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I Have Let You Down Yet Again

Another year has come and gone and I again failed to make the top three list.

I really tried but I have failed you. Instead of Seppuku, I will endeavor to do better in 2024.


  1. Hickocks Ghost

    If there is any hope of survival,with any luck we will all be too busy shooting them to write about them in 2024.
    It’s easy, with mobs, douse and light one as a flare, so you can see to shoot the rest of them.
    This 67 yr old white man has had enough, and no sense putting off the inevitable.
    “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!”

  2. Mike_C

    Oh the irony. The top three anti-Semites are actual Semitic persons. And they’re all women.

    I’m distraught to learn that the group StopAntisemitism is misogynistic and (waaaaait for it) anti-Semitic.

    “You’re better than that, StopAntisemitism!”

    • Mike_C

      Gah. Two are women. I don’t know how the person-of-penis identifies. But the misogyny claim still stands. Because that sort of thing follows the rules They use. (They aren’t really Alinsky’s rules, he’s just the one who wrote them down and said it out loud. They’ve been doing that for a very long time.)

  3. Big Ruckus D

    Oy vey. Some awards aren’t worth getting. For example, who would really want a nobel peace prize, after the moronic nigfag Barry received it, thereby revealing it to be a giant (bad) joke? That’s not the kind of company one aspires to keep.

    Point being, the very best in a given field seldom receive the kudos they truly deserve. The mainstream accolades always go to the biggest attention whores. Nothing worth fretting over. Then again, living rent free in the heads of the ADL (and kept snugly in there by the small hats) would be something of an accomplishment.

  4. saoirse

    My sights are set on being given the ‘SS Hangman Of The Year’ award. The only way to rid the earth of kikes is to exterminate them! When the rope runs out rev up the Morbarks.

  5. Harbinger

    You may not have placed in the top three, Arthur, but rest assured, they’ve got their all-seeing eye trained on you (as well as the rest of us, oy gevalt!)

  6. Filthie

    The voat was obviously rigged, Art. It can only be racism too. Whenever rat faced jews are involved, the wahmen, chit skins and other jews and turdies win!

    I demand a recount and a full investigation into the election process!!!

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