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Liberal White Chick Do-Gooderism

In January of 2011 I visited Haiti as part of a “short-term mission trip”. I put that in quotes because virtually all “short-term mission trips” are just short virtue signaling vacations giving White evangelicals the opportunity to take pics with black and brown kids to post on social media as a demonstration of how much they care. I say that as someone who in retrospect was doing exactly that.

When we were getting our instructions, stuff like don’t drink water out of the tap or even use it to brush your teeth thanks to the cholera brought to Haiti by the UN “peacekeepers”, one of the points that was made was to not promise the little Haitian “orphans” that you would adopt them (the quotes in this case because the group I went with realized later that most Haitian “orphans” have surviving parents and dump their kids in orphanages because gullible White evangelicals will pay to house, feed and educate their kids). The temptation is real. You walk into a devastated country and into orphanages full of helpless little Haitian kids who are facing a hellhole once they age out of the orphanage. You want to help and what better way to help than adopting a kid, getting them the hell out of that place and raising them in America.

The problems are many but the biggest obstacle is that it is very difficult to adopt kids from Haiti for a variety of reasons. Unlike places like Guatemala that are baby factories with young women cranking out babies for White families in America to adopt, with a well established human trafficking/adoption mechanism in place, Haiti has no infrastructure. What had happened on a number of occasions were White Christians showing up in these “orphanages”, feeling guilty about the poor little black kids and then promising them that they would bring them to America. It invariably fell through. I met one teen Haitian kid who was fairly bright for a Haitian and a great soccer player, very personable, who had been told more than once that a family would adopt him. I think he eventually made his way to the U.S. but it was years later.

Haiti is the Wild West even by missionary standards. Just recently 17 missionaries from Christian Aid Ministries were kidnapped there. CAM is an Anabaptist group that gets lots of support from our local Amish but sometimes are not the smartest when it comes to safety:

Other Americans in the country expressed skepticism over Christian Aid Ministries’ wisdom in driving in the area where the 17 missionaries were kidnapped. Joel Trimble, who has been an independent Christian missionary in Haiti since the 1970s, said the area the missionaries were seized was known to be particularly dangerous.

“To take a vehicle this size with that many white American missionaries and travel anywhere in Port-au-Prince, especially in that area, it was very unwise,” he said. “Kidnapping is quick money, and when they see a van full of white people, that is major dollar signs.”

Mr. Schwartz, the anthropologist, agreed. “What in the hell were they doing out there?” he wondered of the missing missionaries. “That place is a no-go zone these days.”

The same group had a serial pedophile on staff in Haiti, a man named Jeriah Mast, who was molesting teenaged boys, and he is hardly the only example of pedophiles using Haiti as a brothel. Haiti isn’t a country, it is an insane asylum with the inmates running the show and victimizing weaker inmates. Well meaning White Christians partner with Haitians to try to help the situation but often make it worse for the simple reason that there isn’t a viable solution to the issues in Haiti as Haiti’s main problem is being full of Haitians.

That brings me to a recent story in our local news of a White chick that somehow managed to smuggle, er adopt, a Haitian boy home to Indiana in 2010, less than a year after the devastating earthquake when Haiti was in it’s usual state of chaos. It wasn’t handled correctly and now the Haitian is about to be sent back to Haiti.

Fort Wayne mother fears deportation of adopted son

Yes, very sad. I don’t want to seem heartless here but listen to this:

For more than a decade, a Fort Wayne mother has experienced what she says is a “long and draining process” with getting her adopted son’s social security and citizenship.

Rebekah Hubley adopted her son, Jonas, in November 2010 after the Haiti Earthquake. Since then, Hubley has been trying to navigate the process of getting her son’s U.S. citizenship.

Jonas is blind, autistic, and nonverbal, among other disorders.

Blind, “autistic”, nonverbal and a slew of other disorders. The term “autistic” is applied so broadly that it can mean anything from socially awkward to flat out mentally retarded, and this kid seems to be on the latter end of the spectrum. 13 years ago this woman somehow managed to bring a Haitian boy into the country who is utterly dependent on his “mom” and the system. Yes, his situation is very sad and yes he has had a better life here in the U.S. than he would have had in Haiti where he likely wouldn’t have survived the aftermath of the earthquake.

My question is what is the societal obligation of the rest of us in the U.S. to provide care indefinitely for him? The story is pretty vague but I assume this kid has been in special education classes of some sort and likely is getting government assistance. What if something happens to his adoptive “mother”, who will care for this guy? You and I will pay for it, that is for certain. Should she pre-decease him, someone will have to care for him, either a family member or more likely society as a whole.

