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High Time Preference And A Lack Of Empathy

Speaking of looking into the future, Jared Taylor looks at the actual state of South Africa and says what everyone knows to be true: to fix that disaster you need to put Whites back in charge.

By almost any measure, life was objectively better for the average black person in South Africa under apartheid, just as life was qualitatively better for the average black in America before the “Civil Rights” movement. Referring back to my post Do We Need A Lynching Memorial And Is It Helpful? and the mythology surrounding lynching in America, it is undeniable that far more blacks are killed every couple of years by other blacks than were lynched in total since the end of the Civil War.

Anyway, my wife commented on one part of the video where it shows that people are cutting the steel supports from electric wire towers.

It is my assumption that the design and implementation of those towers came from Whites when they were still running the place and now that they are not and there is apparently no law enforcement in the country? The local blacks are stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and guarded.

As the person in the video noted, that makes the whole thing unstable and multiple towers will likely fall down causing power outages for thousands that might never get fixed. Those that stole the steel in the supports simply don’t care and that continues to baffle my wife, someone who always thinks of others ahead of herself, sometimes almost to a fault. We got to talking about it and how a lack of empathy compared to Whites is yet another aspect of blacks that makes them unsuitable to a Western society built by Whites.

As an example, one of my favorite topics: mass shootings. The very rare White mass shooters are almost always someone with a screw loose that is going somewhere with the intent of inflicting mass casualties. It usually isn’t random, it is done with a purpose to inflict maximum casualties. As I said, White mass shooters are exceedingly rare but black mass shooters? Well those are very, very common using the standard accepted definition of four or more people shot (not counting the shooter). The media uses this definition provided by the Gun Violence Archive because it gives them big, splashy headlines as America passes milestones and the current number sits at 636 for the year with a couple weeks left. 2023 marks the fourth straight year with over 600 mass shootings, going back to The Summer Of Love kicked off by the overdose death of Saint George Floyd. A huge percentage, I am guessing 75-80% of more, of those shot and doing the mass shootings are black.

There have been 16 mass shootings this year with 10 or more wounded, and I am pretty sure all of them were black-on-black. In most of the cases, the shootings involve a beef between a few people that devolves into a fight, ending up in one party shooting at the other party while hitting a bunch of innocent by-standers, as was the case in some of the worst incidences in Dadeville, Alabama, Baltimore, Maryland and of course the Juneteenth shooting in Willowbrook, Illinois….

While I can sort of understand a beef that leads to shooting someone, although I can’t see myself or anyone I know gunning someone down because you are mad at them for something, what boggles the mind is when someone shoots at someone they are pissed at who is in a crowd of people.

While you can chalk a lot of this up to a lack of impulse control, there is another factor: a complete lack of empathy for what your actions will mean to other people.

Empathy means considering the feelings of others. How would it feel if someone’s daughter was killed by a stray bullet I fired while trying to murder a rival? Or more broadly speaking, what will my actions do to other people?

It seems to be missing from a significant portion of the black population, the people that commit crimes without the faintest hint of caring what impact it has on others. We see it in the “well dey haz insurance and sheeeit” excuse for why blacks stealing from people isn’t that big of a deal. They don’t care about the hassle and expense of insurance claims or the emotional trauma their stealing causes others. Nope, it’s OK because insurance magically will take care of it.

When you lack empathy and you lack impulse control, it seems reasonable to spray dozens of rounds from your stolen Glock with a full auto “switch” into a crowd because one person in that crowd is the one you want to kill. If others get hit? Tough shit, dey shouldn’t have been standing there.

I might go so far as to suggest that many, perhaps most, blacks exhibit as a common and generally acceptable cultural trait what would diagnosed in a White person as antisocial personality disorder and more specifically sociopathy. In Psychology Today, under the heading of Sociopathy, it reads:

Sociopathy refers to a pattern of antisocial behaviors and attitudes, including manipulation, deceit, aggression, and a lack of empathy for others.

