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Do You Want Fries And A Sucking Chest Wound With That?

I am just being lazy with these stories, I promise to do better next year.

Mother of 4 shot, killed at southwest Atlanta McDonald’s identified, woman charged with murder

A woman who was shot and killed at a McDonald’s in Atlanta’s West End neighborhood on Wednesday has been identified, and a woman has been charged with murder in connection to her death.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said the woman was Tamanika Woods. She was shot during an “escalating dispute” with another customer at the fast food restaurant off Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard SW, Atlanta police said. 19-year-old T’Niya Evans was charged in connection to the shooting and taken to Fulton County Jail. She was charged with murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and theft by receiving stolen property.

Family friends said that Woods, often called “Nene,” was in her 30s and had four children.

Aw sheeeeit! The chick on the right looks nice but with a name like T’Niya Evans, it was near inevitable that she would murder someone in a McDonalds. Those eyes, that is the kind of murderous rage you see in a Cape Buffalo before it charges you.

On the other hand, a normal 30 something mother of 4 children wouldn’t get into an escalating fight with a 19 year old sociopath in the first place.

Fast food plus low IQ sociopaths = sumbunny is gonna get capped.


  1. saoirse

    Sheeit! After putting a cap in dat bitch T’Niya shoulda gone downs H. Rap Brown Highway, got off at Angela Davis Avenue, hunged a left at Bobby Seale Boulevard den a right on Huey Newton Drive. She da hid out in da Treyvon Martin Timeshares til da po po done give up!

    Streets (‘skreets’ in groid parlance) named as the above will be a reality very soon in most every city, not just the shitholes.
    2024 is set to be a pivotal year for White people. Be ready!

  2. Anon

    “On the other hand, a normal 30 something mother of 4 children wouldn’t get into an escalating fight with a 19 year old sociopath in the first place.”
    A normal White woman.
    And nowadays too many of them are fucked in the head too, like the single-mom mudsharks or the college-brainwashed bitches.
    “I promise to do better”
    Not your fault when it’s the same thing day in and day out but getting worse.
    At least those Amish are having a lot of White kids. Hope they are armed up too and willing to defend themselves when the cities overflow with nonhuman locusts.

  3. TakeAHardLook

    Nigs qwine play dey games ‘n’ sheeeeiiit.

    It is a wonder, sometimes, that the nog race has not already exterminated itself (issef). One would posit that nog #1 offs nog #2, taking two nogs out of the gene pool–at least for a time (for one nog). Rinse & repeat, as in ShytCongo, IL, and we approach decremental annihilation!

    Alas, not to happen. Apparently those brood sows can punch out dey niglets at a frightening rate and that’s all it takes to keep the subhumans flourishing, awash in dey gibs, thanks to stupid Wypepo.

  4. Travis

    I was right there last night. Drove past that McDonald’s. Went to pick up a big aquarium I found on craigslist. Whole area, a quite historic part of Atlanta – downtown. Old, old houses, old. Whole place is a giant toilet. Trash everywhere, broken down cars, appliances in yards. Random crazy “homeless.” Very depressing to see.

    • dave peterson

      Route a half million of these no-shit miscreant offenders into the LA Coloseum and MOAB the bunch, with a public announced guarantee of same to come. See how many halos suddenly appear before round two is gathered up.

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