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Looking Back At What Seems Like An Eternity Ago

The 90s really were a weird decade, a sort of innocence combined with vulgarity and nihilism. The music sucked, especially “grunge rock” like Nirvana, a group I have never understood the appeal of. Bill Clinton was President for most of the decade and he mostly ran for President to get Hilary to shut up and to give him access to chubby Jewish interns with low self-esteem. It was also the decade of the Oklahoma City “Definitely Not A Fed Op” bombing, Waco and Ruby Ridge.

On the other hand….

For reasons known only to me, I posted the famous 1992 Sir Mix-A-Lot video, Baby Got Back, on Facebook the other day (“I like big butts and I cannot lie”, etc) and while I was doing something else I let it play in the background for a minute.

I noticed something rather odd from my 2023 eyes: the black chicks in the video did not in fact have big butts, at least compared to black and many White girls today. In fact, compared to girls today they seem almost….slender.

Another example, although it is from 2001. I am rewatching Smallville for kicks and in the episode Hunger, Amy Adams is wearing a “fat suit” to portray an overweight teen. At one point she steps on the scale and is horrified by her weight….

At the end of the 90s, 168 was considered a very heavy weight for a young woman but if you have seen high school aged girls lately, you might think that 168 is really a pretty average weight. For women aged 20-39, admittedly a very large sample size, the average woman weighs over 170 pounds today. 20 years ago in pop culture a teen that weighed 168 pounds was freakishly fat, but look at pictures of cheerleaders in high school now and you will see plenty of heifers that weigh more than that and those are the cheerleaders.

Southwest airlines has enacted a new policy to give super fat passengers an extra seat for free, basically if you are too obese to fit within the confines of the armrests you get the adjoining seat to Jabba the Hutt into, which can result in a someone else losing their seat: Rewarding Obesity, Southwest Giving Free Second Seats To ‘Customers of Size’. Being morbidly obese is the second most dangerous health condition you can have in America, right after being in a gathering of more than zero blacks, but Southwest is rewarding fatness. The Babylon Bee was all over this one:

It is another sign of the degradation of America. Thanks to “cheap” high calorie foods loaded with carbohydrates and sugars and a sedentary lifestyle, Americans are getting fatter by the minute. When you are fat and out of shape, you are more placid because you are tired and weak all of the time. It is easier to just watch a TV and eat more Cheetos, who cares about the country collapsing and your people being replaced when you get winded walking to the fridge to load up on more food. Weak, fat, tired people are easier to control.

Say what you will about the 90s but at least people weren’t so damn fat back then.

That reminds me, I need to get to the gym today…..


  1. LGC

    I’m your age (GenX best gen) and the biggest dude on my high school football team weighed like 240 at 6’1 or so. The fattest dude in my fraternity in college weighed probably 240 (at like 5’9 ish)

    Today, the first dude is considered skinny and the 2nd dude is pretty normal.

    And the women………….let’s not even go there. A skinny chick today would have been fat 30 years ago.

    Honestly being a skinny woman automatically makes you like a 7 out of 10 for your age range, the pickings are that slim

      • LGC

        The rule used to be don’t date a woman you can’t bench press. But dayum, nowadays, you have to be a pretty solid powerlifter to even get on the board.

        • Mike_C

          Dating a gal who can bench press YOU (and can squat twice your body weight) is however an interesting (and rewarding, with the right gal) experience.

          5’5” and 135 lbs (not some hideous gigantic beast) in case anyone is wondering.

    • Levi Garrett

      I’ve often thought that if a woman just maintained a healthy weight, she was automatically physically attractive on a basic level. As a man, I’m hardwired to be attracted to the female form. This says nothing about facial features, and other facets of physical attraction. But if a woman would just not be fat (or anorexic on the other end of the scale), they’d get male attention.

  2. Harbinger

    Preach it, Arthur.