Antisocial behaviors and attitudes. Deceit (“Hands up, don’t shoot”). Aggression. Lack of empathy.

Does that describe an awful lot of blacks? Sure it also describes some Whites but that sort of sociopathic behavior is the norm in blacks. What I am saying is that stereotypical and commonly exhibited black behavior is basically a form of especially aggressive and violent mental illness. It also explains why no amount of pandering, pampering or bribing has done anything to stem the tide of violence and in fact the efforts of Whites has had the opposite effect, encouraging and subsidizing the sociopathic tendency of blacks.

The inability to control violent impulses, a lack of empathy for the impact of their behavior on others and a high time preference that demands instant gratification bound together with a significantly sub-standard group average IQ all combine in a toxic stew that makes up what we know as black “culture”. What we would consider a serious mental illness in Whites or Asians is simply chalked up as “a black thang that y’all don’t understand”.


  1. Mike_C

    “manipulation, deceit, aggression, and a lack of empathy for others”

    Sounds familiar, but even more so on the other end (so we’re told) of the IQ spectrum.

    Those behaviors from stupid and impulsive people lead to “retail” crimes that hurt individuals. But with smart (and resentment-filled) people who can hold a grudge, it brings down civilizations.

  2. Xzebek

    Empathy requires a level of evolution and development not yet reached by the chimps. Expecting it, or worse yet, hoping for it is a fool’s errand.
    They need to be viewed and treated as dangerous animals who may attack at any time. Be prepared, in all ways for the attack.

    • Arthur Sido

      Not only not yet reached but biologically out of reach. They are as advanced as they are ever going to get and without White altruism they would have died out and gone extinct already.

  3. TechieDude

    There was an episode of one of the Anthony Bourdain shows where he was in the gongo. They made a big deal about trying to get a rail car (like one that would be for service, not pulling cars) running. During that segment they showed some footage of a dude trying to cut a chunk of pig iron with a cold chisel. Now, if you’re going to do that (which is the worst way), you really need to heat up the metal.

    He was chirping about the guys effort – he’s doing what he can. I’m looking at it like it’s little different than a caveman.

    A few years ago there was a documentary on youtube called “Empire of Dust”, about the Chinese in the Congo building roads. I’ve watched it four times or so, and laugh every time. The money quote was at the end when the Chinese dude is busting his interpreter’s balls, saying yeah yeah, the dutch did this to you, but they showed you how to run things, why couldn’t they just do that? The line is “you didn’t maintain what others left for you. And worse yet, you fucked it all up”.

    It’s the same mentality in your previous post about them being sociopathic. They really have no empathy, no ability to understand applied or abstract concepts – like if these power lines go down, no one, not even me, will have electricity.

    • Arthur Sido

      Did you see the video a few years ago of the Africans doing a ribbon cutting for a new “bridge”, it basically spanned a drainage ditch, and the damn thing collapsed before they ever used it and looked like it was designed by….well, by Africans.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    West South Africa coming soon to FUSA.
    Oh wait…it already is.
    Yes we can, si se puede!
    But, but, but, muh vote in demockracy, I didn’t want that.

  5. Gryphon

    I think that true Sociopathy is only manifested by persons of High(er) Intelligence. The reason being is that an Intelligent Sociopath has the Cognitive Ability to understand what they are doing is wrong/immoral/stupid/harmful to others, but feral (insert animal here) low-I.Q. creatures are Incapable of making such Judgements, therefore what appears as “Mental Illness” is just ‘Acting Out’, or sub-human behavior.

      • Arete

        Arthur, check out, if you haven’t seen it yet, what happened at (or near) Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Coral Springs FL on Tuesday. The video is sickening to watch. I can’t even call them animals because it’s unfair to animals.

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  7. Lineman

    At some point electricity will be a luxury that only a few will be able to afford…Better have your own source already set up if you want to be one of them…It’s a shame that because of our atomization and individualism we have let the west go to shit…

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