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Help Isn’t The Word You Are Looking For

While I never watch sportsball anymore, and I used to be a huge sports guy, when I work out there are usually a few TVs tuned to ESPN on mute, with the closed captions running. This morning all ESPN was talking about was Draymond Green. Green is apparently quite the superstar in the NBA, more for his defense as he averages under 9 points per game for his career but has been on the NBA All Defensive team 8 times.

He also is a dirty player and has been suspended 4 times in the last 9 months. Here is his latest during a game between Green’s team, the Golden State Warriors, and the Phoenix Suns….

The guy he popped for no reason is a Bosnian named Jusuf Nurkić and for whatever reason he hauled off and punched him. Nurkić is listed at 6 inches taller and 60 pounds heavier than Green, so I wish he would have beat the hell out of Draymond instead of laying on the floor but whatever.

This time he has been suspended “indefinitely”.

The messaging today is pretty uniform. Kevin Durant says Green “needs help”…

ESPN’s Stephen A Smith was the one I saw this morning repeating that line….

NBA Executive Vice President and former Detroit Piston Joe Dumars said….you guessed it…

Dumars rebuffed attempts to confirm a minimum amount of games Green will miss, emphasizing the priority on Green’s well-being.

“The reason we don’t have a number is because the help that he needs to get, getting himself better, is what’s most important,” he said.

I thought this tied in neatly with my post High Time Preference And A Lack Of Empathy. The powers that be that run the NBA and sportsball in general know that their paying audience is mostly White. Sure the Scholar-Americans might buy or more likely steal the expensive shoes and clothing but when it comes to selling advertising, tickets and merchandise White people are the core audience to watch a bunch of black guys playing a kid’s game. White people don’t mind a little violence and mayhem but Draymond Green is just a bit to thuggish and dare I say stereotypical. In fact he is simply behaving in character instead of trying to keep his baser urges in check.

What we are hearing from The Message is that Draymond’s behavior, which is fairly typical for black men, is a form of mental illness and he needs “help”. While it presents as a mental illness, if exhibited by a White or Asian, among blacks it is simply the standard behavior: violent outbursts, antisocial behavior, a lack of impulse control and the absence of empathy.

Not that I should have to tell you this but if you are still watching professional and college sports, you really need to stop.


  1. Harbinger

    Sometimes I feel like a recovering addict when I look back on my former habit of watching football every weekend on TV, and ask myself in all seriousness, What in hell were you thinking? Playing football in high school and college are some of the best memories I have, but I played strictly for the love of the game, and the teams I played for were majority White. In college, overwhelmingly so (I can only recall one black on our 55-man roster).

    Football is a brutal sport that exacts a heavy toll on players, which leads to a lot of relatively young guys ending their playing days in their early 20s, as I did. That led to enjoying the competitions vicariously through watching, rather than participating. For the longest time I was able to somehow ignore the fact that so many college and pro players are pampered, illiterate savages who would otherwise be cooling their heels in jail if not for the privilege of involvement in organized sports.

    I had my come-to-Jesus moment when that wretched cretin Kaepernick began kneeling for the anthem in 2016, and I haven’t watched so much as a minute of play, college or pro, since then. Football, basketball, and any other sport or endeavor that celebrates dysfunctional sub-humans at the expense of my country and people is never going to have my support again.

    Blacks have gotten very full of themselves in the last decade and have pressed their luck all over, not merely on the courts and fields. People are quitting careers in teaching, law enforcement, nursing and every other bedrock service field because of the violent, uncontrollable actions of that peculiar demographic. Nowhere is safe from their volatility and infantile tantrums. We are fast approaching a watershed moment when normal, decent people are going to decide, en masse, that they’ve suffered enough at the hands of these uncivilized parasites. And then it’s going to get ugly. Really, really ugly.

  2. Xzebek

    Saying that he needs help is assuming that this is not normal for blacks. Particularly black men. It is absolutely their regular and usual behavior.
    Kind of like rabid animals; its not their fault that they have rabies but they need to be put down nevertheless.

  3. Greg

    Almost twenty years ago now, my wife articulated a principle that we’ve had in our lives then and now: If a sport involves a ball, we’re not interested. From golf to b-ball. We are not spectator sports people, we’re participant sports oriented. Runners since high school, we mountain bike, hike, backpack, x-country ski, and low angle mountaineering.
    If it wasn’t for blogposts like this one, we wouldn’t even know about the issue.

