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Meme Wars Game Changer

Clearly I have been having fun with AI image generators. As the post title indicates, it really is a game changer for memes. Instead of having to search for images, now you can create your own. While not the traditional memes that usually have some sort of pop culture reference or are an inside joke, the new AI images can depict almost anything and tinkering around to get what you want is half the fun. I sometimes get an unexpected result that is better than what I was asking for.

I have been mostly using the Image Creator on Bing. It is somewhat robust and it is free. The big downside is that it is heavily censored and images that are too spicy or even that use real people are blocked. You can sort of get around it but it is annoying. I sometimes use other engines like Perchance but the quality of the images I get back is pretty sketchy. Gab has an AI image generator that operates through the chat function and while it has gotten much better in terms of image quality, it still gives me results that are scrambled compared to what I requested.

So I wanted to throw this out to others who are playing around with these image generators. What are you using that is providing the results you want, even if it costs a little per month? Are there any secrets to the prompts that you use to help with getting better, more accurate results? It is easy to make a digital art of chimps attacking each other but for more nuanced images I am looking for suggestions.



    Holy shit Arthur, this is gonna be fun. Thanks for sharing. Other than the old sign and meme generators, I can’t think of anything else out there.

    I typed in “monkeys stealing money at US Capitol” just to give it a whirl. Fun!

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