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Infamy Indeed

For older generations, December 7th, 1941 is one of those dates that are mile-markers on the grand tapestry of the American story. An unsuspecting America, just minding our own business, was suddenly and without provocation attacked by the sneaky Japs. It is something so broadly and deeply accepted, without serious question, that even today it has a powerful influence on my thinking. Who can look at photos of that day and see the U.S.S. Arizona burning and listing before it went under the water with over 1,100 young American men trapped aboard and not feel something?

As with almost everything I have been told all of my life, the story of Pearl Harbor specifically and World War II generally has been full of exaggerations, misrepresentations and outright lies.

A guy I have known online for many years, Darrell Dow, published a good summary of how the leadership of the U.S. knew that the attacks were coming and not only didn’t do anything about it but were excited to have a pretext to enter the war: SOME TRUTH ABOUT DEC. 7, it is a brief but enlightening read.

The attack on Pearl Harbor is yet another sacred cow of the American mythology that has been exposed as at best deceptive and at worst an outright lie. Is there anything we have been told about our history that isn’t a lie?


    • pyrrhus

      Lestrade at has covered Pearl Harbor in great depth..There was even a stand down order when the Japanese planes were sighted, hours before the attack…Previously, FDR allowed west coast refineries to sell oil to the Japanese, in violation of his own blockade, so the Japanese Navy would have enough fuel to launch the attack…And the US had broken the Japanese diplomatic code months earlier, so our military knew it was coming days before it happened…

  1. Bean Dip Tray

    Nothing is as it seems in the devil’s world and lies are the standard setting.
    What would comrade commissar FDR of the CPUSA have done if the attack was from the CCCP?
    Could you imagine having Brandon/Cackler at the helm for a major war.
    Too terrible to contemplate.
    Remember when Chicago jesus had all the carriers parked in one place and people thought that there would be another Pearl Harbor?
    Carriers aren’t that obsolete…yet.

  2. Dirk Williams

    Kinda like our Jew friends not knowing Hama’s was going to make a few house calls, last month. I’ve said this before, the wrong people are dying for the-wrong reasons.

    Imagine if you will, a world where those physically responsible for these crimes against humanity are quickly identified, held accountable, tried convicted and hung by the neck until their DRT.

    Should CWII sadly happen, I’m not interested in killing useful idiots, no sir I want my pound of flesh for those at the top, those profiting from their manipulations.

    Dirk Williams

  3. Bobsuruncle

    Yep, get it but Americans were sacrificed that day by a communist pig, Roosevelt, he was a POS just like O’Biden, taking us in WW3.

    I signed up 07 Dec 1989.

    I honor the dead, not the lie. Good white men died.

    I dont see your point. We all know it was bullshit.

    Seems like shadenfreude for some indiscernible reason.

    Many of us thought we could fix it from the inside because we thought this notion of what our country was, was worth saving and preserving, but we are too far gone now, i realized that after spending six years in the E ring. Now i just want to raze it and start again.

    So, let me know when the party starts, we are too far gone, and now seeing a repeat, version 3.0.

    • Berglander

      It’s a good reminder that our government is going to allow thousands of good White men to die in order to get into a war that will kill hundreds of thousands or millions of good White people.

  4. Dirk Williams

    Bobs uncle, thank you for your service, mine was 1975/83 then 10 in army guard, what a fucking joke. Your observation is spot on, you clearly know the truth, that being Communism has never been far from ourGovt’s leadership.

    Buckle up brother, We The People will do zero to correct the issue! We’re too busy eaten bonbons watching Dancing with the Stars.


    • Bobsuruncle

      Appreciate it brother. Young men get mislead, but some learn, we do better and pass it on.

      Yep, what this country has become disgusts me.

      This country isnt “Red Dawn”, its Red Yawn, and the chinkys and their collaborators are winning, by way of mr shylock.

      But….lets just have a little hope when it gets bad enough, we may come out swinging.

      Maybe a little hopium, But Otherwise without it, why not just eat the golden beebee then?

      So…stay frosty, and war on everyone in the meantime. JDAMS for everyone!

      And fuck those for not noticing.

