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Just What We Needed!

Just the other day I was thinking to myself:

“Self, what America needs is another anti-White outfit that is dedicated to monitoring the ‘rise in antisemitism’ and raising awareness of just how swell the Jews are! How can the ADL, Simon Wiesenthal Center and the dozens of existing groups be expected to do all the monitoring and awareness raising?!”

Just like a wish coming true, I saw this:

The NFL’s New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has pledged a matching $100 million donation to his Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCA), giving it $200 million to help run for decades, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

“This is a foundation that can’t run for the next two to three years, it has to run for at least a couple decades,” Kraft said. “I’m not sure its work will ever be done.”

Kraft, 82, matched the $100 million donation of the Norman R. Rales and Ruth Rales Foundation after committing $25 million earlier this year, which helped run the “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” campaign during the NFL season.

Kraft’s FCA was created in 2019 to support Jewish Americans against hate groups and the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel have caused a new surge in antisemitism and pro-Hamas protests aimed at Jewish communities worldwide.

The $200 million will pay for TV and ad campaigns, according to the report.

What a relief! Robert Kraft is a Jewish billionaire so clearly he is oppressed. You might know Kraft from owning the New England Patriots and you also might remember him for getting busted in 2019, in his late 70s, for paying for a “rub and tug” at a Florida “massage parlor”.

Police witnessed Kraft inside the “Orchids of Asia” massage parlor in Jupiter, Florida on two separate occasions, thanks to a “sneak and peek” warrant that allowed them to plant recording devices. In one instance, cameras recorded a woman hugging Kraft before he took off all his clothing and “laid face up on the massage table,” according to a probable cause affidavit.  

The woman “hugged him again” and began “manipulating [his] penis and testicles” with her hands, police said. Then the woman put “her head down by his penis” for “several minutes” before she “wiped Kraft in the area of his genitals with a white towel.” After she helped him get dressed and hugged him again, he slipped her two bills, one of them $100.

The encounter lasted approximately 10 minutes.

In another encounter, prosecutors allege, Kraft arrived at the spa in a blue Bentley, dressed casually in a dark shirt, blue baseball cap, and blue shorts. Once inside the room, Kraft allegedly “turned over onto his back” before “the lights in the room go out,” though a hand can be seen giving him a handjob. Two minutes later, the video shows a woman “wiping Kraft’s penis with a white towel.”

Nothing says classy like taking your Bentley to a seedy massage parlor to get jerked off for money.

Robert Kraft is worth somewhere north of $11 billion according most recent estimates but he is getting hundred dollar handjobs from random Oriental chicks that service a dozen guys a day? With that kind of money it would be easy as pie for him to have a harem of 19-23 year old supermodels to stretch his taffy on demand. Nope, Kraft is such a degenerate that he gets his withered pecker rubbed by a stranger. Now this moral paragon is going to invest hundreds of millions to fight “rising antisemitism”.

Phrases like “the rise in antisemitism”, and “surge in antisemitism” or variations thereof are plastered all over media sites. It is a propaganda technique we see all the time, using repetition of a word or phrase to create a connection in the minds of people that see it or hear it over and over. If most people hear news talking heads repeating the phrase “rising antisemitism” often enough, they will begin to assume it is true. No one so much as questions whether “antisemitism” truly is rising or if it necessarily follows that criticizing the actions of Israel means you hate all the Jews. For all of the vaunted skepticism of modern Americans, most of them are every bit as gullible as ever and still take at face value what they hear from the talking box, whether that talking box is a radio, TV, computer or smart phone.

Back to Robert “Rub-n-Tug” Kraft. He is pledging $100 million of his own money to the foundation he created, the “Foundation to Combat Antisemitism”. The leadership team is run by a Jewish chick named Tara Levine, a bunch of other Jewish chicks, plus a token smattering of non-White/non-Jews for extra flava flava. On that same page we see this interesting quote:

…Kraft’s vision is to stand up against racist and violent rhetoric aimed at the Jewish people through the most easily accessible and most powerful avenue of information in the world today: social media.