    I’ve been a short fiction writer for 30 years. In one of my earliest stories, I invented a tough, bourbon-swilling female character who I described as a “hundred and forty pound corn-fed street brawler,” thinking that 140 pounds was plenty beefy for a young woman. My wife (GF at the time) weighed 116 pounds wringing wet, and I could carry her in the crook of my arm very easily. She was considered “normal” sized at the time, but by today’s standards would appear emaciated. And at 6′ 2″ tall and 215 pounds in my high school playing days, I was the second or third heaviest guy on our football squad, drawn from a pool of nearly 700 kids in my graduating class.

    Just last week I attended the winter recital of a young family member and there were 12 year old girls in that middle school dance troupe who literally outweighed me at 225 today. Not just one or two, either.

    One final anecdote – the original BMI measure separated out male and female subjects, setting the threshold for ‘obesity’ at BMI 30 for males and BMI 27 for females. There was such a hue and cry from women nationwide that the NIH (or whatever agency encourages the use of the metric) gave in to the caterwauling and decided that there would be just a single metric for all people. Thus, I at my current height and weight register as ‘overweight’ with a BMI of 28, while my wife, at 5′ 5″ tall and nearing 150 pounds has a “high normal” BMI of 25. One of us has visible abs and the other has “curves” in the modern parlance. But…delicate female feelings are preserved, no matter what your lying eyes perceive.

    • Mike_C

      BMI is a deeply flawed measure (as you know) since it doesn’t account for the TYPE of mass, as Greg below notes. Ironic thing as that as the average person is increasingly a sedentary sack of shit, BMI is more informative, since you can more safely assume it’s flab (and visceral fat is far worse health wise than subcutaneous fat). Anyway, BMI is sex-indifferent, and uses the same cutoffs for Whites and blacks. But Asians are subject to a lower cutoff. Racist!!! (Applies to East Asians, not sure about South Asians. SAs are particularly prone to “skinny fat” where BMI is not excessive, but %fat is high. Plus they have shitty tiny coronary arteries.)

      Remember the Trayvon Martin hysteria with idiots weeping “he was emaciated! (the po’ honeychile)” on learning he was 5’11” and 158 lbs? I pointed out that was average height and weight for a middleweight boxer. Middle. Not welter, not fly, no even no po’ honeychile class. Middle. No one believed it.

      The Pretty Korean girl is 5’6” and 120 which gives a BMI of 19.4 kg/m2. To me, that’s normal. But apparently to many people today “that’s unhealthy thin. She must be starving herself!” Idiots. I’ve seen her eat literally a pound of brisket, plus trimmings, and go looking for desert. The Swedish Disaster (hej, älsking*) is 175/54 — we use metric for those types — which gives BMI=17.6. Technically “underweight” but that girl lived off of McDonald’s (and caffeine, the doctor lifestyle) when I knew her; wasn’t starving herself either. She was fit from regular cycling. Strong legs and good lungs. (Endurance athlete “strong” not powerlifter strong.) Normal women are still out there, but seemingly now in the minority.

      * read “hej älskling” in the same tone of voice as Elon Musk saying “hey, Bob” while telling Iger to go fuck himself.

      • Ohio Copperhead

        Some of it is simply metabolic though. I’ve always been thin (6’4” 170 pounds in my mid 30s, but I was even thinner in my youger days) no matter what I ate: I was an introvert who hated sports and spent most of my time at home reading or playing video games in my highschool years, and although I don’t eat meat I eat, and always did eat, tons of eggs and cheese (and used to eat tons of sugary commercial desserts and junk food); my body never converted any of it to fat. My father, who DID eat meat and was an even worse eater than me for all of his life never got fat, and while many look like lardos in old age he looked like Merlin from that old Disney cartoon (minus the long beard). Given that my generation was the first to be heavily vaccinated (except me, my mom refused to let them give me their Big Pharma crap!) and I knew many fat kids in highschool, I wonder if the massive use of shots, gmo foods, etc., plays a large part in this.

  3. saoirse

    Weakness isn’t just the result of a crappy indulgent lifestyle, it’s what initiates it.
    Noticing how much self discipline and fortitude someone has doesn’t take very long. I can get an accurate visceral reaction just by looking at or listening to someone for ten seconds.
    Weak, self-destructive people come in all shapes and sizes – look at what flocked to the nearest vax peddler for example – but it’s the blimps that epitomize the affliction.
    When it comes down to it; sloven, overweight people should be on the same ‘never trust’ list as jews, nigs, muds, shitlibs, religionistas, normies, cucks etc. Any whites that qualify should be culled from our race!