This is not just a contained, personal situation. A blind, non-verbal person is a permanent dependent that will never add anything to our society and it sounds cruel to reduce a human being to a cost-benefit analysis but this is the real world and in the real world we already are tipping precariously toward an overload of dependents versus contributors. While bringing this child from Haiti seems like a selfless act, it really is incredibly selfish because the cost and burden of absorbing this boy will be borne not just by this woman but all of us, and she demands we accept this cost without so much as thought as to whether we as a society agreed to accepting this burden.

To be sure, one extra dependent in a nation awash in dependents isn’t a big deal but it exposes a mindset that far too many people have, one that says that one individual can demand special treatment regardless of the cost to the rest of us. It is similar to young women who get knocked up over and over, and demand that the rest of us pay to feed, house and educate the children she brought into the world.

Believe me, I get it. I have been there and seen the desperate, hopeless poverty and dysfunction in Haiti. There is nothing to be done to fix the problem. I can understand seeing a helpless child and deciding that even if you can’t save all of them, perhaps you can save one of them. I can understand it and still condemn it as selfish.

America has become the dumping ground for the unwanted of the world in much the same way that Western Europe is absorbing the dregs of Africa. Tens of thousands of Africans are flooding into Western Europe, and when they aren’t raping European girls they are devouring public assistance leading to dozens of stories like this one:

The United States cannot be the place where the needy of the world crash on our collective couches.

More broadly speaking, the situation with the blind, non-verbal Haitian boy in Fort Wayne brings to mind the pathology of look-at-me White lady altruism. One place where I have seen this repeatedly is in the very weird world of animal rescue groups.

Back in around 2001, we got involved with a group that did “rescue” work for English Setters. My family had an English Setter when I was a kid and we found ourselves helping out, doing things like fostering Setters that came into the rescue when their owner surrendered them (English Setters are high energy hunting dogs and most people don’t work with them as much as they should, and then they become destructive). We also helped with transporting dogs as part of a relay, picking up a dog and driving it a couple of hours to the next driver in the leg, sometimes moving dogs cross country.

What we started to find is that the people really into “animal rescue” were often loons. They couldn’t stop warehousing unwanted animals. We knew one lady who was fairly young and attractive and had a very nice house, and her very nice house was crammed with crates holding dogs and the whole place stunk like animal urine and was coated in dog hair. Far from being motivated by pure intentions, many animal rescue people embrace it as a way to garner attention, and that explains why you see police reports of animal hoarders who take in every stray to the point that animals are starving to death in their homes.

Animal rescue zealots are almost all White women and most are single. They latch onto a cause and then demand that everyone else exhibit the same zealotry for their cause. Whatever their initial intent, it seems to often turn into a “look at me” demand for attention. I don’t know this woman and therefore I can’t say for sure that this is the case but it certainly seems to bear all of the markers. Taken in isolation it wouldn’t be a big deal at all but it can’t be seen in isolation as it is the same mindset that pervades our society, driven again mostly by White women. We have to accept unlimited numbers of illegal aliens because what about the children? We have to let a woman permanently adopt a blind, non-verbal boy because otherwise he will die in Haiti. Multiply this attitude by millions of individual circumstances and you get a disaster, and that is precisely what we are seeing.

The empathy and altruism of White women is great so long as it is offset and constrained by practical, realistic men who can say no to these women but in America today few men will say no to women, either as individuals or as a nation, and the result is that we are at the breaking point. We are already overburdened and the ratio grows worse by the day. Again, while it seems callous and heartless to put it in those terms, if this is not checked it will lead to misery not just for the unfortunates who are blind and non-verbal but to everyone in America.


      • Harbinger

        That story has it all. Ugly White mudshark living with savage dindu while raising a White child from someone else. Leaves the poor little kid in the “care” of the unemployed dindu while she goes to her crappy menial job. Mudshark and dindu are shacking up with others, because they can’t afford their own place. She sees wounds on her little boy, caused by the vicious dindu, and not only doesn’t have him arrested for the abuse, she stays with the dindu and continues to leave the boy in his “care”.

        Yes, some people just need killin’.

        BTW, I wonder if anyone has yet done any sort of formal longitudinal study of how mixed-race children whose single White mothers raised them are faring as adults. Although the phenomenon of coal-burning is nothing new, it only reached epidemic proportions in the last couple of decades. The children of those unfortunate unions are now entering adulthood and there will eventually be legions of them. I’d like to know what their psych profiles look like. Diminished IQ relative to all-White peers is a given. Are they also more likely to be substance abusers? Unsocialized, criminal, suicidal, dysfunctional? My gut tells me, “Need you even ask?”

        • Bobsuruncle

          The stats on that study would likely be predictable, everyone will ignore like they do the rime stats now.