More on that momentarily. What exactly is it that the “Foundation to Combat Antisemitism” does with those hundreds of million of dollars? According to the “Our Work” section of their website, they do this:

“Monitor conversations related to antisemitism”? A little further down we see this:

Our Command Center technology allows access to over 300 million online data sources including public social media, traditional media, websites, blogs, forums, and more. Over 15 billion pieces of content are added each month, with access to 1.5+ trillion historical data points from the past decade. We leverage this access to monitor trends in conversations about antisemitic language and incidents, the climate on college and university campuses across America, upstanders who advocate on behalf of the Jewish community and positive moments in Jewish culture. Our team uses advanced artificial intelligence to quickly analyze this data to develop actionable insights that impact our work and that are shared with key partners in the fight against antisemitism.

That is what Kraft’s money is being used for: to pay a team of people and apparently volunteers to scour the internet for any hint of “antisemitism”. Notice the part about artificial intelligence and how AI can “analyze this data to develop actionable insights”. Fox had a story about AI being used to “fight antisemitism” just the other day:

Not without risks you say? I expect that next year social media will be full of AI operated bot accounts that flood any “antisemitic” content with pro-Jewish responses.

Hundred Dollar Handjob Bob isn’t alone in his efforts to silence dissenting voices combat rising antisemitism. From Forbes…

Kraft is one of several billionaires who have pledged support to Israel since Hamas’ October 7 attacks on Israel and subsequent war killed tens of thousands of people in Israel and Gaza. Russian-born billionaire Yuri Milner has donated at least $10 million to Israeli humanitarian groups. Home Depot founder Bernard Marcus has donated more than $1 billion to Jewish causes through his philanthropy and has said since the start of the war that he’s supporting the Israel Defense Forces and nonprofit Nefesh B’Nefesh. Both Lynn Schusterman and Mike Bloomberg have vowed an unspecified amount of financial support since the war began. Russ Weiner, the billionaire behind Rockstar energy drinks, said he has donated $1 million to aid group Israel Friends. Semafor last month reported Wall Street and Hollywood billionaires led by real estate mogul Barry Sternlicht were privately discussing a plan to launch a $50 million media campaign to “define Hamas to the American people as a terrorist organization.”

Nothing says “oppressed minority” quite like being able to marshal billions of dollars from dozens of billionaires to prevent anyone from having a honest conversation about a geopolitical event. Compare that to the small but stalwart few across the political spectrum that push back on Zionism and Jewish supremacism. It might just be that the over-the-top response to every and any hint of “antisemitism” by the most powerful people in our country does more to encourage political dissenters to examine if perhaps the claims are true than any number of “antisemitic” memes.

That last line is important: “define Hamas to the American people as a terrorist organization”. It means more than just defining Hamas, it also helps to conflate every person living in Gaza with Hamas, thus making little children and women “legitimate targets” for bombing.

The number of well financed and connected “non-profits” that have as their sole purpose silencing dissent when it comes to Jews is amazing. Don’t be fooled, while groups like the “Foundation to Combat Antisemitism” and the Anti-Defamation League make noise about combatting all forms of “hatred”, they are really almost entirely focused on anyone asking the wrong sort of questions or noticing Hate Patterns. Noticing must not be allowed and these poor oppressed Jews have only the combined might of the government, entertainment world, education establishment and of course endless organizations funded by Jewish billionaires to fight back and prevent Another Literal Holocaust.

Never fear, here at Dissident Thoughts we are dedicated to Noticing.