  4. Greg

    As you note (“fat and out of shape”), it’s not just obesity, but having the muscle tone of a marshmallow. Well, when times get sporky in our near or not so near future, it’s the marshmallow people who will be the first major wave of die-off. They can’t go two hours now without “something to eat” on their insulin/glucose roller coaster metabolisms, and when they get hungry enough, they’ll eat and drink stuff they shouldn’t. Intractable vomiting and diarrhea can kill in a matter of hours.

    • SirLawrence

      I call it the “bread loaf” figure.

      Aside from all the obvious fatness we have an epidemic of androgenous physical decay. Young men are growing into figures that look like 50 year old lesbian bodies while young women are growing into figures that look like high school boys.

      Upon those frames, the fatness then lumps.

      The “golden ratio” of the female figure, which of course is being dismantled by the media for its “anti-science” and body shaming lies, is a real thing – even if the math may be off. The human eye discerns such things just as any other aspect of aesthetics and Truth are entwined in the depths of our being.

      And so these girls with their hip-to-waist ratios of 1:1 and these boys with bitch hips and moobs and impossibly narrow shoulders are doomed before they even become officially “fat”. Which is a goalpost that is now in a full sprint to keep ahead of the fat bell-shaped curve leaning right like a tidal wave.

      I was recently on a short road trip. Stayed at mid-range national motels in tourist areas. A “hot breakfast” was included. Given the holidays the guests were majority families with young kids. This put the parents mostly in their 30’s and 40’s. The morning scene was disheartening. As are most public settings these days. 50% of parents are FAF waddlers. The rest are some versions of southern doughy; that puffy, swollen thickness that is rampant in the biscuit belt. I.e. “I played football in HS”.

      While I loved seeing all the little white kids enjoying the holiday events with both mom and dad (how novel!), I still feel that the future is gonna hurt. The impending fatness is just a slow moving cull.

      So the “breakfast” was 100% industrial seed oils, factory fructose and white flour. The only hot part was those golden malted waffle machines that are in every hotel now. Bagels, sugar cereal, waffles, syrup, jam, factory pastries, sugared yoghurt, maybe biscuits. 100% carbohydrate/fat.

      Anyhow, I look at the young women and what passes for attractive and even after you eliminate the ruinous effects of nigger culture and the fat ass fetish, the majority would not have passed as attractive back in the day.

      There aren’t even “girl next door” types, which in my day were almost all beautiful, just slower to mature or lacking in some glitter. Most of them grew up into quite attractive women.

      And then you layer on the absolute cultural homogenization, social media, and smart phone addiction. They all look, act, dress the same. The all have the phone glued to their hand, the thousand coq stare on the horizon. Which I guess nowadays isnt even coq but just the idea of coqs in the form of constant attention. This dopamine-industrial complex has completely captured them. And their parents too. Sugar-phones-dopamine drains. Phones out at the table. Droning. Droning like zombies. The ugliness of it all is just too hard to watch.

      Luckily the contrast to the handful of homeschooled Christian kids I know is growing increasingly stark. There will be a remnant of normal kids. But it will take great care to keep them in the fold and around the rest of the remnant for future mates and families.

      • Anon

        Microplastics, phytoestrogens and all sorts of chemicals in food.
        This shit is all on purpose.
        There are studies that men are a lot less fertile than just their parents.
        We’ve been living in a dystopia that only seems nice to those blinded by the mindrotting circuses and incapacitated by the poisonous bread.

  5. Scot Irish

    At that time I was out of the military a couple of years. Bush 1 was “da prez” and the economy was for shit.

    I made a promise to myself that I would no longer lose jobs/opportunities because of my temper.

    It was a tough time for me but I did get an opportunity and took advantage of it.