  4. Max Wiley

    I hold with Jeff Cooper’s dictum that anything with a ball isn’t a satisfactory sport because it doesn’t involve loud noises, recoil, and supersonic projectiles.
    People pointing their interests in that direction instead of the TV will be much more useful during the upcoming animated liberty contests.

  5. saoirse

    Instead of making niggers, latrinos and jews filthy rich (emphasis on the filthy) Whites should give THEMSELVES the help they need and turn off all of that garbage, permanently!

  6. George True

    “How about they suspend him until he works out his mental problems?”

    That is exactly what they intend to do. The thing is however, they intend to pronounce his ‘mental problems’ all completely ‘cured’, after a lengthy suspension of perhaps two or three games.

    And you better not question it, because if you do, then you are obviously a RAY-CISS.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Someday, when that White announcer gets mugged by a black thug in the stadium parking lot, he (the announcer) can say ” I don’t think that was intentional” when he craps his pants. If he’s conscious, that is.

      Clearly the ‘politically correct’ thing to say. Much like the White participant in The Knockout Game, wherein the black knuckle dragger scores points by getting the White guy to walk into the nog’s fist.

  7. Mike_C

    I’m with Greg about the “sports, ball, not interested” thing. But part of that is a because of who’s on the field and how they behave. I have to deal with their crap IRL and damned if I’ll voluntarily watch that in my spare time.

    Saoirse keeps us on point. Let’s not forget that the owners are enabling/encouraging this behavior. And, as usual, if we notice that a wildly disproportionate percentage of owners are Jews then we’re anti-Semitic, but the Jewish press (publications FOR Jews, I mean; otherwise it’d be redundant like saying “the automotive car industry” or “the feathered bird population”) routinely publishes self-congratulatory articles crowing about how They own so many sports teams. At this point I can’t tell if it’s hypocrisy or schizophrenia.

  8. Bean Dip Tray

    Who? I put away childish human flea circus things.
    Remember the ref who admitted to being a part of fixing games in the NBA?
    It is the same for all sportyball formats.
    Yes, we knew all about wrestling but that was for the gut busting LULZ.
    Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling was the best ever with Ninotchka and the Bad Girls having swastika and hammer and sickle flags out in the open with soft weak I’m offended going on.
    Chongos taco wagon Paki kebab shack Pajeet curry buffet now playing in the FUSA.

  9. Plague Monk

    Not only dindus are thugs with regards to sportsball. I had the misfortune of attending a high school in upstate NY where sports ruled, especially basketball. For various reasons I got involved with the audio visual club(unfortunately, as I dropped my participation in the school orchestra), and I got to see the mostly white jocks close up.

    I think it is fair to say that the majority of these people were thugs, and they treated those of us who worked on the sidelines as if we were garbage. One basketball player, son of a Hall of Famer, was a particularly obnoxious specimen. He was one year behind me, and went on to become a HoF himself. Naturally, he was of the (((tribe))).

    One other jock got a case of karma; in college, he got a summer job at a local brewery, and there was an accident that ended his football days. I saw him some 20 years later, paralyzed from the waist down, helping out in a gun store. I was civil, but I felt no pity for him, and I was gleeful when he died a few years later.

    Lastly, at this college in upstate, some of us ran an sf bookstore in the common area. The main proprietor was a newly married couple; the husband had recently returned from working as a merc in SE Asia(mid-1970s) and had anger management issues. He was short and squat, but extremely strong, and when a dindu basketball player kept harassing his wife, R warned the creep to keep his hands away from her(she slapped him and told him to F off), Dindu laid a hand on the woman, as his dindu pals converged, along with the coach. R grabbed the punk’s arm, broke it quite easily, and offered to break more bones, including that of the coach, who seemed to specialize in recruiting thugs. The cops had seen the incident, and told the coach that they would not interfere or arrest any of us(the bookstore staff had various clubs at hand).

    When I become President for Life, I intend to burn to the ground all collegiate sports facilities, especially those funded by tax dollars. I “might” wait until the buildings are empty of people before sending in the arsonists…

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