          I wrote a national criminal and terrorism assessment in the end of 2020 for 2021 for the “Pentagram” E ring and then it goes out out from there to cabinets, departments, etc…summarily, i was assessing an increase in violent crime, i forget the %, which was actually exceeded. When my draft made the 3 stars office, in a chain of command that all six were black. My supervisor was told to counsel me for being racist. You can see where the assessment went. I shit you not. My methodology was sound and and so was my data, no one wants the truth is the moral of that story.

  1. LGC

    The animal rescue places have gone seriously off the rails. All staffed by crazy white ladies (mostly single).

    Hi we want to adopt a dog.
    please fill out the following 20 page questionnaire, plus we need a $500 donation, plus we need to inspect your home and property and it must meet our standards AND we reserve the right to inspect your property and house at any time and take the dog back.

    um…………WTF is wrong with you women?

  2. Anonymous

    The temptation is real.

    No. No, it is not. I can honestly state that at no point in my entire long life have I ever felt the slightest interest in helping those who are not my people, and who would under no circumstances reciprocate or even say thank you.

    Let Oprah adopt the poor, benighted Haitian wastrels from her White-women-sourced billions. Let each take care of their own.

    Can confirm about the do-gooding animal rescuers, as DIL is one. The way we think of it, DIL and our son do not keep rescues in their house. Instead, they live in a kennel. Disgusting hardly begins to describe their place.

  3. Ohio Copperhead

    Just genuinely curious: how do you know there weren’t cholera bacteria wrecking havoc on Haiti before the UN mission? I’m mean, these are the people who can no longer afford clay cookies to eat; they seem pre-stoneage in infrastructure and hygiene. There are African despots blaming tornados on white people. Why wouldn’t the Haitians just lie and claim that the outbreak was brought on by foreigners?

    • Arthur Sido

      If I recall it was traced back to Sri Lankan “peacekeepers” (who wear a camo pattern with purple as a primary color). Not sure how they figured it out, it wasn’t Haitians as they are too dumb to lie convincingly.

  4. Gryphon

    Those who want to ‘help’ third-world migrants/refugees or do ‘missionary work’ in shithole ‘countries’ full of proto-humans are even Worse than the ‘Animal Rescue’ types. It’s no surprise that the (((parasites))) promote this behavior by (stupid) Whites. Haiti is the Black Hole that it is because when it was under french Control, the Slaves murdered the Whites and took over. There are few better Examples of how Africans are Incapable of having anything resembling a “Civilization”.

  5. Zorost

    “Whatever their initial intent, it seems to often turn into a “look at me” demand for attention.”

    This is why virtually all female pathology disappears if they are married with younger kids. There is always someone that needs their attention and is giving them attention. Most female pathology is just the warning signs that they are on the path to an evolutionary dead-end, like hunger pangs, or horniness in a man.
    Evolution is saying, “get your shit together, you are about to go extinct.”

  6. Charlie E Hargrave

    When first married some 40 years ago, we actually watched tv. I know, weird.

    Anyway, commercials would come on, send money to starving kids in africa. I would say, if we feed them they will just grow up and bomb us. My wife used to tell me I should not talk like that.

    Fast forward a number of years and she is teaching at a small, private college. The woman that owned the place and her husband had a charity to help some village in africa. By this time my wife had seen enough, that when asked to donate, she just said no thanks.

    She would never bring me to the events at the school, scared I was gonna go off on the the old woman that ran the place.

    Now my elderly mother in law lives with us. She watches tv and is taken in by all the sad fundraiser commercials. Thankfully we handle her finances. She comes in the room talking about one of the commercials and wanting to send them money. The latest is the old israeli women. I had to show her a list of all the money our govt has sent to israel over the last 20 years. Then I ask her why they need her 20 dollars.

    Christian charity is a wonderful thing, if done at home.

    • Harbinger

      Word to your MIL.

      My MIL was suckered in by the “poor, oppressed Native Americans” begging dollars on late-night TV until I showed her evidence that those lazy, drunken, ne’er-do-well reservation niggas were living high on the hog from casino royalties.

      Stupid, weak, emotional White women will be the death of this nation. The founding FATHERS knew what they were doing, denying the vote to women and to non-Whites. I can just imagine Jefferson, Madison and Franklin witnessing our current border crisis, looking aghast at what has become of the nation they founded, demanding to know, “What in holy hell were you THINKING would happen?”

  7. Big Ruckus D

    Well, when the economy truly tanks here and the gibsmedats and charity run out, all this miserable, helpless third world detritus that was broght here as a prop in performative moralizing bullshit will be well fucked and far from home. Not only will the source of their financial and material support be gone, but they will find themselves in a country utterly wrecked by envy and resentment of “the other”.