    This is off topic but I’d like to ask Arthur and the commenters about the ad “Let my people go”?
    I think it’s great propaganda. It even says so in the opening credits.
    The message is strong though. I’m most concerned about the Jan. 6 political prisoners.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    The No Fat Chicks shirts are still available from the 1980’s Max Headroom days.
    Nirvana stole the Killing Joke (UK) Eighties track riff for Smells Like Teen Spirit.
    Slick Willie was the start of decline in overdrive with the MTV boxers or brief shindig and saxophone and that’s not even including the human cigar humidor Monica L.
    Esmerelda at the Dollar Tree had a big ol’ butt and thrust it out for me and adjusted her pants at the checkout line, I was hoping for a yes you can!

  7. SirLawrence

    Watching some old movies is great to remind what is possible. But also shows just how swollen everything is in current year. The old Christmas movies, all the little hats aside, show just lovely women and squared away men and boys. The waist/hips of the women seem impossible. The men, thin as rails but imposing in stature. All dressed like grown up people with some sense of purpose. Even the kids, which are dressed like small adults.

    Adding to the comment above, the commons is not just swollen but it is degenerating in real time. I saw more people in what looked like pajamas or exercise attire than any kind of outfit that suggested “adult” and “respect for fellow man”. Young girls already in those tight pants. So tight there is nowhere to put their phones. Not that they would put them down anyhow. The moms look the same. Just thrice the size. Barking at the unruly kids and husband. Shoving food and screens at the youngins to shut them up. The dads look tired and defeated, just phoning it in. Many convos about sports teams spit out over meals with a seriousness that seems to be derelict in every other aspect of their lives.

    I never liked the nog cultural encroachment. Now it is supreme. Even “country” is black.

    The fatness is not the problem, just one of the more obvious symptoms of a defeated people.

  8. Gryphon

    Hard to say if it’s only “Bad Food” (a.k.a.goyslop) leading to the Morbid Obesity, or what I would call “Sloth”… Grade School, I was shoved out the Door at 0800, Lunchbox and Bookbag in Hand, no matter what the Weather, expected to march 1.8 Miles to the School in the (all white) Subdivision, along with about a hundred other kids ranging in Age from 6 to 11, without any Adult Supervision at all. The Kids who rode the 3 Buses actually lived closer to the School, but Grade-Schoolers were Not Allowed to Cross a Main (divided) Boulevard.

    Now, the couple of Schools that I drive by now and then, in the midst of Subdivisions, have Hundreds of Cars lined up, morning and afternoon, shuttling kids whose parents are afraid to let them ride the Buses, which are mostly Empty. It goes from There, a ‘society’ where Walking more than Ten Feet at a Time (well, maybe a Hundred Feet) is not just unusual, but seemingly Forbidden. I think it is this Avoidance of just Walking anywhere that has a lot to do with the “Epidemic of Obesity” (as it is now called)

  9. RegretLeft

    OK – I am the contrarian guy again. If you want some reason to go on – find a high school field where female teen athletes are working out. I am East Coast (blue) affluent suburb and I exercise walk on a high school running track several days a week 4-5pm during student practice – team and individual (excellent cushioned surface for aging joints – I get in 40-60 miles a month). Point is – I am amazed at how much more athletic as a group female teen athletes are compared to when I was in high school several decades back. Far stronger, faster, remarkable endurance and skills – to see even one slightly overweight is a rarity – even though some have solid muscular physiques. I see mostly indoor track runners, but also lacrosse, field hockey workouts – even saw a 17 yr old tossing 40 yard, pin point football passes to her father a few weeks back (“never seen a girl throw a football like that” I told him) – not the slightest “throws like a girl” clumsiness. And obviously super-motivated. Not at all disputing any of the claims made here; just saying that there are exceptions – way too few of them surely.

  10. MN Steel

    I purchased in the last two weeks the box sets of Faith No More and Pantera, and considering getting Broken and Downward Spiral to end the music that was current in high school.

    Didn’t catch the hair craze, but had a bunch of friends that went to the Ratt Poison concert at NMU, they seem 50/50 on if they ever left that phase of life due to excessive AquaNet inhalation.

    Grunge to me was summed up by Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” which Cobain gratefully mimicked.

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