  1. LGC

    I think this is going to backfire. The younger gens have noticed and the noticing will continue. And pushing blatant stuff like this makes the noticing even more prevalent. The forums I”m on that are not political in nature (where i”m by far the oldest person) is pretty darn aware. Surprisingly so

    also no one watches TV but boomers and they haven’t noticed and aren’t likely to anytime soon.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      It’s possible, likely I think, that the great boomer die-off, which is only now beginning, will be sort of the cliff off of which jewish power falls, if you were going to draw it up like a stock chart. It’s going to take 10 or 20 years though. As anybody looking around these days can see, younger “Americans” ain’t hip to what the tribe is pushing.

  2. Hiding_Out

    “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” campaign

    Does anybody else find that to be a bit ambiguous? Like maybe it’s something *we* should be running instead of them? Kind of funny. Frankly it’s downright stupid phrasing, if you ask me. That high verbal IQ must be slipping.

    • Mike_C

      Someone’s Freudian slip is showing.

      Re last graphic: the confusion is common. It’s like those two detectives in the Tintin comic. There’s Thompson and his partner Thomson. (The one without the P has the mustache that flares outward.) Same with Nosferatu and Noseferatu. One is a vampiric monster, the other is an actor.

    • Gryphon

      Recently, I’ve been thinking that I may be suffering from ‘jew fatigue’ and this Article just convinced me that I am. Thanks, Arthur!

      I have also been ‘Noticing’ that more and more (white) People are… Noticing the jew, when looking at almost any Problem in the FUSSA today. Their increasingly Desperate, and obnoxiously Strident howling about “antisemitism” is doing more to make People ‘Notice’ and they (as always) Don’t have a Clue that they are their own ‘Bad Optics’.

      Things could very well be headed for that Eternal Inflection Point, where “Suddenly, for No Reason at All” a Decorated War Veteran is Elected President, and another (white) Nation goes about “Solving the J.Q.”

  3. Steve

    I don’t think it will backfire so much as they’ll get a “Ummm, so what.” My kids are already in this camp as they have already asked questions such as “Dad, aren’t these the same people who scream that all of our holidays are horrible and shouldn’t be celebrated? Aren’t these the same people who say that Christianity isn’t a real religion? Why does the menorah have to be in front of the Christmas tree in our town?”
    No, the younger generation is also noticing all of these things and as long as we encourage it, we’re going to be fine.

  4. Harbinger

    Has anyone considered paying negro-style reparations to the palestinians in Gaza to bribe them to not paraglide into Israel strapped with explosives? All those joosh billions would presumably go a long way toward appeasing the 7th century throwbacks. They could come up with some catchy phrases, like, “Forty shekels and a goat” and “Seventy-two wives [don’t] matter”, and offer to tear down all the statues of David Ben-Gurion.

    • saoirse

      Jews consider all non-Jews sub-humans that exist only to serve them and most unworthy of anything (especially these reparations you’re blathering about) but contempt. Don’t believe me? Read their Talmud and look at what they’ve done so far.
      Their sentiment includes you too when they turn your country into Gaza West. Will you have the nads to do what those ‘throwbacks’ are doing? Or will you just be smug and cackle “better jewed than screwed”?

      • pyrrhus

        It’s in the Talmud…but don’t worry, the Talmud says that jews can’t have sex with children younger than 3 years and 1 day….what a relief!

  5. JerseyJeffersonian

    Yo, yo, Arthur, you just laid down the boogie here.

    Our (((overlords))) are getting a little uneasy is my sense, what with the failure of the New Khazaria Project, and other recent events we are not supposed to notice or comment upon, or for that matter other ripening events that bear their fingerprints. Cozying up to China is not working out at all well, and the prospects for a soft landing for them are dim, so they have to deal with the mess that they have engineered here, and across the broader “rules-based world”, stuck here with the increasingly aware goyim that they so obviously despise, and who are gradually figuring out what the real deal is. Oops.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    Plenty of extra time for comrade Kraft as the Patsies are in last place two wins and only a few games remaining.
    Doesn’t he own the “best a mam can get” Gillette razors or some stock in it?
    Meanwhile U of MI sixth round draft pick Tom Brady looks away from the gleam of all the SB rings.
    Just got the gut busting laugh of the day-Barbados “demands” $4.9 trillion from all the former slave owning colonies.
    Be of good cheer, Clown World is too fake and GAE to last.