    Yes, their home countries were and are hellholes, and their lives would’ve been poor (and/or over far sooner) if they had stayed there. But when this joint goes south, they will be in the middle of a no-holds-barred shitfestivus. I fully expect an unfathomable number of such hard luck cases to meet very ugly ends once the capacity for propping up useless eaters has been exhausted. Keep in mind that modern medicine will be one of the most acute losses of a functional western civilization. Without it, many whose lives depend on maintenance drugs and other constant care are certain to be SOL in short order. Of course, so too will countless Americans whose health is complete garbage, often by their own doing. In any case, those who aren’t self-reliant and can’t fend for themselves are going to be neck deep in trouble they cannot even imagine. Once it reaches that stage, kids like the one that was the subject of this post will be “gone” with the quickness.

    • Arthur Sido

      As bad as it will be here, in their home nations it will be even worse. If the shipments of food suddenly stop going to Africa and Haiti? starvation will take over in short order and the loss of life will be like nothing ever seen

      • Berglander

        “ …starvation will take over in short order and the loss of life will be like nothing ever seen.”

        Well Arthur, I wouldn’t exactly call it a loss.

        • Zorost

          “Many africans will be missing afterwards.”

          “Who’s gonna be missing them?”

          Sometimes when I go full-conspiracy mode, I think the globe is really run by hard-hearted long-term thinking White Supremacists setting things up for total White domination. Some ridiculous amount of the world’s food is grown in White nations, with virtually all non-White nations requiring massive food imports. Global trade breaks down, most of Asia and Africa will be living on long pork until there is none left, and it’s White nations with lots of chaos allowing for local actions that currently are inadvisable…

  8. Don Curton

    As a life-long Southern Baptist, I’ve seen our church fund any number of those types of missions. Go to some third world shit hole, stay for two or three weeks in the summer, perform some minor construction project, do a little Bible teaching, take lots of pictures, come home and enjoy all the attention you get from being a real live missionary.

    I’ve never given one penny to such things. My opinion is that there are too many missionary and charity opportunities right here in our own state (and many times our own city) to be wasting resources as a vacation tourist missionary. The church I’m in now has a “sister church” in Africa that we periodically collect donations for. Funny thing is we have a few blacks in our congregation – to a person NONE of them donate to that sister church. One (a close friend) even said if those whites wanna help black people, then put some new tires on my car.

    I help locally or not at all.

    • Arthur Sido

      From a Christian standpoint there are hundreds of millions of people who are “unsaved” right in America and plenty of needy people and you can help them far more effectively and efficiently by serving locally but no one gets lots of upvotes on social media for doing local charity.

      • Steve

        Right. A source of never-ending irritation as the Missions Director stands once a month or so and makes a case for wasting money sending people hither and yon when there is more than enough to do within 10 miles of home.

        Haiti was one of my black pills. Haiti, mostly dindus, is a complete disaster, though, of course, conservatives blame it on the socialism. But the other half of the same island is Dominican Republic, a little less socialist, but only 15% dindus, and don’t have a fraction of the problems. Dominican Republic is also the leading edge of tropical storms and hurricanes. They get the bulk of the storm surges and hurricane damage, but it results in a tiny fraction of the human and property damage.

        Not convinced? Even Wikipedia has an aerial photo showing the difference between lousy forestry practices of DR, but the absolute devastation just over the border in the wasteland that is Haiti.

    • Trumpeter

      I was at a volunteer campus cleaning party at daughters high school. Just chatting with the nice guy raking next to me. He is a pastor and has a summer youth program where they go to American inner cities and try to help Americans. I was so shocked at a religious man wanting to help Americans instead of far off distant strangers that I emptied my wallet right there.

      I have never heard anything like that before or since.

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  10. anonymous

    My Mom was involved in one of those animal rescue projects. Mickaboo. It is an animal rescue project that focuses on birds, mostly parrots. She’d sit there and read the parrot’s ‘story.’ “I am a wonderful and lovely bird. I pick at myself and pull out my feathers, because I am unloved. I bite people when I am nervous. I need someone who will understand and give me the care that I need. Please have a credit line with the veterinary clinic. Also, please be able to provide a cage for me, pay for my meds, and support the organization who has been so kind to me.”

    So she’d get some bitey, fucked up piece of shit that squawks all the time and shits everywhere, buy a $500 cage, spend money on it, then hand it off to another foster home. I’ve seen these fosters. They are all at least as fucked up as the birds, if not more. Weird homos, dried up old smoker/alcoholics, women with no outlets for their emotions, and, unbelievably, massively selfish people who use such organizations as an income stream and validation mechanism.

    Mom also tried fostering children. Had one that got herself knocked up, and another who got herself offed by her boyfriend. I don’t know if there was any good ending to any of her efforts.

    Such a waste.

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