      Now im gonna get back to building my new, overpriced truck online, doing overpriced home improvement, and eating out.


    The truth was documented some time back in the book: DAY OF DECEIT. My parents, relatives, and their friends were all part of “The Greatest Generation.” Family gatherings would usually disintegrate into shouting matches over Frank the Cripple. You cannot talk about PH and WWII without mentioning the unseen, manipulative hand of Winston Churchill. The Brits needed the USA in their war. Their backs were to the wall. Bletchley Park had broken JN-25, the Japanese Navy code. America had only broken the Purple Code-Japan’s diplomatic code. I am sure that Japan’s intentions were communicated to FDR on the QT.
    That evil, evil POTUS let it happen and sacrificed American lives to help a corrupt, racist, genocidal, Rothschild-owned nation beat Hitler. And the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, 9/11, and now this Hamas “surprise attack” shows deceit is still alive and well at ALL levels of government. Sadly, as long as the sheeple, normies, cucks and the rest of the human flotsam in this corrupt and syphilitic-thinking country have their bread and circuses; they will never acknowledge the truth. Bleib ubrig.

    • Tactless Wookie

      This right here. Churchill was a scumbag as far back as one can tell. He’s not against killing thousands of innocent people to get his way and bring others into his wars.

      Can you say Lusitania, 1915, 1,200 innocents lost? Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty then. As PM in WWII he was just as dastardly.

      I spit on his grave. Piss Be Upon Him.

      • highdesert

        Totally agree about that brit faggot, Churchill. He was the NWO point-man to protect communism through the second world war. What a POS. Churchill is right up there with the marx-lover Lincoln IMHO.

    • Zorost

      Churchill wrote an article about how jews were evil. Then he became indebted to a jew due to being a spendthrift, and suddenly he loved jews…

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  7. Anon

    It still is an infamous day but for completely different reasons:the deaths of thousands of Whites as a sacrifice stir other Whites to kill millions more, all of them lied to by parasitical subhumans and the traitors that served them.
    I used to love studying history, even got a degree in it. Now I am just disgusted by all the lies. It’s still important to learn, but the truths, not the shit pushed in academia from kindergarten to post-grad.

    Preserve what you can to pass along; maybe things break fast enough we can have some time before we die to start making a new system, one for Whites. It might be Balkanized, at least temporarily while we get back on our feet, but I still hope for a future with our existence secured and for White children.

  8. Zorost

    Japan had 2 choices:

    A. Be Europe’s bitch, like China’s “Century of Humiliation” which included addicting their people to opium to create a trade surplus
    B. Become like Europe, industrialized, which required resources that the home islands lacked

    ‘B’ threatened American trade, as we wanted Japan to be our trade bitch. So FDR asked what it would take to gin up a war with Japan. The answer was the “McCollum memo,*” which listed what needed to be done to make Japan attack. Acceding to FDR’s demands would have been choosing ‘A’ above. Which was unacceptable for obvious reasons, for any culture not a matriarchy, so they had to attack.

    “It is not believed that in the present state of political opinion the United States government is capable of declaring war against Japan without more ado; and it is barely possible that vigorous action on our part might lead the Japanese to modify their attitude. Therefore the following course of action is suggested:

    [list of 8 things to drive Japan to attack, almost all of which FDR implemented]

    If by these means Japan could be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better. At all events we must be fully prepared to accept the threat of war.”

    an amendment added by Capt Knox:

    “However, I concur in your courses of action. We must be ready on both sides and probably strong enough to care for both.”

    • Mike_C

      Re the Century of Humiliation: the Sassoon and the Kadoorie families were the driving forces in the British weaponization of opium against China. I only learned about the Kadoories as an adult, but remember being confused by “Sassoon” as a “typical British name” when I was a child. But all is explained by:


      Incidentally, this is another reason China has weaponized fentanyl against the US. The Chinese have long long memories, and can hold a grudge about as long as the people from which the Sassoons and Kadoories originated. (Only without the tasteless monuments to their eternal suffering, and without photographs of piles of shoes.) The UK is hardly worth getting revenge on anymore, what with its demographic hell and being ruled by Indians (fer fucksake!). So the US is the “heir” of that hatred.

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