “culture”. Like your previous post on high tech criminals, we are a long, long ways from that where we have relocated to the “Oregon Outback”. We are not immune from crime here; most of it is drug related, but our local culture is known to be well armed, with both concealed and open carry common. Very little home invasion here; it would be a stupid suicide if it were attempted. We are as infected as anywhere with the libtard virus, but they do tend to recognize they’re a minority here, and what little “diversity” we have do not tend to be those lacking in impulse control.

  5. Anonymous

    Jeez, man, gotta ration this shite out. There is just too much to unpack here in a single post.

    My fave is the all-negro brawl in front of the courthouse, and in particular, ratchet Miz Santy Clawz in dat fine flamin’ red jump suit. Nigga could set a tea service for eight on dat booty shelf. And as usual, for all the passion and fury, flailin’ limbs and flyin’ weaves, nothing more serious than a juvenile with a bloody nose? What, nobody thought to pack a Hi-Point?

    So The Root celebrates the “strength and brilliance of black men”, does it? Well, that ought to waste about two minutes before devolving into wildly inaccurate gunfire and marble-mouthed, profanity-laced ebonicisms. “Brilliant black men” is about as oxy-moronic a mash-up of words as one can imagine.

  6. Zorost

    To be fair, I’m pretty sure the husband is innocent. I’m basing this on the fact that no body has been found, and I’ve yet to see a black be able to successfully hide evidence. Usually they do something retarded, like cover the body in bleach believing that wipes away all evidence, or trying to burn an entire body with a couple pints of gasoline. Then giving up and walking away when it doesn’t work.

  7. Scot Irish

    The Root? It’s sort of a parody site with advertisements about weaves, malt liquour and the best gold tooth dentist.
    Featured articles from the very smart brother, a harriet and various negroes and negresses.
    That’s about the only way I can read it.
    You’re a brave man Arthur Sido!

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