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More Violent But Still Amusing Monkeyshines

This one, also a local act but with outside talent, is just delightful.

This one has it all.

Court documents say a brawl between at least 20 people police say were working for ServPro ended in a deadly shooting at Red Roof Inn Saturday afternoon.

Police were called to the scene, 3017 W. Coliseum Boulevard, around 3 p.m., where they found 26-year-old Keelin Woods, of Chicago, suffering from gunshot wounds and in “imminent death” condition.

Woods was taken to the hospital and later died.

On Monday, U.S. Marshals arrested Tommy Lamon Gray, 21, in Louisville, KY, on charges of murder, attempted murder and leaving the scene.

The area of Fort Wayne where that motel is located is a shithole right off of I-69. There are a couple of truck stops and a handful of roach-infested dumps for transients and meth heads to use. People are found dead there on a fairly regular basis so I am sure whatever clean-up ServePro was doing was nasty work. Let’s continue….

Court documents said wittnesses told police two ServPro crews, one from Chicago, IL, and the other from Louisville, KY, were working at the Inn when a fight ensued.

Woods was working on the Chicago crew along with his brother and cousin.

His brother told police one of the supervisors from the Chicago crew confronted the Louisville crew for not doing their work.

Documents say the Louisville crew got violent and a brawl broke out between the two crews.

Oh dear. Rival crews brawling over one crew not doing their work. Given the likely racial make-up of both crews, I would say you have to be pretty slothful to get called out for a lack of initiative. Louisville is much smaller than Chicongo but it is turning into a shithole. Recently an online acquaintance of some years just moved out of Louisville because it is so violent now.

Now it gets really funny….

Documents say a witness told police Gray fired a shot into the air and she ran but heard multiple gunshots.

Woods’ brother told police Gray chased him and Woods and thought Woods was shot in the side.

Documents say the brother went to check on Woods, who was bleeding badly.

Gray walked back to where the fight started and Woods’ cousin confronted him, hitting him in the head with a rock, according to documents.

Gray was knocked to the ground and hit repeatedly with the rock, documents said.

Police say other Chicago crew members were said to have hit Gray with crowbars and rocks.

Woods’ cousin told police he got Gray’s gun away from him and tried to shoot Gray but the gun kept jamming.

Sweet Baby Jesus, they were going at it with rocks and crowbars? As soon as I read that, the image popped up in my mind of the Dawn of Man scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey and I spent way too much time making this….

Like we don’t have enough black on black violence with the Fort Wayne local yokels, now we have out of town crews of blacks shooting each other and going full on primate with primitive weapons?

Life in the Fort just keeps getting better!


  1. Greg

    A worthwhile lesson behind the story: The major cause of death from a GSW is exsanguination (bleeding out). I can just picture the scene after this “Documents say the brother went to check on Woods, who was bleeding badly.” No one did anything about the bleed out except to wait for the waaaaahmbulance. So for us who just might encounter such a case, any attempt to stop or slow the bleed will enhance survival chances. Tourniquets for the extremities, and a pressure pack on a torso wound. I’m not advocating interfering with these candidates for Darwin Awards, but only noting the physical facts of first aid.

  2. Ohio Copperhead

    Where on earth did they get crowbars that quickly? Why do I get the feeling those groups were both stealing hotel AC units, etc., and that “loafing” is actually code for taking more than the other group thinks that they should?

  3. Don Curton

    My experience with minority crews is that when they do work, they are very sensitive that no one else if goofing off – either they all work equally or no one works at all. You’ll hear a lot of back and forth about “nigger, yo been loafing too much, get off yer ass” and “goddamn, nigger, I been working circles around you” and “get yer shit in gear, nigger, we’s gots work to do”. As a white guy engineer, I had to pretend not to hear any of that shit and I damn sure didn’t try to get myself involved.

    Had two guys, both 30+ years working in a plant, damn near go at it over something like this. Both had high paying jobs with benefits, willing to throw it all away in a heartbeat cause each one thought the other was goofing off.

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