    Hahahahaha. Bravisimo.

    I’ve always loved vampire books, film and lore. Their lust for blood almost always goes well beyond sustenance and often turns into desire to control and downright cruelty. (((Sounds familiar))).

  8. SirLawrence

    Rising antisemitism. Like climate change. Is it getting hotter? Like an oven?

    The thing to remember is that their “homeland” is surrounded by hostile tribes that don’t want them there but also a long, long history of coexistence, albeit tenuous, but often with some mutual benefits. Far more than is let on whenever some mud folks get too splodey.

    All of the Anti- awareness is a function of the end run on White solidarity. The sand nogs getting all uppity on campuses are nothing compared to the millions of us living in our own nation who have forgotten – or never even known, that this is ours and not theirs.

    This is how you know how much they truly want to destroy us.

    Just watch as their own pets in the prog death cult democrat rootless urban globalist invader paperwork “american” clown pinata they have constructed over the past 70 years are getting all spun up over the carpet bombing of the strip and yet it is magically going to spill more anti-White hate candy as they cry out as they strike it.

    This all remains about White Christian Men and our homelands.

    You know, we are still the greatest threat to our democracy even though there are people calling for literal genocide on both sides of this camel sphincter. That is interesting to notice.

  9. highdesert

    “See the anchor on the news and there’s your first clue.
    Who’s clues? Jews clues.
    See the reporter in the field and there’s your second clue.
    Who’s clues? Jews clues.
    Cries of “antisemitism” all over the place and there’s your third clue.
    Who’s clues? Jews clues.
    Israel created Hamas, and the Zionists put the NAZI’s in power.
    Sit down in your thinking cap and think. Think. Think.
    Who’s clues? Jews clues.”

  10. Big Ruckus D

    Oy fuckin’ vey, all the noticing going on by us low down, filthy goyim.

    Don’t worry though, the best part of Mr. Kraft going to the massage parlor is that everytime they tug him off to completion, he is murdering 6 gorillion Jews by suffocating them while shooting all those spermsteins into a…WHITE FUCKING TOWEL! My word, the autoholocaust (did I just coin a new word there?) is absolutely shocking.

    Somebody call schlomo sheckelberg over at the ADL and tell him to cancel this horrible, antisemitic piece of shit for his unforgivable crime against the tribe. Mess his shit up for sexually exploiting poor, disaffected and undoubtedly trafficked Asian girls as well.


    And yes, I also have a terminal case of joo fatigue. The endless neurotic bitching about their plight is really making me want to see them suffer. I mean, if we are to be ceaselessly accused of the crime, then why the hell don’t we just go ahead and commit it already?

  11. Sam_Beaux

    In what way are Palestinians, Hamas or not, different than the AmerIndian? “Terrorist” is used against anyone that rejects an establishment. The Founders were “terrorists”. If Hamas are “terrorists” because they attack their civilian enemies, AmerIndians were certainly terrorists as they practiced unspeakable brutality toward White settlers. But, inexplicably, we celebrate these “losers”, “traitors”, and terrorists with mascot names, monuments, names of states, cities, rivers, mountains, etc. We tell tales of how they were noble and peaceful. It’s retarded.

  12. Otis D

    it’s what I call “narcspeak”.

    what they say is not what they mean. it’s all exhausting, toxic and not worth the time to pay attention to.

    like living in a narcissistic household, there is
    no healthy way to endure it. it’s abuse. the longer this goes on the more we are broken down.

    the best way to conquer an enemy is to convince them not to fight.
    so, normies cant/wont/ see that we are at war.

    “Those who refuse to be governed by God, will be ruled by tyrants.” -William Penn

    tyrants always proclaim their actions are for the better good. or in this case, they are victims.

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